The Laundry Room Savior Ch. 01

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Travis’s laundry had piled up between school, work, and an attempt to carry on a social life. This didn’t allow for the cleanest apartment so getting home from work he called off his plans for the night, and was determined to take the evening to catch up. At 28 and single nobody seemed to have too much of an expectation for a neat and tidy home, but he was resolute in getting organized! He sorted his dirty clothes piled up the first load and made for the laundry room, and while the basket was heavy it wasn’t really a problem for Travis at 6’3″ 240 pounds and a regular gym rat he was strong, and while he didn’t exactly have a six pack abs his arms and chest were fairly well developed with strong lean legs he would say he was a pretty good looking guy. Hoisting the basket and beginning his decent down the stairs he couldn’t wait to get all this shit done.

Turning the corner he approached the club house slash pool area, and could hear faint talking but couldn’t make out what was being said. Then Travis heard a woman’s voice it was soft and quiet just above a whisper really but he heard the words very distinctly.

“Please don’t, I don’t have any money. Please take my watch or my necklace, anything just please don’t hurt me.” The girl’s voice was shaking; Travis turned the corner slowly wanting to the survey the scene before making himself known. He saw a girl probably no older than 21 or 22 slowly trying to back away from what looked to be two skinny ghetto-fabulous knuckle heads, their pants were half way down their asses and the oversized t-shirts hung damn near to their ankles. The taller of the two rushed forward grabbing her in a forced hug he pulled her tightly to him and stared down at her. Travis still stood back, he didn’t want her to be hurt, but he also didn’t want to give up the element of surprise to quickly. The shorter grade school dropout stood with his back to Travis, and he could see the knife held in his right hand. He glanced over at the taller delinquent and determined he was unarmed from what he could see.

“Money ain’t what we after bitch!” The taller one said looking down at his victim. “This jus ain’t your night, but it sure as hell is gonna be ours”.

With that he reached down cupping both her ass cheeks in is greasy hands, he squeezed her pajama bottom covered butt. It was obviously that this was not a caress by any stretch of the imagination as she cried out in pain, and tried to push away with both hands placed firmly on his chest. Travis could take no more he had to make his move now while the shorter one was distracted by the scene playing out in front of him. Travis ran full steam ahead aiming his shoulder to connect squarely in the back of the short little fucker. With an audible exhale of air the short would be rapist flew head first into the pool, and the knife sailed into the bushes close by.

“What the fuck! Who the fuck are you bitch?” The taller dumbass must have been startled because he jumped back about 3 feet, and released his victim. She ran over to the lit area about 10 feet away.

Travis tossed his cell phone to her “call the cops, hurry”. With his eyes turned toward her Travis couldn’t help but notice her beauty. She was maybe 5’6″ with wavy brown hair, and the tank top she wore showed off her slender arms and perfect neck. He also glanced and found while her body was slender and toned her ample chest stuck out to reveal a plentiful amount of cleavage, and with the chill of the night air and the current situation she shook making her beautiful tits tremble causing Travis to be distracted for a moment. Then he saw it out of the corner of his eye the taller assailant lunging for him, he snapped his arm up connecting his fist square in the face of his would be attacker. Staggering backwards and blinded by pain Travis saw his opportunity to end this situation quickly. Throwing his fist fast he smashed the punk at least 5 more times leveling him, and leaving him unconscious on the cold cement. He heard water splashing behind him spinning he threw his foot forward connecting with the shorter boys chest causing him to snap back and hit his head on the concrete. With both men unconscious he approached the girl; she was still shaking, but able to speak into the phone with the 911 operator. She relayed the events of the last few minutes, and hanging up the phone and handing it back to Travis she said.

“Oh my god thank you, I c-c-can’t even imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t did what you did.”

“Really it was nothing I’m just glad you’re ok.” Travis replied looking down into her eyes, and he couldn’t help but notice the piercing eyes staring back at him.

She crossed her arms in front of her trying to get some warmth back into her body. “NOTHING, are you kidding you might Anadolu Yakası Escort have just saved my life there is no way I could ever repay you.”

“There is no reason to repay me anything I’m just glad I showed up when I did. Are you hurt? You’re shaking you must be freezing; here.” Reaching in his laundry basket he pulled out a blanket and wrapped it around her shoulders. Standing close to her to wrap the blanket around her he could smell the sweet vanilla body spray she must have applied before her venture to the laundry room, and the beautiful scent along with her stunning good looks his head swooned. Their eyes locked for just a moment longer than a normal glance, and smiling they broke their eyes just in time to hear the sirens turning the corner into the complex.

“OVER HERE” Travis yelled waving his arms in the air to catch the cop cars attention. Turning back to the stunning girl they locked eyes again. “By the way my name is Travis” he pushed his hand out slowly to shake hers.

“I’m Alexis but everyone calls me Lexi.” She looked at his hand and with not knowing what came over her she jumped into his arms her face in his chest and her arms around his back she held on tight. Travis was taken aback by how forward she was, but sensing her need to be comforted he held her close.

“Ya know attacking me like that I should have yelled FIRE! Or something.” He realized how inappropriate his joke was, but not until after it had spewed from his mouth. She looked up into his eyes again, and the trembling lips broke into a smile and laughter erupted from her.

“That’s not funny asshole” she said jokingly releasing her arms she punched him in the arm still chuckling. The cops were hauling away the 2 douche bags and after collecting Lexi’s and Travis’s statement Lexi turned towards Travis “I know there is no way I can ever repay you, but maybe I can reward you with a beer.”

“Absolutely!” Travis replied. They walked in the direction of his apartment so he could drop off is laundry and proceeded to Lexi’s place a building away. They walked in the door and she tossed her keys on the kitchen counter, and interlocking her arms in his she led him into the living room pointed to the couch, and as soon as his ass touched the couch she scampered into the kitchen and returned with 2 frosty beers. Handing one to Travis and taking a pull off her own she sat down next to Travis close enough for their knees to touch.

“So Travis when you’re not pulling off the Batman routine what do you do” she asked trying to make small talk, and break the crazy uncomfortable ice building in the room.

“Well I work in a restaurant, I’m the manager of a fairly upscale place” their eyes met again. “And you damsel in distress?”

“I work part time doing the retail thing, and doing school on the off days.” It was now starting to get more awkward, and they both knew it.

Travis leaned in and Lexi met him half way and they’re lips met, and at first it was light almost nonexistent, but quickly turned into a heated exchange as their tongues lashed at each other caressing, gliding against each other. She quickly swung her leg over his and was now straddling his lap; all traces of trauma seemed to wash away when she pushed herself hard into his crotch. She could feel him growing against her, and by the swelling she felt she knew he was above average downstairs, and as her excitement built she lost the last inhibition and decided she needed this…. NOW!

For Travis’s part he at first was unsure of what to do given the events of the night, but her wantonness convinced him that she not only wanted this but needed it. Grabbing his shirt she lifted it above his head and begun rubbing his chest massaging his muscles eliciting moans from him. His mouth left hers and kissed his way down her jaw line kissing and running his tongue up to her ear lobe and licking it sucking it.

“Ohhh Travis that feels amazing” She said this through broken breath inhaling sharp when his hand moved up her side, and begun massaging her spilling cleavage. Travis let his tongue travel down further licking, gliding over her smooth skin, dipping in between Lexi’s tits she shuddered her breath became ragged and sharp. He grasped the bottom of her shirt and begun lifting it over her head, but given the angle and her impressive tits he found it difficult.

“Rip it” she said softly.

“What?” He wasn’t sure he heard her right.

“Rip my fucking shirt in half” Travis needed no other invitation he dipped his fingers into her tank top and grapping it firmly in his hands shred it right down the middle. Lexi’s back arched and for the first time Travis saw her beautiful breast, they were firm but hung slightly and were capped with large silver dollar nipples Pendik Escort and hard erect bright pink quarter inch nipples. Travis lowered his mouth to her right nipple drawing it into his mouth while swirling his tongue around it, his teeth came down slightly pinching it pulling on it slightly.

“Oh god Travis! Please more that feels sooooo amazing.” She cried out.

His free hand found her left breast and massaged it circling around to find the nipple pinching it between pointer finger and thumb, and keeping his oral attack on the right breast he quickly switched to the left and matched his previous routine. Lexi’s grinding was taking its toll on Travis his cock was as hard as it had ever been and was crying out to be released. Grapping her waste he easily lifted her to her feet, and repositioned himself at the edge of the couch pulled her to him kissing her bare stomach and kissing down to her bellybutton swirling his tongue around it. Lexi giggled a little at the tickling from Travis’s tongue. He reached and grabbed the elastic band of the pajama bottoms, and lifted his eyes to meet hers and her head rolled forward and looked down into his eyes.

“Please” was all she could muster.

“I can’t wait to taste you” and Travis meant it he longed to push his tongue into her. He pulled them down slowly feeling it resist as it traveled over the swell of her ass. She was shaking with anticipation, shuddering as his tongue followed the elastic.

“Please Travis lick me I need to feel your tongue all over my pussy” the sudden little bit of dirty talk lit a fire in Travis. He ripped the bottoms down and stood wrapping his arms around her waist lifting Lexi up off the ground, she instinctively wrapped her legs around him.

“Where’s your bedroom?” he stated looking into those blue-green orbs. All Lexi could do was point down the hall way. He carried her down the hall passing a bathroom on the right, and started to turn left into a bedroom.

“No that’s my roommates room, but don’t worry she’s gone until next week so you have me all to yourself.” She smiled at him and while Travis didn’t mind an audience he wanted to concentrate all his energy into this young nympho.

He walked straight into her room and finding her bed lightly tossed her on the bed. She let out a playful squeal of surprise and laid back, and as Travis watch her lovely frame writhe in anticipation on the bed he couldn’t resist, normally he would trace his tongue all over her shapely legs, but he couldn’t resist any longer. Falling to his knees wrapping his arms around her thighs he pulled her sexily rough to the edge of the bed, and dove tongue first into her pussy. His tongue did circles around her clit spiraling almost out of control, and then almost like reading Lexi’s mind Travis’s tongue moved down and slipped into her hole.

“Ohhhhhh yes tongue my pussy baby, lick me. Ohhhh yes just like that, Ohhhhhhhhh yes just like that baby push that tongue into me deep.” Her cries got louder and louder. Her hips begun to rock, and he could tell by the uncontrollable shaking in her legs that she was close.

“Are you going to cum for me baby.” He said this quickly only to dive once again deep into her glistening cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh shit yes please make me cum I’m so close I need to cum all over your face” Travis moved his mouth back to her clit only to slip 2 fingers into her soaking pussy, and curling his fingers quickly found her g-spot. Lexi mouth opened to scream but no noise came out she tried to breath but the breath wasn’t there. Finally she took an intake of breath.

“FUCK YES BABY MAKE ME CUM… I’M CUMING YES YES YES HOLY SHIT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” The scream could have woken up a 5 mile radius, but Travis didn’t seem to care he just kept up his ministrations on Lexi’s pussy. With one last long moan her climax peaked and her pussy gushed and squirted as she came and came for what seemed like to her forever. Her orgasm started to subside but her body shook still almost beyond her control. Once she regained her senses a new passion lit up with in her and she needed to make Travis feel the same way he had just made her feel. She looked down her body he was sitting back on his heels smiling at her. She jumped up grapping him by his powerful arms and pulled him onto the bed, he tried to climb on top of her, but she quickly pushed him onto his back grabbed his shorts and boxer briefs and in one swift motion ripped down his shorts revealing a 7.5 inch fully erect shaved cock. She stared at it for a moment it seemed to pulse, the large head purple and shiny dripping a steady stream of precum.

“May I?” She said demurely.

“Help yourself.” He said with wicked smirk on his face.

She smiled back up at him before extending her tongue Kurtköy Escort licking the entire length from base to the underside of the head. Finally at the head she rubbed it against her lips and with her mouth watering in anticipation she circled the head with her tongue.

“Ohhhhh Lexi that’s fucking amazing” he sighed.

“Just you wait, it’s time for your real reward” and with that she lowered head slowly, and every time Travis thought she could take no more Lexi surprised him by taking more and more. When he felt the back of her throat she swallowed, opened her throat and down it went till her nose rested against his trimmed pubes.

“Holy fucking shit Lexi, I’ve never been deep throated. More fuck please more” Lexi took that as a challenge and lifting her head until her lips rested around the head before descending again. This amazing head could only last so much longer before he would be past the point of no return. She quickened her pace faster and faster taking the whole length in every time. Sitting up quickly he lifted her to her feet pushed her slightly so she fell back on the bed.

“What you don’t want anymore of my mouth baby” She said with a smirk.

“No I want to feel every inch of your pussy wrapped around my cock” he said stone faced.

She spread her legs bending at the knee mouthed the word “Please” and with that he climbed on the bed positioning himself between her knees and rubbed the tip of his cock against her clit eliciting moans from beneath him. Sliding down he dipped the head between her lips and slowly pushed in, and despite her exception dick sucking ability she was as tight as any pussy he had ever entered.

“Oh my god you fill me so much I can feel you stretching me, OHHH… OHHH…. Fuck” she writhed under him, and with a few inches still left he lunged forward and berried himself the rest of the way. Lexi’s eyes felt as if they would burst out of her skull, the pain was only momentary until the feeling of fullness pleasure over took her. He slowly slid out and back in, and with each thrust picked up speed until after 15 minutes he was slamming into her slapping into her pussy causing her tits to shake and legs to vibrate uncontrollably. He leaned down capturing a nipple in his mouth sucking it, and wrapping his arms around her Travis rolled over bringing her on top of him. She leaned over and Travis took that as an invitation and thrust into her deep and hard over and over again.

“Oh that’s it baby hard and deep, please fuck me harder pound my fucking pussy!” She cried out, and that’s exactly what he did. Grabbing her ass he slammed into her tight cunt over and over.

“I want to feel you fuck me from behind, please slam into my cunt from behind…. Please… please” She whimpered maybe just for effect or to turn Travis on even more, for whatever reason it worked lifting her off of him she quickly positioned herself on her elbows and knees. Travis wasted no time placing his hand on hips he lined up and slammed deep into her pussy.

“OHHHHH FUCKING SHIT YES, FUCK ME HARD BABY DON’T STOP UNTIL YOU CUM ALL OVER MY FUCKING TITS” She screamed again waking up that same 5 mile radius that probably had just got back to sleep.

“Uh, Uh, Uh, ohhhhh fuck yes baby you’re so fucking tight I’m getting so close” Travis could hear the squishy sounds coming from Lexi’s pussy, and with the sharp intakes of breath he knew another orgasm was coming for her.

“OHHHHHH THAT’S IT I’M CUMMMMINNNNGGGGGG AGAIN, I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN. YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM AGAIN.” The cries were growing louder until her mouth only hung open, and after a few moments her pussy gushed and squirted soaking his cock and nearly driving him out of her pussy.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YES!!!” Her body quacked and rocked back against Travis. Her pussy muscles grasped onto him milking his cock, and that was it his orgasm begun to trigger.

“I’m going to cum baby fuck baby I’m going to cum” he quickly pulled out flipping her onto her back, clutching his erection in his hand he pumped only a few times before a torrent of hot cum splashed across her tits. His head back he cried out and as the last cum escaped his dick he collapsed on the bed beside Lexi.

“Holy shit that was fucking amazing” was all Lexi could muster.

“You ain’t fucking kidding” Travis replied.

“Wanna stay the night” Lexi asked rather matter of factly?

“Baby you’re safe those guys are in jail, but if you want me to stay I’ll be happy too”

“Oh I know I’m safe… I just want another good fucking in the morning” she smiled at him.

“Definitely can be arranged” Travis smiled back. They curled up together her back against his chest and pushing her ass against is softening still semi erect cock.

“Don’t know if I can wait till morning Lexi. Give me 30 minutes?” Travis said with confidence.

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” Lexi and Travis both laughed, and couldn’t help but hold back their excitement of their new found friendship.

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