The LayOver Ch. 4

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…continued from chapter 3

Laying there with Miranda, as we both enjoy the afterglow, intertwined in each others body, feeling the wonderful sensations of satiated desire, I find my fingers snaking through her pubic curls, to grab her soft penis in my hand. I hear her moan, and feel her body rustle just a bit. She smiles and says, “You are quite the insatiable one.”

But, then, with a start Miranda jumped up and asked, “What time was that rescheduled plane?”

Our passions had ruined any sense of time, and we realized if we did not rush, we would miss the next flight. We took a quick-shared shower, with plenty of mutual soaping, to preview cuming attractions. I suppose it would have been quite the comical sight to see us rush around getting ready. I did have to stop however, to watch how Miranda took care of her male parts. I was fascinated as she “tucked” herself in to some very special panties that seemed to completely hide any trace of my new objects of desire.

She turned and saw me staring at her, and smiled again, “Don’t worry baby, it won’t be hidden from you for very long”. It was going to be a short flight in air miles, but so long to me, wanting to get back to this lovely creature of my new widened desires.

We hurriedly rushed to the lobby, checked out and got to the airport without a minute to spare. Once we could settle into the two adjoining (we had traded at the counter) seats, we could take a long sigh and then laugh. It felt good to laugh with Miranda, and I was really beginning to enjoy her company. It also felt good to have our thighs touching as we sat in our seats awaiting take off.

Once in the air, Miranda said, ” I think you better get me a blanket”. And although I could not for the life of me figure out how this hot babe would be so cold and need a blanket, I did as she had asked. Once she had the blanket, she placed it over her, and held it up to her chin, and let some of it rest over my seat rest and arm.

“Now baby, you can let that hand of yours stop itching, I know what you want”.

Without further adieu, I let my hand slip under the blanket, and felt Miranda’s thigh, as she had raised her skirt, once under the blanket. With a little bit of work and some readjustments here and there, I was able to reach my desire. So we flew, with my hand stroking Miranda, both of us in heaven for the flight.

As we sex izle reached our home terminal, I began to fear our parting. I told her I should call my wife and let her know I was in town.

I thought it odd, when Miranda quickly agreed to this suggestion, yet continued, for I could really not understand any reason for her quick approval.

“Honey, it’s me, and I just got into town, and boy, do I have a surprise for you!”

“Oooooo I love surprises” was my wife’s reply.

You see, Michele, my wife, has for a long time been trying to get me into a threesome with a bi male. She has been so hot for all the possibilities of which up til now, I had thought I had no interest in. I know this will really turn her on, for each time she has brought up the subject, even though I have declined, I could feel how wet she would get, just thinking about it, and talking about it. “Oh come on baby, look how hot I get, I want to make another man’s cock rock hard, and then feed it into your mouth. I want to see your face, as you feel and taste this for the first time. I want to help you learn how to move, to satisfy, and then I want to see this cock explode it’s cum in your mouth, letting me kiss you to lick up what escapes your mouth. I want to hold a hard cock, and lead it right into your greased asshole, lick your balls as I watch it fucking you, and then I want to taste the cum as it flows out of the plucked butt of yours.”

Oh she could go on for quite a while with scenarios, and although they definitely sounded hot, I just didn’t think I was ready. Until now.

“Okay honey, I met someone on the plane and have offered them a ride home, it’s right on the way.”

“Well hurry, there just might be a surprise or two for you as well”, and man the lust in her husky voice when she said that made me quite ready for her surprise.

Michele is quite petite, at 5′ 2″ 102 lbs. Her body is small, but packs a huge punch! Her pouty little breasts, with the nipples still pointing upwards, are a delicious mouthful, and are so super sensitive, any little bit of attention gets her large nipples erect and makes her legs begin to open.

Her short cut but lustrous red hair, gives away her fiery nature, and matched with her piercing green eyes and alabaster skin, she is a knock-out. I know I have been lucky to be with her, especially not giving in sikiş izle to her bisexual desires for me, but hopefully, soon, all this will change.

I helped Miranda into my car, and we were soon on the way to her house. She really didn’t live too far from me, and things were really looking up for me. On the drive, I had told Miranda of Michele’s desires, and how I had put her off for so long.

“Well, we do have something to show her now don’t we? I think having that gorgeous sounding creature getting so wet, putting my hard cock into your mouth sounds like a party I don’t want to miss.” I saw the desire in Miranda’s face, but also thought I noticed a twinkle in her eye, but did not fully understand it.

As we drove on, talking of the possibilities of some great parties, Miranda’s hand moved to my lap, and began to stroke my already hard cock through my pants. What a wonderful feeling. “It’s that one! The little white one on the left there,” as Miranda pointed out her house.

I pulled up in the drive way behind a couple of other cars. “My room mate must be home.” She said with another one of those smiles that leave so much to my imagination.

I carried her bags, as she got her key out of her purse, and she seemed to be going ever so slowly as if teasing me.

“Hey, these bags are getting heavy, open that door or I am going to drop them!”

And with that the door opened. We entered the small but quite elegantly appointed house.

“Here, follow me, let’s put my bags in my bedroom.”

I followed behind Miranda, watching that lovely ass moving, beckoning me.

“Here we are baby, just put them in here,” Miranda said, stepping aside as she opened the door.

I walked in to put away the bags, when to my dumfounded surprise, what should I see, but Michele, bent over the bed, her arms laying straight out on it, her head bucking up and down, her eyes closed and really getting the fucking of her life by this gorgeous Asian she-male!

“Go ahead baby, take off your clothes,” I heard Miranda say from behind me, as she grabbed my ass in her hand. “What are we waiting for?”

In no time, we were standing there, both naked, both stroking the others hardon watching this erotic show. The Asian girl smiled at Miranda and winked at me.

“David, this is Kinasha, Kinasha, this is David.” With our introduction, türk porno Kinasha reached out her hand, but instead of shaking my hand, she took my cock out of Miranda’s hand and shook it.

“Well, I guess it is my turn, then, so I took Miranda’s hard cock in my hand, and brought her over in front of Michele.

“Michele, this is Miranda, Miranda, Michele.”

And with that, Michele moved her head to the side of the bed, and fed Miranda’s hardon into her hungry mouth. I could see, that this turning of the tables was getting Michele even hotter.

Not to be left out, as Miranda settled in to my wife sucking her cock, I moved in from behind her, and slipped my cock up her ass.

“Oh yes, baby, fuck my ass cried Miranda, do me, do me hard!” I watched Michele’s face brighten in wanton lust as she heard, and then watched me ass fucking the one who’s cock she was sucking like crazy. She was finally getting her wish, and I know, could hardly wait to see more.

Miranda, remembering my account of Michele’s breasts, reached her hand under her to grab one of those delectable nipples and began to squeeze and twist it, causing Michele’s ass to wiggle in delight, this in turn, certainly added to Kinasha’s fun as she was loving the new excited motion. Her thrusts into Michele’s soaking pussy, were hitting hard, and I could hear the ‘slap’ echo off the ceiling. I turned to watch as Kinasha’s moans got deeper, and she pumped furiously into Michele.

“Uhhhh” cried Kinasha, who for our benefit pulled out her cock just in time to have it spurt her hot cum all over Michele’s ass and back.

She slumped down, to taste some of her own cum, as Miranda bent down for her taste. The two met as their tongues slid over the erotic lotion, and they kissed, so seductively and erotically I could barely hold my own load.

I know that Michele was close to her own orgasm for her body was jerking through the first waves of the intense release. As she began bucking and thrashing about in the rapture of her orgasm, Miranda started fucking her mouth in earnest. I could feel Miranda getting close as her ass muscles tightened, and I knew I was going to cum. I announced this fact loudly to the room and to all who actually had hearing capability at that time. I pushed hard, with my final thrust into Miranda’s ass, which pushed her into Michele’s mouth as deep as she could go. As Miranda’s butt tightened and she shot her load into Michele’s mouth, I let go, and came with a force inside Miranda.

With a group moan, we all slumped together onto the bed. The three of them giggling, and I saying,

“You three have some explaining to do.”

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