The Learning Ch. 03

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Apparently, there’s a mixed feeling out there and that excites me! Reaches out, to be more exact. Thank you – one and all – for the input. Thank you most for reading. For whatever the reason, this writing has taken on a life, as others have…But I think, more over, I’m just plain enjoying this!

For those that think “insulting” a word befitting my efforts, so be it. For those that applaud, “Much Mahalo’s” and a promise to all that Rob’s vacillating is about to end, and quickly. Please, by all means, enjoy the next segment and cast your votes!

With humbled gratitude, MDF251


I stood drying off, in my room, feeling better than I had in days. I no longer felt guilt over Amy. And I – had just willingly – agreed to fuck my Aunt! “Man… What a day this has been!”, I was thinking to my self when I heard Amy’s voice. Coming from the back yard, she sounded excited, I dropped my towel and, quickly, stepped towards the window.

Inching closer, I saw Amy lying in the chase lounge, sun tanning. “Almost” wearing a bikini she was a, take your breath away, babe! What there was of her “suit”, exposed her ass, totally, except for the string running through her crack. Her firm, full, breasts were bare except for a pair of tiny triangles just large enough to cover her areolas.

Raised on elbows, her head was turned towards the house and excitedly she talked to “whoever”, laughing easily. A moment later Frank appeared, naked, with his semi erect cock swinging right and left, a drink in his hand.

For the first time I really looked at Frank, a handsome man in his mid forties. Sporting a full tan, except for the thong shaped white skin patch through his crotch, he was, even, a striking man. I watched as he walked up to Amy and stood there talking – like they were at the mall! With hand gestures and exaggerated conversation Frank’s cock rocked and swayed in front of Amy’s face, a cock that appeared clean shaven and quite thick.

Amy rolled onto her side, causing the lower triangle, covering her nipple, to shift releasing the hardened little eraser. The exposed nipple caused Frank to point and grin – causing Amy to laugh – but she did nothing to re-cover the nipple. Instead, she coyly looked at Frank and reached to fondled it with her free hand. At that point, apparently, a question was asked and just as apparent it had something to do with the nipple in question, judging by Frank’s reaction!

Whatever the question, Frank laughed again and moved closer. I watched, intently, as Amy made a hand gesture towards the lower portion of her suit and adjusted it. An action that must have exposed more of her, as Frank’s cock quickly started to grow. Now, fully erect, his cock swayed stiffly as he gestured and I watched as Amy’s gaze followed every move it made. In scant moments, Amy patted the lounge chair and Frank sat down, his bare thighs resting against her, smooth, young thighs and his cock protruding above his crotch, like a flag pole with no flag.

Amy laughed again, at something said by Frank, and reached out grabbing his cock. Her small hands gripped his cock just below the head and squeezed. Easing her grip, she lifted one finger and made circles on his cock head, playing with the pre-cum oozing out. Frank bent and said something to her…She’s blushing!

I watched her lips devour his large cock, as her head leaned forward, between his legs!

With Frank holding her head and massaging her hair, Amy’s head bobbed up and down on his cock. After a dozen such actions, I watched as she spread her legs, allowing him access to her ass and pussy. Frank’s left hand disappeared and by Amy’s head reaction – he had found a very sensitive spot indeed!

I leaned away from the window and thought, “They want us both and they’ll have us before the day is out!”

My cock rising rapidly, quickly I turned to the window, again, and found Frank rising from his position. His cock was rock hard and Amy’s face was pouting, like she had been denied a pleasure. The thought of Jo Anne’s visit to my shower came to mind.” And the added thought, “Teasers, that’s all…Just teasers! What do they have in mind?”

Even with the window closed I could just make out Amy’s final question to Frank, as he walked away,

“When will I know, Frank!”

But, I honestly knew the answer!


“Rob! Rob, where are you!” Amy shouted, escort reklamları running into the bedroom.

“Bathroom Sis!” I called back, just as she slammed the door closed.

“Oh my God…OOOh my God!… You won’t believe what just happened!” She screamed out, as I came out the door.

“Really? Would it involve you sucking Frank’s cock and him wanting to fuck you?”

With a dumb struck look, Amy just stared at me, like I was psychic and I had to laugh. When I started choking, she hit me and asked, “How in the hell did you know?”

“Easy, I was watching out the window And… Jo Anne paid me a visit in the shower earlier and enticed me…Enticed? That’s the right word, I guess. I’d hate to think it was just, all out, teasing! Frank did ask to fuck you didn’t he?”

“Jo Anne was in the shower with you? What the hell were you doing in the shower again? And , NO, he did not!”

“Long story, but lets say I witnessed a sex act between her, dad and Frank. I got a little hot and needed to shower off.”

“So you’re telling me Jo wants to fuck you?”

“Ya…That’s what she said. Actually, she asked if I would – that is – if she asked me to.” I came back.

“And…What did you say?”

“Yes and if Frank didn’t ask you to fuck him, what did he ask you?” I questioned her, reaching out to undo the sun-wrap she wore. “God Amy, your nipples are still hard!”

“There’s a party tonight…A special party, and Frank asked us to come.” Amy came back quickly, slapping my hand as I reached to squeeze a nipple.

“Don’t change the subject!…Special party? What kind of “party” need I ask?”

“A sex party…And no you didn’t have to ask!” Amy giggled and then added, “Everyone is to meet out back and we are to show up nude, or with, easily, removable clothing…Skimpy was the word used!”

“No shit and you agreed?” I asked.

“Of course! God Rob! Frank’s cock was sooooo nice! I loved sucking it! This party should be great and I can’t wait! You’re are coming with me, aren’t you?”

“I gotta see this one Sis and, oh by the way, I’m soooo glad you liked Uncle Frank’s cock – so much!” I responded with no small amount of sarcasm.

With a wink and coy smile, Amy closed the distance between us and reached into my shorts grabbing my cock. Squeezing lightly, she leaned in and deeply kissed me. Pulling away from the kiss she said, “Rob, your cock is the only one I really love and you’re so sweet to let me have fun. I’m okay with you having fun with Aunt Jo Anne, as long as you want my pussy more than hers…Or anyone else!”


“Yes my lover.”

“I’m yours…All yours, but I have to confide something and you need to hear me out. This thing with JoAnne, in the shower today,… Got a little wild. Christ Amy her ass was so slick! But it felt so good when I slid in! She said you’d love it and I want to fuck your ass so bad, Amy! Can we try it Sis, please!” I blurted out, my cock rising with Amy’s lingering touch.

“Maybe…On one condition Rob. You let me do you the same way. I want you to have me in every way you want, but I want you to let me have you in every way too – deal?”

“I’m yours! I’m your sex toy forever!”

“Good! Tomorrow we’ll go down to the “Love Shack”, I’ve heard they have everything. There’s a few toys we need to get…You game?” Amy came back.

“I’ll drive.” I said smiling that famous cat grin!

Amy’s smile matched mine and I watched her disappear into the bathroom, to prepare for the nights adventure.

As I waited for Amy’s grand entrance from the bathroom, I heard a soft knock on the bedroom door. Rising, from the bed, I saw something being pushed under the door. Closing in on the door, my eyes focused on what looked like jewelry. Opening the door and before picking up the items, I saw no one. Looking down the hall I saw no one. I shrugged my shoulders and bent to pick up the things slid under the door. It was then that Amy came out and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Someone just pushed this stuff under the door.” I responded holding the things up.

Approaching, Amy’s tits glistened from the after shower oil and her pussy lips were slightly swollen from the heat and oil massage applied. She held out her hand and I gave her the jewelry. Part of it was a female waste band, that she noticed immediately, made from fake gaziantep escort reklamları diamonds. Designed apparently to fit snugly around the waste and clasp, it had a crotch wrap feature with an attached medium sized silver, “penis like” shaped object, that had an obvious purpose. Attached to the “penis” was a bejeweled stringer that, if all else accounted over, was meant to pass through the legs and clasped at the waste wrap.

Amy giggled and said, “Help me Rob!”

Turning to present me her tight firm ass, Amy handed me the jewelry and I reached around and snapped the waste band, at her lower mid-back. I watched as she wiggled slightly and inserted the penis object into her vagina and the bent to hand me the trailing end.

“Snap it for me Rob!”

Reaching through her legs, I grasp the stringer nd pulled it through her crotch, lifting slightly for effect, and did as she asked. Turning, looking like a queen of “The Nile” although not Nubian, she looked stunningly gorgeous, and said, “Wow that penis is wild! I can feel it move and it’s very stimulating! Guess I’m dressed, what you wearing?”

I held up the remaining item and like Amy’s attire, it was jeweled. “I guess this?”

Reaching out Amy grabbed the jeweled strings and in no time had figured it out. Dropping to her knees, she jerked my shorts down and excitedly help lift my feet to rid me of the garment. Carefully she double checked the “stringer”. She reached up and lifted my ball sack, grasp my balls and inserted them into a portion of the jewelry. The “straps” were made of elastic and, stretching the next portion, she brought it out to end of my cock. Carefully, she stuffed my semi hard cock into the holder and giggled, as it slid onto my cock.

“It’s a cock and ball holder, Rob! It’s cute and suits you, very nicely, my brother!”

“There’s something else Amy.” I started to protest, when she saw it too.

“Hold it Rob, stand still.” She said, rising and walked around me.

Dropping to her knees again, she reached between my legs and pulled the last piece through my legs and gasped. “Oh my Rob, you may like this best of all!” She giggled and added, “Bend over sweety, your lover has a surprise for you! Looks like I get the first anal adventure!”

Gingerly, I bent over and felt Amy’s wet finger probing my ass hole and I jerked as she pushed it home. I couldn’t believe how large her finger felt, nor how stimulating it was either. My cock got hard immediately stretching jeweled cock and ball holder to it’s maximum.

“You can stand now – silly!”

“But what about your finger Amy?” I asked.

“Finger? What are you talking about?” She came back, walking around to face me.

“But…Whats in…”

“A butt plug Rob! A silver bullet!” She answered, before I could get the question out.

“No Shit!”

“No shit Rob and it looks like you’re enjoying it too by the size of your cock! Maybe this ass thing has something going for it!” She giggled, grabbing my cock and reached up to kiss me.

“How does it feel?” She cood, pulling away slightly.

“Wild, but I sure hope I’m not going to walk around with a hard on all night!”

“Hey there’s a note too, Rob, you missed it.” Amy said, turning to bend and pick it up.

“You Have 30 Minutes. Your Clothing Has Been Provided. No Perfume, No Cologne.”

“Oh my God Rob, my hair!” Amy shouted and ran for the bathroom.

15 minutes later she walked out and looked even more stunning. A true Nile sex goddess if I ever saw one!

“Ready brother – How ’bout you?” She asked.

“You sure we can’t try the anal thing before we go?” I asked, a cunning grin on my lips.

“NO! You aren’t going drained or dripping!” She responded, reaching to hug me tight and added, “Come on my handsome, sexy man, we have a party to attend!”

With Amy’s tits bouncing nicely and my cock only semi-hard, but swinging freely, we walked down the hall and headed for the party. Approaching the patio door, it was Mom that greeted us first. Her clothing for the party looked normal to me, until we closed the distance and it became obvious what she wore was body paint. I blushed at seeing my mother totally nude and she did likewise, as she stared at my cock.

Amy spoke first, “My God Mom! You look positively awesome! Rob!…Rob, doesn’t Mom look totally gaziantep escort bayan reklamları sexual!”

“No doubt…Is that paint Mom?” I asked stupidly.

“Yes Honey.” She said and did a pirouette for us, to show off her entire “ensemble”.

I whistled, as Amy and Mom hugged. I swore I felt the electricity as their breasts met and they kissed one another, not like mother and daughter but like lovers.

Releasing Amy, Mom stepped lightly towards me making her breasts bounce. My eyes widened, as I reached out to meet her, staring at her full and firm, 38D, breasts.

Stopping just short, Mom grabbed my out stretched hands and held me at arms length saying, “So Rob, how does your old mother look?”

My face turned totally red at that point as I stood staring at my naked mother, who was incredibly HOT, trying to talk. “Mo…Mom, I…Never knew you had such a hot body!” I stammered, as she laughed and slowly drew me closer.

“I so loved it when you sucked on these Rob.” She said releasing my hands and cupping her breasts and added, “And I see you’ve developed into quite a stud, as I suspected you might!”

I started to speak but she closed the distance and lightly rubbed her nipples on my chest before seeking my lips. The kiss was long, deep and passionate and left my cock rising between her legs. Pulling away slightly she smiled widely and said, “Thank you Rob! That’s the nicest compliment you could have given me!”

She moved away a bit more allowing my rising cock to just touch her shaven pussy and then winked and asked us to join the party. Turning slowly she allowed my cock to slide around leg and finally rest in the crack of her ass. Grabbing Amy’s hand she led the way and I felt disappointed that our touch had been broken.

“Hey! Welcome to the party!” Dad, Jo Anne and Frank all shouted out, as we walked through the patio doors.

Amy giggled, Mom laughed and I blushed again.

Dad and Frank immediately went to Amy and standing on either side of her, and with semi-hard cocks, sandwiched her with bear hugs. It was Amy’s turn to blush, as the men took turns admiring her outfit and touching her lightly here and there.

Jo Anne rushed me and slammed into me giving me a crushing hug and allowing me no time to really see what she “wore”. I felt her leg rise up the back of my leg and rub my ass, as she hugged me and then whispered, “God you look so hot tonight Rob! I gotta have that cock of yours and real soon…and you know where I want it, don’t you?”

Stunned, I was speechless as Jo Anne released me and gave me a sultry stare. My eyes dropped and I saw her nipples were clamped with two dangly “ear ring” looking jewelry pieces. The claps made her nipples hard and I started to whistle again, when she grabbed my head and bent it down, saying, “Like my outfit?”

The whistle caught in my throat as I stared at her pussy…Clean shaven, high-lighted by a, snow, white tan line, a solid silver penis…Erect penis!, laid between her pussy lips and pointed up towards her belly.

Seeing I had no words, she turned slowly and bent over. The penis was attached to some sort of bar that ran between her legs and entered her wonderful asshole. The very one I’d been in – earlier today! My cock stiffened more, as I tried to speak once again – when Mom came up and placed her hands on my ass cheeks and whispered in my ear, “She wants you badly Rob, but your mine first.”

The electricity returned, at Mom’s touch, and my cock stiffened even more.

“Oh my God Daddy, doesn’t that hurt!”

I turned to see Amy drop to her knees and grab Dad’s cock, looking at his “attire” for the party. Amy was lifting his cock and looking at the ball holders he sported. Like a pair of head massagers, they each cradled a ball snuggly and a jeweled chain ran up to the under side of his cock, attached in some manner that I realized was Amy’s reason for crying out. At Amy’s touch and inspection, Dad’s cock rose and stretched the chain.

“Hey, check mine out!” Frank said, stepping in to place his hardening cock in Amy view and grasp.

Frank was clean shaven! His nude cock and balls looked impressive. His cock was thick and wrapped with looked like a snake, the tail of which disappeared between his legs. I wondered if, like Jo Anne, it disappeared into his rectum. The head of the “snake” rested just below his cock head and as his cock hardened it receded, giving it the appearance that it moved on it’s own.

Amy giggled loudly and grabbed Frank’s cock, looking at the “snake” thing closely and said, “Oh Uncle, can you…You know, fuck wearing this?”

“Oh ya and it’s real special too!” was his reply.

“Okay…Okay you guys, lets get the party started!” Mom called out, breaking Frank’s mesmerizing hold on Amy.

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