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The Little Exhibitionist

🏳️‍🌈 A story by Josh Terrence 🏳️‍🌈


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter Five — Dylan returns to the service shop for some extensive rear end maintenance 🏳️‍🌈

When I rode up to the service station on my bike, the parking lot was crawling with cars lining up to the service bays and the gas pumps. The cold morning air had given way to a brisk afternoon breeze that smelled like saltwater from the nearby bay, so almost everyone had their windows down. The cool air was flowing through the rip in my sweatpants, ensuring maximum shrinkage of my excited boy bits when I coasted through the sea of cars.

I got mixed looks from people waiting in their cars, ranging from amused to disapproving. Especially when I stood on my pedals and practically mooned everyone in the parking lot as my ripped sweatpants flapped in the breeze. When I rode around the backside of the service bay to wait by the men”s room, I sent my service top a text to let him know I was there. Seconds later he texted me back that he was swamped, and asked me to come back in another hour. With a sigh, I replied that I”d be back, only to look up and see a big bellied man giving me a lecherous smile. He was wearing gray slacks and a white button up shirt with a patch that said “Manager” on the breast.

“Well what have we got here?” he said, looking down at the massive rip in my sweats. Then with a leer he added, “You keep showing off the goods like that and someone”s liable to bend you over, buddy.”

Seeing the opportunity in front of me, I bit my lower lip and said, “That”s what I want.”

“Oh yeah?” he said with an amused smile.

When I nodded, he motioned with his head toward the bathroom door, then he produced a key and unlocked the door. I rolled my bike inside and he followed me in. I leaned my bike against the wall while he stepped up to the commode and whipped out a nice looking erection. I watched with hungry eyes as he pushed it down and took a raging piss in the toilet. His flow was powerful and his piss bar was dark yellow as it coursed into the bowl. I hated to take my eyes off of it but I needed to take my sweatshirt off, so I pulled it off over my head while he finished. I tossed my sweatshirt to the floor and grinned as used his hips to shake the shy drops off. When he turned my way, the head was glistening and I shivered with desire.

“You sure about this, buddy?” he asked me, and I nodded as he approached me. I started to take my sweats down, but he shook his head no and groped my ass through the rip in the seat. With a soft whisper, he instructed me, “Turn around, babe.”

With a soft moan, I turned to face away from him, then I held onto the sink while he knelt behind me and tongued my hungry pucker out. While he was eating my ass, I looked over to the garbage can and spotted my pissy briefs sitting on the heap of paper towels, right where I left them earlier.

When he abandoned the rim job, he rose to his feet and slipped his middle finger up my ass, then he said, “I saw you around earlier, buddy. Did you get fucked in here this morning?”

“Yeah,” I hissed, feeling him twist his digit back and forth.

I watched in the mirror as he smiled knowingly, then he said, “My nephew took good care of this, then.”

I moaned at the revelation that my steady hookup was his nephew, and he responded by giving me a wink as we watched each others” faces in the mirror.

“He”s got a busy afternoon ahead of him, but I”ll make sure he gets a break so he can scratch your itch,” he assured me.

“Thanks,” I whimpered as the pleasure of his twisting finger traveled down my legs and up my back.

He leaned forward and kissed the nape of my neck, then his finger was removed and I felt the head of his erection press up to my hole. In an instant, my anal ring relaxed, then it expanded and I sighed with relief as he slipped in. I closed my eyes and a blissful smile spread across my face, then he started thrusting and I was in paradise.

“Is this what you were after, kid?” he asked me, and I nodded eagerly. “You”ve got a tight rear end on you. I could get used to seeing you from now on.”

“I”d love that,” I said, my voice jittery as pleasure signals spread out from my ass and groin region. “It feels so good.”

“You gonna leave those pissy drawers behind for me?” he asked me, and I shivered hard.

“Uh huh,” I panted, then his hands came to rest on my shoulders and his thrusting sped up. I moaned like a whore and felt his cock pulse inside me, then he diyarbakır escort froze and I knew I was being bred. I smiled at him in the mirror while he got off, and he looked like he was fighting off a fainting spell. His brow furrowed and his face contorted into a painful grimace, then it relaxed and melted into a smile.

He pulled out and I quickly knelt in front of him to suck him clean while hot sperm ran out of my ass and into my taint. With my mouth still filled with his delicious prick, I gave him a grateful smile and he gushed.

“You”re enjoying yourself, aren”t you kid?” he observed. I nodded happily while he put his hands on his hips and let me slobber around his manhood.

At his behest, I put his manhood away and he helped me to my feet, then he surprised me by planting a rough kiss on my mouth. Right away, the flavor of lunchmeat and vape smoke filled my mouth while his tongue explored it with assertive strokes. My head was spinning as I luxuriated in the specter of gay romance with this new man, whose cock had stroked my ass out so deliciously. With a husky moan, I wrapped my arms around his neck and let the naughty sensations course through me. When he grabbed my right buttcheek and gave it a squeeze, my little dick pulsed with pleasure and searing heat encapsulated my bits in an instant.

When our tongues disengaged, he gave me an approving smile and told me, “Davey said you were little nympho, but god damn, I had no idea. You want me to send him back here to screw another load into you before you go?”

“Yes please,” I cooed, then he ruffled my hair and told me to stay put.

While I was waiting for my next top, I kicked my shoes and socks off. With my bare feet touching the cold bathroom floor, I felt my arousal swelling. I snatched my pissy undies out of the trashcan and gave them an extended whiff, shivering as the naughty aroma of drying pee poured into my nose. The smell was primal, and purely masculine as it filled my chest and lungs with its powerful goodness.

While I was enjoying the smell of man pee, I fingered my sloppy hole. As I worked the fresh cum into the lining of my aroused boycunt, I could hear sloshing and loved it. The sensual feelings were powerful as I worked two fingers against my spot and rolled my hips around like a whore.

While I was finger fucking myself, the door opened and I found myself smiling up at my cute conquest. He gawked when he saw me standing by the trashcan with torn sweats and two fingers up my ass. I licked my lips and gave him a needy gaze without stopping, then he locked the door and I was back on the job. For the first time, I looked at the name tag that was sewed on his shirt and realized I never knew his name until his uncle blurted it out.

I took my fingers out of my ass and sucked them clean with a sensual moan while he unzipped his work pants. His fly fell open and I was quick to take his prick out so I could stroke it for him. Just like earlier, he kissed me while I slowly jerked his cock and felt it throbbing in my hand. His breath tasted like chewing gum and cigarettes, and his face smelled like motor oil. When he broke our kiss, he cupped my bare ass through the opening in the back of my sweats and led me to the toilet.

The floor around the toilet was wet and cold to the touch against my feet. The seat of my sweatpants were practically marinading in stale piss left behind by multiple men as I sat on the commode and licked my lips. I cast my hungry gaze up at the cutie who”d joined me in the bathroom so he could fuck me in the ass, my eyes glued to his erection.

My little dick was standing at attention as I reached out and wrapped my small hand around his mancock and began to stroke it. I moaned softly as a warm dollop of precum rolled from the end and painted my knuckles and batted my eyes up at him with a warm smile. Unable to wait another second, I slipped my mouth over the end and swallowed his length. I shut my eyes for a moment so I could savor the taste and heat of his entire pubic region. I loved how the warm shaft invaded my throat and the wiry pubes smashed against my lips while his hot balls pressed against my jawbone so lusciously.

With his shaft buried down my throat, I swallowed around it to flex the muscles in my pharynx, then I settled into a pleasure filled deep throating while he ran his fingertips through my hair and hissed.

“You suck cock like a pro, buddy,” he praised me, and I responded by smiling up at him around my delightful mouthful. “You still need it in the ass?”

“Mmhmm,” I moaned, then I cupped his warm scrotal sack with my hands and caressed it while I indulged in his full length and impressive thickness.

“My boyfriend might want to blow a load, too,” he remarked, and I looked up at him with curious eyes. “If you”re still in the mood when we wrap up, do you want me to send him back here to fuck you?”

This time I moaned more gutturally as I nodded in the affirmative, then I saw him looking down at my clothes with a look of concern. Following his gaze, I cast my fluttering eyes over to my pile of clothes and realized my sweatshirt and socks were in a state of wreck beside the toilet.

Right next to us, my bike was leaning against the düzce escort wall, its tires resting in a puddle of muddy pee that had collected around the porcelain throne. Right under the frame of my bike, my shirt and socks were bundled up, similarly resting in the same piss puddle and soaking the stinky mess up. His eyes roamed the torn up sweatpants I had on, then he glanced over to the trashcan, where my piss soaked undies were discarded.

With a naughty moan, I smiled up at him and he met my eyes, then he gave me an incredulous smile and mussed my hair.

“You planning to wear those piss soaked clothes home?” he asked, and I shrugged.

I pulled off of his shaft with a slurp and kissed the end, then I said, “Maybe. Or maybe I”ll have to throw them out and ride home without any clothes.”

“You”re something else, kid,” he gawked, then he stepped back and I got up so I could hold onto the sink and have my ass fucked again.

I held onto the basin and spread my feet, rolling my aroused rear end around while my beau stood behind me. I smiled in the mirror as my cute top held onto my waist and lined his dick up to my hole, then he slipped in and I moaned hotly. I watched in the mirror as he settled himself inside me, then he started to thrust and I was in paradise.

“How”s that feel, babe?” he asked me with a soft tone.

“It feels really good,” I cooed with a dreamy smile. “I”m glad we got to see each other again.”

“Me too, hun,” he said, and I felt my heart flutter. “You still gonna let my boyfriend hit this when we”re finished?”

“Yeah,” I sighed as the pleasure overtook me. “Is he cute?”

“He”s the cutest,” my stud told me, then he winked at me and settled into a decadent buttfucking that made my toes curl and my cowlick stand up on the crown of my head.

I closed my eyes for what felt like a brief moment. The deep, shivering waves that were cascading down my arms and legs had me in a spell. So did the scintillating heat that was brimming in my chest and escaping through my pores. I could feel the power his luscious strokes radiating against my taint, over and over again while I sang a melody of sweet pleasure. My anus was in a state of sheer rapaciousness, swallowing his long strokes and greedily drinking every drop of precum and assjuice that were excreted.

Which was why I lost track of time so easily. Because what felt like less than a minute of sheer ecstasy had actually been closer to five minutes of decadence. I felt my top slide his pleasure stick up my ass with a final, forceful thrust, then he held it there while I ground my ass around and pushed back on it.

“You”re ass is gushing around my dick,” he groaned, then I felt his cock jerk violently against the walls of my rectum and knew he was breeding me again.

When he pulled out, I was still reeling from the pleasure and had to collect myself before going down on him. I gripped the sink and dropped to my knees, then I turned my upper body and took his dick in my mouth with a grateful smile.

Before he left, he helped me up and held me close while I shivered with delight.

“You okay, hun?” he asked me, and with a satisfied sigh, I nodded in the affirmative.

“Everything”s perfect,” I softly moaned. Then with a dreamy inflection, I declared, “You were amazing.”

“You were incredible too, hun,” he assured me. “You still want me to send my boyfriend back here?”

“Yeah, I”d love that,” I sang through another powerful shiver. “Davey?”

“Yes hun?”

“Can I have another kiss?” I asked hopefully.

With a tender nod, he knelt down and kissed me deeply. His tongue slid into my mouth and he tipped my little body back while my boy pussy roared with pleasure and my little dick danced around on its own. When our tongues disengaged, he gave me a wink and said, “Wait here, okay?”

“I promise,” I said with a starry eyed smile, then I watched as my service top exited the bathroom.

Moments later, the door unlocked from the outside, then it swung open and in walked a gorgeous blonde hunk. He looked like he was in his early 20″s and overflowing with testosterone. He set his eyes on me and looked like he was in a trance as he carefully appraised me. We locked eyes for a moment, then I moaned with desire and he looked like he snapped out of his spell.

Without a word, I turned to face away from him and reached into my ripped sweatpants so I could spread my asscheeks open. He licked his lips and nodded with fire in his eyes, then he unleashed one of the biggest dicks I”d ever seen in person and gave it three strokes. My boy cunt was immediately gripped with horny tremors as he grabbed my hips and pressed the end of his prick up to my expanding pucker. He pressed forward and his monster slid up my ass with ease, every inch of it spreading me open while I moaned like a bitch in heat.

When he was buried up my ass, he clenched his teeth and tightened his grip on my waist. Drawing air through his teeth, he started to thrust while I watched with disbelief in the mirror. With each thrust he fed me, I could feel myself slipping into a trance. Just like his boyfriend before him, his cock strokes were climax inducing. But unlike his boyfriend, he didn”t last five minutes. He didn”t even last edirne escort one minute. But I didn”t need him to last any longer.

Because midway through our fuck, my body erupted with the flames of anal rapture and every muscle in and around my midsection tensed up, then relaxed as my anal orgasm set in. My rectum caught fire and so did my genitals, sending flashes of punishing heat through my groin and making my bladder jump chaotically. A warm, gushing sensation poured over my whole body, starting at the crown of my head and spreading rapidly down to the tips of my curling toes.

Then he buried his monster up my ass and bred me without so much as a groan. When I looked in the mirror, his eyes were shut tight and he had a look of pure bliss on his beautiful face. His cheeks were beet red and his brow was knotted, then he blinked and we shared a smile in the mirror. I watched him pull out and fell to my knees so I could suck him clean, beaming up at him through moist, sated eyes while he blinked and looked down at the piss puddle I was kneeling in.

“Sorry little man, I didn”t mean to make you do that,” he said, his voice boyish and apologetic.

That”s when I looked down at my sweatpants and realized I”d lost control of my bladder while my ass was being serviced. I smiled up at him and shrugged, then I asked, “Can I see you from now on?”

He gave me an incredulous smile and nodded, then he winked at me and beat a hasty retreat while I wrang the warm pee from my sweatpants. I got dressed in my piss soaked sweatshirt and socks, then I put my shoes on. I rolled my bike out of the men”s room and got on, then I stood on my pedals as I rode through the parking lot. Letting my soaked and satisfied boy butt linger in the air, I coasted through the parking lot and onto the sidewalk.

With the chilly afternoon air flowing over my exposed boy boner, I did a little rabbit hop off the curb. The stink of cum, pee and my deeply fucked boy butt was rolling off my body, adding to my bliss. My boy pussy throbbed as I rode home to shower and fetch another $20 from my dresser so I could enjoy a 3pm buttfucking at the shopping center.

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