The Lodge Pt. 04

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“Today, we gave you girls scheduled for a spa day. We want to pamper our sisters. Manicures, pedicures, massages, and if you want to get waxed, that too.” I told them as we finished up breakfast.

“Can I ask you a question?” Nancy asked.


“Why are you doing all this for us. It is a lot of money.”

“Nancy, we love all three of you. When we sold our game business and became wealthy enough to be listed as two of the richest men in America, none of our family, including aunts, uncles and cousins, ask for a dime. That surprised us. When we created this project, we saw it as a way to give back to family. As we invited you, we are going to invite them, pamper them, and offer them positions here. Not like yours, but nice jobs that will pay more than they make where they are at.” I answered.

“Planning on seducing them?” Nancy continued.

“We have not seduced anyone one of you. Do you feel we have?” Brian asked.

Looking at Sue, she said, “You did take Sue to bed with you so she could have the job.”

“We did no such thing. Sue, did we drag you into our bed, or did you get into it?”

Sue, caught off guard by Nancy’s comment, answered. “They did not, I came to their room and probably pushed them into making love to me.”

“The job,” Brian said, “Is not contingent on sleeping with us. You turn us on, your hot, we would never say no to sex with you, but the job is yours and all that goes with it. If any of our family wants to enjoy a romp in our bed, we would not say no. We view incest as a natural thing. More family members are sharing their beds in this world than you would believe, for us, and our family, it is a decision you make, one we will honor.”

Now, let’s get cleaned up, you head to the spa, and we will head to our office.” I said, getting up from the table as our server cleared off the table.

“I have a feeling Nancy won’t be coming by our room.” Brian said to me as we went to our offices.

“We have never waxed.” I commented to Brian. “I think I will slip down this afternoon and do it. Want to join?”

“Sounds like a plan.” Brian said as he slipped into the office.

We ate downstairs for dinner. The girls would be flying out in two days. We asked how the spa went, they said it was awesome and yes, they took advantage of all the services. I let them know Brian and I also came down and got waxed for the first time in our lives. It was different, but a nice look.

Nancy asked if the job offer was open still, thinking if she didn’t sleep with us, it might be off the table. We let her know it was open. She thought so and emailed her two-week notice after they left the spa.

“Two more nights than your back to Boston. We are going to miss you for the short time you are back getting ready for the move. We will make arrangements with a moving company to come and do your packing and get your stuff here. We thought it would be nice if you spent the last week before you come to Mom’s. Get her to fly out and see the place. Tomorrow we will go to town, that means fully clothed, and show Nancy and Sue their new homes. Ashley, there is one there for you if you join us.” I said.

“Still thinking about it. It a tough decision with my friends in Boston.” Ashley said.

“It’s there if you want it. Brian and I have plans for this evening, you feel free to explore, have a good time, and we will see you at breakfast.” I finished saying.

“Okay, I want to feel that smooth skin,” Brian said as we went up to our bedroom. “I have been hot for you all day, so get that jockstrap off.”

“I need to shower and clean; you should do the same then we will have some fun.” I answered, walking toward the shower. “

I douched, took a shower and headed back to the bedroom. Brian did the same coming into the bedroom, his cock standing out, he was ready.

We began to make out, we enjoyed kissing. Our hands roamed up and down our bodies, playing around our freshly saved pubic area. Brian went down on me, taking my cock in his mouth. I liked the way his tongue swirled around my head, slowly licking my slit to gather my pre-cum, then licking down on side of my shaft, then the other. He also lapped through my pubic area then down to suck on my balls.

I followed as we began to sixty-nine. I loved his wax job. As we were both sucking each other, a knock on the bedroom door. Sue came into the room.

“Thought this is what you had to do for the evening,” she said as we sat up in the bed. “Thought I could come by and show off my wax job.”

Sister Sue climbed into the bed and stood before us in all her glory. Her firm breasts had erect nipples was the first thing that caught our attention, then the smooth pubic area. We ran our hands from her beautiful orbs, pinching her nipples then down to her love zone.

“This is nice,” we said in unison.

“Thought you might want to take it for a test drive. By the way, your pubic areas look hot as well. I can’t wait to have you slap your skin against mine.

“I am going to fuck you, then Brian and I have something we sahibe escort are going to do. It will not be a long night like the others.”

“You guys are going to fuck, right?” Sue questioned,

“We are.” I said winking at Brian.

“Can I watch?” she asked. “I have only seen videos of guys but not in person, and certainly not my two hot brothers.”

“We have never had an audience that we know of it could be a turn on having someone watch, so sure.” I responded. “Now, to get to your main event.”

“Just fuck me, I don’t want anything else. Frankly I want to watch you fuck more than anything though I do need your cum in my vagina.”

I leaned down, separated the folds of her sex garden, then used my tongue to get her prepared to penetrate. Sue started to produce her own lube which tasted awesome. It was hot not having her pubic hair in my nose. As I worked my face in between her legs. Lapping away at the petals of her fold, her pink skin so soft and tender, the smell intoxicating I hated to pull up. She was ready, moaning her pleasure as I pulled her legs upon my shoulders and slowly slid my cock into her body.

“Oh, all the way in, let me feel your waxed body against mine,” she moaned.

I was in. Brian was kissing her; I could see their tongues intertwined as I slapped against her bare skin. She was bucking back with each of my strokes as I increased the tempo, my balls banging against her ass each time I came down.

“I’m cumming,” she said in a somewhat higher voice. Her twat vibrating against my cock.

“‘Not far behind,” I said thrusting in and out at a greater intensity until I could feel my cum shooting into her, nice and deep.

“Thank-you,” she said running out of breath from exertion.

Some of my cum was leaking from her cunt. I reached down with my finger and swiped the gob off her leg then put my finger into her mouth.

“Yum,” she said sucking on my finger.

“Hey, what about me?” Brian asked.

“You can go down and clean her up before we fuck,” I instructed him.

Brian crawled between her legs and began to lap at her folds, then his tongue pulled out my cum mixed with her juiced and swallowed every drop he could get at.”

“You both are so tasty,” he said climbing back to the top of the bed where he stood over me, his cock ready for my attention.

Sue sat on the edge of the bed as I began to perform oral sex on my brother. My tongue ran down his shaft then up to his mushroomed head, across the slit then sucked his 7-inch shaft down my throat. Pulling him out, I sucked on each of his balls. It felt so good without all the hair. Popping on in then the other, then both, I sucked away.

“Okay, I’m good and hard,” Mark stated. “Lay down on the bed and let me see that nice pink pucker.”

“I laid down, placed a pillow under my ass to elevate, and exposed my pink, hairless target at his cock as he pulled my legs atop his shoulders. He lubed my hole and his cock, then leaned forward, the tip of his cock touching my entrance, and we made out. I could taste my cum and Sue’s juice on his tongue. His cock, pushing now against me.

Leaning back, Mark pushed his cock through my ring until he was snug against my skin. I could tell his pubic area was hairless as me mashed together.

“That feels so nice,” I exclaimed. “I like this waxed look and feel.” I spoke. “Now let me feel you fuck me good and hard. Sue, you like what your watching?”

“I am getting horny again.” she said. “You both look so good hooked up.”

Brian began to pick up the tempo, his breathing increasing as he pumped his cock deep inside me.

“Let’s change positions,” he said, moving me into the doggy position. “I can go deeper this way.”

He got up and knelt behind me, his cock gliding into me again until we were balls to the wall. He started to bang away. Sue had reached under and was stroking my balls as Brian fucked me.

“That feels great, “I said to them.

I could feel Brians cock start to enlarge in me, I knew it would not be long before his sperm would fly into me.

“Get ready to be seeded,” he said groaning with pleasure.

His cock began to jerk, and I could feel him painting the walls of my love channel with his seed. After several pumps, his cock began to soften and then slide out.

Sue leaned in, sucking off his cum from his cock and licking my hole, giving me a quick rim job.

“I’m going to miss you guys while I am back home packing for the move,” Sue said as we all climbed out of the bed and headed for the bathroom.

In the morning, after breakfast, we all got dressed and made our way down to the car for a trip to town.

Terry, our chauffeur, was standing outside the limo when we came out of the building, and opened the door as we climbed in. Terry was 6’2″, slim, muscular, with black hair and hazel eyes that twinkled when he looked at us.

“Wow, you have your own driver,” Nancy said.

“He is more than our driver,” Brian commented back.

“I bet,” she said. “Another bed sahibe escort bayan partner?”

“That’s a little personal.” I responded. “He happens to be our main bodyguard.”

“Who you sleep with,” she laughed. “Why the bodyguard?”

“We get death threats since we build this and after college someone tried to kidnap us thinking they would hold us for ransom. They didn’t know we are both black belts. The guy is in prison now.”

“Are we safe with you guys?” Ashley asked.

“That’s why we have a security detail that shadows us. At The Lodge, it is not a problem, and we take major precautions in town. When we show you the houses, our street is a family only street with the exception of one house, it is where the security team for the town works from. It has cameras around the outside of all our homes as well as in town that are monitored 24/7. Your safe.”

We drove into town, turned on our street and drove by the houses. Two on one side, three on the other and one at the end of the street. Terry pulled into the drive of the end house which sloped to an underground parking garage.

“Is this my house?” Sue asked.

“You could only wish,” I replied as Terry opened our doors to allow us to exit. “Brian and I own this one. Terry also has a room here and Margret, our maid lives here as well. Both part of our security. Let’s get in the elevator and I will show you around.”

“Don’t you guys live at The Lodge?” Nancy asked as the elevator opened on the first floor.

“Most of the time,” Brian commented back. “We try and stay here three nights a week.”

We walked around showing them our commercial kitchen, formal dining room, large living room, game room indoor pool and steam room on the first floor, five bedrooms on one side of the second floor, 5 on the other. Each had its own bathroom and shower. Terry and Margret had the end rooms on the left side. The third floor was our bedroom, walk-n closets, large rain shower and soaking tub. We also have a safe room on our floor, and a playroom with whips, ropes, chains, assorted cocks, a fucking bench, clips and more. Our bed was super king-sized with mirrors on the ceiling and both walls. The elevator went to all three floors along with a spiral staircase in the middle.

“What a mansion,” Ashley commented as she walked through the house.

We walked through one of the homes since they are similar. The main floor had kitchen, dining room, family room and living room in addition to a room that was like a studio apartment attached to the back with entrance to the main floor for a nanny if and when they had children. The second floor had 5 bedrooms with a large master suite. The houses come fully furnished we told them unless they had furniture, they wanted to bring then we would remove and use the furniture elsewhere. We built one for mom, and three for the girls.

Terry brought the car to us at the house, and we drove to town to walk around and have lunch. Following lunch, we went back to our house and told the girls they could use the pool, or do what they liked, even take a nap before dinner in town. Brian and I said we were looking to get a few hours’ sleep. We wanted this to be a relaxing day since they flew out tomorrow morning.

Brain and I stripped, kissed each other good night and cuddled. Before we had even settled in to sleep, someone rapped on our door.

“Come in,” Brian said.

It was Ashley who slipped in the door and closed it. She had a big smile on her face as she walked over to the bed and sat on the edge.

“Hope I didn’t interrupt anything.” she grinned.

“Just us falling to sleep.”

“I wanted to talk to you about the offer. It is just too good to turn down, and the house, unbelievable what you guys designed. You thought of everything down to the nanny quarters.”

“We want you and your family to feel comfortable and enjoy living here. Glad you decided to come onboard.” I said to her rolling sideways in the bed to look at her. She is so hot, her breasts peak under her blouse, and her lips look so kissable.

“I am looking forward to it. By the way, how do you feel about kids?”

“We don’t plan on having our own, if that’s what you mean, though we want you girls to have some and we look forward to helping you out with them.”

“How do you plan to help us?” she asked leaning down exposing her breasts to us as she had come in with several buttons undone on her blouse. “Are you planning on getting us pregnant?”

“That is up to you girls. There is no stigma to incest here in this town. What made you ask?” Brian and I sat up in the bed staring at her in a horny way.

“You have had sex with Sue a couple of times that we know of. She told you she was on the pill. She lied to get your seed. We three are on the same cycle, and I know this is the fertile three days. This trip was planned to be in-sync with our best days for pregnancy. So, guess what, you will be dads in about 9 months.”

“That’s great. We want to have babies from each of you.”

“You escort sahibe mean, you want to get me and Nancy pregnant as well.”

“What do you think about that, no pressure from us.”

Ashley stood and we thought she was going to walk out, instead she took her clothes of and got in bed with us.

“I want you seed as well, so let’s make a baby so Sue and I will have ours at the same time so they can grow up together.”

My cock came to full staff, and I could see through the sheets Brian’s was as well. I leaned in to kiss her, my tongue running along her lips, sucking on her lower lip until she let me slide my tongue into her mouth. She tasted so sweet. Brian had got out of bed and crawled between her legs.

Ashley had reached down and began to stroke my cock while Brian had inserted his finger into her vagina finger fucking her. He rubbed against her clit and she moaned with pleasure.

I was sucking on her breast. The born circle was awesome as it went around her titty. I licked around it then teased her tit with my teeth then my tongue as I suckled her.

“I want you cock in my mouth,” she stated to me.

I got on my knees in front of her and she pulled my cock into her mouth, stoking me as she glided me in and out. Sucking on my head, she was an awesome cock sucker.

Looking down, Brian had both his hands on either side of her folds, pushed them together then spreading them apart, massaged her love box. Finally, he went down and started licking away at her juices. She bucked and wrapped her legs around his head as he brought her to her first orgasm.

“Mark, I want you cock in me, deep, your seed flowing in me as we make a baby, then I want Luke to breed me with his seed next. I want to be pregnant with your child.”

I went down to her fold; Brian came up and kneeled by her head and she began to suck his cock. I took my cock and rubbed it up and down, my pre-cum lubricating along with her juices, then began to glide into her until my shaft was all in, my balls against her waxed mound.

“Oh yeah, that’s it…faster…faster,” she moaned “I’m getting ready to cum again,” and her body shook and shuddered as another climax swept through her body.

“I’m cumming too,” I said as I shot my seed deep.

Ashley got on her knees and told Brian to get behind and fuck away. Brian wasted no time, his long, fat, veined cock slid into my cum and he banged away. It seemed with each stroke his cock brought cum out that dripped down off his balls.

“Ready to make me a baby?” Brian asked as Ashley climaxed.

“Yeah, our baby, yours Mark and mine,” she said as Brian shot his load into her already saturated vagina.

“If everything works out, you will be daddies around your birthday in September.” she commented headed for the shower.

“Wow!” Brian exclaimed. “Dads. Ahead of our plan but welcome to happen.”

We had a celebration dinner in town for all three accepting our job offer and headed back to The Lodge for the last night. Brian had plans for 7pm and I was going to relax before we took our sisters to the airport.

Nancy walked into my room, looked around and asked, “Where’s Brian?”

“He is working on a video, one of our camerapersons could not make it so he is filming. You can see it on the TV, its channel 41 where people can reserve time to be filmed to take home and watch their sex acts at home. They also sign a waiver so we can put it on our on-line video service for subscribers. Brings people to The Lodge after they watch.” I answered.

“Well, I wanted both of you. You will work. Ashley told me about her afternoon, and Sue talked nonstop about both of you and your time with her. As Ashley told you, it is our fertile time, we want to have babies at the same time, and I need you to be my baby daddy.” Nancy told me as she stripped out of her under garments and climbed into bed, pulling the covers off and devouring my cock.

Her green eyes sparkled as she told me her plan, and she was the more aggressive of the three. When she got back, we would introduce her to our S&M room.

“Sit on my head,” I instructed her so I could suck on her bare cunt while she sucked on my cock. I put a finger in as my tongue lapped away. I soon found out she was a squirter, the sweet taste of her juices flowing into my mouth.

“We better change positions are there will be no baby tonight,” I told her as I could feel almost ready to unload. This would be a quick fuck.

Nancy climbed onto my cock, leaning down and we kissed, my pre-cum on her tongue, her juices on mine. She started stroking up and down until she orgasmed again, squirting on my shaved pubic area. This set me off and my cum shot into her, deep.

“Thanks,” she said as she climbed off heading back to her room.

When Brian got back, I told him what he missed. He said their first orgy on film looked great and we went to sleep.

The next morning, we had breakfast before we went to the plane.

“We are looking for two family members, cousins, aunts or uncles, to come to work for us. One to run our publicity department. We collect a hotel motel tax from guests and plan to use it for advertising, so anyone working in the hospitality, or advertising industry would work for us. We also need someone to take charge of our linen, making sure it is ready for the rooms each day. We have a team they would lead.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32