The Long Weekend Ch. 17

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Tea Break on Sunday Morning

While the soothing gel of the aloe quieted her throbbing vagina, Annie moved to the chaise lounge to relax and began a slow decent from the height of her orgasm. She was coming down from the high of the exhibitionist endorphins that Sr. had let loose with his demand that she expose herself. Those chemicals were mixed with the realization that a boy less than half her age and younger than her own son had given her a unique orgasm with his exceptional tongue. Her mind wandered with the notion that with a bit of training from her, Jake would be a fabulous lover and drive her crazy every time with cascading orgasms. Although the sun was hot, the cool breeze was causing the aloe to evaporate leaving a tingling sensation between her legs. She mulled over the roller coaster ride of emotions she had just gone through. First the feeling of serenity on the private deck amongst the tree tops. Then arousal while on phone to Sr. Then scared when she realized that an unknown person was spying on her. Then pleased when she knew it was Jake. Then anxious about what Sr. might say about someone watching. Then excited when she heard Sr.’s request to display herself. Then surprised at her need to see Jake pleasure himself. Then shock as Jake went down on her so willingly. Then ecstatic as she was brought to an exquisite orgasm. Then empathy as she consoled Jake for coming prematurely. Then nervous about what the future will hold with all this awakening of sensuality. Then relief and exhaustion having had wonderful sex and not being caught by the others.

Lying with her legs and shirt open she enjoyed the sun and felt the relaxing calming effect of the country side smells and noises. All of which was soon shattered by the noise of a large truck coming down the gravel drive. Tucking her breasts into the cups of her bra, she did up one button on her shirt and stood up to look over the handrail. She waved at the truck and called out she would be down in a minute.

The two men in the truck saw a good looking woman waving her hands but could not hear what she had to say. They saw her turn away then disappear.

Annie had bent over to pick up and then put on the bottom of her small bikini before slipping on her flip flops, and going through the house to meet the delivery. At the driveway, the men in the truck looked down to see a diminutive but gorgeous woman waiting for them. As she walked out to the end of the drive, her tanned thighs pushed the shirt tails apart, giving fleeting glances of her aqua bikini nestled firmly in her crotch. The men had heard stories of this kind of delivery but new on the job, had never been privy to such a sight. Usually it was balding beer bellied male contractors who accepted delivery.

“If you are here for the Lumley residence, please wait and I’ll go down to the lake to tell the men you are here.” Annie directed.

“Yes ma’am.” the elder man replied with a wink to his younger companion. “We’ll do just that”

Annie turned and in walking down the path to the lake, left them staring at a beautiful ass. Her small bikini bottom was narrow through the crotch and up through the crevasse of he ass. The aqua spandex was cut high at the back, exposing most of her cheeks. The tight elastic at the leg holes squeezed her ass creating two toned tanned bubbles. The cutest ass they had seen outside of a magazine.

“Brice, Jake, Jr.” Annie began calling out as she got closer to the lake. Eventually they heard her and looked up. Like the delivery men, they saw snippets of an aqua bikini between the partially buttoned shirt. The shirt held together by one single solitary button at the bust allowed the tails to flow behind her. Playing peek-a-boo was a red shelf bra that was being strained by the weight and size of her bouncing chest. In competition with the red bra was the nicely defined camel toe in a very small bikini bottom.

“The truck’s here. They are up at the drive waiting for you.” declared Annie as she continued her way down to where they were working. “Wow, you’ve done a lot already today, it’s looking great. Barbara’s going to love it. I think now that I am down here, I might stay a while a dip my toe in the lake. If that’s OK with you?”

“Fine with me Mrs. Sullivan.” said Brice as he dropped his tools and headed up the path. “Come on boys, time’s a wasting.” Wishing they could stay and help her dip her toe in the lake, the boys, groaned and followed Brice.

Stepping off the wobbly dock onto the small sandy shore, Annie found the sand damp, wet and cold. Not inviting at all. She dipped her foot into the lake but its coldness caused a sharp intake of breath and a quick withdrawal. Shivering, with goose-bumps on her legs, Annie retreated back up the hill toward the house.

Getting closer to the house, she could hear Brice raising his voice in disbelief and anger. Brice was furious that only a partial delivery was being made and the balance would not be delivered until tomorrow. escort sitesi

“That doesn’t work for me. I’ve got to be back in town tomorrow and I need to get this done this weekend.” he yelled getting more irate by the second.

“Sorry boss, we are only the delivery boys. Don’t take the orders, don’t make promises, don’t aim to disappoint, we only deliver.” replied the older man, trying not to loose his cool.

Hating confrontation and hoping to diffuse the escalating situation, Annie undid the one button that was holding her shirt together and let the wind blow the tails out behind her. In doing so, the shirt fully opened up and exposed her red half bra. Reaching the five men, they suddenly stopped talking to look at a vision that was totally unexpected. Walking toward them was one very sexy woman with hardly anything on.

Appearing not to notice her totally exposed front, Annie came closer to the group. Pretending to be surprised, she grabbed the shirt, pulling it closed but not doing it up, she began to stutter apologies. The shirt hung off her shoulders leaving a wide open space that showed her astounding cleavage, her firm tummy and the hit of small bikini bottom barely covering her sex.

“No need to Mrs. Sullivan, we didn’t see anything did we men?” Brice said confidently. With nods all around Annie stopped stuttering.

“What’s up everyone?” she asked innocently

“The delivery is short, the balance won’t be delivered until tomorrow and I have to go back into town tonight.” stated Brice angrily.

“Well if it helps, Sr. won’t be back until tomorrow night and tomorrow is a holiday for Jr., so he could stay over and help Jake finish what ever is left. We could drive Jake back when we return?” offered Annie.

Jake and Jr. could not believe their ears, Mr. Lumley heading home, the two of them alone overnight with Jr.’s mom. The two boys were enthusiastic about idea and vocal in their support.

“No worrries, we can do it, no problemo, easy as pie.” was the unanimous chorus from the youngsters.

“Can you guarantee delivery tomorrow?” Brice asked the delivery driver who had to be asked twice as he was focusing on Annie’s legs.

“I think so. Let me call HQ.” came the slow response, as the driver stared open mouthed at Annie standing in front of him. Climbing back in the truck he used the radio in the cab while continuing to stare at what was barely being contained by a red bra and aqua panties.

Returning to the group, he confirmed the Monday delivery while Brice still steamed.

“If that is settled, why don’t you finish up here and I’ll make us some tea and get some drinks ready. It’s time for a break anyway.” Annie offered. “Then we can talk about how to make all this work.”

“Good idea, I need a break to settle me down.” Brice agreed, thinking it might calm his irritation. “Boys, can you finish unloading while I help Annie, then join us on the back patio.”

Standing in the kitchen, Annie turned to Brice and offered an explanation, “Brice, I am sorry to have intervened. I hear how upset you are and know you wanted to everything done for Barbara next week. But, I could see that the discussion was going nowhere and you were only getting angrier by the minute. I thought that if I could distract everyone, that I might be able to calm things down.”

“Well, you sure did that and by the way, I am still distracted. Thanks, my Welch temper does get the better of me sometimes and I lose control.” Brice replied as he watched Annie reach in the upper cupboard for the tea. In doing so the shirt fell open more and exposed her right breast overflowing the bra cup and the nipple and areola on display.

“And you still are a distraction, dressed or should I say undressed like that.” Brice commented, moving closer to her. “May I, Mrs. Sullivan?”

Looking down Annie saw what drew his attention, and thinking he was going to adjust her shirt, replied without thinking, “Yes, you may.”

With her approval Brice reached out and slid his hands under the shoulders of her shirt and pulled them down her arms. In doing so his rough hands raked across her soft skin. “You really are stunning Mrs. Sullivan” Brice complimented as her chest heaved and down with her breathing. Then as she moved back to the teapot, both of them were amazed and how the ample tits jiggled and bounced as they lay suspended over the shelf bra. As she bent over the pot, the weight of her breasts and the smallness of the bra allowed them to spillout more…fully exposing her nipples and areolas. The nipples long and rubbery were deliciously obscene in their display and the soft white flesh supporting them blended together to form a deep inviting cleavage.

Brice looked down at her tempting offering and while she fussed with the filling up the pot, he stepped behind her and began to caress the back of her neck. He slid his hands down and around the front to free her breasts gaziantep escort sitesi from the last of their confinement and cradle them in his hands. She flinched at the touch but did not brush them away like she did yesterday or last night. She let him fondle her as she felt him press his groin into her ass. She pushed back into his hardness and felt him begin to dry hump her. He removed one hand to adjust his lengthening cock. He undid his jeans and lifted and then pulled out his huge cock and held it up. Kept vertical by the confining jeans it fit more sensuously into the furrow of her bum. His rutting became more vigorous as he pushed her against the counter.

Reaching behind her, Annie found the top of his pants and was startled to feel that his cock was extending out the zipper by at least seven or eight inches. She feverishly pulled his shirt away and for the first time put her hand directly onto his monster cock. With more than a handful in her grasp, all she could think of was how unbelievable this was and how she did not want to let go. The mushroom head must be at least two inches across, she imagined as she felt the soft corona.

Brice continued to push but now was thrusting into her hand as she held his cock against her back. Brice’s anger needed release and this was always the best way. His anger led to his squeezing her tits and pulling roughly on them. They may have been hanging free and flopping with the wild bucking but his squeezing was getting painful.

“uuuhhhhh, uuuuhhhh’ Annie knew were the sounds of man ready to cum and Annie heard them clearly. With a final hard shove Brice, shot ropes of cum on the naked skin of her back under her shirt. “That’s it, cum on me Brice, shoot all over me, I know it’s what you need right now.” Annie coaxed the grunting bull as he continued to thrust his softening cock into her hand and along her back. “That’s good, there, there.” Annie offered in a soothing voice. With a final thrust and release the last spurts of cum fell on her hand to add to the drippings that had already flowed there.

Brice, pulled away and began to apologize. “No need to Brice, I wanted it too.” Annie said as they both heard the boys enter the lower level.

Without time to wipe up Bull’s discharge on her back, both of them began to quickly make themselves presentable. Brice stuffed his shirt back in and pushing his spent but still sizeable erection sideways, and hurried to do up his jeans. Annie, bent over and while her cum covered hands left a coating of Brice’s seed on her breasts and nipples, slipped her tits back into her bra,. Standing up she could feel the warm loads of liquid cum of Brice, dripping down her back, collecting in the recess of the spine and then running down to pool in the crevasse of her ass. Leaving a damp evidence trail should anyone notice.

Turning her front to the counter, wiping her hands off on the shirt tails, she adjusted the shirt so it again covered her shoulders, she picked up the tea pot and called out, “Brice, can you grab the tray with the fruit and cookies? Boys, when you come up, bring some cups for tea if you want, or get some cold drinks. We’ll be on the patio.”

Walking quickly, she felt more of Bull’s slimy cum run down her ass. Reaching the patio, she selected a chair with her back to the sun and sitting down, leaned into the back to press the shirt into the remaining cum on her back to stop it from running down even more. As Brice, walked up with his tea cup, she could not help but notice that his massive cock was still making a large bulge in his pants. Holding his empty tea cup close to his cock, he looked down at Annie. “Will you pour or shall I?” he asked.

“I’ll pour.” Annie offered as she reached out for both the teapot and to steady the cup to be poured into. She braced two of her fingers on the ridge created by Brice’s long cock, then used the remaining fingers to steady the hand that held the cup. She carefully poured the tea, very slowly.

When she was finished pouring she pressed her palm along the hard horizontal ridge. “Tell me when you are ready for more.” she said quietly.

She pulled her hand away quickly as she heard the sliding door open. The boys arrived and with the patio table in the sun and the exertion they had been through took off their shirts and sat facing the sun and Annie. Brice, seeing their sweaty chests said, “Good idea, that sun is hot.” as he also took off his grimy shirt.

The three men, sat looking at Annie, whose shirt was still unbuttoned but covering her breasts. She was backlit from the sun and looked wonderful. Moving her chair to one side she allowed the sun to angle across her body. The light created shadows and highlights that featured her curves. Her cleavage which moments before had been in shadow now took on a depth and contour that captured the men’s attention.

The conversation about the morning delivery and the afternoon plans was light gaziantep escort bayan sitesi and easy. It was plain to see that everyone just wanted to put it behind them and relax. With the time they had spent together individually and collectively there was an ease settling in amongst them. Although separated by a large circular table, Annie could not help but notice how handsome and fit this array of the male species looked. Sweaty yes, dirty yes, but underneath were three sexy men. Sort of an unwashed Chippendale troop. One was her son, of course whom she knew was the handsomest and the sexiest.

Annie, leaned forward to push the tray of food to the boys and in doing so her shirt fell open and her breasts rolled forward on their shelf bra.

“We have our shirts off, it’s not fair you don’t have yours off.” Jake said unintentionally loud. With a sheepish embarrassed look, about his unseemly sassy remark, he tried to laugh it off.

“Jake, that’s inappropriate. Apologize to Mrs. Sullivan.” Brice delivered with blistering quickness.

“Sorry, Mrs. Sullivan. I didn’t really mean anything by it. It’s just that we all saw you earlier and …..anyway I’m sorry.” offered Jake with enough sincerity necessary to keep his dad from getting angry again. If only his dad knew that he had gone down on Mrs. Sullivan earlier and she had almost begged him to masturbate for him.

“Jake is right mom, we did see you earlier at the driveway and besides your bra is likely bigger than the swimsuit top that matches those bottoms.” Jr. urged as he looked her straight in the eyes to emphasize the point he was trying to make. Brice, appreciated the swift apology from Jake, and liked the way the conversation was going, so opted not to make any further comments.

“Mom, its only us three, join us.” Jr. directed patiently waiting for his mom to respond. He knew she would and that there was nothing to worry about. Looking was just fine with him.

With that clear direction, she leaned forward and shrugged the shirt off her shoulders and pulled it off one arm at a time. A quietness settled in as everyone seemed to be holding their collective breaths waiting for the unveiling. They were not disappointed. Although the bra was indeed larger than the top that matched the small aqua bikini bottoms, it’s shelf construction, held them higher and softer than they would have been held. As she turned to hang her shirt on the chair, her delicious breasts swayed and rolled, barely being held in the cups. They were precariously placed, almost spilling over the top, yet being held in check by the weakest of fabric and stitching.

The red color of the bra contrasted markedly with the different colored bottoms and did seem more like lingerie than swim attire. It was very sexy and each of the men, subtly adjusted themselves accordingly.

“There now, we are even?” Annie offered all the while noticing the quietness of their discrete stares. The attention was causing her nipples to rise and push the thin fabric away from her areolas. The shadows cast by the enlarging nubs were lengthening and rippled over the bumpy areola.

A chorus of silent nods indicated that they like what they saw and at three to one, they were indeed even.

Feeling a little self-conscious about being wantonly presented, she held her tea cup with both hands in front of her chest and continued the conversation about the balance of the day. After a few more minutes of more detailed planning, she relaxed and set the cup down. Placing her hands in her lap was a bad idea as they encountered nothing but naked flesh except for the small gusset over her clit and vagina. Since her bottom half was hidden by the table she allowed her index finger a little stroke of her sex center which caused a shiver noticeable to everyone.

Sensing, no work would get done if they continued the casual tea break and with arrangements being finalized, Brice stood up and bade everyone back to work.

“So it’s final then, I’ll be back at the house at 11:15 to drive Mrs. Sullivan’s to her friends. When I am back from there, the boys will take the car into town grab some lunch and bring back the truck by 1:45. I have an appointment for 1 ’til 2 then I’ll be back here to work until about six. Then I”ll head back into the city.” Brice summarized.

“Righty O, it’s off to work we go.” Brice called out in a sing song lilt as he stood up.

“I’ll be right along, I’ll give mom a hand plus I want to speak to her for a minute or two” said Jr. as Brice and his son headed off to the dock.

With the two of them gone around the house and out of sight, Jr. stood up and came around the table to his mother. “You are definitely beautiful and that outfit is so sexy. Jake and Brice had hard-ons just like I do looking at you. I don’t know about them, but I could sure use some help with mine.” Jr. stated as a matter of fact.

Watching him step over her leg to sit on the edge of table in front of her, she saw his erection pushing out the leg of his pants. “Of course Jr., what do you want?” Annie asked.

“You know, I want you to help me cum.” he stated unequivocally.

She looked nervously around. This was not like on the upper private deck. It was not like the park where they knew no one. This was someone’s back yard and Jake or Brice could come back.

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