The Man across The Bar Pt. 02

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We wait eagerly on the couch for Ethan to arrive. At his gentle knock, I open the door. This time the hungry look he gives me doesn’t make me uncomfortable…it makes me want to show off. I invite him inside to join us, offer him a glass of water, and generally busy myself flouncing around for a bit before we sit down to discuss things. I can feel both of your eyes follow my jiggly tits around the room, and my nipples become more and more visible as the possibilities of the night unfold before my eyes.

“The terms are very simple,” he said calmly, as we settled in to listen, “I am in charge of you both tonight. I will not make you do anything you do not wish…simply let me know. However, you will not speak unless I ask you to first. The exception of course being if I am about to cross an imminent line. If you understand, and agree to these terms, say ‘yes, sir.'”

We lock eyes briefly before giving one other small nods. “Yes, sir!” we chirp together.

“Very good,” he says with a satisfied smile. “Show me the bedroom.” We hurry to comply, and he looks around at our small bedroom and comfortable bed with satisfaction. Suddenly, he springs into action, pointing at me and barking, “Go get a chair to sit on! You may watch while you wait for your turn.”

I scurry to do as he says, hurrying so as not to miss any part of the show. I return to find him sitting next to you on the bed smirking at me. You are fidgeting nervously, but I can see the erection throbbing in your lap. The sight catches me off guard; I put the chair down and just stare. Ethan stands up and pushes me gently by the shoulders into the chair. He leans forward to whisper, “David tells me you like to watch. Is that correct, Marie?”

“Oooh yes, sir,” I moan, “There’s nothing like watching him when he gets ahold of a cock,”

“Then enjoy yourself watching…but no touching yourself, yet.” The careful emphasis he placed on the yet sends shivers up my spine. I obediently settle in to watch the show and fold my hands demurely across my lap.

He turns his attention giresun escort fully to you now, and pulls you to your feet. “Let’s get a better look at you,” he murmurs, beginning to undress you. Ethan pulls off your shirt and runs his hand appreciatively along your broad shoulders. Next, he steps closer and begins to whisper low in your ear as he undoes your belt, something I can’t quite make out…but whatever it is, it makes you gasp and grind your hips forward. He drops your pants and chuckles a bit when he sees how hard you are already.

“I haven’t even touched you yet,” he says, amused. He drops to his knees to remove your boxers and get a good look at your cock. A moan escapes him when your cock is released. He eyes it speculatively for a moment before slowly taking the whole thing into his mouth – once, twice, three times – and then standing up to kiss you hard on the mouth. This display surprises both of us, especially when you respond by kissing him back with abandon. It may be the single most erotic thing I’ve ever seen.

He breaks the kiss with a tug on the back of your hair. “Now I want you to undress me.”

You set to it quickly, tugging at his clothes. I want to see his cock badly, and I can see that you do, too. When it springs free, we see that it’s about the same size as yours; a little shorter, but a little thicker too. He pushes you to the bed climbing up beside you to begin slowly stroking you.

“That’s a very fine cock you have, Rich” he says. “I’m sure with a cock like that, your little slut back there has trouble keeping her mouth off of it. Is that so?”

You grin at this, making eye contact with me briefly. “Absolutely, sir. She loves to suck dick in any case.”

“Does she like the taste of cum?”

Your cock visibly throbs as your reply, “Perhaps even more than she likes the feel of it on her face and tits.”

This earns me an approving glance from him, that makes me squirm in my seat. This show already has me incredibly turned on, and I’m becoming very impatient gümüşhane escort for my turn. He turns back to you and continues teasing your hard shaft and balls with his fingertips. He also resumes his interrogation.

“What does she like to have done to those beautiful tits?” he asks.

“She likes to be squeezed and fondled while you fuck her. And she goes crazy when you suck on her nipples. Just tease them with your tongue for a while a watch her wriggle,” you rasp, in that low rough voice you use when you love what’s happening to your cock.

“And what about her ass?” he demands as he leans in to begin trailing kisses down your neck as he continues to stroke you. This last is simply too much for me.

“Nothing in my butt!” I blurt suddenly. Ethan suddenly freezes. He slowly turns to look at me. “That’s…that’s just for him…” I mumble, suddenly embarrassed to have interrupted them.

“I had not asked you to speak,” he says icily, in a voice that doesn’t entirely conceal his excitement. He stalks over to the chair and plucks me off the seat. He sits in my place, grabs me sharply, and bends me over his knee. I squirm a bit as he hitches my skirt up and gives me 3 firm smacks. I cry out only for the first one, but then clam up. “Do not interrupt me again. You’ll get your turn if you’re patient,” he hisses.

Properly chastised, but more horny than ever, I return to my seat to enjoy the rest of the show. Ethan now takes up a position a bit lower and begins nuzzling your balls as he speaks, “Now what does she like done to her ass?”

“Grab it. Smack it. Don’t be afraid to leave hand prints,” you reply, between small moans as his tongue darts out to begin exploring the length of your cock.

“Does she like to have her pussy licked?” he asks softly, before resuming his teasing tongue bath.

“Yes, sir. It’s delicious, sir,” you gasp.

With that he leans back from you, evidently done with his questions. “You’ve done very well Rich. Answered all my questions, and showed hakkari escort admirable restraint. I think I’ll let you cum now.” With that, he drops back to the bed and begins sucking your cock with a will, driving it deeply down his throat. The sounds you’re making are driving me wild with lust, and I’m nearly tempted to break the rule about touching myself when you suddenly buck your hips and empty your cum down his throat.

“Now go sit and watch until we’re ready for you again. When you can walk,” he adds with a satisfied smirk.

Ethan locks eyes with me, and he beckons me to the bed. I stand beside it nervously, knowing he’s about to strip me for the first time. He stands next to me and gives me one long kiss before pulling my dress off over my head. He walks behind me to unclasp my bra, and as it falls away, he brings his hands around to cup them, squeeze them, and tease my already hard nipples. “Mmmm,” he says as he comes back around to look at me. “These are truly lovely. Let’s see if your pussy is as pretty.”

I sway slightly as he yanks off my panties and turns me around so that he can show you the hand print he made earlier. He runs his fingers along the length of my pussy and tastes the wetness already accumulated there with evident relish. “Now tell me all about how to please my other slave for the evening.”

“Well…” I begin cautiously, “he loves to suck cock, too.” I lock eyes with you over his shoulder. “Also, dirty talk. If you can urge him along with your cock in his mouth, he’ll be hard again in no time.” I see your eyes close, relishing the thought as you wrap your hand around your already swelling shaft.

“Very good,” he purrs, reaching out a hand to trail fingertips all along my waist, exploring my small frame. “And his ass?”

“He’s…a little shy as well,” I admit. “But we have talked often about him fucking another man in front of me. Or…behind me, as the case may be,” I add with as wicked a grin as I can muster.

“Anything else I should be aware of?”

“When you’re sucking him off, don’t neglect his balls. He’ll moan so sexily when you take them into your mouth.”

This earns you the same glance and a growl of approval. He gives me a hard kiss that lasts just long enough to make me gasp when it breaks. “That is very good to know moving forward, slut. Now are you ready for your reward?”

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