The Marriage of Martin Hastings Ch. 07

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First off I’d like to thank all those who have supported this little tale of forced femdom. Even though there are ten more chapters of this story, I may rest posting this tale for awhile after this episode.

Leanne stopped Martin just before they got to the door. “I’m sorry Mrs. Vargos, but you will have to wear these today,” she said holding up a pair of cuffs with lengths of chain attached. Leanne secured the one chain around his waist and then with a final click his wrist were locked in the cuffs. He could move his hands about 18″ away, as long as the other hand went to his body for extra slack in the chain.

“Of course I do. What a lovely choice of jewelry. What? No necklace to go with the bracelets? It would rather complete the outfit don’t you think?” he said in a sarcastic way.

She said nothing and ignored his comments. She turned him back forward the door and walked him out into the hallway where the Baron was waiting. Martin was hurried over to him by Leanne. He shuffled his feet quickly in his heels to keep up. The mask gave no indication as to the true feelings of the one behind it. That of course was it’s purpose. To all who looked upon Martin’s face now, the facial expression of a satisfied, happy, and sexually content woman stared unchanging back at them. Martin pulled away from her as they approached his husband.

“Ahhhh…………How beautiful you are today my sweet, ” the Baron said taking Martin’s hands in his and admiring Martin’s red fingernails again. The diamonds in Martin’s wedding ring caught the light and demanded it’s own attention. Leanne walked away without a word and left them together.

“So my love, how has your morning been?” he smiled. “I’m sorry, I had an early appointment and had to leave you this morning Please forgive me. I will make it up to you tonight,” he smiled again. “Did you enjoy last night my sweet?”

Martin jerked his hands back form the Baron’s admiring grip and stared at him through the mask.

“You mean having my ass humped by you all night long? You really think I enjoyed that?” Martin shook his head and lifted his hand toward the mask only to have the chain stop him.

“Yes. It was a very pleasant experience wasn’t it?” the Baron smiled.

“YOU VIOLATED ME!!!” Martin yelled through the mask backing away. “Just!….Leave!….Me!….Alone! I hate you, you sick bastard,” he yelled.

“Ah….But you are still very tense my love. I can tell. Is there something I can do for you? I give you the world,” he said taking Martin’s arm and pulling him closer.

“Take this damn mask off my face, and then let me go,” he said staring back.

The Baron chuckled. “My love. I will see your beautiful face again before any others.” He took Martin’s hand and pulled him along as he walked.

“You know, your mother is waiting in the garden,” he said. “She’s a beautiful young woman, your mother.” Martin found himself taking two steps to each of the Barons, due to the high heels and the girdle he was wearing squeezing his thighs together making longer steps more difficult. At times he was even running in his 6″high heels just to keep up. The quick gait gave the appearance that Martin was eager to get somewhere with the Baron. Martin saw Missy stand up as they approached. She was grinning and then lifted her hands to cover her mouth and laughed out loud watching Martin approach with the Baron. Missy held her hand out and the Baron kissed it.

“Nice to see you again Baron.” She then looked to Martin.

“Aww…..Mrs. Vargos. How nice to see you this morning. You look priceless in that dress.” A peep of laughter escaped Missy and she looked back to the Baron again, to suppress the urge.

“He looks so beautiful and happy Baron. He’s so lucky to have you,” she giggled again as she looked back at Martin.

“Thank you Mrs. Hastings. I’m the lucky one I assure you.” He gave a slight bow, “I will leave you two for awhile so you may chat.” The Baron turned and left Martin and Missy standing there.

“What the hell was all that about?” Martin said through the mask. “He’s so lucky to have you,” he said in a mocking tone.

“What did you expect me to say Martin? Hi guys? The situation is what it is. Let’s not make any unnecessary waves while I’m trying to get you out of here,” she looked at him like he was out of line.

Missy then smiled and appraised Martin’s appearance. Slowly circling and admiring Martin. Missy was dressed comfortably today in her designer jeans, and a pair of blue pumps. Her hair was down and held back with a couple of barrettes, and her makeup was elegant without being over done.

“Oh my god Martin,” she gushed, pulling his skirt out, looking at his legs from the side. “What have they done to you? You’re wearing a petticoat?” she grinned and looked up at him.

“Oh, and the bows you are wearing are sooo……cute!” she giggled “Especially that one in your hair.”

“Shut up Missy! xhamster porno You know what’s going on here, and stop laughing at me.” He was getting angry now.

“Where are those papers I need to sign,” he stepped back. “And I want out of this “hell” today!” He stomped his heel on the ground to emphasize the point.

“Hello mother. How are you today? It’s so nice to see you. Do you have any news for me?” Missy said to his rude greeting.

“Don’t you have any manners Martin? If you can’t ask me nicely, maybe I don’t know the answers right now,” she grinned.

“This is all so ridiculous. That asshole wants me to act like his wife, and you want me to be your son? Seem a bit odd at all to you?” he was getting aggressive again.

“Well I see the conflict Martin.” She thought a second. “Would it be less of an oddity for you if you were treated like the Baron’s wife and my daughter….Marcia? See, that way you only have to worry about being a girl, and not my son,” she asked looking him over again and raised an eyebrow. Then she grinned.

The mask stared at her “That’s not what I meant and you know it. Don’t start this Marcia crap with me. Just get me out of here,” his frustration showing

“OK Martin. I won’t call you Marcia. I know it isn’t easy for you being here, but I am your mother. I feel a little more appreciation is in order. I am trying to get you out of here. It is not easy and it is taking up a lot of my time.” She was serious now.

“I’m older than you Missy,” he reiterated, “You are not my mother. You were my stepmother by marriage. Where’s the right for you to be called mother in that?”

He did have a good point. It was very humbling for him in a whole different way to have her perceived as his mother. “How do you think I feel about this? Calling someone Mother who is younger than me,” he sounded a little choked up.

“How do you think I feel Martin? My son is married to a man. I mean look at you,” she put both hands out for emphasis,

“My son is standing in front of me wearing a dress and high heels. My son is dressed like a woman. Do you want your mother to help you? Or should I just assume I’ve lost my son in all this mess. If you’re not my son, then you must be my daughter. That’s how I see it Martin.” She now pointed her finger at him to make her point.

“If you are to be my daughter, I’ve got to tell you right now, I have no problems with you staying married just the way you are. You can call me Missy if you like then,” she seemed a little upset now. “Well?”


“Martin!! Are you my son or not?” she snapped.

“Yes,” he said.

“OK, Martin. I’m so glad we have that all settled,” she seemed to change gears so fast. It was on to other things as if what had just happened never happened.

“So……Mother……. Take this mask off me and let’s get out of here? I can’t take any more of this. This is all bullshit. I’m a prisoner here.” he sounded resolved once again.

“Well Martin. The mask has to stay on for now. What I have found out so far, is unfortunately, you are not a prisoner here. The marriage is legal and binding. You are married to the Baron, and as such you can’t just leave,” she was getting papers out of her purse. “You would be brought back here as soon as you were found. It would be so much more difficult, if not impossible to get you out of here then. Being a runaway bride and all is something we don’t want to have to deal with.”

She opened the papers for him. “I’m going to assume from the fact you are wearing that mask, you had sex with the Baron last night,” she looked at him.

“WHAT!!! I can’t believe you just said that. They locked this damned thing over my face. I can’t get it off. It has no meaning. I would never allow anything like that. They can’t make me!” Martin clenched his fist in his denial.

“Settle down Martin,” she said in a controlled voice. “The mask denotes the consummation has started. I was just asking to make sure because it makes a difference in the annulment process.” She looked to him and asked. “Did you somehow avoid the first night? I mean, giving head is not considered a consummation, and if that’s all you did then……….’

“NO!!! I didn’t give head!! That’s sick,” he walked around his heels clicking as his eyes began to tear up behind the mask in frustration. He needed those papers done, but it was so degrading to have to tell her he had actually started the consummation. He couldn’t do that.

“Martin………Sweetie. If we do this paperwork wrong honey, it will have to be done again. It will just take even longer to get done.” She put her arm around him and they sat down on the bench. She hugged him.

“Martin tell me. What happened. Help me to help you,” she said.

“It was horrible. I was not part of it, Mother,” his voice indicated tears were flowing behind the mask.

“I was……was tied standing at the yaşlı porno end of the bed to the bedrails. He bent me over the rail. I couldn’t stop him. I tried. They made me submit to it.” He regained his composure a bit. “How can that be consummation if I’m forced to do something. I don’t want to be married. This thing just won’t stop.” He sat up.

“Martin…..did he cum inside you? I mean if he was wearing a condom, then you were never actually seeded. We may be able to use that,” she said softly. Martin didn’t answer at first. He sat with his head down.

“Martin? This is important,” she stated.

“Why do I have to say it?” he shook his head.

“Because, by wearing the mask, it says you and the Baron had sex together. The mask tells everyone who see’s you that you have been seeded, but you say he didn’t seed you, so I must know for sure. Did he cum inside you?” she asked again.

“Yes, he did.” he said softly. Missy patted his arm.

“It’s OK Martin. I know how painful and degrading being forced to have sex in your ass can be. Your father use to force me to have anal sex on a regular basis. I hated it,” she said rubbing his neck and looking at the brownish hickey spots on his neck his husband had given him.

“What are you saying?” he hissed “You’re a girl. I’m a guy, and I’m a straight guy.” He pulled away at her insinuation that her experience in some way equated to his.

“Oh really,” she said back at him. “You really think that because I’m a girl, that my ass is somehow more receptive to having a big dick in it than yours is?” she snapped at him.

“No….I,” he stammered

“Shut up Martin! Let me tell you something young man. I had to endure your dad’s little fantasies and games while he was alive. I did whatever he demanded, because I had to. My ass wasn’t designed to have a dick in it anymore than yours is Martin. It hurts, and it hurts a lot, but I was butt fucked regularly by your dad regardless and I cried every single time. So remember that.” she stood up. “I am very insulted that you would think that way Martin.”

“I’m sorry,” he yelled out. “I’m just being forced to dress like a girl and,” he paused “Mother, I’m so humiliated and I’m frustrated that nobody seems to care that this isn’t normal. I want to get out of here and go home,” he shook his head.

“There are humiliating things we all must endure Martin. My hair was done by a woman your dad hired. I was never allowed to have any real opinions on my looks. The color and styles of my hair were just done for me, without consultation, while I just sat there. I was only told when to show up for an appointment. You really think a girl my age liked wearing those big, extreme hairdo’s I wore? Those long, god awful, gaudy red fingernails? I was required to wear them Martin.” She was on a roll now venting many of her untold frustrations on Martin.

“I didn’t want breast implants either. Your dad just scheduled it like he would a hair appointment. He thought they’d look nice on me,” She sneered as she said it. “I was restrained in a chair when my nipples were pierced. I was scared, and nobody cared what my opinion might be on how MY NIPPLES should look. So, I know a little about this type thing Martin. Just because you have a dick between your legs doesn’t make you are any more violated or this is anymore of an injustice.” She paused a moment regaining her composure.

“Now…….I’m going to get you out of here as soon as I can. Till then, you will just have to deal with this situation as best you can, and I expect a little more consideration from you next time.” She seemed relieved to have set the record straight.

Martin was shocked. He needed her help desperately. In his mind he saw it differently. She’s a girl. Having her hair done up like she did, even though she didn’t want it, was different than him having his hair done up the same way against his will. She was a girl being forced to do feminine things. Yes, a bit extreme, even bimbolike maybe. He was sure she would have been embarrassed stepping out initially, but she IS still a girl. He was a guy being forced to do feminine things. Embarrassed is not a strong enough word to describe the feelings. Degraded, and Mortified came to mind. Surely she realizes the difference.

“Now Martin. First off you must sign these papers where marked. This one is the request for an annulment. The annulment will be based on your desire to pursue full womanhood and your intentions of having a sex change.”

“NO!!! I will not sign that. You must have lost your mind. I’m trying to get out of these clothes,” he turned away and yelled in frustration. “What do you mean sex change? I want out of this mess, not in deeper,” he yelled at her.

“Martin, You don’t have to have a sex change, but it is the grounds we will use to get this marriage dissolved quickly.” She walked towards him and lowered her voice.

“Listen for a second. aldatma porno You are in a same sex marriage. Right?” she looked for his acknowledgement. “The law recognizes that. Now that you realize you wish to become a woman both privately and publicly and as a matter of law…… you want to have this marriage dissolved on this basis. The fact this would no longer be a same sex marriage opens a window for us. The state allows for such adjustments, especially since your father didn’t know of your desire to be a woman, before accepting the Baron’s offer of marriage for you.” She smiled and sighed. “It’s complicated I know, but once we get you out of here, you can do as you wish. They are not going to force you to go through with the sex change Martin, but just saying I don’t want to be married to this man anymore, well just won’t get this resolved,” she looked to him trying to make him understand.

“I just can’t do it. I can’t allow myself to accept those terms Mother. It scares me. Look where I am now. Imagine if I said I want more. No. There has to be another way,” he sighed.

“Well, the dowry must be returned also,” she put down another paper. “That would be $5,000,000.00. He is very wealthy you know.”

“Fine give it back to him,” Martin said still resisting putting his signature on that paper.

“This paper authorizes me to take this out of your trust fund,” she showed him where to sign.

“Why am I paying for this? Where is the money he gave my dad?”

“That actually went to me Martin. Your dad was dead and I was the only family member left to accept the money. I was not in the will, and I did have some debt from your dad’s death, so I didn’t know at the time it would have to go back,” she said as a matter of fact.

“Give it back Missy…Mother,” the mask was so deceiving in it’s look.

“Martin. Sign right here. It is all set up. You will pay it and you will also pay the additional $2,000,000.00 for the “goodwill” payment. That prevents any insults or complications from occurring as a result of the annulment. The Baron could contest this if we don’t make a generous offer here,” she handed him the pen.

“Forget it. I’m not giving him anything, and you will give back that money he gave you.” He threw the pen down.

“I don’t care if his feelings get hurt. I want him to know and understand, that I can’t stand to see his face. He can find some faggot somewhere, I’m sure, who would be very happy being his so-called wife,” he said pushing the papers away.

She picked up the papers. “Fine Martin. That’s OK with me. If that’s how you want it. I hope things go well for you here. I’ve tried and done all I can do for you. You have a nice day then, Mrs. Vargos.” She picked up her purse and turned to leave.

She walked down the walkway quickly. Martin quickly pursued trotting in his open toe pumps to catch up, calling for her to wait.

“OK…..OK……I’ll sign the papers. MOTHER…….WAIT! Just get me out of here,” he gasped. His feet ached again at running in these extreme heels, and being open toes, the squeeze on his toes was agonizing.

“Are you going to listen to me Martin so I can help you get out of here? I have to get this process started. If you have a better idea, I’m listening.” she was ready to leave for good.

“It’s just too much, so quick,” he said taking his mincing steps catching up to her. “I just don’t want to go back in there tonight. In that room with him. Can you stop that? Please?” he asked.

“No. I’m sorry. I’m afraid I can’t change that.” She looked in her purse for the pen.

“Who knows what he’s going to do to me tonight. I don’t think I can go through all that again. It’s so painful,” he was still breathing hard from the run.

“Suck his dick Martin. He’ll let you do that I’m sure. All men enjoy having their dick sucked.” She put the papers down for him to sign. Once again Martin was stunned by her statement. “It’ll save your butthole a little wear and tear I’m sure.” she said as she handed him a pen.

“How can I do that? I don’t……..I’m not going to do that. I’ll find another way.” She then interrupted him.

“It’s easy to do Martin. Just open up your mouth wide and put his dick in and bob your head up and down stroking his dick with your lips. The rest will take care of itself.” She was unemotional in her statement watching him sign the papers. Martin cringed. Did all women think this way? This was the second time he’d been told this.

“I won’t do that. It’s out of the question. I’m getting sick just thinking about it,” he said. “I just don’t want him to touch me ever again. No sex. Nothing. What can I do to stop him?” he asked her.

“Nothing. Nothing at all will keep his dick out of your ass tonight. But, if you listen to me, maybe you can cut down the amount of time he spends pounding your butthole. You want to hear it?”

“I don’t want him fucking me in my ass Miss……..Mother,” he stammered.

“I know you don’t Martin, but that can’t be stopped. He is going to do it, and you are going to receive it. You know that. I will tell you what to do, but it won’t be what you want to hear. Do you want to hear what I have to say?” she asked. He shook his head yes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32