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Big Tits


Nicole wasn’t at total despair, but it would be a short walk to get there. The meeting had to go a lot better than that, with no other sales on the horizon.

Her small company designed and installed custom high end kitchens for rich people and that meant kissing a lot of ass. But even doing that, this deal wasn’t going to close for at least six months, if ever. Revenue was down and even with only four employees, they weren’t going to make payroll next month. Her boss was leaning on her to provide the sales report by the end of the week, and the numbers were bad. She only had one meeting left, someone who’d called out of the blue for a consultation tomorrow, at the office. If they didn’t book something out of that, it might be the end of the company. At 35 was she going to start again, back in the job market with limited experience outside of this niche company where she’d worked for twelve years? Shit.

The next day she made sure to dress smart. Form fitting red blouse, black dress pants, black heels. Did her hair and makeup for once, instead of just throwing it in a ponytail. She made sure her designer, Lisa, was going to be there to answer questions, checked three times to make sure she wasn’t going to be late. The prospects arrived right on time. A married couple, he was late 40’s, clearly rich, dressed elegantly but casually, suit but no tie. Tall, dark, perhaps Greek heritage, powerfully built. His wife was maybe mid twenties, so about ten years younger than Nicole. It was clear what qualities she’d been selected for. Her boobs stuck out so far it was hard to look anywhere else. Nicole herself had implants, a full set of 34DD’s but the dark haired wife had clearly gone way past that.

They talked specifics almost right away. The husband, Tomas, wanted not one but three kitchens, for three different houses. His wife Brittney (“call me Britty”) just cared about how pretty they were all going to be. They were relocating to the west coast and were renovating a beach house, a forest cabin and a huge place in the city. Usually people came to their company when the house was still in the planning stage and it could take months or years to get the project started, any revenue way down the line. But Tomas had no patience for waiting. He wanted to get all three going simultaneously, whatever the cost.

It could make the company low six figures, save them in the short term, maybe even the medium term. Tomas didn’t even blink when Nicole told him they’d need a 50% deposit up front. Usually, the more money people were, the longer they tried to avoid paying. He suggested they seal the deal over dinner. They could taste some wine, view the main home as it currently was. Their personal chef would cook.

Her designer’s eyes went wide, she looked at Nicole, pleading in her eyes. A free dinner at a fancy home! Lisa was just out of school, this was her first real job and they paid her pretty poorly. She deserved a perk, and Nicole knew her husband would never come along to something like this. They agreed on Friday night.


The dinner was a success, they all got along so well. The wife might look like a bimbo but she was fun, pouring expensive wine freely, laughing at everyone’s jokes. Nicole felt like, in another world, where she was rich, they could have been friends. Lisa was in awe of the home, sprawling over so many rooms and floors. It was hard to keep track of where they were, easy to get lost. The dinner was excellent, four courses, so much incredible wine, almost too much. They agreed to meet in the office next week and go over project start dates and details. Initially Tomas wanted to get started as soon as next weekend, but Britty mentioned a ball they were going to the next weekend. Britty suggested since they had so much fun over dinner, they should give Nicole and Lisa the two tickets their friends had returned.

It was the sort of thing she always argued with her husband about. Going out for dinner, sure he’d go grudgingly once a week, but a ball, something so elaborate, he’d never attend. She could hear his voice beneath all the wine she’d had, ‘What’s the point? Dumb bunch of rich snobs.’ But he wouldn’t be going. She could wear that yellow dress she’d bought but never had a reason to wear. She could see Lisa was desperate to go so she thought, what the hell? The tickets were free, how often do you get to go to a legit ball?

As expected, her husband didn’t care that she was going. She’d asked if he wanted to come with her, knowing that she didn’t have a ticket for him, that he’d say no right away. That’s exactly what happened. Midweek she met with her boss and showed him the new projections. Provided neither her or Lisa did anything crazy at the ball, the huge deal with Tomas would be finalized the following Monday, when he was scheduled to drop the check off at the office.

The ball was at a hotel downtown. She met Lisa about an hour before, at a cheap bar nearby. Lisa had on a black bahis firmaları dress, Nicole her yellow dress with a long black coat over the top, high black heels. It was a pretty modest dress. Even though she had implants she rarely showed them off. Despite that, she felt men’s eyes on them wherever she was. At the gym, on the beach, the server in a restaurant, not so subtly staring down her top as he took her order. This dress had barely any cleavage and finished billowing at her knees, it was conservative.

Lisa and Nicole had a couple of glasses of wine and discussed the slightly weird arrangements. No phones, not even any bags were allowed at the ball. It felt weird having nothing to carry. Tomas had given them each a small wooden token, like a handmade casino chip with a fleur de lis symbol on one side and a gold stripe on the other. They were to go to the hotel at exactly 9pm and present it to the security guards, then they’d be escorted into the ball. The weird things rich people do. They planned to drop their phones and bags with Lisa’s boyfriend who worked nearby. As they finished their second glass of wine, and prepared to leave, Lisa got a call and her face fell. She hung up, looking sick.

“I can’t go. Wow this sucks!”

“What? Why? What happened”

“It’s my dad, he had another fall. My mom said I don’t have to come home but shit Nic. There’s no way I could enjoy tonight, I’d just be thinking about him.”

“Oh Lisa, that sucks. But yeah, I get it. I don’t need to go either. Let’s forget it.”

“No way! You can still go. We had a blast with Britty last weekend and Tomas is cool too. It might be weird on your own but if you don’t like it you can leave early.”

“I guess. Yeah I think Britty and I could be good friends. She is fun.”

“You’re fun! Seriously, go, have fun. Tell me all about it, I want to know about the big secret ball haha!”

Lisa called an Uber. Nicole handed her her bag and phione, and told her she’d come by, pick it up tomorrow. Lisa hurried out the door. Just like that, Nicole was alone at the bar. She emptied her glass of wine and walked over to the hotel.

It was a grand old looking building, the most expensive hotel in the city, and she’d never been inside it before. The lobby had a literal red carpet, with huge chandeliers twinkling high above. She walked through the lobby, towards some velvet ropes at the far end, where she saw a couple hand a token to a burly security guard. He lifted a curtain and they disappeared inside. She saw Britty about to step inside and smiled, waving, She nodded as Britty mouthed ‘We’ll wait inside!”


Nicole walked towards the rope, her chip clutched in her hand. The security guard looked at her but said nothing. He extended his hand and she dropped the chip in. He examined it, and nodded. Another silent security guard escorted her into a sort of ante chamber, a darker, smaller room, where a tray of champagne glasses stood, bubbling on a high table. A pretty girl in a black cocktail glass with a peacock mask covering half her face encouraged her to take one. Nicole sipped it and let out a little gasp. It was the best champagne she’d ever tasted. With no phone to play on and nobody else in the room but the silent hostess, she was quickly onto her third flute when another girl drew back a curtain. The new girl guided her into a larger room, full of mirrors.

The girl handed her a mask, similar but smaller than the one the hostesses wore. It was dark blue lace and covered Nicole’s forehead and nose then fanned out over just the top of her cheeks. The hostess tied it delicately but tightly behind Nicole’s head, over her hair. Nicole had long blonde hair and she’d spent a long time putting it in loose curls. It fell down her back now, having it tied under her mask meant it stayed behind her shoulders.

“And now your dress. I can assist?”

“Sorry? What about my dress?”

Nicole felt a bolt of worry in her stomach. Could even the hostess tell she’d got it on sale? Was it not good enough for a society event? All the champagne and wine made her feel good but fuzzy, maybe she missed something.

“Shall I remove it for you? I see it has a zipper in the back.”


Nicole laughed. What the hell was going on.

“There are no dresses past this point, no clothes, only underwear.”

“Haha are you joking? Who put you up to this?”

The hostess stepped back and must have pressed some silent buzzer or something because behind her another, older woman, also in black with a peacock mask over her face, appeared.

“This is your first ball I take it”

“Yeah, I mean. Haha. Tomas gave me the tickets, and like my Lisa, my friend, was meant to come but then she couldn’t, and yeah, I don’t know.”

She laughed nervously. Was this for real?

“I understand. This is a lingerie ball. Every lady removes her dress here, puts on a mask, then can enter. No exceptions.”

Nicole’s mind raced. This was kaçak iddaa crazy. Or was it? She didn’t have her phone. Lisa wasn’t attending. She had no way to tell Tomas or Britty she wasn’t going to join them. Britty had already seen her here. If she left, then what? Would they be offended? How could they not be? They share something intimate, private with her, they trust her and she runs off? That would fuck the kitchen deal, almost definitely. That would leave the company empty. She would be out of a job.

Maybe she was being a prude. She thought about what she was wearing under the dress. A black strapless bra and a black thong. It would be like going to the beach, kinda. She’d worn small bikini bottoms before and that was in daylight, in public. The thong was definitely smaller than any bikini bottom she owned, really just a thin black strip of lace, it didn’t cover any of her ass. But everyone else would be dressed the same and it was a darker room, indoors, with nobody she knew. No phones, at least that made sense now, no pictures.

“Miss, we need a decision, other guests are waiting. If you’d like to leave I can escort you out of this door.”

She moved a curtain and began guiding Nicole to the exit.

“No, wait, OK. Yeah, no it’s fine. OK. Sorry, misunderstanding.”

She knew nobody here, it would be like going to the beach with Tomas and Britty. She kept repeating that in her head. That’s it. No big deal. Beach. She stepped forwards and took a deep breath. The hostess stepped behind her and unzipped her yellow dress. She carefully stepped out of it and grabbed another glass of champagne. At least she’d chosen a matching black thong and bra and still had her heels on. She was only 5’3″ but the heels added three inches. Even better, heels showed the muscles on her thighs and made her butt look firmer and rounder. She went to the tanning salon every week so she had a deep even tan.

Her husband loved her thighs and her bigger butt but she was a little self conscious about how big it was for a white girl. All her friends were so skinny, no curves. She went to the gym every day and even at 35 was proud of how tight her stomach was, how she hardly had any cellulite. Her fake boobs didn’t need any padding or lifting and the bra showed them off fully.

She saw herself in the mirror. With the mask on even if she knew anyone, they’d never recognize her. Maybe it just the champagne talking, but no, she looked fucking hot. She took a deep breath, downed her champagne in one go and stepped into the main room.


Immediately she was hit by noise. People milling about, drinking, laughing, clinking glasses. The lights were low but not that low, like a nice restaurant. She could see everyone clearly. Everyone had elaborate masks on, gold and green, some with feathers, some smaller like hers.

She felt someone touch her elbow, it was Britty. Nicole felt she looked good but Britty was incredible. Maybe five inches taller, with darkly tanned skin, dark hair, and of course those huge boobs, barely covered by a red strapless bra. Her little red thong showed that she had a huge butt too.

“Oh my god Nicole! You made it! You look incredible!”

“Me? You look like a sports illustrated model! Your boobs they’re so fucking huge! Wow did I say that out loud haha. I’m a little drunk, sorry.”

“Haha I knew I liked you! And yeah they’re huge, that’s what Tomas likes and he pays the bills! Yours are pretty big too, how long have you had them?”

“About five years now. 30th birthday present to myself. I wanted to feel sexy.”

“Well you look sexy! I could eat you up! Double D’s?”

“Yah haha!”

Tomas appeared at his wife’s side. He still had a tuxedo on. Nicole glanced at him and saw his eyes taking a slow view of her whole body, lingering on her boobs. She felt so exposed.

“Hey no fair! The guys get to stay dressed?”

“Ha, yes. For now. But tonight Nicole, everyone wears a mask, so everyone can be someone else for one night.”

Nicole took another glass of champagne and laughed. It couldn’t be super professional, him seeing her like this, but OK, from the front, it could just be as if she ran into him at the beach. The back view, well, not so much. She’d just stay close to the wall.

“Let’s join everyone. After you ladies.”

He gestured to them to walk in front of him. So much for staying close to the wall. She couldn’t see him, but felt his eyes on her butt as she walked. It felt bad to be turned on by the feeling, but she liked it. She put a little extra swish in her step, matching Britty’s Jessica Rabbit style sway.

The party was full of rich men and trophy wives, even in masks that was obvious. Every girl there looked like she had a personal stylist and surgeon. Tall skinny model figures mixed with more classic bikini looking models like Britty. Nicole was drunk but felt a little insecure, although she did enjoy the smiles she got as the men noticed her, looked her up and kaçak bahis down, always stopping on her chest.

“Britty every girl here is like 23 and a model!”

“No way, I mean, yah kinda. But you’re as hot as anyone. Your boobs look incredible, right babe?”

She pulled Tomas’s arm.

“What’s that?”

“Nicole’s boobs, they look incredible right?’

He settled his eyes on her chest, drinking them in.

“Incredible work. They look perfect.”

It was too dark for him to see her blush, at least, she hoped. She crossed her arms over her chest, her hand on her shoulder.

Britty got them all tequila shots, and although she never did shots, she wanted to be fun, be young again, so she put two back in quick succession. Her head was swimming and she quickly found herself on the dance floor. She and Britty danced, grinding against each other. A few men gathered around the edges of the dance floor, giving them all the attention, ignoring the other dancing girls.

She lost track of time, lost in the dancing. She came back to reality seeing a bra hit the floor. She looked over to see that a group of other girls had thrown their bras on the floor and were now dancing fully topless, real and fake boobs bouncing to the music. This drew the men over to that side of the floor. Brittney pouted.

“Fuck those bitches, right Nic?”

Nicole laughed and nodded. Britty gestured to one of the hostesses who came over. Britty reached behind her back and took her bra off, handing it to the girl. Nicole couldn’t take her eyes off Britty’s huge round boobs.

“Oh my god Brit! You’re so crazy!”

“Now you!”

“What? No way haha, I could never! Never!”

“C’mon! You’re the only girl here with a bra on! Live a little! You got them to show them off right? It’s a masquerade, nobody knows you!”

Nicole looked around. Britty was right, every other girl, even off the dance floor was now completely topless. She shook her head and finished another glass of champagne. She was feeling so good, but no, she couldn’t do it. That was too far.

She turned around to find somewhere to put the empty glass. As she did so she felt Brittney unhook her bra and pull it away in one move. She span around graping for it, but it was too late, it was off. Britty laughed and winked. Nicole lunged for it but Britty held it over her head, then handed it off to a hostess who disappeared.

Nicole put her hands over her chest, self conscious. Oh my god. Well now what? She clamped her hands over her boobs, doing her best hand bra.

Britty wandered off towards a group of guys. Nicole didn’t know what to do, so she followed. Where the hell had that girl gone with her bra? Maybe on the dance floor she might have gotten over it, surrounded by other people, but just walking around, she felt totally on display. She followed Britty, keeping one arm over her chest, her hand on her shoulder like she was scratching her shoulder, trying to look casual.

Britty chatted with the group of guys, laughing, totally unselfconscious topless. Tomas joined them and smiled at Nicole. He reached towards her hand that was resting on her shoulder and took it in his hand, gently lowering it to her side. He nodded and smiled as he looked at her fully exposed chest. All the men in the group took in her bare tits, taking long looks. Nicole blushed, she couldn’t meet their eyes.

“See I told you Tommy! They’re beautiful right!”

“Incredible, perfect cleavage, the shape is impeccable. They’re almost your size”

Nicole laughed. The attention did feel kind of good, shame and desire mixed together.

“Noooo, Britty’s are way bigger.”

A tall black man in the group smiled at her.

“Why don’t you two compare?”

Britty laughed and stepped forward, pressing her bare breasts against Nicoles. Tomas was right, they were bigger but not by that much. The black man stepped forward as Britty stepped back, and took Britty’s breasts in his hands.

“They feel amazing. Firm but soft somehow.”

He turned to Nicole.

“May I?”

Nicole didn’t know what to say. It seemed pretty dumb to say no at this point, it was just for fun.


His hands were warm as he cupped both breasts and slowly massaged them. Despite the warmth, Nicole felt her nipples harden and she blushed again. He turned his hands over and brushed down her nipples with the back of his hand. Nicole felt a pulse between her legs.

“My turn!”

The man who said it stepped forward and before she could say anything, he took her breasts into his hands, kneading and squeezing harder than the black guy had. Before Nicole knew what was happening, all five of the guys in the group had felt them and one even motorboated her, laughing. Britty winked and leaned over, kissing Nicole lightly on the lips.

A guy she couldn’t see stood behind her, slowly caressing her tits, pushing them together, his hands covering them. and she could feel his body close, his hard dick pressing into her ass through his pants. Britty leaned in again and started kissing Nicole. Nicole opened her mouth and let it happen, making out with a girl for the first time in her life. She felt so drunk and relaxed.

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