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He came home with a headache and very tired. He threw his keys on the table in the entry way and dropped his briefcase on the floor. He leaned against the door and sighed. All he wanted was a drink and a hot shower to relieve the tension in his body. He sighed heavily and made his way upstairs, taking off his jacket and tie as he did. He pushed open the bedroom door and dropped his tie and jacket on the chair by the wall. He then pulled his shirt off and let it fall to the floor. He undid his belt and let his pants drop and stepped out of them. He walked out of his shoes and pulled off his socks and walked into the bathroom in just his briefs, and turned on the shower.

The steam began to fill the bathroom as he went to the medicine cabinet and popped two aspirin into his mouth and turned on the faucet and cupped his hand under the water and threw some into his mouth to swallow them. He leaned his head back to swallow them. He turned and slipped his briefs off and stepped into the shower, closed the door, and let the water run over him. He leaned his head back into the water and let the water massage his head. He leaned forward and let the water his neck, rolling his head back and forth to ease the tension.

He opened his eyes and looked up as the door to the shower opened slowly. He looked over and saw her leaning against the door with nothing on but her bra and panties. She smiled at him shyly and looked into his eyes.

“Want some company?” she whispered softy.

He held out his hand and pulled her into the shower with him, brought her right next to his body and hugged her close to him. He reached around her back and unsnapped her bra, dragged it down her arms and threw it over the shower door. He then brought her back to him and hugged her to him again. Just feeling her against him made him feel good.

They stood like that for a long time, when she leaned away from him and whispered for him to turn around. While he did so, she shimmied out of her panties and threw them over the shower door. She reached around him and took the soap and in her hands and began to lather him all over, massaging his neck and his shoulders, running her hands down his back and back up again. He leaned against the tile and moaned and she ran her hands over his shoulders again and smoothed them down his arms.

He turned around and wrapped his arms around her again and held her against him. He leaned down and kissed her neck. He felt her arms wrap around him as the soap ran off of his body. She reached up and massaged his neck again and then reached up and massaged his temples gently. He groaned and leaned his forehead against hers and looked into her eyes.

“Feel better?” she whispered.

He nodded and kissed her gently. He opened his mouth and sucked her lower lip into his mouth slowly. She opened her mouth and kissed him back softly. She leaned back and looked at as water ran over them both. She turned them around to place herself under the water and rinse off the soap. She leaned over and opened the shampoo bottle and began lathering her hair. He smiled at her and turned her around and began washing her hair for her. He loved doing this for her. bahis firmaları He turned her around to rinse her hair out and then turned her back around. She leaned her head back against his chest and closed her eyes. He wrapped his arms around her tummy and pulled her back against him. They stood like that for a few minutes before she leaned over and turned off the water.

She turned and motioned for him to open the shower door and followed him out of it. She reached over and turned off the harsh bathroom light, and grabbed a towel to dry him off. She wrapped it around him and dried off his chest and arms, then his back. She bent down and dried off his legs, and then wrapped the towel around his waist, tucked it in and kissed him on the lips.

“If you go and lie down on the bed, I’ll give you a massage.” She whispered against his mouth.

“You will?” he groaned, hoping he’d heard her right.

“Yes I will.” She leaned up and brushed her breasts against him and kissed his chin. “Now go lay down and I’ll be there in a few minutes.” She patted his behind and smiled as he walked out of the bathroom. She began drying herself off and drying her hair, hoping he’d done as she asked and lain down. He looked exhausted and so tired. She dried her hair with a towel so she wouldn’t disturb him with the hairdryer. She looked around and grabbed his dress shirt, putting it on and inhaling his scent. She then reached over and picked up the lotion bottle and went out to him.

He was laying on his side of the bed naked, having thrown the towel onto the floor. She leaned against the bathroom door and admired the view for a moment, then pushed away from the doorframe and lit a candle on the table by the bed. She turned off all of the lights and slowly slid onto the bed next to him. She lay next to him, trailing her hand up his back, enjoying the feel of his skin.

“Are you awake?” she whispered into his ear.

He mumbled yes and turned his head. She kissed his ear gently and took the lotion, placed some in her hands and began to massage it into his shoulder. She slowly rubbed his shoulder in a circular motion then moved to the other side. She then straddled his back, but didn’t sit down fully and leaned forward and began to gently rub her fingers into his neck. She gently rolled each side slowly and gently, and began working her way down his spine. In slow circles with her fingers she worked her way down his spine and then started the process over when she reached his tailbone. She did this for several minutes, and felt him relax under her hands. She felt his breathing deepen and realized he had fallen asleep.

She smiled to herself and slipped off of him, kissed his cheek and left the room and closed the door. She padded quietly downstairs to the kitchen, where she looked for something to eat. She grabbed a bottle of water and looked for something to make a sandwhich with. She finally found some turkey, cheese, and bacon and pulled them out. She turned on the radio and found the 80’s station and danced around the kitchen like Tom Cruise in Risky Business while making her dinner. As she spread mayo on her bread, she thought about making one for kaçak iddaa him but thought better to let him sleep, since he was so tired. She licked mayo off of her finger and suddenly felt hands on her shoulders.

“You left me all alone.” He said into her ear, slowly kissing her neck.

“You were very tired, and had a headache.” She whispered and leaned her head so he could kiss her neck more.

“My headache is gone.” He turned her around to face him and pushed her up against the kitchen counter. “And I’ve regained my strength.” He murmured before he leaned in and kissed her on the mouth.

She opened her mouth under his and felt his tongue sweep her mouth. She lifted her arms and wrapped them around his neck. She felt his hands move up and cup her breasts through the shirt she was wearing. She whimpered into his mouth when she felt him pull back from her. He pulled away slightly and looked down.

“That’s my shirt you’re wearing.”

“Yea,” she murmured. “It was the first thing I found to put on after the shower.”

He undid the first button and kissed her slowly.

“Have I thanked you for the massage?” he asked, as he undid the next button.

“No.” she whispered. “You don’t have to. I was happy to do it for you.” Her voice trailed off as she watched him lower his head and kiss between her breasts. He slowly undid the next button and kissed lower.

“But I want to thank you.” He murmured against her stomach, unbuttoning the next button. It was then looking down watching him that she realized he had come down after her completely naked. She reached down and ran her hands over his shoulders. He slowly undid all the buttons and pushed the shirt open and stood back up in front of her. He leaned in and kissed her softly against the lips, moving his mouth against hers slowly, sucking her lower lip into his mouth. She moaned into his mouth.

He slowly began kissing her neck with hot, wet, open mouth kisses which he knew drove her crazy. He reached inside the shirt and cupped her breasts in his hands, gently running his thumbs over her nipples. He heard her panting against his ear, turning him on more. He pulled her against him and tugged the shirt off of her and threw across the kitchen. He turned her around, facing the kitchen counter. He ran his hands up her legs, past her hips, and reached up and cupped her breasts in his hands and pulled her back against him. He bent his head, pushed her hair aside and kissed her shoulder and neck.

She leaned back against him and gasped to feel him hard against her bottom. She felt his warm hands holding her breasts and his mouth against her. She moaned aloud and gripped the counter in front of her.

“Let’s go upstairs.” She panted.

“No.” he groaned into her ear. “Too far.” He stroked her back with one hand and slid his hand over her bottom and gently slid his hand between her legs. He felt her warm and wet against his fingers. He slid his hand against her and felt her move her hips back against him. He smiled against her shoulder and pushed one finger into her and heard her gasp.

He whispered into her ear to lean forward and spread her legs wider for him. She did as kaçak bahis he asked and he stepped up behind her and guided his cock to her pussy and felt the heat of her on the head. He moaned and leaned forward, pushing the tip into her slowly. He kissed her ear and pushed a little further. He heard her moan and felt her shift against him.

“Is this ok?” he panted in her ear, and pushed against her, sliding more of his cock into her warmth.

“Yes.” She moaned. “Don’t stop.” She pushed back against him and more of him slid inside her. “Oh my God, that feels good.” She panted.

He groaned and pushed all the way into her, feeling her pussy tight around his cock. He pulled her back against him and kissed her neck, cupping one breast in his hand and massaging her mound with the other. He slid his fingers lower and gently grazed her clit with a finger and heard her cry out. He realized she was very close to orgasm and decided to ease her pain first.

He pushed gently on her shoulders, putting her hands on the counter. He pulled back and began sliding back and forth into her pussy, very slowly rocking against her, listening to her moan and pant and feeling her clench him inside her. He saw her throw her head back and heard her moan loudly. He felt her clench hard on his cock and cry out at her release. He slowed down and gently stopped thrusting and buried his face in her neck, catching her as she fell against him. He murmured gently to her, kissing her neck.

“That was different.” She panted, and held his hands around her.

“Did you like it?” he whispered, wanting to make sure she did.

“It was very enjoyable.” She answered slowly. She ran her hands over his arms slowly. She leaned her head back against his shoulder and kissed his cheek. “But I like facing you and holding you against me.” She whispered.

“Mmm, I understand.” He murmured. He slowly pulled out of her, and stepped in front of her. He lifted her up onto the kitchen table. “This does have its advantages.” He softly laughed and kissed her, cupping her breasts, he stepped between her legs and pushed his cock to her entrance. He slid his hands down to her hips and pulled her forward. “Come closer to me baby.” He leaned forward and thrust his cock deep into her all at once. Hearing her gasp, he pulled back to make sure she was ok. She looked into his eyes.

“Don’t stop, do it again.” She begged.

He groaned and began to pump inside her. He felt her wrap her legs around his hips and grab onto his shoulders. He braced his hands on the table and pumped faster into her, laying his forehead against hers, panting against her lips. She held onto him, urging him with her moans and whispers. She looked up at him and her eyes widened.

“I’m almost there.” She panted. “Don’t stop.”

He kissed her hard and thrust harder, feeling her clench around him and arched her back. She cried out against his mouth and gripped his shoulders. She let her head fall back, exposing her neck. He buried his face into her neck and pumped harder, once more, then twice and came, grunting against her neck. His body shook as he came inside her, panting against her neck. He felt her wrap her arms and legs around him. He pulled her up to sit up and kissed her softly. She smiled up at him.

“I think I’ve been properly thanked.” She murmured. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around her and hugged her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32