The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 24

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 24

Joan’s Tales — Part 1

Joan Kuykendall recognized that she wasn’t getting any younger, even as she looked at herself in the mirror. The heavy drone of music pounded its way into the ladies’ room and the deep bass thud made the mirror above the row of sinks vibrate. It was bad enough that she’d enjoyed more cocktails than she had planned to, but adding the element of a vibrating mirror made her head spin even more.

The Logging Company was one of several boardwalk bars that catered to the local university crowd. Young co-eds, male and female, enjoyed themselves on a regular basis during the school year at any one of several Regal Bay nightclubs and bars. The clubs along the boardwalk, however, were shut down during the winter months due to the very cold ocean breezes that chilled the entire beachfront to the core. Clubs that sat even one street back tended to enjoy better patronage during the winter, so most of the boardwalk closed for the season.

The weekend that the boardwalk opened for business usually became something of a party for three nights running. This was the weekend Joan, and several of her friends, looked forward to. The first weekend of April was the usual opening weekend, though this particular year it was warmer than usual. Thus, the crowd was a bit larger, and more energetic than in the past. And with the warmer southerly breeze, many of the young women were dressed very provocatively. So was Joan.

Even though Joan had recently celebrated her 48th birthday, she still felt as if she could hold her own with the younger crowd when it came to prowling for men. She took very diligent care of herself, with long walks along the forest trails or beachfront, hours in the evenings after work in the gym, or morning jogs around Van Winkle Park when the weather was nice, all to maintain a desirous look for the young men she enjoyed. What she saw in the mirror wasn’t looking all that desirous. She was drunk, and looking every year of it.

Behind her, Joan heard a thud followed by drunken laughter. She looked over her shoulder in the mirror and saw one of the stall doors suddenly bang open and a younger woman stagger out trying to pull a three-button blouse back over her head. Her pleated red skirt was bunched up as well, showing off the fact that her matching red panties were askew. Behind the young lady stood a youngish looking black man with a wide smile and short dread-locks watching her. He was pulling his two-sizes too-big jeans back up, if mid-thigh was up these days, and cinching up his belt.

Once she could get her head back through the right hole of her shirt, Joan recognized the young woman. She was recognized as well.

“Oh! Shit! Mrs. Kuykendall!” the co-ed gasped as she very nearly staggered into Joan.

Taking hold of the girl’s upper arms to steady her, Joan replied, “Miss Hutchens.”

“What are you doing here?” The girl giggled up at her, as she was a good four inches shorter than Joan, and looked back at the young man. “This is my Marketing instructor, DeAndre,” she explained. “She’s my favorite!” The girl turned back to Joan and reached up with her mouth to give her a kiss. Joan eased the girl back, though any other time she might have pulled young Sally Hutchens tighter. Joan had no desire to make any overt or public displays with one of her students, even in the ladies’ room.

“It’s nice to see you, Miss Hutchens.” Joan took a sideways step and gave the young man a look over. “Have you been enjoying yourselves?” she asked, more in the direction of the young, handsome, black man. He was good enough looking, though he didn’t look the part of a university student. Joan would have remembered seeing him around campus. He had several tattoos visible on his arms and at the neckline, and Joan imagined he would have many others not seen, unless he was standing in front of her in a Speedo. That idea appealed to her. As did the rather large bulge that was still very present at the front of the gray shorts he wore under his baggy jeans. That alone gave her some indication as to what the young couple were doing in a ladies’ room stall together. That, and the smell of recent sex combined with the ever-present aroma of the local herb still emanating from young Sally Hutchens.

Sally staggered back a step and looked towards her male companion. Still smiling, Sally blurted out, “DeAndre just gave me ten inches of hot disco stick!”

Joan gave him an appraising look. “Ten inches?”

DeAndre replied with a lop-sided grin, “She might be ‘xadjeratin a bit.” He reached down and blatantly adjusted his groin. “Not by much, though.” He produced a cigarette-length hand-rolled and proceeded to light it, even though the entire club was a non-smoking establishment.

“I ain’t ‘xadjeratin nothing!” Sally insisted. She leaned closer to Joan and added, “My pussy’s stretched out! I can still feel the breeze, coming off the ocean, up my coochy!” She looked up into Joan’s eyes and winked. “Wanna see?”

Joan shook her head. “Not tonight, young lady. Maybe you should be getting back to the party, or maybe home escort hikayeleri to bed?”

“Hell! Party’s just getting started!” Sally laughed and then turned to dance back into DeAndre’s arms. He had a lungful of the arid smoke and when their mouths joined, he exhaled into Sally’s. She moaned and grabbed hands full of his round ass. DeAndre reached the hand holding the cigarette out towards Joan and she accepted it. She watched as Sally wrapped her arms around his neck and he took hold of her ass beneath the skirt. He lifted her easily and her legs wrapped around his waist as they headed for the door. As they reached it, it swung inward and Teagan O’Riley walked in.

“There you are!” she declared. Teagan turned and watched the young couple exit, and then returned her gaze to Joan. Giving the cigarette in her friend’s hand a look, Teagan took it and brought it to her mouth. She closed her eyes as she sucked in a lungful. It was good weed, she thought, as it went straight to her head. She smiled at Joan and asked, “Has someone been naughty without me?” Her voice was high and strained as she attempted to hold the smoke deep in her lungs. She let it out a moment later, and then handed the cigarette back to Joan.

“Hardly,” Joan replied, and then turned back to the mirror. “Just a young couple enjoying themselves in a stall.” She also took a pull on the cigarette before laying it on the counter top. She didn’t usually partake, but it had been a disappointing evening and she felt she deserved a little enjoyment.

“They left their empties,” Teagan said, giving the stall a brief look. “That is one huge condom lying on the floor. And it looks like it’s over flowing.” She also saw the remnants of at least one other joint on the floor beside it.

“Yuk!” Joan laughed after taking a look for herself.

Teagan returned her attention to Joan. “I’ve got to get going, so if you want a ride, it’s time.”

Joan gave herself one last look in the mirror. Despite the skimpy white outfit, she’d worn, despite the obvious lack of bra underneath and the prominence of her nipples, she had managed only to land several free drinks during the evening. None of them had come from the type of man she’d been seeking out, either. Young.

“Disappointing night,” she moaned. Teagan nodded her agreement, and then reached to retrieve the joint. It had gone out, so she pocketed it for later.

“It’s just the wrong time of year,” the slightly younger woman explained. “They’re sowing their wild oats with girls their own age right now. That’s spring for ya. Later, the boy’s will tire of the Barbie’s and come looking to be pampered by Mommy’s like us.” Teagan licked her lips at the thought. “Meanwhile, I’m sure we can always go to our little black books.”

“I was really hoping for something new and exciting tonight, Teags,” Joan sighed as they headed for the door.

“So was I,” Teagan replied. “But I have one or two on a short leash, if you still want to party? I can make a phone call.”

Joan thought about it, but realized that she was in no condition now to enjoy herself. “Let’s not tonight. How about just taking me on home?”

“That I can do,” Teagan said. She led the way outside and down the block to her parked Camry. The drive to Joan’s house was a short one, less than four miles, and took less than ten minutes. In that time, however, Joan had settled back and nearly fell asleep.

“Here we are,” Teagan announced as she pulled up into the driveway of her friend’s house. She gave Joan a brief good-night kiss before reaching across to push open the car door. “Out ya go, Sweetheart! Time for bed!”

Joan rolled out of the car and waved. She pushed the door shut and Teagan was away. Joan found her house key under the porch light she managed to unlock the front door. Inside, the front room was dark and she dropped her purse and light jacket on the sofa. She staggered through to the kitchen where she noticed her son Mitchell standing at the sink.

“I’m going to bed,” she managed to say as she walked through, her heels clicking across the tiles as she passed.

Joan staggered as she walked down the hallway, her heel catching as she walked across the transition point between the tiled kitchen floor and the thicker carpet in the hallway. She grabbed hold of the stair banister and took a deep breath, trying to clear her head. Her ankle hadn’t twisted but she did feel a bit of pain in it. As she held onto the banister, she lifted her left foot to pull the shoe off.

Coming up behind her, Mitch tugged at his mother’s shirt, and then lifted it up, tossing it across her back.

“What are you doing?” Joan gasped as turned her back to the banister.

“Where have you been?” Mitch confronted her with.

Joan waved her hand at him and started to turn away. She said, “Out, is all.”

“You stink of marijuana smoke and cheap booze!” Mitch grabbed her arm and turned her to face him again. “Why are you dressed like this?” he asked with a wave of his hand towards her short dress. Her nipples were plainly visible on the mounds of her gaziantep escort hikayeleri breasts. “Seriously? No bra? Do you even have underwear on beneath it?” Mitch grabbed at the skirt again and lifted, revealing that his mother did in fact have underwear on, but it was little more than a thong. From behind, it would appear to anyone that she was naked beneath the skirt. For her part, it was a look she had went for after all. The several drinks bought for her during the evening were proof of the profitability in wearing little to nothing underneath a dress when enjoying a night out along the boardwalk.

“Why are you going out, dressed like that?” Mitch demanded to know.

“Don’t worry about what I do!” she replied, smacking his hand away from her arm. “I’m your mother! Why are you confronting me about what I’m doing? That’s my job, to keep you in line, young man. It’s not your job to get into my business. Just go to bed!” Joan turned away from her son again, only to have him again take hold of her arm.

Mitch pulled his mother to him and looked hard into her face. The expression she saw was one of anger and seriousness. “You’re not going up stairs,” he said.

Joan was shocked. She’d never seen Mitch this way. “Why are you handling me like this?” she gasped as Mitch pushed her back against the banister and took a firm hold of each arm above her elbows.

“I can’t believe you’ve been out all night, dressed like a fucking whore.” Mitch again tugged her skirt up, and again she knocked his hand away.

Defensively, she replied, “There’s nothing wrong with your mother looking pretty, or even sexy, when I go out. I’m a single woman and I can have fun if I want to.”

“You’re a single middle-aged mother! You’re a prominent member of the university, and well known across town. You’re not some twenty-year-old co-ed.” Mitch shook his head. “It’s almost two in the morning, you don’t call or tell anyone shit about where you are or who you’re with.” Mitch paused, looking his mother over. “If it had been me, or Jewel, you’d be all up in our shit. So how does it feel, Mother? You’re in the wrong this time.” Again, he paused. And then an idea came to him. “Maybe it’s time you got punished for once.”

Mitch turned and dragging his mother through to the living room. He shoved her into the sectional sofa. Joan gasped as she tumbled into the corner section. “What the hell is going on here?” she pleaded. As a reply, Mitch grabbed hold of her ankle and twisted her over, until her nearly naked ass was up. He brought his hand down hard onto her buttock, just above the thigh, and a loud smack echoed in the house.

“Ow!” Joan screamed from the hard slap across her ass. “What the fuck, Mitchell? Are you going to tell me what this is all about?”

“What it’s about, Mother, is your new reputation around town as a fuck-slut!” Mitch growled. “I’ve been hearing stuff, like you’ve been fucking around with your students, and screwing married men or the sons of your slut friends. I’ve even heard it from a couple of guys in school that you’ve screwed around with girls, too.”

Mitch dropped into the sofa beside her, near her head. He grabbed one of his mother’s hands with one of his, and with his other, he reached directly into her crotch as she twisted away, anticipating another slap.

“Oh! Mitchell!” she gasped from the sudden squeeze of his hand against her pussy.

Holding his hand tight to his mother’s pubic mound, he could feel the heat emitting from her vagina. His cock sprang to life in his sweat pants.

“I guess with Dad gone, you think you can just run around and fuck any Tom, Dick, or hairy cunt that comes your way, am I right?”

“This is going too far, Mitchell!” she shouted. “Let me up this instant! Let go of me, now!” Still she struggled, and yet even in the best of mind she wasn’t a match for her son’s strength.

“I found out from a friend of mine what you and Jewel did last week,” he snarled. “I know she’s getting to be just as big of a slut as you evidently are! I was pretty pissed off, finding out from someone else what kind of whore-house I’m living in!”

Joan moaned, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” even though she knew she was guilty. The incident her son was referring to hadn’t been the only time she had joined with her daughter and a boyfriend in a sexual three-way. Mitch had no idea that it had been going on for more than two years, with Joan enjoying a taste of the young men her youngest daughter dated. Nor had it only been with Jewel’s dates. This had started years ago, in fact, when Joan had joined her middle daughter Julie in a three-way with her geek prom date. That hadn’t been the last time she had enjoyed Tim Strauss, either.

“You know, Mother,” Mitch growled, bringing her back to the here-and-now, “if you really wanted some young dick in your life, why didn’t you come to me? I’ve got a dick, just like all the other guys my age you’ve been fucking. Why not fuck me, instead? Like your fuck-slut friends do? Why can’t I fuck my own mother like all my friends seem to be escort gaziantep hikayeleri doing with theirs?”

Mitch grabbed hold of his mother’s right leg and pulled it tight to his lap. He then shoved her left leg further away, parting her thighs. “Mitchell!” Joan gasped when her son grabbed the crotch of her panties and pulled them aside, exposing her sex to him completely.

Mitch took in the sight of his mother’s completely shaved pussy. The labia were exposed and pink, bulging with excitement, he thought. Holding her thighs above the knees to prevent her from closing them, Mitch leaned down closer. “Shaved clean,” he observed. He looked up at her face and grinned. “I like a shaved pussy. Always tastes better.” Suddenly, Mitch leaned lower and planted his mouth right against his mother’s pussy.

“Oooohhh! Mitchell! Ohh, fuck! No!” she twisted and tried to resist, but her son was much stronger, and very determined to give her a lesson. As she tried to push his head from her groin, she also hummed from the wickedly delightful sensations his tongue began to give her. He thrust through her folds and lapped away with quick little flicks that made her tingle from toes to ears. Even as she pushed at him trying to shove him away, she found her hips rising to meet his attacking mouth.

Joan finally found a handful of her son’s hair and pulled his face up away from her pussy. He smiled up at her and said sarcastically, “You taste so good, Mom.” He barely paused before pushing his face back into her crotch.

Accepting her fate, she snapped, “Then finish what you’ve started, big man!”

Mitch lifted her right leg and dropped lower, giving him better access to her entire slit. He sucked her labia into his mouth and gently bit his teeth into them, to hold them as he licked furiously at her flesh.

“Aaahhh! Eeehhh!” she squealed as her son worked her sex-flesh over. She could feel her juices leaking out, only to be slurped up noisily by her son. Her head spun and her ears rang as her orgasm began to build. Her hips pushed upward and her hands held her son’s face to her cunt as she began to climax on her son’s tongue.

“Ooohh! Ooohh! Aaaaahhhhhheeeeeee!” she screamed. Her orgasm washed through her with a power she’d not felt in years. Maybe it was because she was getting off on her son’s tongue, or maybe it was because it was her son at all, either way. Joan was cumming and wanted everyone in the neighborhood to know about it. “Aaaahhhh, fuck! Yeesssss! Oh, fuck! Yeeeesssssss!” she squealed again and again.

Mitch slurped loudly at his mother’s creaming cunt, lapping up her juices that flowed and smearing them, along with his saliva, all over her silky-smooth crotch flesh. His cock raged in his sweats and he dropped one hand down to give it a squeeze.

Finally, as her orgasm subsided, Joan asked, “Where did you learn to do that?”

Mitch lifted from her crotch to smile at her, his face dripping with expelled juices. “You might be surprised to know that you aren’t the first woman I’ve eaten out. Would it surprise you to know that I’ve taste a lot of old broad pussy? Like Mrs. McAllister?”

“Oh, no, you haven’t!” Joan panted. Mrs. McAllister, Bethany, was Mitch’s high school math teacher. Jewel had also taken Mrs. McAllister’s math courses, having her for three semesters during her high school years. Mitch had her for two that year alone. Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry. Joan was aware that there were rumors that the older teacher had a thing for her students. She’d even heard that Bethany had enjoyed several, maybe into the dozens, over the course of her years at Regal Bay High. Knowing that her son had been one of these made Joan angry, and a bit jealous.

Mitch nodded his head. “Oh, yes. She’s more than just a good math teacher. She’s a fantastic fuck teacher, as well.”

“I can’t believe you have had sex with your teacher, Mitch.” Yet, she was one to say that, wasn’t she, Joan thought. She’d done basically the same thing for the last five or six years, since she had learned of her husband’s infidelities. Since her divorce became final a little more than three years ago, she had learned to enjoy herself. And Joan had many friends who were willing to ensure she did. Joining the Regal Bay Matrons Club had gone a long way to changing the way Joan lived her life.

“Well, Mommy dearest, maybe you could have taken a little more interest in my sex-ed, like you do with Jewel and her boyfriends. Maybe then I wouldn’t be putting my dick in any old slot that comes calling.”

Joan looked at her son, his face still hovering just above her naked pussy, still dripping with her cream. “I had no idea you knew about any of this. I had no idea you even saw me that way.”

“How can I not?” Mitch replied. “Since you and dad divorced, you always dress sexy, and strut around the house in little outfits, even when you’re just sitting around. Do you know how many times I’ve seen you naked, all these years? You never seem to close your bedroom door when you change. And when you sit around, reading or watching TV, I always know when you’re not wearing underwear. Hell, your pussy’s on display half the time around here. How can I not have a hard-on for you, my own mother? I’ve had one for you since I started getting them!” With that, Mitch stood up and shoved his sweatpants, and underwear, down. His cock, rock-hard and wagging, sprang into full view of her. Joan gasped at seeing her son’s angry cock for the first time as a young adult male.

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