The Menders Ch. 01

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MMMF The Sex Menders

The party was in full swing as I walked into a sea of faces I was unfamiliar with. Most seemed friendly enough, some were more curious about me than others and a few of them seemed to keep their gazes locked on me as I entered the house. I was new to the area, and one of my new coworkers had invited me to a party at her house, to help me meet some people and make a few friends. That meant, of course, that I knew absolutely no one at this party but her, but hey, at least I was making an effort, right? That’s better than I had been doing in the past. More than I could, anyway.

I walked into the foyer wearing tight blue jeans that stuck to my curves and made the jeans look like they were painted on, rather than being worn. I had on a black silk top that was sleeveless and showed off my tattoos, as well as my cleavage, since it dipped low between my breasts. To accent the black top, I had on my black zip-sided boots, and silver jewelry was shining from my wrists, fingers, and ears. For a pop of color, I wore a thin pink scarf around my neck. My curly brown hair was up in a thick pony tail, a few curly tendrils falling around my face, and my blue eyes were shining under a thin layer of eyeliner and silver eye shadow. The outfit seemed to hug my curvy 5’6″ body very well, I thought. I felt good. I felt hot. And, I admitted to myself, I felt nervous. I hadn’t dressed this way in a long time.

As the door shut behind me, I heard my name from the other side of the living room next to me. I popped my head into the room to see my coworker, Ann, in the corner. Ann waved at me, and walked over quickly, motioning to her friends that she would be right back. When she got to my side, she gave me a quick hug.

“Rose! I’m so glad you could make it! There are a LOT more people here than I thought there would be, so of course, I didn’t make enough food, but luckily I have a thing for snack food, so I had extra in my cabinets,” Ann said with a breathless chuckle. “But, since there are so many people, you are BOUND to meet a few people here, and make some new friends! So, that makes me happy!”

I chuckled a little to myself, smiling at Ann. She had a major tendency to babble, and it seems that wine only made it slightly worse.

“Ann, I’m pretty sure it’s the wine making you happy right now,” I said, nodding knowingly to the glass of red in Ann’s hand. Ann responded with a small smile.

“Well… That, and the fact that there are some serious hotties here tonight. I know, I know, I’m taken, but I can still appreciate a good-looking man!”

I giggled again, shaking my head slightly.

“So, the drinks are in the kitchen, as is what is left of the food. I made various kinds of finger foods, but they seem to be going very fast! Make yourself at home, and let me know if you need anything, alright?”

“Ok,” I said, getting ready to turn in the direction Ann pointed and go get a drink. Ann grabbed my arm before I could leave. “Oh, and Rose?” she asked, a sly smile coming across her face. I met her gaze with a questioning glance.

“Have some fun, why don’t ya?” Ann said, and winked at me. This brought another smile to my face. Ann was very aware of the situation I had come from, and that it had been a very long time since I was “allowed” to have any fun with anyone. My ex had been a controlling, abusive asshole, and didn’t even let me have friends, let alone go out with any of them or come to any parties. With Ann’s reassurance, I nodded, and made a promise to myself that tonight, I WOULD have fun. No one was there to hold me back. No one could make me be anything I wasn’t anymore.

As I walked out of the living room and across the hall to the kitchen, I caught the eye of one of the guys who had been watching me when I walked into the house. He was tall, with black hair, broad shoulders and a very good build. I looked away when he smiled and winked at me, caught off guard by his reaction to me. Before I could get more embarrassed, I walked quickly into the kitchen, and found the fridge where the bottled drinks were being held. I quickly found a wine cooler, twisted off the top, and pulled my bottle cozy out of my back pocket, sliding the bottle into it and zipping up the side. Just as I picked it up off the counter, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and looked up to see the dark haired stranger staring at me as he leaned against the doorframe leading to the living room.

“You didn’t think you’d get away THAT easily, did you?” he asked, sending me a teasing smile. He took a step toward me, sticking his hand out to shake mine as he met my stare.

“I’m Alec. I don’t think I’ve seen you before. What’s your name?” I glanced quickly down at his hand, and, taking a breath, I grabbed his hand and shook it, looking back up at him.

“Rose,” I said, giving him a very small smile. “No, you haven’t seen me before. I’m new here. I just moved here and started working with Ann a few weeks ago.” görükle escort bayan His hand held mine for a second longer before he let my hand go and leaned against the counter next to me. I didn’t know what it was about his smile, but he almost instantly put me at ease. Maybe it was his eyes. They seemed to dance with a secret humor, even when he wasn’t laughing.

“Well, I’m certainly glad you came here tonight. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Rose.”

“You too, Alec. Are you here with anyone?” I asked, before taking a sip of my drink. Alec smiled at this, letting out a small chuckle.

“I’m not here with a girl, if that’s what you’re asking,” he replied, winking at me. I felt my face turn red as I looked away, hiding my smile.

“That’s not what I meant, but that’s good to know,” I quietly said to him. “I meant, are you here with friends… I don’t know many people, and I’m trying to get to know a few people while I’m here. Per Ann’s demands, I am trying to ‘mingle’… or something.” I giggled at the amused look on his face.

“I see,” he almost whispered, nodding to himself. “Well, as it happens, I am here with a few friends of mine. Most everyone here is a friend of a friend of someone, so I know just about everyone here. Would you like me to introduce you around?”

“That’d be great!” My face relaxed, and I walked with him out of the kitchen, his hand resting on the small of my back as he led me out the back door and into the yard.

He introduced me around to a few people, some of whom I recognized from work but had never met before. General small talk for a few moments, and it was off to the next small group of people. After hopping from group to group, I quickly realized I would probably forget most of the names I had learned so far. Before Alec led me over to the last group that was outside, which only consisted of two men sitting by a small fire pit, he pulled me a little closer to him and spoke to me in a lowered voice.

“These are the friends I came here with. They are two of my three best friends. We’ve been friends since elementary school. They are good guys and very respectful, but when they see how beautiful you look… Well… No worries, Rose. I’ll protect you from their devilish charms,” he said, winking at me again. I giggled and shot him a nervous smile.

“I don’t give in to charm very easily, devilish or otherwise,” I said before we kept walking. He watched me for a moment before stepping alongside me, shaking his head slightly as a grin came back to his face.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he said, bringing his hand back to the small of my back.

The two men were laughing about something, but their conversation quickly cut off as Alec walked up with me in tow.

“Guys, this is Rose. She’s a coworker of Ann’s and she is new in town. I figured I would take the honor of escorting her around to meet a few people, and she has been kind enough to keep me company in turn.”

Both of the men stared at me for a second, before standing and reaching their hands out to me. The first one was tall, dark, very muscular and had a killer smile. He shook my hand and introduced himself as Adrian. The second was also tall, had brown hair, and striking blue eyes. They reminded me of ice, I thought to myself as he introduced himself as Rick. I found myself unable to pull my gaze from those blue eyes for a moment before Alec got my attention again, motioning me to a chair next to him.

I smiled at all three men before sitting in the chair. The men, I noticed, had waited for me to sit down before they did. Odd, I thought. I hadn’t had anyone act that “gentlemanly” since…. Well come to think of it, I didn’t think I’d EVER had someone act that way. And none of them would stop smiling at me. It was slightly unnerving, but I let it go. I was just nervous, I thought to myself. Maybe I was looking too far into it. Maybe they were just being polite. They couldn’t possibly ALL be interested in me…

“Props to you, Alec. You managed to snag the most beautiful woman in the party,” said Rick, keeping his eyes on me as he spoke. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Adrian nod in agreement. Apparently, I thought to myself, they really MIGHT all be interested in me. No, there was no way that could be possibly. I found myself blushing again, as I looked down at my drink and smiled a little.

The conversation turned to other topics, thank God. They talked for a long time, switching around from talking about the local football team, asking me about my interests and speaking of their own and we got to know each other quite well. Once in a while, one of them men would get up and leave, coming back with drinks for all of us. I noticed that the men would always wait to open my wine coolers until they were standing right in front of me. Once, after Adrian had gone and brought back the drinks, I leaned over to Alec to ask a question.

“Why do you bursa otele gelen escort all wait to open my drink until you are standing here? I mean, all of your beers are already open, but mine, you don’t open until you are standing right in front of me,” I said in a low voice. “Why is that?”

“Well,” Alec almost whispered, leaning towards me. “You DID just meet us, after all, Rose. We don’t want to just assume that you trust us enough not to slip something in your drink before bringing it to you,” he said, shooting a wink at me. “So, we wait to open it until you are with us, so you can know for sure it was unopened before you got it.” I simply stared at him, realizing they were doing this out of consideration for MY comfort in a new situation. That blew me away, and I looked at Rick, who nodded in confirmation. I looked away from them for a moment, noticing that many of the people who had been standing outside had started dancing to the music that flowed through the windows. I slowly turned my face back to the men and swallowed hard before speaking again.

“That,” I said, pausing to swallow hard, “has got to be the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.”

“Really?” both men asked, with looks of honest surprise on their faces.

“Yes,” I confirmed, looking at my hands. “The man I left before I moved here was… very unkind, to put it mildly. He didn’t take the time to do those kinds of things for me.” I looked back up, into Alec’s face. He stared at me, almost as if he were waiting for me to say more. I stayed silent.

“That’s… actually kind of unbelievable,” said Alec, leaning back. “Surely, you’ve had other men, besides him, do nice things for you like buy you flowers, or nice jewelry or hold doors open for you, open your car door for you, compliment you at random, or SOMETHING, right?” At the shake of my head, I saw his face change as he turned it away from mine. It wasn’t pity, but something close to it, mixed with a kind of sadness. Maybe a little anger behind it, as well.

“I’m truly sorry, Rose. A woman like you deserves that, and so much more,” said Rick. Alec nodded his assent to this statement, and simply stared into the fire.

“What does Rose deserve?” said Adrian as he walked back into the group and sat back down. He passed the open beers to the other men, then twisted off the cap on mine and handed it to me. I smiled as I took it and thanked him.

“Everything,” said Alec, finally looking away from the fire and at my face. I let out a loud laugh.

“I don’t know about all that,” I said through my laughter. I looked down at my hands, as I placed my drink on the little side table next to my chair. I looked back up in time to notice the men staring at each other silently, almost as if a message was flowing between them that I couldn’t hear. Then, as if they heard me move, all three gave one short nod to each other and turned their heads toward me at the same moment.

“What?” I asked, nervously wringing my hands together. “What’d I miss?” Rick smiled at me.

“Nothing at all,” said Adrian.

Alec looked over his shoulder as the song changed to a slow, smooth melody. He put his beer down and stood up, smiling down at me.

“Rose… would you like to dance?” I stared at the hand Alec had extended to me. I hadn’t danced in years, I thought to myself. I was about to say no before I remembered my promise to myself. I loved dancing, and I knew it. I just hadn’t been ALLOWED to in a while. Fuck it, I thought to myself, and grabbed Alec’s hand.

Alec smiled at me and led me away from the other two men towards a secluded corner of the area being used as a dance floor, away from the other dancers. He pulled me close to him, wrapping his arm around my back, and taking my right hand in his left hand, holding it out to the side. We swayed very slowly to the sounds of “Earned It” by The Weeknd. I smiled and wondered to myself why they spelled the band name like that and shrugged a bit to myself as I got more into dancing. To my surprise, I realized I hadn’t forgotten at all how to dance. And he could certainly move, so that helped quite a bit with my nerves. I felt Alec’s hand sliding slowly up and down my back as we moved together.

“Rose, I have to say it. Whoever let you go missed out on one hell of a woman. I don’t know how he didn’t see what he had, but he must have been a few dozen kinds of insane,” Alec said in a low, raspy voice. I looked down, biting a little on my lip as my face turned red for what must have been the hundredth time that night. He let my hand go, bringing it to wrap around his neck with my other hand. He then brought his finger to my chin and tilted it up, meeting my eyes with his.

“Why don’t you see it, Rose? Why don’t you see how incredibly beautiful you are?” he asked in a deep voice. My eyes got moist at his questions and I tried to pull my face down again. In response, he grabbed my face with bursa escort bayan both hands and turned it back towards him.

“Maybe you need to be reminded. Maybe someone needs to show you,” he said, trailing his fingers lightly over my cheekbones. “May I?” he asked in a soft voice, brushing one of his thumbs lightly over my bottom lip, which was already swollen from me nibbling on it in response to my nerves. His face came closer to mine. He stopped just inches away, his eyes still locked with mine. By now, we had stopped swaying and were standing together in our corner, staring at each other and breathing in slow, measured breaths. His eyes seemed to send the question to me again, asking for permission to keep moving his lips toward mine. When I simply sighed and tilted my head up towards his in invitation, he very slowly brushed his lips against mine once, and he pulled back, keeping his eyes open.

After we stood still for a moment longer, my hand inched up his neck, and wrapped around the back of his head, my fingers running through his hair. He groaned, and came in again, this time kissing me a little harder, before closing his eyes and taking a full dive into the kiss. Suddenly, heat was everywhere in my body. I felt his hands firmly on my face, but I could have sworn those hands were touching me everywhere. It felt like there were little strokes of fire on me skin, as if his hands were flames that were kissing their way across every inch of me. After a moment of his tongue flirting with mine in my mouth, he pulled away, gasping for breath. Those eyes that had just had laughter in them a few minutes ago were now filled with the fire that I felt dancing across my skin. He brushed his thumb over my lips again before bringing his hands down to my hold my face.

“Maybe we ALL need to show you,” he whispered, barely loud enough for me to hear. I was slightly confused by that statement as he took a deep, steadying breath, before wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to him again, continuing to dance as the song played on. We finished the dance with my head resting on his shoulder, his arms tight around my waist and his lips leaving soft little kisses on the top of my head occasionally.

As the song changed to another slow ballad, which was a soft R&B-sounding number called “Adorn” by Miguel, I felt another hand come down softly on my shoulder.

“May I cut in?” asked Adrian, smiling at me. I said nothing, but I was smiling as Alec leaned in and kissed me softly on the cheek, before stepping back and, with a wily smile on his face, nodded once at Adrian. Alec turned and walked away, as Adrian turned me around, and wrapped me in his wonderfully strong arms. With Adrian, the dancing was slower, but it was almost erotic. There was no talking between us, just quiet breathing that seemed thick with tension.

As the song progressed, my arms wrapped around his neck and Adrian let his hands roam up my body. They started at my hips, and ever so slowly they worked their way up my sides, fingertips dragging up my already burning skin. My thick hips were gyrating to the beat as his hands came up to the sides of my breasts, lightly skimming the sides before they came to my shoulders. This made me shudder. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me around. He wrapped one arm around my stomach and with the other, he grabbed my right arm and brought it up and back to wrap around his neck. My head leaned back on his shoulder and my eyes fluttered shut when his hand ran down that arm, and back down the side of my breast, down my side, to rest on my hip again.

My hips kept moving to the music, slowly rubbing against him as his fingers dug into my hips. I felt him groan, his breath inches away from my neck. When his lips touched my skin just behind my ear, I let out a soft sigh, automatically tilting my head to the side to give him better access. He slowly reached up and tugged at my scarf, pulling at it carefully until it came unwrapped from my neck. He reached back down, scarf in hand, tucked it in my back pocket, then let his hand roam back up my body. His lips moved from just behind my ear, sliding down my neck, dragging the very tip of his tongue down against my skin. I felt my body quiver in response to his touch, and he chuckled quietly, bringing his mouth back to my ear.

“Damn, girl. You are so beautiful.”

Just as his words left his mouth, I felt that mouth clamp down on my neck, and there was a sudden barrage of sexual energy between us as his tongue, teeth, and lips all attacked my neck. His hands moved from my hips to come up and lightly brush over my nipples. I nearly cried out at the sensations. How could TWO men make me feel this incredible and wanted in the same night?

“I believe it’s my turn.” My eyes shot open and instantly connected with tiny lakes of blue. Rick was standing inches from us, blocking our bodies from view of the other party-goers. The lawn grew quiet as the song ended.

“Hello, gorgeous,” Rick said through a smile. My face turned red with embarrassment before Adrian’s arms wrapped around my waist from behind. I rested my hand against his arm as he kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’m not done with you, yet.” I gave him a puzzled glance over my shoulder as he pulled back and walked towards the fire pit.

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