The Mile High Club

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It was one of those long boring flights that James seemed to be spending his time on while he travelled round the world. He sighed as he tried to get himself comfortable in the Qantas economy passenger seat. He glanced up as someone passed him by in the dimmed cabin lights. His brown eyes couldn’t help following the stewardess’ stocking clad legs with the seam running up the back of her calf. There were also the curvy buttocks that he could see through the pencil skirt that all of them wore. If he had been anywhere else he knew he would have wolf-whistled at her. Feeling his eyes on her back the stewardess turned to glance between. In a teasing mood she gave him an ‘I am game’ smile and a wink before carrying on up the gangway moving her bum even more suggestively.

James gathered the polyester blanket over the area of his groin more as he felt himself growing hotter under his loose trousers. He closed his eyes and tried to think of ugly things in an attempt to cool off but all he could see was the wiggling bum and the sexy long legs of the woman. All he wanted to do was pull her hair from it’s bum and feel it running over his naked skin. He bit his lip to restrain himself. It had been so long since he had last had sex and to be honest the last time wasn’t that great. He began to wonder how fun it would be to return back to England and be able to tell his friends that he had joined the Mile High Club while jet setting around the world.

He heard footsteps heading towards him and glanced behind to see his gorgeous stewardess Kurtköy Escort returning. She bent down and he could see her plump breasts straining against her blouse. He watched her long seductive fingers draw the tray down and place a plastic glass of water on it along with a napkin. She then stood and walked away. He followed her up the gangway again and imagined her perched on his hard cock riding it and moaning with the pleasure of him fucking her deep while he sucked at her hard nipples. She glanced back at him again and smiled again and he felt ready to explode into his boxers. He watched her open the toilet door and shut it behind her. He sighed as he imagined her wet trimmed mound ready for his thick manhood and all through his fingers playing with her clit. He stuffed the blanket deeper into his groin before lifting the glass to take a sip.

It was then that he noticed the writing other then the airline logo on the napkin. Written on it was ‘Come to me in the toilet behind you. You know you want me and I want you.’ He forced himself to calmly get up to not alarm or awake any of his fellow passengers. He kept a hand hanging round his groin so they couldn’t see the stretched cotton around his hard-on. He knocked on the door before slipping in. He found his stewardess with her long hair hanging down over her shoulders and with her skirt hitched up to her hips exposing the fact she was wearing no knickers and she had a neatly shaved mound. Her blouse was half undone to reveal a lacy bra and her tits trying to escape Maltepe Escort from the two bra cups. She smiled at him, “So you came then. Get those trousers down. I know you are only here for one thing so lets see your beast.”

He needed no other order and let both his trousers and boxers drop to the floor before leaning down and pressing his lips against hers with great urgency. Their tongues fought each other for the power to taste the other’s mouth. Her hands were on his prick and balls while his were pushing her blouse off her, even ripping a button from it, to reach her breasts and play with her nipples, pinching them when he found them. She moaned into his mouth at the sudden pleasurable pain she felt from her nipples being tweaked. He also moaned at the ache that was growing in his cock as it grew harder and harder under her experienced hands. He wanted to feel either her sexy lips round his throbbing erection or to feel her wetness tight around him.

With little effort he picked her up and took her place on the lid of the toilet, his cock eager and erect. With no trouble she willing positioned herself over him. His fingers ran over her clit and she let out a moan as he dipped into her well of sexuality. He could feel his fingertips growing wetter by the second from her. She was incredible turned on by it all and he only just had time to remove his fingers from her pussy before she pierced herself with his cock. He closed his eyes and fought back the loud moan as he felt her warm wet body cling tightly Tuzla Escort to his erection. She slowly rode him while he clung to her hips with one hand and reached for a breast to fondle and play with. Her hair swept up and down his face. The hand at her hip moved down, round to her buttock to give it a big squeeze and then found her arse hole. He wet his finger before slowly slipping it in. She moaned at the pleasure she got from being taken in both of her holes.

It wasn’t long before it grew too much for him and he began to whimper, “Oh god, oh god.”

Hearing those words the stewardess paused and lifted herself off him. In his ear she whispered, “Come in my face, I want to taste all your cum, feel my mouth with it.”

In the tight space she managed to kneel enough so that her hand caressed his tight balls and her mouth accepted all of his length, tasting herself at the same time. Her tongue ran over his hot tight red head. He shuddered and his eyes rolled into the back of his head with the pleasure of her cooler tongue on his hot cock head.

Unable to control himself any longer he spurted all of his cum into her mouth and she willing drank it down. She continued to play with his balls until he stopped pushing himself into her mouth and there was no more cum to come. Slowly she released his penis from her lips grip and licked the last drips of cum his cock. She smiled as he looked up into his red face.

He was shaking as he stood up and pulled his boxers and trousers back on. She pulled her skirt down and readjusted herself back into her bra and blouse before he slipped out of the toilet and back to his seat and she returned back to her work as stewardess. James smiled once back in his seat. That was certainly an experience he wasn’t going to forget in a hurry!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32