The Morning After

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“You like what you see?” He said with a glint in his eye.

I feigned indifference, “Eh, you’re alright.”

He growled and made a move towards me, but I backed away and put my hands up in front of me. “No wait!” I squealed, “Yes! Yes, I do like what I see. You’re hot, you know that.” I laughed and backed up further.

“That’s better,” he said as he sat back down on the bed.

I smiled at his playfulness. I had a feeling that he didn’t let it show much, and I took the time to bask in the fact that it was with me.

Too bad my mouth didn’t take a leave of speak because even though I was thinking about how hot he looked leaning back on his two arms I blurted, “Did we have sex?” As soon as I realized what I said I slapped my hand over my mouth.

He laughed. He actually laughed. “No doll, but not for your lack of trying.”

I groaned and let my head fall. “Oh my god. This is so embarrassing.”

“Don’t be embarrassed. I like a girl who goes for what she wants. I just didn’t want our first time to be when we were smashed off our asses.”

Awe, that was cute. He had the same thought as me. I lifted my head and smiled at him before walking over to get my clothes.

“We did get married though.”

When my brain understood what he said I whipped my head around and looked into his laughing eyes.

“You jerk!” I said with a laugh as I charged toward him and knocked him to his back on the bed. I slid myself so I was straddling his lap and pinned his hands to the bed. I was under no illusions, though, that he couldn’t easily turn this around on me. “Take it back.”

“No. Your face was priceless. I should have taken a picture of it.”

“You’re such an asshole.” I said with a laugh, “I have no idea what I ever saw in you.” I gave him a wink so that he knew I was joking with him.

“You love my body, and my humor. Probably too the fact that I’m the president of an MC.” He chuckled to himself.

“Oh no, you’re totally not full of yourself, are you?”

Dom got an evil glint in his eye and suddenly I was on my back. He was hovering over me and his hands were poised above my abdomen. Oh shit.

“No, no, no. Please don’t. I take it all back. You’re great, awesome, really. Just don’t do what you’re thinking.”

Apparently my begging just urged him on more because his hands started a tickling Anadolu Yakası Escort attack on my midsection. I started laughing and wasn’t able to stop. My laughs just spurred him on more. It got to the point where I was laughing so hard I couldn’t get any breaths in and my face was growing hot. My eyes had tears streaming from them and I was making ungodly, unattractive gasping noises trying to get air to my lungs.

“Mercy, mercy!” I pushed out through my laughing.

At this point his hands were losing steam because he was laughing just as hard as I was. Finally his hands stopped completely and he rested his forehead against mine and tried to catch his breath. I welcomed his weight on my body, and then realized the position we were in. His hips were pressed into mine and his chest was flat against my chest. His mouth was an inch or so away from my lips, and I felt his breath as he panted. When I brought my eyes to his face I saw that he was staring at my lips.

I could tell he was thinking some raunchy thoughts because I felt him grow hard against my thigh, and had to suppress a sigh. His hands went to the hem of the t-shirt I was wearing and he worked it up and over my head. I wiggled a little and his hands came up to grab my wrists, and he jerked them above my head. I took a few deep breaths, which made my chest press deeper into his. He shifted so that his thigh was in-between my legs and I wiggled again.

He let out a pained sigh. “Stop squirming. It’s not gonna make me let you go, it’s just getting me harder.”

Well shit, that escalated quickly.

I pressed my lips to his and gave him a quick peck. He dropped his head into my neck and sunk his teeth into my skin, then licked away the sting. It was getting extremely hard for me to just lie there under a hot guy and not do anything. He pressed his erection into my thigh harder and growled into my ear, “Do you think you’d remember it now?”

Hmm, so we went from him joking that we were so drunk we got married, to ready to screw? What was that, like 0-60 in .23 seconds?

I snorted lightly to myself because of my thoughts and ground myself into his thigh to get some release.

He pressed his thigh tighter to me so I couldn’t move, “I don’t think so love. You’ll get off when I want you too, not the other way around.”

His lips crashed against mine and he took me into a brutal kiss. His teeth grazed my lips and he forced his tongue into my mouth. This was nothing like our kiss last night. It was sloppy, drunk and uncontrolled. This one seems calculated almost. He knew the one last night wasn’t going anywhere, but this one he plans on having it lead somewhere. I have a feeling that I’m about to love where it goes.

I ripped my arms out of his hold and threaded them through his hair, grabbed a handful and pulled. This caused him to bite my lip harder, but only to soothe it with his tongue. I ran my hands down his sides and around to grab his ass. I pull him even closer to me than he was before and grind myself into his erection.

“Oh god,” I moan. “Please.”

“Please what?”

“Fuck me,” I plead, “I need you to fuck me.”

He slides his hands under my ass and pulls us up from the bed. I wrap my legs around his hips right as he slams me back into the wall beside his bed. I thrust my hands back into his hair and pull it sharply, wordlessly telling him that I needed more. He pulled his lower body away from mine and slid a hand inside my panties. He slipped a finger into my wetness then brought it to rest directly on my clit, flicking it lazily.

The way we were positioned had his face next to my head, which had this pants blowing against my neck and ear, only succeeding in making me hornier.

I used my hand that was in his hair to pull his head back from my neck and looked directly into his eyes. “If you don’t fuck me soon, I’m going to go find someone else that will.”

Apparently he didn’t like that idea because within the next second my underwear were ripped clean off and thrown on the floor behind us. He set me down on my feet and turned me so I was facing the wall. I heard a soft whoosh which I took to be his boxers falling to the floor. He grabbed my hips with one hand and pulled me back while pushing my neck down with the other one.

“Hands on the wall,” he demanded gruffly.

As soon as I planted my hands on the wall he thrust his cock into me while grabbing my hips impossibly tight.

God I hope I get bruises there. I need a reminder of him when I go home.

He dragged himself slowly out of my pussy until just the tip remained and slammed back home. I haven’t seen his cock yet but judging by the feel of it, it was bigger than average and thick. One of his hands left my hip to snake around and play with my clit. My legs were starting to shake, from the strain and pleasure.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he bit out. “You feel like you were made for me, so good. So fucking good.”

I gripped his dick with my pussy, “Harder. I need you to fuck me harder.”

His hips started going faster than they were before, the angle we were was causing the tip of his dick to hit that perfect spot inside me. He bent his legs and thrust hard and deep into me. I bit my lip, but he kept at it and I let out a scream of pleasure. He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back.

“Don’t move.”

He gathered some of the wetness that was running down my thighs on his finger of his other hand and started massaging my ass.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned.

The hand that was yanking my hair back with each thrust slid down to cup my throat and squeezed at the same time he shoved his finger into my asshole.

“Oh god Dom. Fuck. I’m gonna come.” The combination of the hair pulling, choking, thrusts that hit my g-spot, and him fingering my ass was way too much for me. I came with a scream, gripping his cock harder with each wave of pleasure that crashed over me. I had way too much stimulation going on and my orgasm felt like it was never going to end. I vaguely felt Dom thrusting harder into me, his hand around my neck going tighter. I could tell he was getting close, his thrusts were coming faster and jerky.

Every thrust he gave me had is balls hitting my clit, which coupled with the finger that was still thrusting in and out of my ass made me come again. This time I screamed out what I thought was something similar to his name. He thrust one more time and held himself there. His hands were gripping my hips so tight, and when his release started he milked himself using my body.

“Jesus Christ,” he yelled out before collapsing on my back and biting my shoulder so hard I was sure he drew blood. His hoarse voice shouted out my name, and when he was done coming his legs gave out and he took me with him to the floor.

His dick was still in me, I was laying on top of him while we tried to catch our breath. “That was-” I began trying to find the right words.

“Incredible,” he finished for me. “Abso-fucking-lutely incredible.”

I twisted and gave him a kiss, “Think we could do that again?”

“You don’t even have to ask Sweetness.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32