The Morrisons Ch. 18

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A million thanks to Fat_Dad for stepping forward to do the editing on The Morrisons story! Last night – for the first time ever – I talked on the phone with another person from Literotica.

Fat_Dad and I had a great conversation. We discussed interweaving some of the characters, places and situations from “The Morrisons” with “A New Life For Dr. Mitchell” but each story will remain a separate and the sole submission of each author.

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**Author’s Note: The Morrisons is a continuing story where each chapter builds on previous chapters. If this is your first encounter with The Morrisons, I’d like to suggest you read the previous chapters prior to reading this one. There’s a complete list of story characters on the last page. Please enjoy!

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**Before you read this chapter, be advised that it contains very graphic depictions of raw sex and/or love-making between two or more consenting people. IF such depictions upset you or make you lose sleep, PLEASE don’t read any further. You may not enjoy reading a particular portion of the story; that doesn’t mean other readers will dislike that same portion of the story. It’s a different-strokes-for-different-folks kind of story. I appreciate hearing from readers, and I want to thank all those who took time to send me a message. However, please don’t leave a derogatory comment, if you willingly overlook THIS WARNING.

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For the record: All characters engaging in sexual activities are of legal age!

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From – Chapter 17

Soon my family and friends were in our two bedroom suites and the connecting doors were opened. I looked at Kim and asked, “Can you gather everyone in here so I can say something to everyone at the same time?”

Kim went into the other rooms as I set my computer bag and attaché case down by the desk and when I turned around everyone was walking in. I waited until everyone was in the room before I said, “We have plenty of room for everyone so I’m going to suggest we make believe we’re at home. I don’t want anyone to act bashful so if there’s something you want to eat or drink please order it and put it on the room’s tab. As far as I’m concerned we are all family on this trip and we are here to enjoy ourselves.”

I continued by saying, “Beth and I have a free day tomorrow so we can all plan to do something together in the morning. Does anyone have any questions for me?”

Ted said, “Dan, I think I speak for all of us when I say thank you for this opportunity to be here in Germany with you and Beth. This is certainly a rare occasion I’ll remember it forever.”

Suddenly there was a loud chorus of “Thank you” filled the air. I looked around and smiled at everyone and said, “All of you are welcome, have a great time and now, it’s been a long day so I’m only interested in going to sleep for what’s left of tonight.”

Everyone joined in the chorus again saying, “Good night.”

Kim and I undressed quickly and crawled into bed. We moved to the center of the bed and cuddled together and said good night to each other. For the first time in a while, Kim and I had a bed to ourselves. I looked at Kim and whispered, “I love you darling.”

In return I only heard a soft feminine snore, so I closed my eyes and drifted off into dreamland.


Chapter 18

Joanna awoke with a start the next morning because the bed she was in was unfamiliar to her.

Her eyes popped open and she jumped up into the sitting position, looking around the room. It took her a couple of seconds to realize she was at the Morrisons and she had been sleeping on their very big bed.

Joanna allowed her upper body to flop back on the bed and she lay there with her eyes closed, listening; listening to the quiet sound of nothing. There was no sound of traffic in the street; there was no sounds of honking car horns, nothing, just peace and quiet. As Joanna lay in the bed enjoying the quiet, her right hand seemed to have a mind of its own as it first moved up and down her abdomen. Without realizing it her hand moved down between her legs and her middle finger was inside her very wet pussy. Joanna was jolted back to reality when her finger bumped against the small nub of her clit. The touch sent tiny electrical shocks throughout her body and Joanna’s body shivered.

Alternating between dipping her finger inside her pussy and rubbing her clit, Joanna’s hips were soon bucking up and down; her breathing was ragged, coming in small rapid gasps. Her first orgasm built up slowly but passed quickly without satisfying her. Joanna continued moving her finger faster, pausing every few seconds to pinch her clit between her thumb and middle finger.

Soon Joanna felt another orgasm building in her body and she knew immediately this one was going to rock her world. Gasping for breath Joanna’s finger worked its magic and soon the intensity of fetiş escort her orgasm grew to mind boggling proportions until she came again, bucking and shaking like she was having a convulsion. The orgasm seemed to go on forever as it wreaked havoc on Joanna’s body but at the same time released her sexual tensions.

When the tidal wave of her orgasm washed away Joanna lay on the bed drained and panting like she had just finished an hour’s workout. Joanna wanted to roll over and go back to sleep but she realized she had to get up and go down and shut the alarm off before Debbie and Ashley arrived.

Ten minutes later, Joanna begrudgingly threw the sheet off her body and crawled across the huge bed and headed into the bathroom. She sat down on the toilet and peed then sat on the bidet and douched. She stood in the huge shower all by herself and for the second time since she came out to the Morrison’s house, she had to wash her own body. She giggled to herself and said to no one, “I wish Mary or Shelly was here right now, I’d have their hands all over my body.”

She finished her shower and pulled a towel off the rack and dried her body. At the sink she dried her hair, brushed her teeth, put on only a little bit of makeup then stared at her naked body in the mirror for a few seconds, to make sure she was ready for the day. When Joanna walked back into the bedroom she went to the closet and selected a tank top and a pair of shorts then walked back into the bedroom and slipped on her sandals. She turned off the TV then picked up the radio, her pistol belt and headed downstairs so she could shut off the alarm.

After taking care of business, Joanna walked out to the kitchen and set her radio and pistol belt on the breakfast counter and walked over and opened the vertical blinds. She stared out across the empty deck into the empty back yard and felt a little bit of loneliness but at the same time she welcomed the quietness of the morning. A few seconds later she opened the sliding glass doors, stepped out on the deck to enjoy the warm morning air on her nude body.

Joanna looked around, without looking at anything in particular, she was enjoying freedoms she’d never experienced before. Standing nude on the Morrison’s deck in the warm sunlight, Joanna decided this was the lifestyle for her. She made up her mind right then and there, she was going to find a place to move where she could continue being nude.

Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, Joanna walked back inside to make a cup of coffee. When her coffee was ready, she picked up the phones and walked back out on the deck and sat down in one of the lounge chairs to enjoy the privacy, and the lack of noise she always heard at her apartment. Joanna was still daydreaming when she heard the front door shut. She jumped up and ran into the kitchen when she realized the voices she heard were those of Debbie and Ashley.

Within a couple of seconds the two nude girls walked into the kitchen and Joanna said, “Good morning ladies. I heard the door shut and even though I knew you were coming, the closing of the door made me jump.”

Both Ashley and Debbie quickly said, “I’m sorry.”

Joanna smiled and said, “No problem. Would you like a cup of coffee?”

Both of them accepted the offer and Joanna said, “I’ll make the coffee and one of you can get the cream out of the refrigerator.”

Using the Keurig coffee maker, Joanna had two cups of coffee ready in a jiffy. She set them down in front of the new comers and said, “Come out on the deck when you’re finished. The morning air feels so good.”

Ashley and Debbie joined Joanna on the deck and the three of them relaxed and talked while sipping their coffee. Joanna told the girls she stayed at the house alone last night so the only bedroom that needed cleaning was Kim and Dan’s room. Ashley smiled and said, “That’s good because now I have more time and maybe I can experiment with Bill, if he wants me.”

Joanna said, “Ashley, you’ll love the feeling of his huge cock! However, when he pulls out of you, you’ll feel so empty. I loved his cock yesterday but I’ll tell you, I’m a little sore down there this morning. It’s not like a pain or anything; it’s just from being stretched so wide. But I’m going to have him again, just not today.”

All three girls giggled and Debbie said, “Although I want to try Bill’s cock someday, I’m pretty happy with the sex I’m getting at home. Since we came here, my boyfriend and my dad are giving me all the sex I can handle. My mom and I are closer now, than we’ve ever been. The best part is all of us are very sexually active together.”

Ashley said, “Yeah, I saw your dad’s cock. His size is pretty impressive. He looks like he can really satisfy a girl with his equipment.”

Debbie said, “I’ve always loved my dad and now we are inseparable. Actually our family is much closer than it’s ever been. We learned to share everything and my boyfriend Joe loves the idea that he gaziantep fetiş escort can have me or my mom or both of us any time. Mom and I have the same options of sharing Joe and dad. We really look forward to being home at night with each other.”

Ashley spoke up next saying, “My brother Paul and I and Paul’s girlfriend Sarah have great sex lives too. We don’t share everything like the Morrisons do, at least not yet, but we’ve had many threesomes and I’ve had sex with just my brother or just Sarah on other occasions. We enjoy each other and we have a lot of fun together but we take separate showers and I still can’t get Paul to wipe my pussy when I pee.” Ashley giggled at the last bit of information.

Joanna listened to both girls and finally said, “This is all so new to me and although I love the idea of being nude, I’m not sure I could or would have sex with someone in my family. That seems so strange and of course it’s against the law to be involved in incest.”

Debbie spoke up and said, “Joanna, I understand you being a police officer, you have a different view on incest but I’ve got to tell you, my family has changed since we started making love to each other. We are all much closer now and as long as we are all consenting and no one is forced or coerced like Dan always says, what happens inside our home is our business. It’s not like I take my dad out on the street and have sex with him where everyone can see us.”

Joanna smiled and said, “Oh Debbie don’t get me wrong, I haven’t made love to my dad and I don’t think I could, however I’m not condemning anyone who does as long as all the parties involved are consenting.”

“Having said that,” Joanna continued, “I know it happens here and everyone is very happy and I’m glad that I’ve been given the opportunity to witness consensual incest and see how happy everyone is. I may even change my mind on the subject someday but for now, I’m happy to watch what goes on.”

All three girls turned and looked towards the kitchen when they heard a male voice ask, “Hey is anyone here? Where is everyone?”

Joanna stood up and walked to the glass doors and saw Bill walking through the kitchen. Joanna said, “Good morning Bill. Would you like a cup of coffee this morning?”

Bill winked then smiled at Joanna before saying, “Sure I would. I came a little earlier so I could have some extra time to relax with all of you.”

Joanna made Bill a cup and coffee, handed it to him as she said, “Go out and take a seat with Ashley and Debbie, I’ll be right out with some snacks.”

When Joanna came out on the deck she noticed Bill was sitting next to Ashley and Ashley’s hand was busy stroking Bill’s cock. Debbie saw Joanna and said, “Ashley didn’t waste any time letting Bill know she was the next female to try his cock.”

Ashley smiled at Joanna and said, “I’m going to offer Bill a snack of my own in a few minutes so he won’t need what you’re holding in your hand.”

Joanna smiled and said, “Feel free to use one of the beds inside, it will be more comfortable.”

Bill smiled and said to Ashley, “Come on, let’s go find a bed.”

Ashley said, “We can use Dan and Kim’s bed. It’s huge and plenty of room to move.”

They walked into the house together holding hands. In the bedroom, they didn’t hesitate one second to get up on the bed and lie side by side and kiss while their hands explored each other. After a few minutes Bill asked Ashley to get up on top of him and sit on his face so he could lick her pussy. Ashley was quick to move and straddle Bill’s face. She carefully positioned herself so her pussy was directly over Bill’s mouth before she lower her spread open pussy down onto his lips. A soft moan escaped her lips when she felt Bill’s tongue penetrate her pussy. She pushed her pussy downward expecting to trap more of Bill’s tongue inside her.

Bill didn’t disappoint Ashley as he began to tongue fuck her juicy pussy. Intermittently, Bill licked Ashley’s clit before slipping his tongue back inside her pussy and swirling it first one way and then the other. Ashley was in heaven with the treatment Bill was giving her and when she looked down she saw Bill’s huge, rigid cock waving back and forth. Ashley leaned forward until her face was beside Bill’s cock, making sure her pussy remained over Bill’s mouth.

Ashley stared at the large bulging head of Bill’s very intimidating cock. She had watched this cock flop between Bill’s legs as he walked but now; now, it was here in her face, only centimeters from her mouth. Hesitantly, Ashley stuck out her tongue and licked it like a lollipop. After a few licks around his cock head, Ashley opened her mouth as wide as she could and slid Bill’s cock into her mouth. Ashley sucked and used her tongue to swirl around the sensitive rim of his cockhead.

Meanwhile Bill pulled Ashley’s pussy down to his mouth and was alternating between licking her clit and tongue fucking her. Ashley’s mouth was gaziantep fetiş escort full and her moans were muffled but growing louder by the second. A few minutes later, Ashley humped against Bill’s tongue as an orgasm raced through her body and made her quiver and shake. When her orgasm subsided Ashley rolled off Bill and moved around on the bed until she was once again facing Bill but this time she had a huge smile of satisfaction on her face.

Bill looked into Ashley’s eyes saying, “Your pussy is one of the sweetest I’ve tasted.”

Ashley purred and said, “Thank you Bill. I’ve always made personal hygiene a priority.”

Ashley rolled on her stomach, pushed her body up until she was on her knees before saying, “Take me Bill. Put that wonderful cock in my pussy and let me feel what it’s like to be packed full of cock.”

Bill got up and moved behind Ashley. As he was moving into position behind her, he said, “I want you to tell me if you feel even the slightest bit of pain.”

Bill rubbed the tip of his cock up and down Ashley’s small pink pussy bumping the tip of his cock against her very sensitive clit, with each stroke. After the head of his cock was lubricated with Ashley’s own juices, Bill aligned his cock with the tiny hole leading into Ashley’s body. Bill paused momentarily before he gently pushed forward and the tip of his cockhead started stretching Ashley’s hole. Ashley didn’t say anything until almost all of Bill’s cock head was inside her then she asked him to stop and allow her time to adjust to his size. While waiting Bill reached down and gripped his cock and moved it up and down, using it like a pry bar.

When Ashley felt she was ready she asked Bill to continue. He pushed forward slowly, hesitating every few seconds to allow Ashley to adjust to his size. Less than half his cock was inside Ashley when she suddenly exclaimed, “Ooooooh! That’s enough; don’t go in any further, OH MY GOD …. BILL!”

Ashley continued, “Your cock feels great. I’ve never had something so big inside me before. Please don’t go in any further but would you please fuck me.”

Bill said, “Ashley it won’t take long for me to cum because you’re so tight.

Ashley said, “I don’t care Bill. Having you inside me makes me feel so good.”

Bill moved slowly and careful, so he didn’t push too much of his cock into Ashley. Holding tight to Ashley’s hips Bill cock pistoned into Ashley’s super slippery pussy as he felt his cum start to travel out of his testicles towards the end of his cock. Bill told Ashley, “I’m almost ready to cum!”

Breathing erratically Ashley said, “Go ahead and cum Bill, I’m almost ready too.”

A few seconds later Bill felt the first spurt of sperm shoot out of his cock and Ashley felt the warm fluid splash inside her, which triggered the start of her own orgasm. Humping and pumping together both Bill and Ashley enjoyed the euphoria of their orgasmic release.

Both of them collapsed on the bed and Bill’s cock remained inside Ashley as he spooned behind her. They lay together until their breathing returned to more normal rates. Ashley whispered, “Thank you Bill. Thank you for being gentle and filling me so full of that wonderful cock.”

Bill smiled to himself and quietly said, “You’re very welcome. I don’t want to ruin this moment but I have to take a quick shower and clean the pool so I can go to work.”

Ashley giggled and said, “I don’t want to ruin this moment either but I have to douche out all the sperm you deposited in me then take a shower. So, as much as I hate to say it, you’ll have to pull that wonderful cock out and we can go get cleaned up.”

When Bill pulled his cock out of Ashley there was a squishing sound then Ashley moved quickly off the bed. Bill followed Ashley into the bathroom and unlike the members of the Morrison family Ashley sat demurely on the toilet and tried desperately not to pee while Bill was in the bathroom with her. From her perch on the toilet, Ashley watched as Bill washed his body then stepped out of the shower and dried off. Bill stopped in front of Ashley and kissed her forehead saying, “See ya downstairs.”

Once Bill left the bathroom Ashley breathed a sigh of relief and allowed her pussy muscles to relax. Her pee and Bill’s cum poured out of her. When she was finished peeing, Ashley turned on the water in the bidet and douched. Finally she took a shower and enjoyed the hot water cascading over her body. Ashley finished showering, dried her body and brushed her hair.

When she walked back out on the deck Joanna and Debbie looked up at her with huge smiles on their faces. Debbie was the first to talk by asking, “Did you enjoy yourself, Ash?”

Ashley sat down at the table and leaned forward saying, “I don’t know how much of his cock he put in me but I was full. Oh God was I full. It felt amazing!”

Joanna smiled and said, “Oh I know it and then when he takes it out, you feel so empty. I loved Bill’s cock inside me and I’m going to try it again sometime this week.”

Ashley and Debbie finished their coffee and a snack then excused themselves so they could start cleaning. Bill finished cleaning the pool and put everything away before he took another quick shower in the deck shower to wash off the chlorine. After he dried off he walked into the kitchen and said good bye to Joanna then he headed off to work.

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