The Most Eclectic Taste

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It took a while to find the restaurant, I had to make several u-turns and stopped several times to ask directions, but I finally found it in the back corner if a very dark alley. I never really minded going out to eat alone and since my tastes leaned toward the eclectic, I was alone more often than not. I think in this specific case, there was no way I wanted anyone with me, I wanted to be able to dedicate my full attention to the delicacies they placed before me.

Pulling up in front of the establishment, I climbed out of the car and handed the valet the keys asking him, “Where do you park them?”

“We rent space in a parking garage on the next block. It’s not too far away and the garage is secure. Your car will be fine.”

Nodding, I watched him climb into my car and carefully pull away. I turned to the entrance and yes, it was just as it was described to me. There were no signs except for a small one on the door that said: Private, admittance by appointment only. There rest of the building looked foreboding with the black plywood covering the entire lower floor and filling in all window openings on the second and third floor. Above the plywood, sooty grey brick ran between oddly stained limestone ledges.

A single light at the door only dimly lit the wooden porch area and the concrete steps up to the porch were worn and slippery. After carefully climbing up the steps onto the porch I knocked the door and waited. A small tray slid out a small opening in the door and I heard a voice from a small intercom in the wall that I hadn’t noticed before.

“Good evening. Please place your driver’s license or passport in the tray for reservation confirmation.”

I grabbed my walled, pulled out the driver’s license, put it in the tray and watched it disappear. In a moment the tray slid back out and I retrieved my license. Returning it to my wallet I stepped back from the door and then watched it open into small room. Light spilled out onto the porch and I carefully entered the door, noticing it closed and locked behind me.

“Welcome Mr. Thouson, you have come well recommended. Please follow me to the interview room, I understand you are familiar with our procedures here.”

“Well, somewhat, Mr. Aruputa told me of the nature of this restaurant and explained that security was very tight.”

“The nature of the delicacies we offer requires us to be sure of our clients, but also in an effort to provide you with a uniquely satisfying experience we will provide you with a guide to help as you partake of our delicacies.

“Please understand, our guides are not there to interfere with your private dining, but more as a culinary expert. Some of our clients want to have the subtle differences in the flavors and textures explained as they eat, others, prefer the sanctity of silence. Your signal to your guide will be a simple clasp of the wrist. If he is talking, he will be silent until you next clasp his wrist and vice versa. Again, given what we offer here, we work hard to understand even the most reticent of diners.

“Mr. Aruputa told me I will never experience anything like this anywhere else.”

“We do pride ourselves on the unique experience. Now Mr. Thouson, let me introduce you to Hespia, she will conduct the interview.”

A beautiful older woman reached her black gloved hand and shook my hand firmly as she said in an almost whisper, “Good evening Mr. Thouson. Please understand that the very personal nature of my questions are all part of our commitment to your dining pleasure. You may refuse to answer any question and all questions you desire, but please be aware it may undermine our ability to maximize your enjoyment. If you are ready, I will begin.”

Pausing for a moment, I looked Hespia over. Her jet black hair was well streaked in grey and her face showed some wrinkles at the corners of her eyes and mouth. She had dark brown Bostancı Escort eyes that seemed to dart here and there as she studied me. Her black dress was basically a lace, see-thru material that exposed her legs and arms, but it appeared she had on a tight black one piece body suit that covered her nicely curved body.

“Are you ready?” she asked me.

“Yes Ma’am,” I answered.

For the next twenty to thirty minutes I answered several hundred questions about my overall health, my eating habits and taste, my sexual experience, with some very touchy stuff about my perversions, turn-ons, and turn-offs. Throughout the interview the woman’s tone did not change from her whispered monotone, even on some of the most delicate questions.

“Thank you Mr. Thouson,” Hespia said. “We will take a few minutes to evaluate the questionnaire and then assign a guide for you. Please have a seat there.”

Stepping into the room, I wondered about something I didn’t initially notice, but now it seems important. The waiting rooms I have entered each had only one chair, and really didn’t have much room anyone else. Apparently, once entering the establishment each diner is separated from all others.

The waiting area was dimly lit, with very ancient appearing Chinese or Japanese Tapestries on several walls. The colorful landscapes and military battles were a bit difficult to see in the low light, and though I stood up to get s closer view, between the tables, small soji-screens and plants, I couldn’t get a very good view. I wondered if they were as valuable as they appeared.

“Mr. Thouson, I have been selected to assist you this evening,” a portly fellow at the door said cheerfully. “I am Mishio Matsua, feel free to call me Miso, like the soup. Before we begin, do you have any questions?”

“Well yes, your waiting areas are so small, do you have larger one for larger groups?”

“No sir, the dining experience here is expected to be an individual experience, so people are only served by themselves… accompanied by their guide of course.”

“The tapestries?”

“Ah, so very astute for you to notice. Most of these are originals, some dating back many years. Would you like me to talk of the history of each?”

“Well no, I’m not that familiar with the history, they are just so beautiful.”

Miso smiled broadly, “Oh Mr. Thouson, these are just the beginnings of beautiful things you will see and yes, taste tonight. Just the beginnings.”

“I am anxious to begin,” I said.

“Okay, but before we go I want to take just a moment to discuss proper etiquette. As I mentioned, our intent is to provide an individual dining experience, but there may be occasions when we will see other diners while making our way to different rooms. We ask that all you do is respectfully bow to the other diner and continue to follow me. Even in you recognize the individual, we strongly will request you simply bow and then continue.”

“Okay, I think I will be able to do that.”

“Please understand that your experience tonight is specifically designed for a first time visitor here. With each subsequent experience here, other dining opportunities will become available to you based upon your desires. Of course, this is all based upon your own personal preferences.

“As we head to your specific room we will pass a number of other rooms, many of which are reserved to much more eclectic and dare I say perverse tastes than we initially will provide for you. Again, based upon your own personal preferences we can avail these to you on your subsequent visits. Now, if you will, please follow me.”

Miso led me out of the waiting room through a narrow hallway into a large room that looked like some type of a lodge or something. It was octagonal, with three doors at each of the eight sides. Stepping into the lodge I passed a man I had seen before, on Anadolu Yakası Escort TV. Trying not to gawk, I bowed to him and then walked on.

Miso whispered, “Yes, that is who you think it is. Please, remember the etiquette, there are many Government Officials who dine here, some much more powerful that the man you just bowed to.”

We stepped into one of the middle doors and passed down another hallway and entered into another large lodge like room, just like the last one. Apparently at each of the eight sides to the rooms are three doors, two that lead to dining rooms, the middle door entering a hallway to another octagon. This time we stepped through the left door on the wall into complete darkness.

I felt Miso’s hand take hold of my arm as he said, “Careful Mr. Thouson, let me help you.”

“You can see in this darkness.”

“I know the way, besides there are some luminous strips on the floor.”

Glancing downward I spotted a few spots faintly glowing. Watching the spots, I let Miso guide me down the path to my chair. I could hear some breathing and movement in front of me, but still could see anything in the darkness.

“Before you start,” Miso whispered, pulling his chair up beside me, “on each side of your setting you’ll find several different pallet cleansers.” Lighting a tiny flashlight he shined the light on some pink strips of something, “These are ginger root, like when you eat sushi, here is some sorbet, we have crackers, salted and unsalted, some water and finally some warm, green tea. We ask that, to make things more comfortable for everyone, you try a pallet cleanser whenever you wish, but when you partake of one of these, please take a sip of the tea before returning to your main course.”

“Okay, I think that is reasonable and certainly understandable considering.”

“Are you ready?” Miso asked.

“Yes, I am ready.”

“Okay, curtain please.”

I could hear some ruffling, and then could detect movement, but it still remained pitch dark. Something was sliding toward me.

“Put your hands on your lap while the upper table is moved into place,” Miso said, moving his chair back a bit.

Something brushed my shoulder and I could feel a strange warmth around me. I also detected a distinct fragrance and took a deep breath through my nose.

“Ah yes, take in the fragrance before we take up the lights. You like sushi, so you know the importance of all senses in the finest dining,” Miso whispered in my ear. “Are you ready for the lights?”

“Oh yes,” I replied.

The lights came up and I watched her slowly appear. The woman was on her back, her legs open with a leg on each side of me. Sitting up straight I could look over her stomach, her breasts and see her face. Relaxing back into my chair I looked straight between her legs, at her beautiful slit.

Miso began a quiet, unobtrusive narration, “Based upon your preferences, you’ll note the young woman has black silken pubic hair, nicely trimmed. Tonight, you have a unique opportunity because this young woman is a virgin. Now, of course our normal agreed upon price of the meal is the same, but we can offer you, for an additional cost, the unique opportunity of tasting a virgin and then, if you want to wait for a moment, you can then taste her after her virginity has been taken.”

“You mean…”

“We can arrange for a man to take her virginity while you wait. She will then return and you can taste the difference between virgin and non-virgin flesh.”

“Will he wear a condom?”

“Well of course, unless you request something different.”

Intrigued by the possibilities I said, “Yes a condom this time, and yes I will pay extra to try to the two tastes.”

I sat up straight and looked at the woman. She stared back at me, smiling shyly she moved a hand to her forehead and tossed back a strand of black Pendik Escort hair that cascaded over her face. Pausing a moment, I looked over to Miso. After a few moments he said, “Oh yes,” bowing slightly, he continued, “if you need anything you can press the button there and I will attend you promptly.” He bowed again and backed out of the room.

Pulling my chair up I leaned in between her legs and took a deep breath, breathing her fragrance. With a hint of jasmine in the air, her moist earthiness was very enticing. Letting my face brush along the inside of her thigh, I noted how soft her skin was. Moving close, I gently kissed the lips of her pussy, starting at the top and slowly working downward.

She arched her back and moaned slightly, obviously wanting more. Ever so gently I moved my tongue up and down, just enough to slowly burrow in between her lips. Wanting to savor her, I eased my tongue into her, centimeter by centimeter, noting first how she tasted to just the tip of my tongue and then, pushing deeper, I let her flavor flood over my tongue. I had assumed the faint scent of jasmine to her fragrance was from a perfume, but again, the earthy tanginess of her did carry the slightest hint of jasmine too.

Moving my hands to her hips, I held her gently, pushing my tongue deeper into her, tasting her and exploring her at the same time. She had begun to move, easing her hips up and down in an increasingly impatient manner. Teasing her some, I explored her cunt some more finding the taught band of her hymen, but finally withdrawing my tongue and easing a finger into her.

My tongue eased up her slit, gently rolling onto her clit, while I pushed my finger in and pressed it against her hymen. As my tongue moved round and round on her clit, I slowly increased the pressure on the band of flesh, trying to stretch it some. Drawing her clit into my mouth and sucking now, I began moving my finger in and out of her wet opening.

She responded to me, moving her hips faster now she moaned loudly. After all that teasing, her orgasm came quickly, surprising me as suddenly she raised her hips and then shuddered. I could feel her pussy pulsate over my fingers as I sucked her clit between my lips and held in it firmly.

In a few moments, she relaxed, easing her ass back down onto the table in front of me. I moved my tongue down and slipped it into her cunt, letting her cover it in her abundant juices. Her taste had distinctly changed. I no longer detected the hint of jasmine, instead she tasted a bit saltier and the tanginess was more intense. After that one last taste, I moved my face back away from her, pushed back my chair and pushed the button.

Miso entered the room almost immediately, saying, “Have you finished or do you need something else?”

“No, I’ve finished this course, but there is one thing I would like to ask,” I said, looking back at the woman.

“What is that sir?”

“Would it be allowable if I were the one to take her virginity?”

“Well, it is not something we normally do, but… wait here a moment and let me confirm,” he said, walking briskly out of the room. A few moments later he returned handing me a piece of paper.

Unfolding it I looked down and read it. It was a price quote for additional services, including the cost of another room, the cost of my contact with the woman, along with a substantial fee called a “mdh” fee. I looked up at Miso and asked, “What is the fee?”

“That is a maidenhead fee, the cost if you take it.”

I grabbed a pen, signed my acceptance of the offer and handed the paper back to Miso, who bowed and said, “The lights will go down now and we will remove the table and the woman. When the lights come back up you will be alone for just a moment as I will be preparing the room for you and the woman. Please remain comfortable for a few moments. When I return I will lead you into the room where you can take her virginity. We will then return here for you to complete your tasting.”

I nodded and the room went suddenly dark. Hearing some activity in front of me, I remained seated as Miso asked, looking forward to touching the beautiful woman once again.

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