The New Girl

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All of the characters in this story are at least 18 years old. The setting is somewhere in Southern California.


**THURSDAY 1 to 4 p.m.**

Carter heard a soft cough and a light knock on his office door jamb. He looked up from the journal he was reading and peered over his half rims. A girl, framed in the doorway, clutched a manila envelope in her extended left hand.

“Are you the counselor?” She asked quietly. “They said I should bring my transcripts to the counselor.” The girl hesitated, flashed a smile, and continued, “I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to where I was supposed to go…I’m…a little lost?” Shyly, she cast her eyes down toward her feet.

Carter grinned easily, pushed his work to the side and stood up. Stepping around his desk, he reached for the envelope, ushered her in, closed the door and said, “Hi! My name is Dr. Carter. It looks as though you listened well enough.” Winking, he continued, “I am the Head of the Counseling Department, but there is certainly no reason I cannot assist you, Miss…?”

“…Halstead,” the girl replied. “Periwinkle Halstead, but,” she added hastily, “Everyone just calls me Peri.”

“Well, Peri, that is just fine. Have a seat over here, give me just a moment to study what you have, and we will see about the next steps.” Carter beamed his most jovial avuncular look as he showed Peri to a huge brown overstuffed easy chair to the right of his desk.

Peri tried to seat herself carefully and modestly in the beast, but its soft cushion and deep, slightly reclined, back surprised her. She plopped down and fell backward against the chair at a very un-lady-like angle. She managed to cross her ankles and close her briefly spread thighs but had to lean forward and scrunch her bottom back on the cushion to maintain an upright posture.

Carter, meanwhile, had returned behind his desk and angled his chair toward Peri. He viewed her straight on over the right corner of his desk and sat down just in time to see the girl flail backward. Her awkwardly angled legs kicked her skirt hem up and she showed a fleeting glimpse of white cotton beneath the sheer, darker crotch panel of her navy tights.

“Good for her,” he thought, noting Peri’s self-aware and modest recovery as she repositioned and balanced herself in the massive chair. Carter opened the envelope and saw the familiar course titles, grade statistics and basic personal identifiers, including her date of birth. “This is all very impressive, Miss, Peri,” began Carter. “All A’s, including your Advanced Placement Level courses. I probably should not be surprised, since your Scholastic Aptitude Test scores are perfect 800’s, but aptitude and application are both important for academic, or personal, achievement. I often see young people who are unwilling or unable to put the two together. It is most refreshing to find an exceptional young woman, such as yourself.” Carter applauded and smiled broadly, then continued, “I see yesterday was your 18th birthday. Happy Birthday, Peri!”

“Thank you, Dr. Carter,” Peri murmured. She was used to compliments on her brains and hard work. Even so, she found the counselor’s praise was heady stuff. He was, after all, a university professional, and must see lots of incoming freshmen, yet, clearly, he was sincerely impressed.

“Right off the top, I see three realistic targets.” Carter began. “These really only depend on how you want to approach your collegiate experience.” Carter continued, “First, you have sufficient AP credits that you will earn your baccalaureate in just five semesters with only a minimum full-time course load. Second, you could get your degree in four semesters, if you simply chose to take the average full-time course load.” Carter paused a moment before continuing. “Third, if you were to decide to burn through University with extra courses on top of the average load, you could possibly have your Bachelor’s Degree in as few as three semesters.”

Peri struggled, but maintained polite interest in Carter’s words while she looked around his office. Behind his desk a large window, with both venetian blinds and dark olive, heavy velvet curtains, looked out onto the quadrangle and admitted the early afternoon sun’s light. Across the room to her right, and continuing around the corner toward the door, bookcases lined the walls from the floor nearly to the ceiling. Directly in front of her, in the corner to the right and behind Carter’s desk, were two smaller straight chairs and a petite credenza with a green shaded lamp. Carter’s own desk was a clutter of piled books and papers surrounding a funny-looking, almost out of place, modern, adjustable chrome gooseneck light. This lamp, the pole lamp beside her chair, the desk light and the ceiling light were all off and the room was dappled with myriad natural shadows from the main window.

Peri recognized the strains of Vivaldi’s ‘Autumn’ from ‘The Four Seasons’ filling the office unobtrusively. She could not pinpoint the speakers; the music was magically everywhere, and nowhere, at the same gaziantep bayan escort time.

“You are obviously capable and unafraid of hard work, Peri,” Carter droned on, “but there is more to matriculation than just amassing credits as fast as possible.” He smiled across the desk and noticed she was distracted. “that’s a good sign,” he thought to himself, “she may be a good subject for my project.” Speaking aloud again, he continued “it is very important, in my opinion, to enjoy the process and not to focus only on the outcome. Unless funding is an issue, I always recommend taking as much time as needed to achieve not only academic credentials, but also, the personal development goals attainable at a university.”

“Mmm-hmm, I have been grinding pretty hard ever since Mom and Grandma died five, almost six, years ago. Money is no problem, since I have a trust fund set up, and it would be nice to be a normal teenager for a couple of years, without totally goofing off.” Peri’s head rocked left and right with little twitches as she spoke her thoughts aloud, responsive to Carter’s speech. She was taken aback when he paraphrased, “Oh? Your mom and grandma died? I am so sorry to hear that.” Peri had not been aware she had actually been verbalizing as she considered what the counselor was telling her.

“Hmm? Oh! Yes,” Peri said, “Sorry I guess I was thinking out loud! Yes, Mom and Grandma were travelling in that plane that was blown up by a hijacker, or whatever, en route from Baghdad to Amman, Jordan on Christmas Day, 1986…”

For his own part, Carter was not so much distracted, as he was dialing in, while he rambled through his typical, well-polished, ‘make the most of your experience’ speech. He studied Peri sitting opposite him in “Monstro’, as he called the great chair by his desk.

Her light-brown hair fell straight to her shoulders. It cascaded across the tops of her breasts, implied beneath her simple, pink, shirt-cut blouse and cream lambs’ wool cardigan. Peri’s hair framed her face which was accented by thinly arched brows over hazel eyes with long lashes. Her nose was small, slightly upturned, and sprinkled with a smattering of freckles splashing across its bridge onto her rounded cheeks.

Peri’s outstanding facial feature, to Carter’s mind, was a full sensuous lower lip, below a thinner cupid’s bow, which it joined at the bracketed corners of her mouth so that her least smile was punctuated by dimples drawing attention to her short, wide, yet delicate chin.

Carter loved that she seemed to smile frequently. His eyes tracked down her neck, past a light gold chain with a small solitaire tourmaline attached, to her blouse collar. Discreetly open at the neck, it was buttoned just above where he figured her cleavage would begin had she been more daring in her dress code.

Involuntarily, Carter licked his lips and exclaimed, “What? My Goodness! I remember that tragedy from the news…that must have had a big impact on your world at that critical age. But, what of your father? You speak as if you were orphaned,” he concluded.

“Yes,” Peri answered, “I was, for all intents and purposes. Mom said my Dad left her before I was born and she took me to live with Grandma on a sheep station in Australia. So, with them gone, I had to leave boarding school in Adelaide and come to California to live with my guardian, Uncle Arthur, on his ranch.” She continued, “It was OK because he had a huge extended family, including girl and boy cousins who were around my age. It was weird, too, though. I never was sure who, if anyone, was married to whom. It was really like a commune, except even closer knit.”

“Anyway, they took good care of me. I just got really nerdy and into school stuff. No one at the ranch was a dummy, but I guess I was most like a bookworm,” Peri concluded. As she spoke, she sucked her lower lip in and out and her fingers absently twirled her top blouse button.

Carter was intrigued by this combination of nervous display and lush naivety. He felt a swelling in his groin as her tale unfolded. “Well, Peri,” he managed to say, thinking his voice had a peculiar rasp, which he hoped was unnoticed, “It does sound as if, despite the awful event, you landed on your feet in a loving situation which can be all the difference between hope and despair.”

As Carter said the word, ‘Despair’, Peri’s fingers twisted her button, popping it free from its slot. Verifying Carter’s guess, the top of the valley between her breasts hove into view giving rise to both Carter’s ‘Hope’ and his cock.

Unfazed, Peri continued her unconscious twiddling. Carter earnestly pursued his theme, “I hope Peri, you will find similar loving conditions here at University. I encourage you to consider me a mentor, a friend, a confidante even, as needs be.”

Peri’s second button popped loose, further exposing the trench of her bosom, as she leaned forward in “Monstro’ saying, “Oh, Dr. Carter, that is so awfully kind! You are such a nice man and I will not disappoint gaziantep escort bayan you, I am sure. I will absolutely come to you, whenever! Thank you so much!” She pressed her hands down on the chair arms and rose, giving Carter a fuller sense of her developing form as she stood.

He watched as she nonchalantly smoothed her khaki gabardine A-Line skirt and turned toward the door. “Just a moment, Peri!” Carter called, “You will want to keep these documents.”

She half-turned to take the envelope from his hand. The natural twist tightened the beige fabric across her bottom below the hem of her cardigan, effectively isolating her ass in a spotlight of sun rays from the window.

“Perfect,” thought Carter. Aloud he said, “Also we need to set a time for your next appointment. See Ruth, down the hall, and schedule an hour. Meanwhile consider what I said and review the upper division catalog. There’s plenty of time. Classes don’t start for until the 14th this year.”

Completing her turn, Peri smiled again and extended her right arm to shake Carter’s hand. “Thank you again, Dr. Carter. I’m so glad I found your office. I can hardly wait to sit down with you and commit to my first load.” Her hand in his was warm and soft but she gave him a firm, light squeeze. Withdrawing from the handshake, her fingers trailed along his palm. It was electrifying and Carter was momentarily nonplussed.

“Great!” He half-coughed. “Looking forward to it…” he said to Peri’s derriere retreating to the corridor.

Carter closed and locked his door, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers. His stiffened dick eagerly pushed through his boxers’ fly. He was very proud that he still had the ability to get and keep a hard-on. He was no stud, but at 66 years old, he had none of the performance issues many of his younger friends and colleagues complained of frequently.

He looked down at the shiny purple knob poking out and moved his hand, lightly stroking it while he spread his legs. He paused his rubbing long enough to shove his slacks and shorts down to his ankles and then he put his right hand under his balls and returned his left fist to his engorged dick.

Peri’s face came to his mind. He thought abut her pouting, smiling lips working their way up and down his shaft, slowly closing over his throbbing, bouncing cock’s head. He imagined the warmth of her mouth; the pressure of her tongue and palate as she sucked on his thick staff of life. Leaning back against the door jamb, Carter closed his eyes and pumped, squeezing his nuts until he felt the unstoppable surge and release of his semen as it shot up, over his curled thumb and forefinger. Sighing, he hopped forward a couple of feet, grabbed some tissues from a nearby box, cleaned himself, pulled up his clothes and sauntered around his desk. Reseating himself he opened his earlier abandoned journal article and adjusted his half-rims.


Down the hall, Peri stepped into the Counseling Main Office and saw a pretty, 30-something, brunette woman at a desk behind a nameplate: Ruth Cohen, Counseling Secretary. No one else was in the office. Peri quietly interrupted the woman at her computer, “Excuse me, Dr. Carter sent me to see you?”

Ruth looked up from the kebyboard and smiled broadly. “Hi! I am Ruth Cohen,” she pointed to the obvious desk sign, “How can I help you?”

“Umm, I’m Peri Halstead. Dr. Carter said I should set up a one-hour appointment with him to go over my class schedule?”

“I see,” replied Ruth, scrutinizing Peri from head to toe with an experienced, quick scan. “When was it he wanted this to happen?”

“Oh, well, um, he didn’t say anything more than just ‘See Ruth.’ I guess I should have gotten more details…sorry.” Peri frowned and lowered her eyes.

“Don’t fret, Miss Halstead, I can view his whole calendar,” Ruth said, in a matter-of-fact tone. “We’ll set it up and he can like it or lump it!” She gave a short, sardonic, laugh as she thought to herself “The old goat probably has a lump right now and likes it!” Returning to Peri, Ruth said, “OK, so today is pretty much shot, unless you can get back here at 4 o’clock. He never sees anyone on Fridays and, of course we are on the edge of the long Labor Day Weekend, so I know he would not make an exception. Tuesday is already full but next Wednesday and Thursday still have several times available. Looking at Peri, Ruth narrowed her eyes and laughed again. “When do you think you could come?” she asked.

“Hmmm,” Peri thought quickly, “Yes, I want to do it as soon as I can so there is less chance of conflicts. Please put me on the calendar for this afternoon.”

“OK, that’s done,” said Ms. Cohen. “Now, don’t you be alarmed if no one else is around the building. The semester hasn’t started and most of the staff are still out. My yoga class is on Thursdays, so I will be gone when you get here. Just knock on Dr. Carter’s door. Everything will be jake, believe me.” Ruth finished.

“Oh, OK. Thanks for the heads-up, escort gaziantep bayan Ms. Cohen!” Peri said. “See you another time, then.” and she left the office.

Ruth stared after her. “Yes, indeed, I hope you do see me another time, honey!” she thought. “Your legs are lovely and I am sure your sweet little snatch is just waiting to be sucked.” The mere consideration of such a possibility made Ruth’s cunt seep warm sticky fluid onto her panties. She dipped her right hand quickly under her print dress and ran her index finger along their moistening crotch panel, which clung to her newly aroused pussy-lips. Bringing here hand to her face, she inserted the finger in her mouth and then pulled it back. Her lips made a soft popping noise at the extraction. Ruth shut down her computer, locked her desk and left for her yoga lesson.


Peri felt a breeze as she walked across the quad toward the University library. Pulling her sweater more snugly to her chest, she saw her unbuttoned blouse. “Oh, my gosh!” she thought, as she rapidly redid the top two buttons and restored her original demure look. “How did that happen, and when?” she wondered to herself, “I sure hope Dr. Carter and Ms. Cohen don’t think I am a tart!”

Peri also realized her nipples were stiff and visibly evident, despite the combined thickness of her cotton bra and blouse material, so she buttoned her wool cardigan all the way to the top.

Peri started to become aware of her breasts when they began budding around age 11, but they were still mysterious to her in many ways. Of course, sex education and girl talk had provided her plenty of information, and misinformation, over the years to augment her own personal observations and experiences. Still, for instance, she did not understand why her nipples could get hard for seemingly no reason at all.

Peri really liked her breasts. Her Mom had called them ‘boobs’ and her Grandma was quick to say ‘tits’ and ‘knockers’, but Peri always thought about them as ‘breasts.’ They were good sized, proportionate to her medium slim frame. They usually fit well into a 35C bra cup, but, weirdly, her left breast always seemed just a bit fuller, or rounder, than her right one. Her areolas were larger than some girls’ she saw in showers but they were not as big as others. She remembered measuring them once a couple of years ago and they were 75mm, almost 3 inches, across, which was on the high side of average but not freaky. She liked their look: they were evenly round and a pretty shade of light cinnamon color which was a nice contrast to the pale cream color of her breasts themselves. When she rubbed her areolas, or her ‘coins’, as she called them, they would puff up and be like little caps on the ends of her breasts. Then, if she pulled at them, she could make her nipples get really hard and they would stand up and be like little brown funnels stuck to her bosom.

Peri knew her nipples and coins were also reactive to cold temperatures, such as when she would get out of a swimming pool and the cool air would give her gooseflesh all over. This was always embarrassing and she hardly ever went swimming because of it. But, then there were times, like now, when there was no overt stimulation or temperature shift or, even, anything very exciting, and they would just stand up and shout, “Look at us!”

“Oh my gosh!”, Peri thought suddenly, “What if I am excited about seeing Dr. Carter and getting my courses laid out? He is an old guy but he is kind of handsome and he was very nice.” She mulled this over and then looked down at her breasts, buttoned and under wraps, and said out loud, “Hey! Are you guys trying to tell me something?” Chuckling to herself, she walked up the stairs to the library. She paid no attention to the several boys, hanging out on the steps, who were paying a great deal of attention to her natural flounce as she passed them by.


In the library, Peri picked up a copy of the current course catalog and took it to a study carrel to review the upper division courses as Dr. Carter had suggested. In a few minutes she had tossed it to the corner of the cube and felt both overwhelmed and frozen. In high school the courses were pretty much there to be taken and she had been so intent on the minutiae of getting top grades that she had not spent much time on the larger question: What happens after high school? She came to University thinking of being a veterinarian, but all of a sudden she doubted that and wondered about being an engineer, a fashion designer, or even a counselor, like Dr. Carter.

She picked up the catalog, flipped the pages, and tried again to read about the courses and chart a path for herself to somewhere. After two hours she was completely muddled and it was nearly time to meet Dr. Carter. She was afraid to confess her confusion to him but she wasn’t going to chicken out on the appointment.

Re-crossing the quad to the Counseling Center, she stopped suddenly. Consciously, deliberately, she unbuttoned her cardigan to her midriff and undid the top two buttons of her blouse. “No more Miss Priss!” Peri said to herself. She brushed her hands across her blouse front and grinned broadly as her coins popped. Her nipples proudly pressed against the restraint of her bra. “I’m going to be confident and unembarrassed, no matter what,” she said. “Darn it,” she continued with her self-talk, “I am 18 years old, at University, and I am a woman, not a little girl!”

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