The New Kid Gets a Warm Welcome

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Jared Strane opened his old bedroom door and surveyed the room. He was home for the weekend from college for one last look at his room before the new kid took it over. Jared had spent four years in the Army before college and was a senior this year, so he rarely ever came home except to beg for money, and he never slept over. Since he had been an only child, and his parents could no longer have any children of their own, they decided to adopt. The problem created lies in Jared’s parents’ hatred for large boisterous homes, despite their tremendous wealth. Thus there were only two bedrooms in their home. Jared’s room would soon belong entirely to Rebecca, the new kid.

He looked at his pinups of Carmen Electra, and his collection of sports trophies. He wondered where his parents would store all his guy stuff when the girl moved in? But he was home for one last weekend to enjoy his comfy bed and to meet Rebecca; she would be arriving in a few hours.

When Rebecca arrived Jared was in the living room watching television. She was 18 and had come from an abusive family, and needed someone to help her onto her feet, which was why she would be living with the Stranes. She looked like a very innocent girl though; long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, light blue eyes, plump and perky 34C breasts that stretched her tight emerald colored sweater, a thin flat stomach, and long toned legs underneath her tight jeans. When she sat down on the recliner next to him, Jared felt a tingle he hadn’t had since high school. Her tight jeans stretched even further flaunting her tight round ass and sliding just low enough to expose the top of a black G-string thong held together by a simple metal ring.

Everyone said their greetings and the family chatted with Rebecca for about three hours. It was getting late and everyone began to wonder where Rebecca would sleep for the night. Mr. Strane refused to allow her to sleep on the hard old couch, in spite of Rebecca’s gracious offers. Mrs. Strane suggested Rebecca could sleep on the spare air mattress in Jared’s room. He said he didn’t mind, he was ready for bed anyways, the night before he had been out late partying with his buddies. Everyone said their good nights and changed for bed. Jared changed and brushed his teeth. He called to Rebecca who was in the adjoining bathroom getting herself ready; “I hope you don’t mind, I usually sleep with only my boxers on, but I’ll be under the covers anyway.”

“Don’t worry about it.” She called back in a friendly tone. Rebecca emerged from the bathroom moments later, and Jared’s tingle resumed. She was wearing her hair in a ponytail again, and had donned a tiny spaghetti string halter with no bra that hung low enough for Jared to peak at her plump breasts and perky nipples when she bent down to pull her blankets aside, Manavgat escort and skin tight short shorts that extended less than an inch lower than her crotch. He could also see she was wearing the black G-string when she bent over.

“Where did you get all those trophies?” She asked him admiringly.

“Well, I played football, lacrosse, and hockey, and was really good at all of them, I guess with that much going on I just performed really well.” He didn’t mean to gloat, but he loved explaining it to her for some reason. He felt good about her admiring him.

“What’s that big gold plaque for over there? Is that for one of your sports?” She seemed enthralled by his achievements.

“Oh, that’s for lifting. We lifted weights a lot for football, kind of made a club out of it, and I was able to bench 300 pounds before my senior year so they gave me a plaque.” One of his achievements he was most proud of. He was really very strong. He stood about 6 foot 2 inches and weighted nearly 220 pounds. He was covered head to toe in rippling muscles and bulging veins. His short brown hair and soft brown eyes made him very attractive, especially in his sports days, but he had never had time for a full time girlfriend. For a handsome guy like him, he was fairly ill experienced with women.

“That’s amazing,” she shifted her gaze from the plaque to his bicep, “Could I feel your muscles? I’ve never met anyone as strong as you.”

“Sure, I guess” He was flattered, and a little aroused, but everything seemed to be fairly innocent. Her tone of voice hinted at nothing but pure plutonic admiration. She gripped his bicep as he flexed his hardest and couldn’t budge it.

“Wow!” She exclaimed as she moved further toward the center of his body, stroking and pressing on his shoulder and the pectorals. She gripped and pushed on him and couldn’t put a dent in his hard pecks. “That’s amazing…” she started, and began to lean closer to him. He saw the kiss coming, and knew that she was way too young, and she was about to be his sister, but he was so flattered. She was so innocent, he couldn’t believe what was happening, much less make a decision quick enough to stop it. She planted a kiss on his lips and began exploring with her tongue. Jared tongued back and put his arms around her. When their lips separated she pulled away slowly and looked down, “I’m… I’m sorry; I’ve never done that before. I don’t know what came over me, but…”

“No, don’t worry” he said, interrupting her apology, “but what?”

“Well, I liked it, can, if you don’t mind, can I do it again.” He considered his options. She was 18 and he was 28, absolutely against his morals and not right. But she was so cute. She was sitting in his lap; he had his arms around her. How could he refuse?

“Yes, yes you Manavgat escort bayan can.” He said as he leaned in to kiss her back. They embraced and Jared leaned back letting Rebecca fall on top of him as they kissed. He opened one eye to make sure his door was locked, and it was.

He was becoming aroused and his penis began to grow. He slid his right hand down to feel Rebecca’s firm ass and knew he would soon be at his full 9 inches. She felt him growing against her thigh and stopped kissing him. She lifted herself up a few inches and looked down at his rising member, then back at Jared.

“I’ve never seen a man naked before…” She said, again in her innocent voice that was just a little too plutonic. Jared knew this was wrong and that that would cross the line, but before he could protest Rebecca had pulled his boxers down over his knees and was staring at his member hungrily.

“We really shouldn’t…” Jared started but was interrupted by a bout of unintentional moaning. Rebecca had sucked the tip of his throbbing cock into her mouth. She was clearly inexperienced, but she was doing a good job. Jared, being just as busy in college as he was in high school and the Army, had not felt lips there in over a year. “Rebecca…!” Jared stammered. He could feel his guilt fading, replaced by more and more dense passion. Rebecca bobbed her head and engulfed more than half of him, sucking back to make a vacuum around his penis, dribbling down his shaft, and making rather loud “schLOCK” noises as she went.

Now completely devoid of guilt and restrain, Jared felt his impending orgasm and couldn’t stand to have it all end so quickly.

“Stop Rebecca, right now!” He commanded as he lifted her head away from his raging erection, releasing one last “POCK” as her moist lips slid over the tip of his penis.
“But…” She hesitated, “But you moaned my name and kissed me…” He could see guilt and fear in her eyes now, and it pleased him.

“I told you to stop sucking me.” Jared responded in that same commanding voice. Then a little more soothing and suave, “I didn’t say I was done with you.”

Taking the hint, Rebecca stood. Her nipples now stood out against the flimsy white halter, and Jared couldn’t determine if the dark spot on her light gray shorts was a shadow, or something more interesting. “What do you mean?” She cooed again, in her ignorant appealing way.

“Shut up and lift your arms.” Jared peeled off her halter without hesitation, dropped to his knees in the tight space between Rebecca and the edge of the bed where he had lay before, and ripped down her shorts and thong, hooking his fingers into her socks at the bottom. As Rebecca stepped out of her socks, and the rest of her attire, Jared found himself face to face with the tightest, most beautiful pussy Escort manavgat he had ever laid eyes on. Having had little time the last few years for girls, Jared was a large-scale solicitor of pornography, particularly the teen genre, but he had never seen such a small virgin cunt. Her clit peeked, barely visible, from between her soft small lips. Her soft blond pubic hair had been trimmed to a small square patch just above the top of her slit. Jared paused for a moment in disbelief. After he composed himself again, he grabbed Rebecca one hand under her knees and one under her back, spun her around and laid her on the edge of the bed.

“Oooo,” She almost squealed, “You’re so strong Jared. What are you going to do to me?” Jared ignored her question and kissed the inside of her thighs lightly switching from one thigh to the other every inch or so, working slowly toward the prize. Jared licked a circle around her lips taking care not to enter her slit, and listened to her moan. When the begging began, Jared indulged her, licking one broad stroke up her cunt and over her clit, taking in her flavor. He switched between drawing circles around her clit and lapping up the center of it, every now and then sucking her clit into his mouth and continuing the motion. Rebecca arched her back with pleasure and grabbed her own breasts fighting the urge to scream. “Ahhh, fuck me! Please fuck me!” She pleaded.

His guilt returned. What was he doing about to fuck an 18 year old! He was 28 and she was nearly his sister! He stood quickly and looked down at her, lying naked on her back, he hands gripping the bed sheets to either side, knees drawn up to her armpits and spread wide, her nipples standing at attention on swollen breasts, and her perfect cunt, glistening with a mixture of his own spittle, and her juices. The passion once again clouded his guilt. He bent for his wallet and retrieved the ancient trophy he always carried “just in case.” It was a year old, but he wouldn’t think twice if it was a million. He ripped open the Trojan Magnum, slid it over his shaft and returned to Rebecca. She had rolled over onto her knees at the edge of the bed with her tight ass high in the air. She bit hard onto the sheets as Jared’s monstrous cock flooded her virgin pussy. Jared slid slowly in and out, in and out, and pain receded to be replaced by a warm pulsing pleasure. Now into the swing, Rebecca pushed back at Jared each time he came charging forward emitting a satisfied womanly grunt each time her buttocks collided with his hips. They started swaying faster, and faster, and Rebecca felt a wave rushing at her that she didn’t quite understand. Jared reached down, unable to stop himself, and pushed the tip of his thumb into Rebecca’s even tighter asshole bringing her to the edge of orgasm. Rebecca shook and moaned with pleasure and Jared, urged on by the spastic convulsions in her cunt, exploded within her with a roar.

They slept together that night in Jared’s bed, spooning, with Jared’s deflated cock tucked neatly between Rebecca’s legs, and Jared awoke the next morning to another surprise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32