The Orchard

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The day started off like any other, except I was headed over to Mr. Brown’s orchard. Mr. Brown has the best apples this side of the county. In fact, I’d say Mr. Brown grew the best apples I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

He never minded me coming over and picking a few unlike the rest of his customers. I guess it was because I insisted on wearing this cute little miniskirt with no panties and shirt that showed off, well just about everything I had to offer, but still leaving enough to the imagination.

Though he tried to hide the fact, I knew he was always looking. I knew if I’d let him, he’d take advantage of this eighteen year old body in no time flat. I bet his wife wouldn’t like that though.

So today I did just like I did anytime I visited. I flirted with Mr. Brown for a few minutes and held out my basket asking in the sweetest voice I could if I could have a few of his apples. Of course, with a large smile he said I could and to be sure to take as many as I’d like.

I never took more than I planned to eat that week. Anymore than that would be a waste and besides Mr. Brown had to make a living and if I was taking all that I could each time then who knows what exactly would happen to the orchard.

I made my way down to my favorite spot at the southern end of the orchard where a nice pleasant stream flowed through. There was always a cool breeze sweeping through here on these hot summer days and it felt good, especially when it swept under my skirt.

By the time I got down there the sun was already beating down, but almost immediately that cool breeze came along and started cooling me off. I spent a few minutes dangling my feet in the water, feeling the sand between my toes. It had a sort of feeling that just felt good without really being able to describe it.

After I had my fill, I got up, grabbed my basket and walked over to the closet apple tree. I plucked off two pretty quickly then I saw a massive one, the biggest I had seen in a long time on Mr. Brown’s land. I reached up but it was just out of my reach, so I had to use my tippy toes. My hand wrapped around the luscious fruit and when I came back down I was totally caught off guard.

Sliding in between the folds of my pussy was a rock hard cock. I yelped a little gaziantep escort from both being startled and slightly afraid. I was about to struggle when a voice said, “It’s okay, I’ll be gentle.”

I don’t know why exactly but I calmed down and slide the rest of the way onto that hard cock. I don’t know if it is because I was already horny or the voice was so familiar that I just couldn’t place it. Either way, that cock felt great in my pussy. I’ve had a few cocks in me, from boyfriends or some of my friends, but this one was the longest and thickest I had ever had the pleasure of having inside me.

The man quickly removed my shirt and unsnapped my bra. His hands slipped over my breasts, squeezing them and pinching my nipples, sending electricity shooting through me. Then he started pumping his cock in and out of me. I could feel my pussy throbbing around his massive cock and soon I was cumming. My juices poured over and down his firm cock. And I swear I could feel his increase in size.

He pulled out almost all the way leaving just the head of his cock inside me and then he’d jam it back up in. This went on for minutes but it felt like a lifetime. My God I was feeling so good. Then all of a sudden he just pulled completely out and removed his hands from my breasts.

I was about to spin around wondering just what was going on. I thought he was going to leave without even cumming himself. But as I started to turn, he grabbed my hips and told me to not look and lay down.

I did what he commanded. He helped guide me backward and onto him. With me lying on him with my back to him, he slid his juicy cock back into me. And it felt a whole lot better this time. He started thrusting slowly then slowly increased his pumping. Pretty soon I was moaning feverishly. My hand instinctively went to my clit and began rubbing it. Once again I was cumming and covering his thick cock in more of my juices. I could feel my pussy contract hard against the thrusts of his cock and soon I could feel his balls too contract. He pulled out and shot his cum, rope after rope of it onto my mound and stomach.

Before he was even completely finished he slipped it back into me and continued to pump it in and out, harder than gaziantep escort bayan before. My moans almost turned into screams as the ecstasy of it became so immense. My fingers glided over his cum and I scooped it up into my waiting mouth. His cum tasted so sweet that I couldn’t get enough of it. He ravaged me as I ate until there was nothing left.

When I thought I couldn’t have enough of his cock, he pulled out and rolled me over onto my hands and knees, careful not to let me see who it was. I waited for his fat cock to enter and stretch me out when I felt his tongue hit my clit. He plunged deep into my pussy with his tongue and then he became frenzied, attacking my insides with his tongue. His tongue was soon joined by several probing fingers and then I felt another finger pushing at my asshole. My arms gave way and I fell forward until my face was implanted on the grass and my ass totally in the air.

With his fingers deep into both of my holes and his tongue flicking my clit, an explosive climax soon hit me. His tongue and fingers never left my body and my screams of pleasure and my begging to stop as I couldn’t take any more was ignored as my body twisted in agonizing pleasure. When he eventually stopped, I quite simply could not move, not that I would have a choice.

His cock was immediately implanted back into my pussy. Like a wild animal he grabbed my hips and pumped my furiously. I couldn’t help but to grind my ass back against him and quickly he flooded my insides with hot cum. I felt my entire womb fill up and he pumped load after load into me.

Then he pulled out and I couldn’t move. I felt far too good and I just loved how the juices poured out of my pussy and down my legs. I’ve let many guys cum in me, but I always made sure I wasn’t ovulating at the time. It was the only time I never had sex as a matter of fact, but this time…

It hit me hard. I was at the peak of my ovulation. What was I going to do? My father would absolutely kill me. Then through all my thoughts I remembered where I was. I forced myself to turn around to see who had performed such a marvelous act on me, but he was nowhere to be seen.

I gritted my teeth, a bit angry at myself. I gathered my clothing escort gaziantep and began thinking of how I was going to explain the impossible to explain. I also forgot the one thing I went there for: my apples. Though the apples weren’t high on my list, it was going to be harder to explain where this had happened. My thoughts soon turned to Mr. Brown. Sure I had flirted with him and what I wore would turn any man’s head, but could Mr. Brown have fucked me?

I shook the thoughts free from my head as I got home. In the drive way was my father’s car. I was shocked to say the least that he was home from work already. I almost turned away in that instant, but I forced myself to go inside.

When I got in there was no sign of my father and that is when I heard the shower running. So I quietly slipped into my room. I was on the verge of being frantic. I did the only thing I could and that was to call my best friend. I told her the whole story. She was concerned for me, but at the same time highly turned on. She told me how she wished something like that would happen to her.

When I hung up my father came into my room with only a towel wrapped around his waist. I left the door wide open. How foolish could I have been? He could have heard it all. Then he said, “How was my little girl’s afternoon?”

I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. That voice. I now knew why it was so familiar. “Daddy?” I said. “Were you at Mr. Brown’s orchard today?”

He smiled and took a bite out of the apple he had been holding in his hand this whole time. “I was and you forgot your basket.”

I was absolutely shocked. My own father fucked me and, well it felt great. I wanted to be embarrassed or even disgusted but I could not find the reasoning behind it. I’ve wanted to fuck my father since I was eight, but I never thought it would ever happen.

Then I said the only thing I could say. “Daddy, I um,” I stammered. “I’m ovulating and you…”

“I know sweetheart,” he said. “I planned it that way.”

“But,” I said, not sure what else to say. Instead he answered the questions I couldn’t get out.

“Your mother and I discussed it and told me all about how you’ve wanted me. She read your diary and saw your calendar. It turns her on like something crazy to know I’m fucking you.”

“What about me getting pregnant?” I asked.

“Is there anything wrong with my baby having my baby?” he asks.

I thought about for a minute and then I finally said, “No, nothing at all.”

Then he dropped his apple and crawled hungrily into the bed. I couldn’t wait to have his cock back inside me.

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