The Overheard Conversation

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It was at the food court in the mall one day where it started.

June is out running a lot of end of summer errands, shopping for that last weekend trip to the lake, looking for bargains in new clothes for the fall, picking up what her son and daughter need to go back to college. She gets a burger combo from one of the eateries and sits at a small table by a faux palm tree and shrub, not far from the central water fountain.

As she opens her meal she is mentally listing the few tasks left on her list. That’s when she first hears the voices. Two woman are trying to speak to each other in whispers but against the background noise of the food court it is rather loud whispering. She can’t hear everything that is being said but what she hears is quite surprising. She glances around to see who was whispering so loudly. Two women were sitting sort of kitty corner to her table on the other side of the tree and shrub. She can’t see much more then their heads. One was a red head with big curls the other had dark brown hair swept back behind her shoulders.

“Marge, I’m so glad you told…” the first woman is saying. Some of it is drowned out by the room noise. “… with your son. I never thought … with … son. But … best sex I ever had.”

June tries not to hear an obviously private conversation. She tries to listen to the sound of the fountain. But she keeps hearing parts of what they are saying.

The second woman says, “I was nervous the first time, I mean who wouldn’t be … with your … got started though it was heavenly … Even though.. your … son and shouldn’t have, Karen… I told you my secret.”

June hears them despite her effort at diversion. She guesses that one of them is saying she had sex with the other’s son and she’s apparently OK with it. It’s getting harder for her to avoid eavesdropping.

Marge says, “Now we both … hot secret. …. Both … and your son … but we can’t tell anyone… keeping dirty secrets.

Karen says, “Yes, both of us … secrets… best sons, don’t we?””

June can’t tell whether they are talking about the same son. Are they having sex with each other’s son? It sounds crazy. She thinks about the sons of several of her own friends. A few are very good looking but she certainly doesn’t want sex with any of them. And she would be mortified to talk to his mother about it if she did. She tries to get her focus back on the water fountain and her remaining errands.

The two women are getting up to leave. They’ve given up the pretense of whispering.

Marge says, “I’m so glad we got together and could talk again. We’ll have to compare notes again soon. You’re the only one I can talk to about it.”

“Yes, maybe after next week,” Karen replies.

Marge says, “Say hello to your son for me. How’s he doing? I haven’t seen him around.”

“He’s been in California the last two months, managing the opening of his company’s new branch office there. He’s coming back next week and I bought a new sexy nightie to wear for him. I’ll call in a few days and we’ll set something up.”

Marge says, “Bye, Karen.”

June is sipping on her soda as she processes what she just heard. If Karen’s son is in California who’s son was Marge talking about? And why does Karen want to wear a sexy nightie for her own son? She almost spits up her soda when she realizes what it means. No, it can’t be, she thinks. With their own sons? It’s weird. What kind of mother does that? She had heard of such crazy things. In far away places like New Zealand. With perverts. But here? Two of them? She decides she is glad she doesn’t know either of them and won’t have to talk to them knowing what she just overheard. She finishes her lunch and tries to put that out of her thoughts.

As she walks through the mall she glances at the displays in the store windows to divert her thoughts. Then she is grateful for the distraction of the radio in her car and in a few minutes that strange conversation is out of her mind. The details of her tasks keep her on focus while she finishes her last few errands and heads back home.

By the time June arrives home she has tucked memory of that curious conversation safely away and was back to fretting all the usual details and preparations of daily life. She put items for the weekend trip straight into the van they would be driving up in. The rest of her shopping haul she brings into the house. After putting away the perishable groceries she gets a glass of water. Standing by the kitchen sink, looking out the window into the back yard she sees her son, Jason. He and his dad had spent time trimming tree branches and brush from the perimeter the day before and now Jason is hauling the cuttings out to the curb for pick up. He’s wearing a tank top and blue jeans. He has worked up a bit of a sweat.

She watches as he picks up a rather large limb. The afternoon sun glistens on the large and well toned muscles of his arms and shoulders. She remembers times when he was much younger, Magosa Escort eagerly helping his dad, always trying to show off how strong he was by picking up the biggest cuttings and struggling to drag them out to the curb. She admires what a big strong man her little boy has grown up to be and thinks how lucky the girl who lands him as a husband will be. And how hot her wedding night will be. Visions of her son in bed with his bride spring to her mind.

Those thoughts make her blush and feel ashamed of herself because they arouse a yearning she knows she shouldn’t feel. She turns away from the window and tries to focus her thoughts on putting away the rest of the groceries. Yet as she does, parts of that overheard conversation keep popping into her mind. Could it really as be exciting and good as they were saying? She wishes she could stop remembering what she had heard. She decides to pour herself a drink and watch some TV to get her mind off it.

Jason finished the yard work and came in the house. He drinks a glass of water then heads upstairs to take a shower. Passing by the family room he notices his mom watching TV. “Hi Mom! I didn’t know you were home. The brush is all cleared up and I’m going upstairs to clean up and pack my things for the trip.”

“OK. Your dad will be home in an hour and we’ll leave right after that. Your sister Hannah, will meet us at the lake. I’m not cooking tonight. We’ll stop on the way and eat dinner.”

Jason goes up to his room, takes off his sweaty clothes off, throws on his robe and heads to the shower. When he closes the bathroom door behind him he does not notice that it hasn’t latched. He turns on the water and waits a bit for it to warm up then he drops his robe and gets in. He had been looking forward to the trip to the lake. He knows that some of the old gang will be there, the lake kids who, like him, had grown up spending summers there. He was especially hopeful that Sharon or Gertie would be there. Or both. As he showers he thinks about what happened in the cabana the year Sharon turned eighteen and they both lost their virginity late one night. His cock starts to get hard remembering it and he encourages it. He lathers his hand and washes his balls then slides his slippery hand up his cock as it grows fully erect.

Then he washes his legs. His thoughts drift to the next summer when Gertie too, became old enough. Finished down below, Jason gives his hard shaft a few strokes with his soapy hand, keeping it nice and firm. Then he washes his chest and arms and rinses off, running the spray wand up and down his middle several times. He reaches for the shampoo and lathers up his hair while he dreams of hooking up with Sharon or Gertie that weekend.

June was done watching TV, finally having gotten those thoughts out of her mind. She decides to go up and pack her own things and get that off the to-do list. On her way up the stairs she realizes she needs to go to the bathroom.

Jason is stroking his cock hard with his shampoo covered hand when June opens the unlatched door and walks in. She can see him through the clear glass shower door. Her eyes are fixated on his big, hard cock. “Mom!” he shouts at her as he tries to cover himself up with his hands.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know… The door wasn’t latched.” His cock is so big. She didn’t know how much he had grown and it turns her on. She looks away. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I’ll just go.” She turns and leaves, closing the door behind her. Jason rinses himself off and gets out of the shower. He dries himself, puts on his robe, and goes to his room to start packing.

June hastens to her room and closes the door behind her. She’s embarrassed at what happened and ashamed at how she stared at her naked son. Her nipples are hard and her pussy is getting wet. She doesn’t want to but she can’t stop thinking about how big his erection was. Before she can stop them her hands are cupped over her breasts and she is gently rubbing them through her blouse. “No,” she thinks, “this is wrong.” Her pussy aches for attention. She sits on the bed and lays back. One hand slides down between her legs and rubs her pussy through her pants. Her back arches in pleasure.

She tries to think about her husband instead. He hasn’t made her this excited in years, not since he started drinking so much. She unfastens her pants and slides them down to her knees along with her panties while she remembers what Hank used to be like. Her hand cups her soft bush while her middle finger massages her clit. She thinks about how nice it was when Hank could get as hard as Jason. Her back arches in excitement again as the vision of her son’s full manhood fills her mind again. Her finger slowly pushes it’s way into her vagina while she imagines her son’s cock filling her up. She finger fucks herself, smacking her clit with her pam on each stroke, until she is gasping and quivering in orgasm and softly panting, “Oh, Jason…”

She lay Kıbrıs Escort there in bliss but conflicted inside. It’s so wrong to think about her son that way. But, oh God, could it actually be that good? No, how could it? But what if it is? It’s been so long since Hank made her feel that way. Maybe if she just thinks about it like this, pretending, and doesn’t actually do it for real? Would that be OK? After a few minutes she pulls her pants back on and gets to packing for the trip. She puts two pair of her sexiest panties in the suitcase with the rest of her clothes. Then she takes them out, “Don’t think that,” she scolds herself. But she puts them in anyway. Then she packs up Hanks clothes.

They arrived at the lake just before seven PM. Hannah was there waiting for them. “I’ve made some tea for you Mom and I have a drink made for Daddy just the way he likes it.”

“Thanks, hon,” June says as she hugs her. “That will be nice and relaxing after that long drive.”

“I’ll help Jason unload the van so you and Dad can take it easy.”

She and Jason go out to the van. “A couple of the other kids are here but Sharon and Gertie aren’t. Gertie and her family will be here tomorrow.”

“You’ve made the rounds already then?” Jason asks

“Didn’t have to. Bob and Wayne came over when they saw my car here. We’ll probably have a fire down on the beach later, after dark. Just to hang out like old times.”

Jason agrees, “Yes, that would be fun.”

The van unloaded and everything put away they join their parents in the den. June greets them, “I hope you already ate, Hannah.”

“Yes, Mom. I know no one likes to cook when we first get here and I wasn’t going to either so I stopped on the way.”

Once it started to get dark Jason and Hannah went down to the beach and lit a fire in the fire pit. Before long the fire was roaring and Bob and Wayne had joined them. Sitting around fire they take turns stoking the coals and occasionally adding another piece of wood or two. They reminisce about some of their adventures and capers at the lake over the years. Like the time they rigged Wayne’s dad’s boat to spew thick black smoke for a minute when he started it. If he hadn’t heard them laughing so hard about it from behind the bushes they’d have gotten away with it, too. Or the time they put a lobster on a fishing line and convinced all the younger kids they’d caught it in the lake.

Hank has settled on the sofa in front of the TV watching a pre-season football game with his whiskey bottle on the end table next to him. June is sitting next to him and cuddled up close. She is in the mood for sex. Maybe before he drinks any more he’ll satisfy her the way he used to. And she wants to feel him inside her to stop the thoughts she is still having about Jason.

“Maybe at half time,” he tells her. “The game is just starting now.”

“But we’re at the lake. It’s summer time,” she pleads. “Remember how we used to sneak down to the cabana, before we were married? Come on. The kids are down by the lake. Let’s go upstairs. The game will still be on later.”

“They’ll still be down by the lake at half time.”

“Sometimes I wonder why you even come to the lake.” Disappointed, she decides to take a shower then join the kids down at the fire pit. Dressing in her bedroom after cleaning up she picks out a sun dress to wear. She reaches in her suitcase for a pair of panties and sees the skimpy, sexy ones she had packed. It sends a shiver of excitement down her spine. She picks one and looks at it, wondering what Jason would think if he saw her in them. “I shouldn’t have brought them,” she scolds herself. She starts to put them down, then changes her mind. “After all, Jason isn’t going to see them under my dress,” she rationalizes. She just wants to feel sexy. And maybe Hank will be more interested after the game. After dressing she puts on a pair of sandals and walks down to the beach.

“I hope you don’t mind some more company,” she says as she joins the group. “Hank is planted in front of the TV with his whiskey watching his sports. And I thought it would be nicer down here by the water with you guys.”

Hannah welcomes her, “Sure Mom. We were just talking about all the crazy things we did when we were kids. Like the time Gertie caught an eel while we were fishing and jumped out of the boat because she thought it was a rattlesnake.”

They all laugh at the memory. “That was funny,” Judy agrees.

The lake had gotten quiet as it does at night once the last of the power boats has motored past and most of the people have retired indoors. The crescent moon had gotten high in the sky, it’s reflection glimmering on the lake. The soft sound of water lapping at the shore from the gentle breeze and the crackling of the fire are the only sounds other than their conversation. Even their chatter is fading with longer moments of silence just spent staring at the fire and poking at the coals between the memories Lefkoşa Escort they were sharing.

Wayne is the first to leave. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” he says as he makes his exit.

“Didn’t you have a crush on Wayne once?” June asks Hannah.

“Oh, Ma! You thought I had a crush on all the boys. He was kinda cute. Still is,” Hannah responds.

After a few more minutes Hannah says, “I’m going to go see how Daddy is doing. Maybe he’d like some snacks while he watches the game. Or somebody to watch it with him” She walks back up to the house. Soon after that Bob calls it a night and leaves, too.

June says, “I know Bob had a crush on Hannah for a while. That one summer he was always here whenever she was.”

“We all had times when we liked one more than another but it was all kids stuff and sometimes there were new kids, too. It was just nice to have so many to hang out with and explore summertime with.”

She’s sitting opposite Jason, across the fire pit from him. She is feeling a big crush of her own, for her son. He looks so handsome in the flickering light of the fire. She knows she shouldn’t be feeling what she is but her nipples are getting firm. She wants to put her arms around him and kiss him but what if he, too, rejects her? He would, wouldn’t he? What son wants his mom? She resists her urges but she shifts how she is sitting, with her knees apart enough so Jason can see up her dress.

Jason can’t help but see what his mom is showing. He tries not to stare. “I didn’t know she even owned see-through panties like that.” he thinks to himself. He’d never seen his mom like that and her snatch looks hot. He looks away, hoping she hadn’t noticed him staring up her dress.

She likes the look in his eyes as he takes in the view. “You had a crush on Sharon, I remember,” she reminds him. “You even wrote her a sexy love poem once.”

“How did you know about that?”

She laughs, “Your sister told me.”

“That was the summer she turned eighteen.” Jason smiles, remembering. He realizes that she hasn’t brought her knees together yet and steals another glance. God, that’s hot. If only she were that kind of mom like in porn videos.

June stands to stir the fire, bending over as she does to give Jason a good look down her dress. Then she sits even more provocatively, with one knee raised and her legs even more wide open.

“I probably shouldn’t tell you this, Mom, but that sexy poem worked.” He staring up his mom’s dress again and she doesn’t seem to mind. He can see even more this time. God, she’s got a nice bush showing through her sheer panties. He feels a stirring in his balls.

“You mean you and Sharon, that summer?” she asks. It feels exciting to be talking about sex and teasing Jason that way. But it’s just teasing of course, isn’t it? She wouldn’t really. It makes her feel sexy and appreciated that he ogles her like that even if he is her son. But, no. she shouldn’t be feeling so horny and thinking these things.

With a big grin he says, “Yeah. Right there in the cabana very late one night.”

Visions of him making love to Sharon with that big hard cock of his right there in the cabana fill her mind. Her pussy is on fire with lust. She wants him so much but she shouldn’t. It’s wrong. But, God, what if he wants it, too? He is looking. She is almost trembling from her conflicted feelings. She leans back in the chair to try to calm herself down and her knee comes up a bit, her leg spread open a bit more. Jason sees even more of her panties and realizes there a slit in the crotch. Suddenly his growing arousal erupts into a rock hard erection.

“Mom!” he blurts out, “You’re wearing fuck me panties! Holy crap. God, that is sooo damn hot!”

Her pussy is dripping wet. “You… you think I’m hot?” she asks tentatively. She longs to feel him inside her but knows she should not.

“I’ve always thought you were hot, Mom. I just never thought, you know, that you’d ever, I mean that we could, that you would ever be a, umm, that kind of hot mom.” He’s gets up and walks around the fire to her. He reaches out his hands to her and helps her stand up.

“This is so wrong,” she thinks as he puts his arms around her and kisses her. Excitement courses through her body as their lips meet and his tongue greets hers. It feels so right being squeezed in his thick strong arms. Their kiss lingers. She can feel the full hardness of his grown up cock pressed against her as they embrace and it sends shivers of excitement up and down her spine..

When they break their kiss he whispers in her ear, “Let’s go in the cabana and make out.” His hot breath on her ears fills her with passion and she knows she can no longer stop herself. She doesn’t want to stop now. Her reluctance has been replaced by a deep yearning need. They hold hands as they walk into the beach side love nest. June closes the door behind them.

Jason’s hard cock is throbbing with excitement as he undoes his pants and lets them fall to the floor. They embrace and kiss again and soon he feels his mother’s hand around his dick. It feels so soft and warm. They end their kiss and she lifts the sundress up and off over her head. She takes him by the cock and leads him to a small sofa and lays down on her back, legs apart.

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