The Package Ch. 05

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The Threesome

Kissing Claire in the car had appeased some of Suzanne’s raw need, and they bundled into the house straight into the lounge. James lit the fire and they stood in front of it holding hands. Suzanne was suddenly thrown back from being comfortable with herself to the fear she recognised – will she run when she knows my secret.

As usual James sensed her unease, “Claire, you don’t have to do this, and you can leave at any time. We weren’t expecting it. We don’t do this. Ever. You were just so stunning and we both felt we wanted it, and it was a complete spur of the moment thing. Suzanne is afraid,” he continued, Suzanne watching Claire’s face as she turned to look at her in surprise, “because she had been hurt so many times before she met me.”

Claire reached for her hand. The electricity was there despite her fear. With James to support her she was bolder, and plunged in, “The reason I had to wait so long to find James is that blokes would run when they knew my secret. James was the opposite,” she smiled at him, “and not only accepted it, but loved it. I haven’t felt this afraid since then.” She gulped, “You see I’m not just a girl.”

Claire looked confused.

“I’ve got a dick as well.”

A kaleidoscope of emotions crossed Claire’s face, ending with a serious look. “Wow. I don’t know what to say – or think. I’ve never thought about it, let alone come across one. I’ll just have to play it by ear, but I’m not running.” She smiled, and Suzanne was relieved. “Can I see?”

Suzanne saw the surprise on her face when she burst out laughing. “That was exactly James’ reaction, and the beginning of my joy,” Suzanne said, “but I want to see you too.”

Suzanne drew Claire’s hand down to her groin and let her feel.

“Mmmm. I like the feel of that,” she murmured. “I’ve had the same problem with blokes as you, and I’m still waiting. My issue is that I like girls as well, and although most blokes think that is great to start with, they get jealous.”

While she was speaking she was undoing the buttons of her white blouse, and Suzanne squirmed against her hand as her cleavage peeped out. James came round behind his wife and began removing her clothes. She felt him kissing each area of flesh he revealed until only her underwear remained.

Then he moved over to Claire and started doing the same for her. Suzanne was amazed at how turned on she was, partly from James’ worship of her body, and partly the sight of him undressing and kissing Claire. She felt Claire sliding her hand inside her knickers, and the electric feeling of her fingers round her dick.

She moaned and removed Claire’s bra, letting her gorgeous tits fall out into her hands. They were large and soft to feel with nipples hard as pebbles which stimulated her palms as she ran over them. Claire’s sharp breaths made it more exciting, and she leant down to take a nipple in her mouth.

Suzanne noticed James undressing himself, and then he left the room. She was alarmed, and worried that he felt left out, or wasn’t happy. She relaxed again when he came back in almost immediately, and dumped a handful of condoms on the table. That excited her, as she thought of fucking Claire, and more surprising, she wanted to watch James fuck her too.

As she ran her other hand down Claire’s stomach, she felt Claire’s other hand running over her bra and taking the same route. Then she felt James behind her removing her bra. The feeling of his hard shaft against her knickers, his hands on her breasts and nipples, and Claire’s hand playing in her bush made her wriggle with pleasure, her breath coming in gasps. The sensation of her own fingers in Claire’s blonde bush gave her the feeling that she was experiencing both playing with and playing in from both sides at once.

Claire and James moved to slip her knickers down, and she felt his naked shaft against her behind. Claire was still playing with her dick while the other hand moved under to her balls. She moaned and pushed herself against Claire’s hands at the bottom and James’ hands at the top, and felt James lips and tongue on her neck and shoulders.

As she slipped a finger into Claire’s wet pussy, Claire did the same, and she bucked against her hand. “Oh my God, you’ve got a pussy too. This is amazing.”

With several fingers up her pussy and small fingers working on her dick, Suzanne felt incredible sensations building inside her. Electric shocks were flowing from her nipples to her groin. Her lips were swollen with lust while sucking and pulling on Claire’s nipples, and she could feel a wonderful pressure building inside her.

Claire was mewing and bucking onto her hand, and they both panted and groaned as they came. Suzanne staggered back against James, hardly able to stand, and grabbed Claire as she fell against her. Suzanne closed her eyes, and the feeling of Claire’s hot body xslot against hers was bliss.

Claire emerged from her stupor first. Their heads were so close together she was able to kiss Suzanne then James. “I love the feeling of your breasts and dick up against me,” she whispered. “I want you inside me.”

Suzanne felt her pussy cream and her dick harden.

Claire smiled saucily at her. “And I can feel that you want it too.”

Suzanne turned back towards James and they kissed hard and long. “Are you OK with this, honey?” she asked, but didn’t really need an answer. His eyes were shining.

He smiled at them both and replied, “My turn will come. Claire – sit on the edge of the sofa and lie back.”

Two pairs

Suzanne watched as Claire lay back and opened her legs. The view of her bush with her swollen wet pussy half open was mesmerising. She heard James opening a condom and the feeling of his hands on her hard shaft; putting it on sent shivers up her spine. She could barely move she was so turned on, and when Claire’s petite fingers grabbed her and pulled her in towards her pussy Suzanne’s dick twitched with pleasure.

The feeling of the head against Claire’s lips was so erotic she moaned and she cried out, “Oh God that feels so good.”

She heard another condom being opened, and the realisation that James was going to fuck her while she fucked Claire turned her insides to jelly. She pushed into and was pulled into Claire straight up to the hilt, and Claire exhaled and trembled, her sexy stomach muscles flexing. Suzanne bent over, kissing her and caressing her nipples again. She couldn’t get enough of her big breasts, and her other hand ran through Claire’s long heavy silky mane of hair.

She felt Claire’s hands in her hair and on her breasts. “God I love your tight breasts and hard nipples,” Claire breathed.

Suddenly Suzanne felt James nuzzling her pussy, and he pushed into her. The feeling of her dick in Claire, and James’ in her was so exquisite she forgot to breathe and cried out. James shunted in and out of her, and her rhythm sliding into and out of Claire matched his. The feeling of Claire’s pubes and clit being shoved up against her at the end of each of his thrusts gave extra sensations of pleasure.

Claire continued her commentary of dirty talk, and coming from such a fresh faced girl it added spice to the whole experience. Each word was punctuated by the thrusts up her pussy. “Oh… fuck… I… can… feel… your… dick… filling… me…up. Must… feel… like… James… filling… you… up.”

By this time they were all moaning, and Claire continued between moans, “I… love… the… feeling… of… my… pussy… clenching… round… your… dick. Can… you…feel… yours… clenching… round… James?”

Then even Claire couldn’t talk any more. Suzanne felt her insides tightening and her whole being concentrating on the feelings in her dick and pussy. She felt herself beginning to spasm and jerk, and she realised that James was feeling the same as her dick and Claire feeling the same as her pussy. She spurted and creamed and cried out, then groaned, slowing to experience the exquisite aftershocks and squeeze out the last of her juices and cum.

They slumped on the sofa together as their breathing subsided, dicks shrank and they recovered from the intense orgasms they had all experienced. Claire was the first to come round.

“Wow, you two are something else,” she said. “I had one awesome threesome a few years ago, but there was only one dick to play with. Having two is soooo good.”

Suzanne whispered in response, “You are so sexy as well.”

Claire smiled. “When you’ve recovered, I want James to fuck my pussy and you to fuck my arse.”

Suzanne blushed and saw James blushing too. She found Claire’s direct talk erotic, but embarrassing. She reflected that she’d never been able to talk about sex at all until James came along. Well, she was learning fast. She grinned at James, and suggested a drink while they recovered.

As they walked to the kitchen and all chose green tea, Suzanne was reminded of that first wonderful night when James had accepted her. She was amazed then that she was naked and comfortable with James, and couldn’t believe that she also felt so comfortable with Claire. She put her arms round them both and tears rolled down her face.

“Hey, honey, what’s up?” James looked upset.

She grinned through her tears. “I can’t believe how happy I am. A year ago I was a mess, and I’d never been comfortable naked with anyone. Now here I am drinking tea naked with two people and I love it.”

Claire kissed her. “Some people you just know are best friends, and whenever you meet them you’re always comfortable. I felt comfortable with you guys as soon as I walked up to your table, and I really wanted to get to know xslot Giriş you. I must admit, I didn’t know how good it would be, and now I don’t want to leave.”

James leant over to kiss Claire. “We are expecting you to stay the night, if you can.”

Claire laughed. “You better believe it. You know the immediate program, but we haven’t finished yet!”

They continued chatting about Claire’s life as a student, and she shared how much she hated living in shabby student flats with other students. Of course it was all she could afford, but after ten years she longed for a reasonable standard of accommodation.

Two into one

“Come on you guys, tea break’s over.” As they all got to their feet, Claire took them by their dicks and led them back to the sofa. Suzanne felt again the small fingers on her dick and trembled.

This time it was James who lay back on the sofa. She moved behind Claire and started fingering her pussy, which was already wet with anticipation. She watched over Claire’s shoulder as Claire fingered his cock. As soon as the first drop of lubrication appeared, Claire unrolled a condom onto him, moved forward and sank down slowly onto his cock.

The sight of James disappearing into Claire’s wet pussy where her fingers had been just a moment ago made Suzanne harder, and she drew her hand up Claire’s crack, gently probing the hole between her glorious cheeks.

The feeling of Claire on her fingers made her skin silky, and she pushed two fingers up her own pussy, moaning with pleasure. Then she changed hands, taking some of her wetness to Claire’s tight hole for lubrication.

The third time, she felt her pussy coming helped by the sexy grunts panted out by Claire with each thrust, the sight of her movements and James’ cries of “Oh… Oh… Oh.”

With the third part of her lubrication, two fingers slid easily into Claire’s hole and she felt her dick twitching with the expectation that Claire was nearly ready. She pushed her dick up against Claire’s hole, and felt the head start to enter.

“Damn that feels good,” Suzanne said, and Claire twisted back to look into her eyes.

“God that feels wonderful. I want you all the way inside, now,” Claire ground out. “I want you to feel James inside me.”

Suzanne panted as she thought about what Claire had said and pushed, feeling her dick slide into Claire’s incredibly tight hole till her pubes were crushed against her and she could feel her balls being bounced by James’ thrusts. Holding herself inside against their bucking was incredibly sexy, and the feel through her dick of James pounding in and out made her insides curl up with sexual tension.

Claire was calling out with the pleasure of it, and she could feel through her dick Claire’s muscles moving with the calls and sharp breaths. It was incredible, and she couldn’t hold back any longer, beginning to saw in and out with her dick ravaged by the friction of the tight grip.

“Oh God, I’m going to come. I can’t believe how quickly. Oh … Oh,” and she felt her dick spurting and jerking while she continued thrusting into the wonderful arse on display below her to prolong the sensations rippling though her.


She realised that her cries had made Claire and James call out more, and she continued thrusting as her orgasm died away, the sensations on her dick now almost painful with post orgasm sensitivity. Watching them banging away, feeling them from inside, and knowing how much she liked these two people was a great aphrodisiac, and she realised that she was staying hard inside Claire.

She felt Claire’s fingers on her hips alternately caressing almost like a thank you and pulling to keep her thrusting. She reached round behind and shoved two fingers up her pussy, feeling the sensations of creaming almost immediately, which seemed to communicate directly with her dick, hardening it up.

It was difficult to keep thrusting into Claire and thrusting into her pussy, but she worked out a rhythm that used the power of the one to increase the power of the other, helped by Claire’s hand pulling her into her arse. She felt herself tensing and building, and caressed Claire’s behind to give extra skin contact. She was panting and moaning now, and her dick and pussy were both twitching in spasms, making the most exquisite sensations inside her.

She was vaguely aware of Claire and James reaching their peak, but the centre of her body and the sensations in her pussy and dick demanded her whole attention. She was trembling, her breath was coming in great gasps, and she was so weak she could barely keep upright, but raw need drove her on. She was pounding in and out of Claire as her fingers were flashing in and out of her pussy. She could see Claire’s arse cheeks bouncing, each thrust shunting her forward on the sofa.

The pressure inside her was boiling and a xslot Güncel Giriş groan welled up from deep inside while the most amazing feelings zinged from her groin down to her feet and up to her nipples. She felt like liquid gold and her orgasm was so powerful her legs buckled and she collapsed onto Claire and James.

Record five

They all lay there in a heap while they slowly recovered their breath, bodies slick with sweat and feeling drunk on love. Suzanne reached over languidly to nibble James’ lips, and Claire turned her head to join the kiss. Their hands slowly caressed each other’s visible flesh, making exquisite sensations on the sensitive skin.

“I want to see you fucking your wife,” Claire murmured.

A low laugh escaped James. “What with?” he asked.

Claire giggled, “Yep, I can feel you’re not quite there,” she quipped.

Suzanne could see nothing wrong with the suggested program, but the limpid state of her dick convinced her that James was right; it was too soon. She began kissing Claire with the intention of putting on a little show that would liven him up.

She rolled off James and pulled Claire on top of her, kissing her hard on the mouth and running her hands up and down her sides from her breasts to her thighs, tracing the hourglass shape. Then her hands wandered up over her cheeks and down into her crack.

Claire was whimpering and pulled her up to sit, caressing both nipples with her palms. She gasped at the feathery touch on the taut flesh of her nipples, and moved her hands round to touch Claire. The sharp intake of breath told her that Claire liked the sensations, and her hands ran down the flat stomach to tangle in the bush below. Hearing James breathing more heavily just excited her more and she reached a finger down, pushing it inside Claire’s wet pussy.

After all their play so far, Claire’s pussy easily accepted first one finger, then two, then three. She had always wondered what it would be like to put more into a woman, and she pushed Claire back onto the sofa, inserting four fingers. Claire’s panting and bucking hips encouraged her, and she tucked her thumb in and gently pushed. To her surprise her hand slid into Claire up to the wrist, and Claire was bucking and groaning with pleasure.

The sight of Claire’s lips round her wrist was truly erotic, and she felt herself responding. She started moving her fist inside Claire, and felt Claire shaking with pleasure. James was getting hard again, and caressing her breasts, sending wonderful sensations zinging down her body from her nipples.

Claire’s groans felt as if they came from the soles of her feet and were forced out of her. She was shaking madly, eyes tight shut, and thrashing about on the sofa. The intensity built and Claire ground out, “Oh God… Oh… Oh… Oh,” and she came hard, ejecting several spurts.

Gently Suzanne withdrew her hand. It was so sexy seeing it emerge from Claire’s pussy. Claire was shaking and her muscles were rippling with the aftershocks of her earth-shattering orgasm.

“Wow, that was something else,” James said wonderingly.

Suzanne whispered in his ear, “I’d like to try that gently with you.”

His already hard cock went rigid, and he whispered back, “Yes please.”

She was so turned on by the thought and all that had happened, she reached for a condom and rolled it onto James. She straddled him and lowered herself onto him.

As his hard cock slipped inside her, she dropped her head back, shut her eyes and gave a huge sigh of satisfaction. “You feel so good in there.” Sensations coursed down from her nipples as James reached up to rub his thumb over them, and she felt herself contracting round his cock.

Suddenly she jerked her head forward as she felt small fingers on her dick. She realised that Claire was recovering and had stretched out a hand to caress her. The feel of two pairs of hands stimulating her was entrancing; watching and feeling Claire’s fingers at work on her made her breathing quicken and desire pool in her stomach.

Claire shifted position so that she could kiss and lick James’ nipples while continuing to stroke her dick. James was sweating and panting, and she could feel him tensing inside her as her pussy contracted, enhancing the glorious friction of his thrusts.

Suddenly she was gulping great breaths of air as she came and came, deluging James and Claire, shaking and shouting. Then James’ cock started spasming and he was finishing with great thrusts into her which lifted her up so she almost toppled over. Finally she fell forward on a heap of bodies liberally coated with her cum.

They lay in a stupor until they started to recover, slowly coming back to reality and smiling languorously at each other.

“I’m so tired,” Susanne yawned.

“Me too,” the others said. “Let’s get cleaned up and sleep.”

Inevitably, the shower involved more caressing and kissing, but they were all so tired and sated that they quickly tumbled into bed lying luxuriously together with arms draped across each other and sharing lazy goodnight kisses.

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