The Parade

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It was the dead of winter. It was night. It was cold. I was standing with a group of friends on the sidewalk downtown waiting with hundreds of other people for the annual winter parade. We were bunched together tightly between the buildings behind us and the barricaded street to the front. It seemed that the longer we waited, the more people were crammed into this small space and the colder it got.

There was a low murmur of conversation in the crowd as we all tried to ward off the biting cold by talking. It wasn’t working. Children were on parent’s shoulders, couples had their arms around each other, and we all were kind of moving in place trying to warm up.

All of a sudden I was jostled and pushed from behind and slightly to my right. I looked back to see a woman’s face framed in a parka. She was staring straight ahead, but talking to a man to her right. She was wearing one of those thin, shiny, highly insulated coats that were in fashion now. And her left breast was pressing against my arm.

More jostling and I could feel the outline of her breast as it moved against my arm. I looked back and she quickly glanced at me, then looked away.

“What’s going on?” I thought. “She’s with a guy. Why is she…?”

More movement as the whole crowd seemed to squeeze tighter. I could feel her hips press against me.

I moved my arm slightly to rub against her breast. Nothing from her. I wondered if something was really happening that wasn’t accidental. I moved my right arm down to my side and reached out şişli escort with my hand to touch her left leg. I felt a slight movement toward me. I rubbed her leg with my gloved fingers and I could feel her leg moving against my hand. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her move her mittened right hand up to her mouth and as she did that, she turned slightly into me. She was blowing into her mittened hand to warm it. Her breast was now firmly pushed into my upper arm and her back was to her friend.

It was still cold as hell, but I was beginning to warm up.

Somebody said something about the parade coming from the right. We all turned our heads trying to see anything. She pushed me and put her left hand on top of mine against her leg. I could see her looking down the street to the right as she moved up and down on her tiptoes. She was definitely rubbing herself against me.

Then we saw flashing lights and heard sirens as the police cars and fire engines leading the parade came toward us. As they passed by, the noise was deafening. She pulled my forearm into her crotch and began yelling with the rest of the crowd. “This is really fun!” I could hear her yell almost in my ear. My cock stiffened.

With her right hand near her mouth, her arm was shielding the view from anyone on her right, particularly, her friend. She began to squeal and yell, and bounce up and down with excitement with my forearm firmly between her legs. I raised my hand up to cup her sex and my upper arm pushed mköy escort harder against her breast. She continued to bounce up and down as the bands and floats passed by.

I reached down with my left hand and pulled the glove off my right hand. I quickly put my hand back where it had been. She had on some sort of spandex tights and I could feel her pussy almost as if she had nothing on. I pushed my fingers hard into her crotch and she squealed and hollered louder while continuing to bounce, now on my hand. I was watching the parade like everyone else and could not see where she was looking or who could see what I was doing.

All of a sudden she put her left hand under my forearm and pulled it tightly into her breast.

“Go! Go! Go!” she hollered, her voice mixing in with the din of the crowd. Was that for me, I wondered? What the hell, I thought. If I get caught, I’ll just lose myself in the crowd. I began to saw my hand back and forth in her crotch as she bounced up and down and rubbed her tit against my arm.

I heard “Uh…. Uh…” in between the other words she was hollering and she began to move her crotch back and forth in rhythm with my hand as she continued to bounce. How the hell could people not know what was going on? I asked myself. It must have been that we were packed tighter than sardines and everybody was moving trying to see the parade through the people in front of them. Our movements were just like everyone’s except that my hand was hard against her pussy.

A particularly güngören escort festive float passed by that brought a collective “Oh…” and “Ah…” from the crowd. She grabbed my arm tightly and stopped bouncing. She pressed and held her pussy hard against my hand and I could hear her say “Ohhh…. That’s beautiful! So good….!” She moved her left hand down and pulled my hand hard into her pussy again. She said, “Yes… Yes… Good… Good… Isn’t it pretty?”

All of a sudden her pussy pulsed against my hand and her hips jerked slightly. A couple of more “Uh… Uh’s…” and she let go of my hand.

I didn’t know what to do. She had just come on my hand in the middle of a crowd. I glanced over my shoulder at her. She had her head turned and was saying something to her friend. I moved my hand away from her crotch to my side. She continued to hold my upper arm and press her breast against me for the rest of the parade.

Eventually, the parade was over, but I was still hard. I had to do one other thing before the opportunity was lost. As the crowd began to loosen, she released her hold on my arm and turned away to leave. Still in the tight crowd, I moved against her, grabbed her left hand, and pulled it against my cock. I could feel her grab at it as much as she could through my pants. I slid my right hand into the crack of her ass and pushed. She squeezed my cock hard and then she was gone.

I heard someone calling my name. It was as if I was in a trance. I couldn’t tell where the voice was coming from. Again, I heard my name, louder this time. I turned and saw my friends clustered near the curb.

“Hey, we’re going. What are you doing? Get over here.”

I turned and followed them as they began to walk back toward the car, and I thought “This was a great parade!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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