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Sitting in my bedroom alone, the radio playing softly in the background. The pencil in my fingers tapping lightly on my notepad as concentration plays over my soft face. Wanting to finish this quickly but the problems too much for me right now and my mind drifts back to last weekend when Daddy surprised in the tub. Remembering the feel of the soft warm bubbles on my skin and the look in his eyes when he joined me. Smiling to myself as I remember his words of wanting to wash me. How it had been so long since he had given his baby the bath that she deserves. Knowing in my heart how wrong it was for this to be happening but unable to stop myself.

Ever since mom died a few years earlier my Daddy and I had grown increasingly closer. Maybe because I was alone now and it seemed so much of my life depended on him. The gentle teasing that had always existed between us had slowly grown into something much stronger. Everyday I was would anxiously await his return home from work, so excited to see him again after all the long hours of being at school. Cooking his meals and keeping the house clean, all in an effort to please him and show him how much I love him. Butterflies in my tummy sprouting quickly each time I would see his face and that handsome smile that would play across his lips and light his eyes. Closing my eyes and leaning back in my bed, my homework forgotten, my hands reaching up to cup my covered breasts as I remembered how expertly he touched me that first night. Deep inside knowing it was so wrong to allow this to happen but unable to deny the desperation I felt inside. This desire deep inside me wanting to please him and love him and give to him more than anything in the world.

Quickly sitting up in bed as the sound of the front door opening brings me back to the present. My heart beating quick and hard in my chest as my excitement grows and I know that Daddy is home. Straightening my hair and wanting to be presentable, trying to control the urge to rush down the stairs quickly and greet him. My eyes catching my homework on my bed and knowing how much Daddy demands that my grades are good I act as if I’m working hard. Biting my lower lip as I hear the creak of the stairs as he climbs them slowly and with purpose. The soft tap on my door before he enters nearly sends me jumping off the bed as I scream in my mind to control myself.

“Hi Baby, what are you doing?” he asks pleasantly.

Shrugging my shoulders, “Homework as usual Daddy.”

“Almost done?” he questions.

Nodding, I close my math book and turn to face him.

“Thought you might like to go to dinner tonight. There is a new Italian restaurant near the office I’d like to try.” Even though his words are questioning I know that he is not asking but telling me he would like to go.

“I would love to Daddy,” I reply, slightly disappointed that we are going out instead of staying home alone. Having waited so long since that first passionate night he gave me and not knowing when or even if we will have a night like that again.

“Angel, do wear something nice,” he commands.

“Of course Daddy.”

“Be ready at 7:00pm,” he says as he closes the door behind him.

Standing up slowly, my thoughts turning quickly to what I should wear. I hear his words in my mind, “wear something nice.” So wanting to please him, I open my closet door and search through my clothes. Shaking my head, disappointment flooding me again as I think I’ll never find something good enough. My eyes land on a simple deep purple velvet slip dress. Looking at it I wonder for a moment if it is too dressy for dinner but again his words echo in my mind. Not having worn this dress since my cousins wedding last fall, knowing I probably won’t have the opportunity to wear it again I settle for it. Placing it softly on the bed and returning to my closet I choose the slim black sandals with the strap around the ankle.

Grabbing my robe off the back of the door and walking to my private bathroom in the hallway I wonder where Daddy has disappeared to. Turning the tub water on hot and splashing the water with bubbles my thoughts drift to how I will fix my long dark brown hair. It has gotten so long in the past year and feels so good against my skin but dressing it for a night out could take too long and I wouldn’t dare be late for Daddy. Removing my wrinkled school clothes and stepping into the burning water, my skin instantly begins to turn red. Loving the sting of the scolding water on my skin I slip slowly into the water and lean back against the tub. Smiling as I look down my body and see my erect, deep mauve nipples poke through the bubbles in the water. My small hands and slender fingers float lightly in the water as I caress my skin and smooth the bubbles over my body. The intense smell of the strawberry bubbles fill my senses and my lashes flutter closed. My nails dragging softly over my firm and concave tummy and down to my puffy pussy. Touching myself lightly and feeling the small stubble that has begun there since my last shaving I sit up and reach ataşehir escort for my razor and cream.

Pushing myself up out of the water and sitting on the edge of the tub I spread my slender thighs and lather my pussy with cream. Lifting my right foot and placing it in the corner of the tub I bend over deeply. Fingers of one hand holding my pussy lips firm and steady as I begin to shave them. Taking my time and carefully removing every bit of stubble I smile as I remember how surprised Daddy was that his little girl shaved her pussy smooth. After knowing how happy it made him I have been careful to keep myself smooth in the hopes that he would return to me soon. Putting the razor down and wiping myself clean of the cream before adding soap and cleaning inside my inner folds.

My heart skips a beat as I hear the knob on the door turn. Looking over my shoulder at my sweet Daddy as he enters slowly and shuts the door. Walking gracefully to me the muscles in his thighs ripple under his slacks.

“What are you doing Love?” he questions.

“Shaving Daddy,” I reply again knowing how happy this will make him. Feeling him lean up against my back and look over my shoulder my body trembles. Feeling so desperate and happy inside that he is this close to me again after such a long time.

“Show Daddy” he says.

Lifting my left foot to the other corner of the tub so that my legs will spread wider as he leans down over my shoulder. His strong arms and big hands coming around me and gently resting on my inner thighs as his fingers move closer to my pussy. Leaning my head back and resting it against his chest as I close my eyes and revel in the sensations of his hands on me. Gasping softly as his fingers spread my now smooth and swollen pussy lips and he looks at me intently.

“Very good Angel” he compliments me. My spirits soar knowing that I have pleased him so much. Slowly he pulls his fingers back from me and he steps away. Disappointment floods me again as I realize that he is leaving me.

“Better hurry Love, or you will be late” he reminds me.

“I’ll be on time Daddy,” I assure him.

Feeling so alone as the door shuts behind him and I quickly finish my bath. Wrapping myself in my robe and taking my dirty school clothes with me I hurry to my bedroom. Sitting down at the brass vanity that was a Christmas gift from Daddy last year I look at my face in the mirror. Having decided I brush my long hair and place a ponytail holder on it close to my scalp. Wrapping the soft folds of my curls around and around the holder to create a bun. Smiling as I pull soft droplets down by my ears and leaning back to inspect my work. My eyes drift to the clock and I see that I’m doing well on time I pick up the powder for my face. Knowing that Daddy hates too much makeup, I powder my face lightly and slide soft pink lipstick over my full lips. Getting up and placing my robe back on the door and reaching inside my dresser for a clean pair of panties. Sitting down on my bed and sliding them up over my calves, then thighs, then ass. The soft silk fits me snugly.

Taking my dress and slipping it over my head and smoothing it down over the curves I shiver slightly at the feel of the velvet against my still warm skin. Sitting back down I slip my small feet into my sandals and tighten the strap around my ankles. Again I check the time before standing before my full-length mirror and inspecting my look. Pleased with myself and hoping that I will please Daddy too I step over to my dresser and spray two soft mists of my perfume along my neck. Turning toward my door just as the soft rap of his knuckles again before he opens the door and steps inside. My heart beats hard in my chest as I see him standing in his black slacks, white collared shirt, black velvet tie, matching black suite coat, and polished black boots. My breath catches as I am reminded of just how handsome he is.

“Ready, Angel?” he asks.

Smiling, “I was just coming now Daddy.”

Stepping out of the way of the door and placing his big hand at the small of my back he guides me down the stairs and out the door. The setting sun making his still slick washed hair glow in it’s light I again think of what a beautiful man my Daddy is. Leading me to his car and opening the door I climb inside. Coming around to his side of the car and climbing inside he starts the car and our drive begins.

“It is a bit of a drive but I have been assured that this place is worth it,” he shares with me. Shifting more comfortably in my seat I look through my window and watch other people in their cars.

“I don’t mind the drive Daddy,” I reply but I know he already knows this.

“Why did you want to go to dinner Daddy? I was going to cook when I was finished with my homework.

“I’m sure you were,” he says. “But tonight I wanted your complete attention because I think that we have a lot to talk about so I thought this would be a better idea.”

Shrugging my shoulders, “Have I done something wrong Daddy?” I question kadıköy escort bayan nervously.

“No, not at all Angel, but I do think that you and I have some things to discuss.”

Unsure of what to say the thoughts run quickly through my mind. Fear seizes my heart as I think Daddy is going to tell me that what we did last week was wrong and it will never happen again. Shaking my head, commanding myself to hope that this will not be what he plans to discuss with me. Not believing I could handle rejection from my Daddy my eyes fill with tears. Clenching my small fists I command myself again to stop this foolishness. He leans in and flips on the radio to his favorite station. Thankful for something to listen to other than the silence in the car and my own beating heart I look back out the window. After what seems like an eternity our car slows and he pulls into the parking lot. Looking around I see that there are not many people here yet and I wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing. My eyes light on a beautiful waterfall that seems to flow out from the roof of the restaurant itself.

My door opens and Daddy reaches inside with his hand to help me out of the car. The sun has set even more since we first left home and the sounds of the water rushing to meet the pool fills me. Looping my arm under Daddy’s and resting my fingers on his forearm we walk slowly to the door and enter this elegant restaurant. The hostess greets us and Daddy requests a private booth in back near the fireplace. Each table is covered with a deep red and white silk cloth as flickering candles sit atop between flowers and salt and pepper shakers. Candle scones sticking out of the stonewalls cast shadows and flickers of light all over this quaint and very beautiful restaurant. Standing beside me, his hand on the small of my back I slide into the booth and sit comfortably. Taking his seat and the menus from the hostess he looks at me and smiles. Our waitress slips up to the table and greets us pleasantly as Daddy orders two glass of red wine. Smiling to myself as hope floods me again. Daddy never lets me drink alcohol so I must not be in any trouble. Never glancing at his menu he hands it to her and says we will start with a small house salad. Leaving us Daddy shifts powerfully on the booth and leans his forearms onto the table intently looking at me.

“Angel, I brought you here tonight as I said to discuss some things with you. Before I begin I want you to understand something very clearly. I want you to be completely open and honest with me and when I ask you questions hold nothing back. Do you think you can do that?” he asks.

“Yes, Daddy,” I reply.

“Good. Now then, I want to speak about what happened between us the other night.”

My heart skips as I feel like the time has now come for him to scold me and tell me that our love will never be known again.

“The other evening with you was something that I have wanted for a very long time and to be completely honest it is something that I had wanted even before your mother passed. I suppose since I am your father and I logically know how wrong it is I have controlled myself and refused to allow myself to have you.” smiling he continues. “But as you know the other night I could no longer control myself and I took what I wanted.”

Nodding, still unsure of where all this is heading I’m locked on his words. My eyes lightly play over his firm lips as they move when he speaks. Our waitress returns with our wine and salads and places them before us before turning away again. Looking at me sitting still and not touching my food, Daddy nods to me and says, “Go on, we can talk and eat at the same time.” Picking up my fork I slowly begin to eat my salad and sip my wine as he continues through his own mouthfuls.

“I have to know Angel, how do you feel about what happened between us?” he questions. Looking up from his plate, his eyes meeting mine, I feel he is looking deep into my soul and I know that I cannot be deceptive or coy about this answer in any way.

“Daddy,” clearing my throat nervously, “That night was something that I had wanted too and I had even thought about before” blushing deeply and taking a bite of my salad.

“I assumed as much but I wanted to hear you say the words,” he replies.

“I know that it was uncomfortable for you at first since you were a virgin but do tell me, was there pleasure?”

Taking a sip of my wine I’m unsure of how to answer. Knowing in my heart and body that there was pleasure, I am confused because the pain from the ripping of my virginity also caused me pleasure. My hesitance annoys Daddy and he clears his throat as a command for me to continue.

“Well, Daddy, yes, there was pleasure. But I’m confused about it,” I speak softly.

Having finished his salad and sitting back from the booth he looks at me curiously.

“And what are you confused about?” he wants to know.

“The pain Daddy. I did enjoy the pain and I felt like it brought you closer to me.” I respond quietly escort maltepe again. Thinking about this he motions for the waitress and tells her we are ready to order. Without asking me he quickly orders Veal Parmigan with a side order of Fettuccini noodles and broccoli for us both. Taking a sip of his wine he smiles and leans back in the booth once again.

“Angel, what we shared did bring us closer together. From you I took the one thing that no man will ever have and that is a bond now between us that can never be broken. The fact that you enjoyed the pain of what I took only indicates to me your pleasure in having given yourself to me on a level that is like no other.”

Once again I am mesmerized by the tone of his voice as my eyes watch his lips release these words to me. Lifting his eyebrow he leans in over the table and looks me deeply in the eyes again.

“I want you as mine Angel,” he says strongly.

“I want you as mine and mine alone. I want no other to have you, to touch you or feel you beneath them. I want you to experience only me and all of the things that I will do to you and experience with you. I have many wants and desires Angel and only you can fulfill them. Can you give me what I want?” he questions me as his eyes tear more deeply into my soul. I know the answer to his question. He knows the answer to his question but again he wants to hear it from me.

“Yes, Daddy” I reply quietly again.

“No Angel. I want to know everything. I want to know how you feel about what I have just told you. I want you to understand that if you give me what I’m asking of you then you will deny yourself the right to ever have another man again. If you give to me all that I am asking of you then you will lose control of your life and put your very existence completely in my hands. So I ask you again, can you give me what I want?” he demands an answer this time to everything he has just said. Relief floods me as the waitress returns with our dinner and sets about placing it before us. My mind runs quickly on how to answer and what words to use and say.

“Daddy, I truly want to be yours. I do understand what you are telling me. I am aware that in accepting this offer that there will be no more boyfriends for me or anything like that. Daddy, since that night we were together I have thought of no one else. I can hardly concentrate in school because I think of you all the time and I get so excited when I know your coming home. I can give you what you want Daddy. I want to give you everything I have.” I rush quickly through my words, hoping to get them all out without stupidly stumbling nervously through them. Nodding to me, he lifts his fork and takes a bite of succulent veal. Knowing that he has just given me permission as well to begin eating I mimic his movements.

“I’m very pleased with your answer Angel, I was truly hoping that you were ready to give yourself to me. Tell me Love, how do you feel in your heart of hearts over what you’ve just given to me?” he questions.

“I’m a little scared Daddy”

“Hmmm, tell me why?” he wants to know.

Watching his mouth savor the creaming noodles I reply, “Because I want to make you happy and I want to make you proud of me. Sometimes I don’t feel like I do a good enough job and I try very hard. I just don’t want to disappoint you Daddy but I know inside I want to give you everything you want.”

“Everything?” he asks.

“Yes, everything Daddy.”

“I will tell you Angel that you do make me a very happy man. There are times when I feel you are slacking in your responsibilities and you need someone, me, to put you back on track. That is my job Angel. It is my duty and responsibility to see that you are on the right track and you learn to obey the rules of life and the rules that I have set for you.”

“How is your dinner love?” he questions.

“Very good Daddy.”

Taking another bite of my veal, licking the tangy red sauce on my lips away before wiping my mouth politely. Watching Daddy eat as I take a sip of my wine and my mind plays over everything he has said. My soul filled with excitement that I truly belong to Daddy. A sense of fullness fills my heart.

“Angel, you do not know much about any relationship that I’ve ever had with women, including your mother. It is important that you understand that I am a very commanding lover and I look at women, especially my women, as my possessions and belongings. This in no way means that I do not love or cherish my woman but it does mean that I will remain superior to them at all times. You, being my daughter, my possessiveness over you I have a feeling will be much greater. You are and will be my all, my everything, and I will come to depend on you for my every ounce of pleasure and happiness. I will teach you all that you will ever need to know on how to please me and love me and give yourself to me completely. Do you understand?”

Sitting back against the booth and thinking for a moment about his words I am relieved that he is giving me this moment. Unsure exactly what he means by commanding lover but completely understanding his feelings of superiority and possessiveness. Confident knowing that he will teach me to do everything that pleases him and knowing that I will always strive to be the best daughter and lover I can be.

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