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Public Sex

Patrick awoke with a smile. His lover was entwined in his strong arms, in the spoon position. Caroline slept peacefully with her back against his warm, hairy chest and her ass pressed back into his long cock. Patrick sighed with contentment with the knowledge that he was living out his walking dream.

Patrick’s cock was stirring in need of Caroline’s warm wet pussy. He reached down and rubbed the head of his big dick across her ass and pussy. Patrick softly parted Caroline’s legs, being careful not to wake her from her sleep. The head of his prick softly pushed into her warm pussy. He was amazed to find her growing wet while she slept.

Slowly, yet steadily, Patrick pushed his hardness into her slick passage. His hands softly rubbed her breasts as he began to fuck her with a quickening tempo. Even in her sleep, Caroline was responsive and hot. Her nipples hardening under his fingers and her sweet cunt grew more damp with every thrust of his manhood.

Caroline’s eyes opened slowly and it took her a minute to realize she was being fucked in her sleep. Quickly, her bodied replied to the erotic stimulus. Caroline pushed her ass back towards Patrick’s member. This made his hard cock even more eager to fuck her deeply. Patrick thrusts doubled in depth and speed until he was fucking Caroline with all his might.

Caroline took Patrick’s hand and guided it towards her throbbing clit. She placed his palm against her nub and together, they worked that wet clit until she gasped. The combination of his cock and their hands was pushing her towards an explosive orgasm. Caroline was about to explode.

Patrick was amazed at canlı bahis how hard Caroline came. He loved the feeling of his stiff prick deep inside her tunnel when she reached climax. Caroline began to moan and her voice grew husky. Then, she let it go. She unleashed a warm river of her hot cum all over his cock and his ball. Patrick fucked her deeply as the orgasm washed over his sweet lover.

Caroline sighed and smiled, but Patrick’s need was nowhere near sated. He rolled over on his back and turned Caroline onto her tummy. They looked into each others eyes; her’s green and sensuous, his blue and shining. No words were spoken yet they knew each others deepest desires.

Patrick leaned up and kissed his babe deeply. He lied flat on his back and pulled her up by her hips, until Caroline was sitting upon his chest. She knew what he wanted, needed, and loved. But, before he licked that sweet wet pussy, Patrick gazed in wonder at her swollen, sexy cunt.

Caroline’s pussy lips were glazed with moisture. Her inner petals were together and poised near the object of desire; her swollen nub. Patrick loved that clit. When she was excited, it would become erect and stand straight up. He stared at her pussy until his hunger forced him to act.

Caroline worked her fingers in his hair and lowered her slit towards his eager tongue. He could wait no longer. He used his tongue, lips, beard, chin, and nose to work that love channel into a frenzy. And then, Caroline took over.

She reached her hands into his hair and pulled him to his core. Caroline was prepared to fuck his face with vigor. He reached to his right and handed her bahis siteleri a dildo that vibrated. As Patrick tongue fucked that juicy slit, Caroline vibed all around her clit. She knew if she touched that nub she would erupt.

His tongue, rolled up like a cock drove deep inside her wetness. They had talked about doing this before and he asked Caroline to not hold back.

She did not.

Caroline fucked his tongue and vibed her clit. Her hands pulled Patrick hair and she ground her sweet cunt all over his face. Caroline felt and intense spasm growing deep in her center.Patrick sensed she was very close to cumming, and he took the dildo off her nub ,put it inside her pussy and sucked that sweet clit.

Caroline’s rode the waves of an explosive orgasm. She felt it resonate and knew it was one of the most intense climaxes of her life. When he bit down on her swollen clitoris, she spurted her honey. all over his face.

Patrick had been wanting this for months and intended to devour every drop. Caroline expelled her cum on his tongue, lips, beard and face. As she was shaking, she worked that cunt all over his face. He was stunned to realize another peak was riding the waves of this orgasm.

Caroline came again and again and he refused to let her rest. He licked, sucked, nibbled and fingered her as she was rocked with desire.

Without any warning he turned her hips so he could rub her sweet ass as he tongue fucked her. Caroline took over the vibrator in her pussy as the licking continued. Patrick wanted even more.

He reached over and took a dildo from her toy box. It was shaped like a big hard dick and bahis şirketleri he placed the head of it to her rosebud.

As Patrick slowly ass fucked his lover, Caroline leaned down to lick his swollen prick. In a sweet 69, they feasted upon each other. She licked the underside of his cock as he drove the dildo into her ass slowly. Patrick treated Caroline’s ass to a few firm smacks. The sound of his hand spanking her ass, made his balls ache. His testes were heavy with cum and her tongue laved them slowly.

His desire was overwhelming as she sucked his cock deeper. Soon, he was driving his cock upwards and fucking her mouth, as if it were her pussy. The dildo in her ass was now deep inside her. Patrick turned up the speed and began to fuck her tight ass. Caroline felt the tip if Patrick’s cock at the edge of her throat, yet didn’t stop devouring his member.

Patrick was now insane with need. He spread her ass cheeks open and pulled out the cock-shaped toy. He pushed his rolled tongue up into her ass as she began to feel his balls tighten.

He tongue-fucked her sweet ass so deeply he could feel the vibrator from her pussy through her vaginal walls. Their orgasms were impending and were bound to be shattering in depth.

Caroline began to feel her pussy erupt with hot cum as Patrick felt ball begin to drain. His cum flooded her mouth and she swallowed most of his cum, but pulled his dick out to take the last spurt on her breasts. She came hard, all over his chin and beard, as he continued to tongue fuck her rosebud.

When, at last, they collapsed, the first words of the morning were spoken. Caroline turned her body to lie on his chest. She looked into his Irish-blue eyes and said, simply, “I love you.” Patrick replied, “I feel at home with you, babe.”

The Florida sun was rising in the east. It was going to be a blissful day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32