The Perfect Pair Pt. 03

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The Perfect Pair, Chapter 3

(fetish, chastity, consensual, cross dressing)

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

A story of a loving couple exploring their sexual fantasies, together.

Read Chapter 1 & 2, first.

Dennis and Brooke, explore their sexual fantasies, starting with their mutual fascination with chastity belts.

When Dennis and Brooke arrived home from work, on Wednesday evening, they spotted a sizeable box waiting on their doorstep. When she checked, Brooke squealed with joy seeing that it was from the Netherlands.

The belts had arrived!

She carried the carton excitedly into the door and they tore it open like kids at Christmas.

With the box open, and the padding removed, Brooke stopped, “OK, wait, just wait. Let’s first check the keys and store them away.”

Before they’d even taken the time to examine the two belts, they located the small envelopes with the keys in them. There was a pair for Dennis’ belt, and two pair for Brooke’s. The woman’s belt had a key for the belt and another, different one for the plate that covered her pussy lips.

Walter had even been kind enough to paint them in different colors, blue for Dennis and pink and red for Brooke.

They tested all of the keys, making sure they worked as they should. They had each read too many stories, fictional or otherwise, where the keys didn’t perform as expected and the wearers wound up stuck.

They found no problems. Everything worked, as it was supposed to.

Brooke took one of each key and sealed them into an envelope marked ‘For Emergency Use Only’. After sealing the envelope, they each signed their names over the flap’s seams and then Brooke wrapped the entire envelope in a massive amount of clear tape. She then showed Dennis that she was placing it in the back of the refrigerator’s freezer section for permanent and safe storage.

That done, she picked up the remaining blue key and placed it on a necklace chain that she hung around her neck. She handed Dennis a similar chain, and he followed her lead, placing the pink and red keys around his own.

“We should never take these off,” she said.

“Actually, I have a better idea,” Dennis replied. “I checked and we can each get a safe-deposit box at the big downtown branch of our bank. I think it would be better for us to keep our belt’s keys there. That way there’ll be no risk of losing one, and no temptation to abuse it. I’ll keep only the pink key, the one for your pussy plate, with me.”

Brooke, was pleasantly surprised, “brilliant idea!” she gushed, “and it’ll make it that much harder to unlock ourselves. We’ll have to go all the way down there to retrieve the key.”

Dennis hadn’t really thought about that aspect. He wasn’t feeling so proud of himself, now. He didn’t really want to make it even harder to get out of the belt.

But Brooke was getting even more excited, “You know, it’s even better. The belt will close and lock without the key, so we can make it a ritual. We go down to the bank, unlock the belt and return the key to the box, then head home. Twelve hours later we can just close and lock the belt back on.”

Now Dennis was hating his own idea.

“I’ll have to get the key to my pussy plate from you if I need it to clean myself, down there.”

“Yup. No access without my permission.” That situation pleased him. “But what if we’re on vacation somewhere. We’ll need to take the keys along if we earn release when we’re away from here.”

“Yes, we can do that, then we’ll have to keep them around our necks, but only under those circumstances.”

Brooke continued, “and, we’ll always have the emergency keys in the freezer, if we need out. But we have to swear that we’ll only use those keys in a dire emergency, and with the other’s permission.”

Dennis nodded, “agreed.”

Finally, Brooke took out her belt and started examining it in detail. It was beautiful and sturdy, and kinky as hell. She smiled, ear to ear.

“I really want to try it on right now, but I think we should wait until we have the keys secured,” she said, still holding her belt in awe.

“Why wait? We can try them on now, and go to the bank, tomorrow.”

“Because, once we put them on, I want them to stay on. I don’t want to be tempted to take them off because they’re uncomfortable or because we’re horny.” She said.

Dennis, understood and nodded, sadly, “All right, I get it, and it does give us a chance to get in one more session of good sex, tonight.”

“Yes, that too,” Brooke said with a big smile.

Having enjoyed watching Brooke examine her belt, Dennis finally took a look at his. It was as nice as Brooke’s, and just as he remembered it, except for one glaring difference!

He istanbul escort was surprised to see that the plate that held his cock down wasn’t smooth like the sample he’d seen. Instead, it was molded to include a pussy shape at the crotch. If he wore tight underwear it would look like he had a vagina!

“What the hell?” he said, and Brooke looked over to see what he was upset about.


Sputtering, he showed her, “look at this. The plate that holds my cock is molded to look like a pussy.”

Brooke giggled, “well, Denise should have a pussy, to go with her breasts, right?”

Dennis looked at her, suspiciously. “Is this your doing? How can I wear this?”

Brooke, still giggling replied. “I may have mentioned something to Suzette, I don’t recall. But regardless, what do you mean you can’t wear it? Who’s going to ever see it, besides me? Are you going to run around showing it off? Is it going to be more embarrassing wearing a chastity belt with a molded metal pussy covering your cock?”

She then broke out laughing.

Dennis could remain mortified for only so long before he saw her point and started laughing along with her.

“OK, OK,” he said, “I guess you have a point.”

She was only giggling at that point, “You guess?”

He turned back to his examination with a harrumph.

“These holes at our ass seem smaller than I remember.”

“I don’t think they’re any smaller than the examples we saw, but they do look kind of small. I’m afraid we’ll have to use baby wipes to keep ourselves clean back there. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll have to resort to enemas to clean ourselves out properly.”

“Oh shit,” he groaned, and then hearing himself started laughing. “I didn’t mean it to come out like that.”

Brooke started laughing, “well it has to come out somehow.”

Dennis joined in, but laughing even more enthustiastically.

After they’d calmed down a bit, Dennis asked tentatively, embarrassed, “I’ve never had an enema, have you?”

“Yes, once when I was a teen and was constipated. It was uncomfortable, at first, but I felt so much better, afterwards. We’ll just have to get used to it.”

He nodded, “I never expected that. It wasn’t part of my chastity fantasies. Of course, I only dreamed of a cock cage, not a full belt.”

“Now wait a minute, didn’t you fantasize about a woman in a belt? Didn’t the woman’s belt you dreamed of require her to take enemas?” Brooke asked suspiciously.

She stared at him until he replied, sheepishly, “yes, I suppose I did.”

“Hah, it was alright in your fantasies if the girl had to give herself enemas while she wore her belt, but not something the guy would have to do. Is that it?”

He nodded, guiltily.

“Well, dear, what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.”

That ended that conversation.

“OK, let’s get something to eat and then I want you to screw my lights out.” Brooke said, smiling.

“Sounds like a great plan!”

Sleep, even after a tiring session of great sex, was difficult as they were both excited about their belts, but they did eventually fall asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning they headed off to work in their now normal attire. Brooke’s clothes were sexier than ever before and nicely showed off her breasts, while Dennis wore his panties and sports bra under his normal male work clothes.

They met up and took an early lunch, driving quickly to the main bank branch. There, they filled out all of the paperwork and obtained individual safe deposit boxes. They carefully made sure that they, and only they, could open their respective boxes. The bank wouldn’t allow Dennis to open Brooke’s, and vice versa.

Finally, they deposited their keys and went back to work. They both spent unproductive afternoons, distracted by their plans for the evening.

As soon as they could get away, they headed home. Dennis had to concentrate to avoid a speeding ticket.

Brooke made him stop on the way home to buy personal lube, a douche kit and a pair of enema kits at the local drug store. The sales girl gave them a funny look as they paid. They were both chuckling as they left the store with their purchases.

Once home they quickly stripped down and took a shower, together, knowing that it could very well be the last opportunity they might have to completely wash their entire bodies, at least for a while. Understandably, it was difficult to not get involved in sex, but they resisted the urge.

Then it was time.

Of course, Brooke was first. She washed the belt, making sure it was free of any manufacturing oils. Afterwards, she asked Dennis to unlock the pussy plate so she’d be able to get her nether lips arranged properly in their slot. He did as requested, and then repositioned that key on its chain around his neck, while she continued the process.

Next, she stepped in and pulled the thing up her legs and, struggling a bit, over her hips. She used a little lube to gently work everything into place and then carefully turned so Dennis could lock Escort Anadolu Yakası the belt closed, in the back where everything met-up, just above the crack of her ass.

Brooke let out a groan, as if she had been holding her breath, as the click of the lock sounded. She took a few minutes to wiggle and adjust the straps so they weren’t pinching or pulling on her skin.

“That feels so cool,” she sighed, “OK, let’s fit the plate.”

Dennis knelt down in front of her and devilishly ran his finger over her protruding lips. She moaned, “stop that!”

He giggled, before getting to work and fitting the plate into its mounting slots and locking into place.

Standing, he kissed her, and she returned it fervently. She was so turned on she shuddered and shivered.

Brooke reached down and cupped her hand over her crotch, but felt nothing underneath its new cover.

She looked up at Dennis, and said with a quiet smile, “your turn.”

Dennis was mentally ready, but his cock wasn’t. It stood up straight and hard, pointing at Brooke.

She laughed, “Oh, you have a problem. I think I might have a solution. Wait here.” With that she turned and ran off into the kitchen.

While she was gone, he lubed his cock, making things worse, if that were possible.

Brooke was back in a minute and before he realized what she had in her hand; she had pressed a bag of frozen peas onto his poor sex.

He screamed and tried to jump away, cursing, but she held it in place and his cock rapidly shrunk down. She continued to hold it on his poor cock until he was tiny. Only then did she back off.

Giving her a dirty look, Dennis then proceeded to pull his belt up so he could insert his manhood into the tube that held it tightly pointed down, as he pulled the belt the rest of the way up to his waist. He then pulled it up behind him until the parts were all aligned and Brooke could lock them together. The familiar click indicated that he was now also locked away.

As his wife had done, he wiggled the thing into place and cupped his own crotch, feeling just the plate, with its molded on pussy lips, and nothing more.

She then stepped up and they hugged, their belts clacking as they met at their waists.

Dennis’ cock tried to grow, but the narrow tube and its downward pointing position stopped him dead, and for the first time he felt discomfort from the restriction. He knew it wouldn’t be the last time that he would have that problem.

The two of them spent the next hour examining their locked away sex. First their own and then each other’s. They used the full-length mirror in the master bedroom as well as hand mirrors to get a complete view.

At one time or another both of them felt around their rear holes, familiarizing themselves with the position and the feel, realizing more than ever what difficulties that arrangement imposed.

Dennis, of course also reminded himself that from now on he would be sitting to pee like a woman and wiping himself afterwards.

After they had completed their inspections they wandered, hand-in-hand back out to the kitchen, hungry and happy.

As they cooked, Dennis suddenly realized, “hey, we’re still naked. Or as naked as we can be. Are you already trying to earn points?”

She laughed, “not a bad idea, but I’d have to stay like this for the next 12 hours.”

“Works for me,” he replied.

“OK, after dinner, let’s get out the points spreadsheet.”

They hurried through their meal, still getting accustomed to moving and sitting in their belts.

They both laughed when they sat down on the, wooden chairs of their kitchen table and their metal belts thunked onto the seats.

“We’ll have to be careful with that, at least in public.”

“Good point.”

They finished, hurriedly, and dumped their plates into the sink, heading back to the office and Brooke’s computer.

“Wait, I want to try something out.”


Brooke ignored him and ran off, returning in only a few minutes with several of the waist cinchers.

“If these fit with the belts, we can add them to our wardrobe for additional points.”

They experimented for several minutes and decided that unfortunately, none of the corsets would work. They wouldn’t fit either over, or under the tight belts.

“Too bad,” Dennis said. Corsets had always been a part of his fantasies.

“Yes, it would have helped you with your figure.” Brooke had also been looking forward to wearing one, as part of her bimbo persona.

That experiment done they sat down to work on Brooke’s computer and the score sheet she had prepared.

They spent the next hour on it, each of them getting more excited by the minute. Starting to understand that their lives and their happiness would now be controlled by the numbers it contained.

They quickly got involved with a debate about when the time measurements would start and end.

They ultimately agreed that 6:00am would define the start of a day, and a 24-hour period. 6:00am or 6:00pm would define the start Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort of a 12-hour period. All to keep their timekeeping and rule calculations simple.

It was already well past 6:00pm, so they couldn’t start earning any points until tomorrow.

Weeks would be measured from 6:00am on Saturday to 6:00am the following Saturday. And whenever someone met the goal, they would make the trip to the bank to retrieve the key and unlock that lucky winner.

While working it all out, they realized that the influx of bonus points on Saturday would probably produce a winner. And that they’d then have to wait, at least until the bank opened before they could unlock. The 12-hour release time would start the moment the belt was unlocked.

They argued about the impact of driving time, but gave up, admitting that the winner could masturbate on the way home, if they so desired.

In any case, the belt would be relocked exactly 12 hours from the minute it was unlocked.

Once these ground-rules had been established they started their review of the scoring situation.

Their scoring calculations would start tomorrow, Friday, morning.

Dennis would wear panties, starting at 6:00 in the morning. That would earn him 1 point. Awarded on Saturday morning, and by wearing them all of Saturday he’d get another point.

Brooke hadn’t worn panties for weeks, so she was set. She’d also earn a point for Friday and another for Saturday.

Dennis said he would also dress as Denise Friday night and continue all of Saturday for a total of three 12-hour periods, so he’d earn three points by Sunday morning.

Similarly, Brooke would stay naked for the three 12-hour periods, and get three points also.

Neither of them intended to go out on Saturday, so no points there for being out in public, for either of them.

Continuing down the list, they stopped abruptly when they arrived at the rules for butt plugs.

“Oh, I forgot, we can start earning our butt plug points, too,” Brooke said.

“I’m not sure I’m ready for that,” Dennis whined.

“Well, you’re the one who wanted to try anal sex, and I’m willing to experiment, so I have to make sure my little hole can handle it, and besides I want the points, so I’m going to try it. I’ll start with the smallest and work my way up. If I can, that is.”

She retrieved the two boxes from a drawer, and from hers, she removed the smallest of the four plugs, ignoring the other set that could be locked in place.

“Huh, we forgot about the keys for the locking plugs. If we decide to use them, we need to manage their keys. I suppose we’d have to hold each other’s and keep them handy, like we’re doing with the key to my pussy plate.”

“I don’t even want to think about locking one of those things in my ass,” Dennis said disgustedly.

Brooke looked him and smiled evilly, “but it would be so much fun!”

Dennis just shook his head.

Brooke giggled, “OK, I’ll start wearing this in the morning. If I can learn to live with it, it will add a lot to my points count.”

When she looked at Dennis, he was far from enthusiastic. “You should really consider it. Otherwise you’re liable to fall far behind me.”

Dennis still didn’t like the idea, “I don’t know. It’s not something I ever thought about.”

“Well buster, you had better think about it tonight, because tomorrow morning you really should insert the damned thing.”

Counting up what they figured they’d earn by Sunday morning, Dennis came out at 5 points, while Brooke, planning on wearing the plug in her ass all day and night, Friday and Saturday, expected to earn 7 of the 30 needed for release.

Dennis realized he would need to earn extra points on Sunday to have any hope of keeping up with Brooke and earning his release.

Something to think about.

They then took a look at the bonus points list. Things looked good there, although they wouldn’t be applied to their totals until next Saturday.

They would each get two points for being hairless. Brooke would be earning 6 points for her breast implants, while Dennis would get 4 for his. She would get 4 more points for her piercings while he would get 2.

Considering these numbers, Brooke would easily make her goal next Saturday as she’d receive a total of 12 points for all of her body modifications, while Dennis would get 8.

Brooke was feeling good. She figured she had it made, as she’d have 29 points, even before she added more on Sunday, and throughout the rest of the week, just by not wearing panties, spending her time at home nude and by constantly wearing the butt plug.

It didn’t look like Dennis would make it, even if he always wore panties, which he did already, and dress as a woman when he was home, which he could easily do as he had been doing it most nights, anyway. But it looked like he’d have to earn at least one more point, somehow, to make the 30 he’d need.

There was no question, though that Brooke would hit her goal first. She was already thinking, gleefully, about what she would ask of Dennis, as the winner’s reward allowed.

It did occur to them, that as the goal rose toward 50 points, they’d have more and more trouble earning release in just a week, and it would keep getting harder and harder. The thought was both depressing and exciting for people just starting into chastity play.

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