The Pleasure of Business Ch. 04

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It had been several months since their little mutual blackmail scheme with Richard had taken place. True to his word, Richard had kept his mouth shut. It helped that he was still being fucked on a regular basis by Marcus, the hunky Australian personal trainer. Diana was happy that everything had worked out. She and Melanie were still going strong, although lately Mel had been working such crazy hours they hadn’t seen nearly enough of each other. In fact, it had been almost two weeks since they had made love and Diana was getting extremely frustrated.

She found herself home alone one night, again, Melanie having called to say she was going to be late again. Diana couldn’t blame Mel. The DeRossi campaign was about to launch and as project leader, Melanie had to burn the midnight oil. She knew that once the launch happened, Mel would be all hers again. In fact, she was planning a surprise vacation for the both of them once the heat was off. Two weeks at a resort in Cozumel. Nothing but sun, sand and sex sex sex! Diana could hardly wait. She wandered around her quiet apartment, restless and horny, thinking of what she would be doing to Melanie on the beach very soon.

Diana took a glass of wine into the bedroom and snuggled back into the luxurious pillows, intending to read awhile before going to bed. But her mind kept going back to her fantasies about their vacation. Putting the book aside, she lay back against the pillows and closed her eyes. She began to picture Melanie’s lush but firm body, her full breasts tipped with deep pink nipples. Diana loved her nipples, loved taking the soft flesh in her mouth and sucking hard until they became rigid, until Melanie moaned out loud. As she pictured doing this, Diana became warm and she felt her pussy grow wet. She loosened the tie of her robe and parted it. She cupped her own breasts in her hands and began teasing her nipples into hard points. She began to picture how Melanie looked, naked and lying on the bed with her legs spread open. Sometimes all Diana would do is slip a finger into the warm wet slit of Melanie’s pussy and caress her aching clitoris, watching Melanie’s face every second until she screamed in pleasure. Thinking Bycasino of this, Diana slipped her own finger between the lips of her pussy and began to masturbate, sliding her finger firmly along the side of her clit. She moaned softly and spread her legs wider. She slid her fingers into her juices, using them to lubricate. Her wet fingers slid over her throbbing clit like silk. As her orgasm began to build, Diana began to rub harder and faster. She was moaning loudly now, becoming lost in the tidal rise of her orgasm. He legs began to quiver and she gasped out loud as she started coming, delicious warm waves of sensation washing over her. It was a shocking tingle, radiating from her cunt and racing outward to the very tips of her fingers and toes. Her orgasm peaked and began to subside. She fell back against the pillows and stretched luxuriously, like a cat. She felt loose and relaxed.

“If I had known this was how you spent your time waiting for me, I’d have come home a lot earlier!” Melanie was leaning against the bedroom door, her jacket over one shoulder and a broad smile on her face.

“Hiya, gorgeous.” Diana purred languidly. “I’m so happy you’re home!”

Melanie threw her jacket on the chair, stripped off her blouse and skirt and climbed into the bed beside Diana. She was still wearing her bra, panties, thigh high stockings and heels. She wrapped her arms around Diana and kissed her, softly at first, then with more intensity. Her lips parted and she felt Diana’s tongue slip through, caressing her own. Drawing away, Melanie looked into the flushed face of her lover and smiled. She then laid her head on Diana’s chest and they both closed their eyes.

“I’m sorry I’m so late. I know we were going to try and have dinner together. But as soon as the launch…” she trailed off.

“I know, baby…as soon as the launch. It’s okay, I know how it is. Let’s just lay here a little while.” Diana sighed contentedly as she felt their breathing synchronize. For several minutes neither of them spoke or moved, just lay and breathed together, listening to each other’s heartbeats. After a while, Melanie groaned and raised up, reluctantly.

“Okay, Bycasino giriş I can’t lay here like this forever. I’m going to jump in the shower and then I need to work on a presentation for tomorrow.” She got up and stripped off her shoes and underwear. As she headed toward the bathroom she looked back at Diana.

“Did I forget to tell you how beautiful you looked when I walked in? I loved watching you masturbate, watching you come – it was amazing!”

Diana smiled as she belted her robe.

“Well make sure to come home the same time tomorrow – we do a nightly show!! Hey, do you want me to bring you a glass of wine?”

“That would be great – thanks, baby.” Melanie went into the bathroom and Diana heard the shower jets start. She wandered into the kitchen and poured the wine, still feeling loose and relaxed. It suddenly didn’t matter that Mel was working crazy hours. She was there now and Diana could make sure that she felt as relaxed as Diana herself. She open the door of the bathroom and, setting the wine glass on the sink, she slipped off her robe. Melanie looked incredible, standing under the pulsating jet of the shower massage head with her eyes closed. The water sluiced down her gorgeous body and Melanie looked like she was in heaven. Diana stepped into the shower and put her arms around Melanie, pressing her body against Melanie’s as the water poured over them. She kissed Melanie’s wet mouth and thrilled to feel Melanie’s firm breasts pressed against her own. Still kissing, Diana reached up and pulled down the shower massager. She turned the dial from shower to pulsing massage. Melanie opened her eyes and smiled. Diana knew exactly what Mel wanted and needed. Melanie lifted her foot and placed it on the shower bench. She used her fingers to spread the lips of her pussy, closed her eyes, and leaned back against the shower wall. Diana moved the massager down Mel’s body, stopping to allow the jets to pulse against Melanie’s nipples, turning them from pink to red. She then moved the head down Mel’s tummy, finally reaching her pussy. She knelt then, focusing the jet on the bud of Melanie’s clit. Almost immediately, Melanie Bycasino deneme bonusu began moaning as the pulses of water set up a percussion rhythm on her sensitive clit. The sensation was incredible, almost too much. Diana was moving the massager around, never losing contact with Mel’s clit. She was looking at Melanie’s face, watching it contort with pleasure and feeling her own excitement grow as Melanie groaned louder. Her legs were quivering and she had to brace a hand on the wall of the shower to keep from falling. At last the pleasure was too great and she cried out as her orgasm slammed into her. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy, her eyes closed and she rode the crest of sensations coursing through her. Unable to stand anymore she slid down the wall, her cunt still pulsing and throbbing with the force of her coming. Diana leaned forward and thrust her tongue in Melanie’s mouth, drinking in the moans and cries that Melanie still uttered. As the feeling ebbed, Mel sat back weakly, panting to catch her breath.

“Oh god, baby, that was so fucking good!” Mel couldn’t even open her eyes, she was so wiped out.

“Well, I thought you might be a little stressed after work and needed a nice massage!” Diana said cheekily.

Melanie laughed.

“You always know what I need.”

Diana stood and replaced the shower head, allowing the water to cascade over them once more.

“Now that we’ve been a little dirty, it’s time to get all nice and clean.” She poured scented shampoo in her hands and began to rub it into Melanie’s hair. Melanie purred under this pampering and happily succombed to being cared for. She stood, allowing Diana to rub her all over with the sponge and soap, making sure to get her thoroughly clean. She responded by doing the same to Diana, in the process dropping to her knees and eating Diana’s pussy until Diana screamed. When they finally turned off the water, they took turns drying each other off with fluffy towels.

Later, they lay cuddling in bed again, pink and glowing from the shower and their lovemaking.

“Don’t you have to finish that presentation? Diana asked.

“Screw it…I’m too relaxed to even think straight. Let’s just go to sleep.” Melanie was already half asleep as it was.

Diana switched off the light.

“‘Night, gorgeous.” She said softly, kissing Mel lightly on the mouth.

“Night, baby.” Mel replied sleepily. She snuggled closer and they drifted off, warm and contented.

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