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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


I’m a plumber. I plumb.

I love to say that when people ask what I do which isn’t that often so it doesn’t get worn out saying it. I work for a plumbing company in Oklahoma City, where I live. Married, to Martha, no children yet, 26 years old. I was born in Muskogee, about 125 miles away. My mom still lives there. We’re doing plumbing for a housing building project in Muskogee. They’re building the houses about one or two at a time.

When they have a house going up another plumber and I stay over there through the week. The other plumber has a small apartment, supplied. Nice one too. He has local friends so I mostly only see him at work. I stay with mom. It gives us a chance to catch up although I talk with her a couple of times a week and she calls Martha about once a week.

I drove over for the new project Sunday night, about two and a half hours depending on weather, etc. I park in the garage and stay in my old room although it’s been overhauled and doesn’t look the same. The bed is against a different wall. A lot of the house has been updated. Mom asks what she should do about so and so and I arrange it and it gets done. She picks out what she wants. The work shop area got turned into an exercise room with a desk and other amenities for mom. New big shower and nifty bathtub.

Mom’s almost my height, 5ft8 and she’s got a loose figure. She always did eat green things and olives and stuff like that. I always call a few days before I come over. I parked in the garage next to mom’s car and went in. She heard me getting my suitcase and was at the door.

“Hi Gene,” she said. “Your beds changed. Remember you promised not to try and fix me up this trip.”

“You look really great,” I said. “Yes, I remember. I decided I’d try to fix you up with me. A hot bod like that should get some use.”

“Uh huh,” she said. “Did you go see that play, the cheeky one about Alaska?”

“Yes, I did,” I said. “Martha loved it. I liked it. You’d hate it. Too practical and not enough hunky men. Give me a hug.” I always got a hug from mom. She didn’t miser her hugs. After I got used to them she told me how much she looked forward to it. It gave her a chance to feel a grown man. She didn’t say against her, or whatever women look forward to in a grown man, just a chance to feel a grown man so when we hugged I got around her waist and pulled her in and let her have a man feel for a few moments. She did linger and I stayed with it and let her stop when she felt like it.

It always worked. She would sometimes get a little quiet and breathe a little deeper but mostly she was like a spring chicken. Sometimes Martha came over for a few days when she could get away from her job. Mom really enjoyed that and fawned over us when we were together. When she wasn’t home once I checked her bedroom for vibrators and opened a drawer or two. Not horribly invasive. No vibrators, no skimpy bed clothes. No other things like lube or condoms or whatever.

It wasn’t easy doing that. I’ve been sort of looking for an opening or an area I could plant an idea or see if she would want to be a little closer or something, anything. She doesn’t like me trying to fix her up with somebody. That’s why I made those comments when I got here. She took it like a little teasing but it got said and may start a thin thought. I held her hand going in a restaurant once and she said it was embarrassing because it looked like I was her boy toy. I said they would also think she was very good in bed to keep me. She didn’t complain anymore about me holding her hand.

We both had already eaten so I took a shower and got ready for bed. It was a little late. I wore boxers at home but I kept three pair of thin gray knit shorts along with other clothes along with my work clothes here at moms. I usually wore a top and took it off going to bed. Mom wore either a stretchy gown or stretchy top and bottoms for bed. I don’t really know about underwear. She didn’t shift around enough to tell if she had a bra on, not that I was always looking. Another hug before bed was also customary. She had on the top and bottom tonight.

We met in the hall and she put her arms right around my neck and I got around her waist. We always started slow and as we hugged it got tighter until I fit in loosely. We talked the whole time. We did that so we couldn’t notice what we were doing so she wouldn’t be embarrassed and could enjoy herself. Every now and then I got up a little fitting in her loosely. I apologized once and said it was because of the hot shower. She said I was silly and don’t worry about it but I think she was looking forward to it. I liked to run my hands up her back under her top on her bare skin. After scolding me for a month or two she let me go ahead. Sometimes she didn’t have a bra on and she waited for me to find ataşehir escort bayan out. I always paused or something so she knew I noticed. I never tried to go down inside the back of her pjs.

I said, “Would you mind if I came over and climbed in with you?” I’ve done that before. Not that much. Usually to sit on the bed cross-legged and talk about something.

“Sure,” she said. “Anytime. I’m not all that sleepy. I was going to read anyway. Anything particular?”

“No. Yes,” I said. “I want to come over and hug you some more. Remember I said a hot bod like yours should get some use. I thought you might be more comfortable with me than anybody else right now. If we hug long enough maybe you can relax and enjoy yourself. Anyway, I’m hoping you have a thrill or two to get rid of.”

Mom was smiling. She said, “Give me a few minutes.” I nodded with a big smile and went off to my bedroom. A quick check over myself and fifteen minutes later I went over. Mom had a nice big bedroom. Subtle faded rose motif with white trim. Big soft bed with bright bed side lights and much dimmer soft adjustable gooseneck lights on each side for reading. The bright ones were off. She had a sound machine for drowning out background noises. A present from me that she used all the time.

Mom liked to sleep with the air a little lower in temperature so she had a very light blanket on top of the sheet. My side was turned down and she was on her pillow over towards the middle. I still had my top on. I turned off my light getting in bed. Without looking mom reached up and turned hers off. It wasn’t totally dark. I slipped over and gave her a light kiss on her forehead.

I said, “Should we hug like we do standing up and go from there?”

“Ok, works for me,” she said. “I’ll try not to bang your knees. My body is always straight standing up and usually bent in places in bed. I’ll have to work at getting straight. We can start at our shoulders and work down from there.” Mom just told me she was with me on this. She was going to get her boobs in me then her stomach, then our middles, then our thighs. By then I would probably be up pretty good. I’ve never been fully up with mom but I guess that was somewhat what I was doing here.

She always seemed to go slow when we hugged so she probably wasn’t going to hurry this and that was exactly what I wanted to happen. Her arms came around my neck and I started under and over her waist. I usually kept my hands on her hips until she floated towards me then wrapped her with a hand center high and center low on her back and we filled each other’s places. Then she would melt with me, not in a hurry to stop.

I felt her breasts come into me and my hand up on her back told me she didn’t have a bra on. Her cheek was against mine. Her breathing was steady, not noisy. A few moments later I felt her stomach come in. My top was up a little and hers was too, a little skin on skin. Her top only had buttons to just down below her breasts. My upper hand was over her top but my lower one was on skin just at the top of her bottoms. No judgment about panties yet. Mom wiggled a little and I felt her lower hip touch mine.

She moved her cheek from one of mine to the other and did a little mmmmmm. I was up, not totally but enough to be imposing and she would run into it when she got her other hip in. I was pointed upwards so it wasn’t like a pointy sword. She must know all that and this was her decision pause. I think her muscles were a little tight all over. I kind of felt she was that way. Then she seemed to relax down her body and I felt her between her hips and she was there. Lightly but there, against me.

She squeezed my neck and our thighs melted closer together. She said, “I need a little time to get used to this?” I nodded and pulled her in ever so slightly letting her know ‘I like it too’. She pressed in more and seemed to open up slightly but didn’t put a leg over. Mom didn’t grind, she seemed to like me pressing up her vulva. I tried not to move much, just flex a muscle somewhere to let her feel a live person against her. It was probably about two or three minutes and her head moved and she got her lips into mine. First time I’ve been kissed like that by my mom.

With the kiss I felt her get into me more. Still not really pressing. It was early in all this but I thought this might be a good time. I said, “If I happen to take my top off and your top off could we still do what we’re doing?” If mom gave me her tits there would be a better chance I could get her bare buns.

She went through that pause phase again. Not as long. She said, “I was actually wondering how that would feel. I guess I was too chicken to ask. Please.”

I slid the hand on her back over on her stomach and up to her breast. I got up on and rotated her nipple with my fingers and palmed her. I pulled back out and tilted back and pulled my top off and as seductively as I could I unbuttoned her top and worked escort kadıöy it off her arms. I felt her nipples and breasts against me before her arms were around my neck again. A really good sign. She was staying up around my neck so I could play with her.

I thought she might strike out on her own at some point. We hugged and kissed and rubbed around on each other for the better part of five or ten minutes. I gave both her breasts and nipples plenty of attention but held off with my lips and tongue. I wanted to wait until she tilted over. I had my lower arm under her and down on the back side of her hip at the edge of her bun. Not aggressively, letting her get comfortable with me around her middle someplace.

I had my upper hand down on her bare back teasing with my fingers in her pj bottoms about an inch or so. It had been almost twenty minutes so I said. “Mom, try not to read this the wrong way but I’m thinking about taking my shorts off. There’s a comfort thing involved but it’ll give you a chance to get more excited and give me a chance to help you do that.”

“I am certainly getting that,” she said. “I always like a man with his pants off besides you shouldn’t do yourself an injury turning your mom on. I think I should have worn my chastity belt.”

I reached down my back and pushed my shorts down and reached down and took them off. Fully nude I got against mom again. This time I angled my dick right into her crotch, a little upwards as I got around her waist again. She didn’t say anything but did press on in, working her hips more than she had been. I had my arms back under and over like they were.

I thrust so lightly it wasn’t that imposing and pulled both her hips in just as lightly at the same time. It was a perfectly acceptable pantomime of a normal everyday quiet fuck suggestion. She had to be feeling my dick head pressing and releasing into her outer lips about the right place. Mom worked her arms around my neck and her breasts in mine while I attended our middles. We were working together so well we couldn’t stop if we had to.

I caught her scent. She had to be wetting her pants along with my pre-cum doing the same thing. If this kept up I’d probably push her bottoms in between her outer lips. I said, “Thanks mom. This is exactly what I needed. I think I somehow turned myself on driving over. This is so good. If I do too much let me know. I’ve been thinking of asking if you’ll let me play around with your buns and letting me tease you a little more. As long as you’re enjoying yourself everything is fine with me. I absolutely love doing this with you. Something to have fun thinking about.”

We kept going like we were. I was still working on top of her pj bottoms. Every now and then I would play with her butt crack down low, not all the way down and once or twice I would pull them apart and once I got a couple of fingers down in a little firmer. She squeezed my fingers and moaned. I think I got her butt button. She thrust into me a little firmer when I did that. I got a hand down on her upper thigh and wrapped around to the inside and let the edge of my hand rub right in her crotch up and down a couple of times and got out.

“Your dad liked to do that,” she said. “Playing with my thighs and buns. It always gets me higher.” She was quiet for a minute or two, our middles still short fucking. She said, “Gene, you can play with my buns any time you want to. I’ll always enjoy it more than you know.” With that she got into my lips again. Not hard but softly, lovingly. I thought more seductively too. She got her tongue against mine a couple of times. Her own son. With her tongue. Well, I did have my pants off.

I waited for a couple of minutes while we play fucked, which seemed like a very long time, then I got her bottoms at the top of each hip and walked them down to about the center of her buns. Enough for her to feel exposed and venerable. I had both hands on a bun and fiddled across and back with my fingertips paying attention to her butt crack. I let my hand on top spread out over the center and dip down in her pants. That got a nice push of her hips so I pushed back with my dick. The backs of my hand edged her pants on down her buns until the top was around the top of her thighs.

I took a chance she would let me and ran my middle finger down in her butt crack and on down to her vagina ridges but didn’t dip in. I did go across it. Mom moaned so I did too, about the same. I brought my finger back up in her butt crack and up on her back. I said, “Oh, wow. That was so good. I think that may have been one of the thrills I thought you might like to give away.” While I was talking I pushed her bottoms on down her thighs near her knees.

I wanted to get her pants fully off before she got tilted over on her back. Pants off, Mom playing with my dick holding me right against her vagina lips, slight tilt for lips on nipples, full lay back, over on, bingo. She’s probably screaming ‘hurry maltepe escort up, hurry up’ for all I know. It really was good. My dick head was really pumped up and getting more sensitive. I had my hands back on her fully bare buns and pulling them apart and running fingers from both hands down through and careening off her vagina outer lips.

We were still fully facing and holding forth with what we had. I found her hand around my neck and moved it down between us about half way and let go. No moan or kiss. In a very short moment I felt her wrap me about half way down. I pulled my hips back and slowly pushed in again so she could put me where she wanted me. Soft wet flesh enfolding all sides of my head. She held on and I gave her a nice thrust, stopping when I hit anything that stopped me.

We stayed like that for another five or ten minutes. It took both of us some doing to get her pants off without letting our lady parts and man parts get away from each other. Now she pulled a knee up, but not over. I moved my head down to her nipples and started on both, swapping when I could force myself to leave one for the other. Mom was tilted over about half way, my dick almost down across her hip but still in soft flesh. I think her middle was turned more my way.

I felt her lower leg move against me that little bit. Not a clear message. We kept on. I still had her butt crack in my grasp and working it. Not a word passed between us for some time. She had her goal and I had mine. They seemed to be the same so far. I pulled my hand out of her butt crack and slowly curled it over her hip down in her crotch past my dick head at her clit. I got a finger up under and pulled it back right in to her vagina entrance and swirled it and kept doing that.

Now we both were getting comfortable with it. I felt her leg move against me again, ever so lightly so I moved my upper leg over hers and thrust at the same time, a little harder to distract her. That got me a moan so I guess it worked or was it because I was getting in her saddle. I didn’t know which. Maybe both. This time when she moved her lower leg outward into me it was noticeable. I lifted and she continued moving it out and tilted over on her back pulling me over in her valley.

I was settled down in in short order and lay my dick right down on everything. I wasn’t far from tilting my hips back and gaining entry. If she worked her hips in concert I knew she would be all for it. I tilted back and felt her thighs muscle up. I pulled my stomach in and tilted my dick down and went right in, about a third of the way I think. Mom got out the nicest moan and I did too. I pulled out and went in about half way and made it all the way in with the next two or three strokes.

All this time we were moving around, getting adjusted, in small movements. She got her legs over mine and I got my arms under her shoulders and pillow and we got going and she soon was working me. Slow, strong, solid strokes that were more than fantastic. The feelings were like with Martha. She liked slow like mom. I used to go fast all the time. Martha showed me a better way. Slow.

Mom said, “How’s that. Feel good?”

“Oh yes,” I said. “I think I’m getting all your thrills.”

“Not all of them,” she said. “I have lots more. We’ll have your hornyness gone soon enough.”

“Don’t hurry. It’s too good to stop.” It was too good to stop. I got into her nipples and breasts several times. Must have been a half hour or so. Probably an hour and a half since we started. Mom started first. Thrusting a little faster so I did too. Then she did it again so I did too. Pretty soon we were hugging each other seriously and keeping our upper trunks under control as much as we could while our middles fucked themselves out. I was stretching my skin down my dick so much it was pulling my dick head very tight.

I was determined to let mom go first. She did. She was a little active with it. She’s had many orgasms so I thought she would be a little quiet but she wasn’t all that quiet. I blew out about when she was starting to wind down so we did go together a little bit. All this time I forgot to ask if she would get pregnant. I didn’t want to suggest we should or would go this far. I’d check later. I’m sure she thought about that. I’d check.

The next day went as normal. I got up early, got my work clothes on and went to work. Back about 4:30 since we always started early. The builder asked me out to dinner so I asked if I could bring a nice lady. He said sure, he’d bring his daughter, Sharon. Martha and I knew her but I didn’t know the builder was her father. When he told me I asked and we had a nice talk about her and school and Martha, which he knew also.

Mom was all smiles when I got in. She would almost say something, probably some remark about last night, then would stop and get a twinkling eye and mouth smile and stay that way. I didn’t comment on last night either. No need. I already called her about the dinner invite and she was good with it so we got ready. Mom had on a green short body flowing dress down a little lower than mid thighs. I said, “Mom, I can see your pants outline. Why don’t you take them off? Nobody will know but us. I won’t tell. You’ll look sexier.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32