The Princess Ch. 03

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Friday: Taste Test

We made love again that morning. Still just fingers, but slowly this time. We were lying on our sides, facing each other. Soft, gentle kisses, each with a hand teasing and torturing the other. It was a long, slow burn as we tried to match our thrusts. She came before I did. I liked that. Watching her cum fueled my own orgasm.

I showered quickly and dressed in a red lace thong and matching bra, snug Levi’s, a v-neck Texas Rangers t-shirt, and boots. We were working at a sports themed event that day. I went back into the bedroom and sat on the bed to brush out my hair, letting it dry naturally.

The princess went to take her shower. She was in the bathroom for well over an hour. I was getting annoyed. I’d applied a little makeup, pulled my hair back in a low pony tail, and put on a Rangers ball cap. It took maybe 10 minutes. What on earth could take so damn long! We had planned to leave almost 30 minutes earlier. The boys were going to be pissed. They’d already called twice.

She finally came out of the bathroom and I literally growled. It was worth the wait. She had her hair pulled back in a high pony tail. Her makeup was simple, sweet. She wore a v-neck t-shirt similar to my own, but tighter, with just a hint of cleavage visible. She had on a red skirt. On me it would have been knee length but with her long legs it was mid-thigh and snug on those curves. My mouth was watering. She was so fucking sexy. I wanted to take her back to bed and spend Bycasino the day there. The phone rang again, the boys getting impatient. I walked over to her and kissed her hard, deep, until she was moaning. Then we left for “work”.

It was the longest day ever. She was so hot I couldn’t think of anything but her. After we finished and packed up all of the gear, we went to dinner with the boys again. Another fun time, but I was anxious to get back to the hotel. We made it back around 9pm. We each went to our own rooms. She called me and said she’d be over as soon as she was sure the boys were in for the night. Discretion was important to both of us.

I was wearing just my bra and panties when she finally came to my room. It was after midnight. She was still in her work outfit, but barefoot. Somehow, that was even hotter. Maybe I’d just been thinking about it too long. I let her in, then pushed her back against the door as she had done me the night before.

She giggled. I kissed her and then dropped to me knees. She giggled again, looking mischievous. I pushed her skirt up to her waist. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I glanced up at her.

“Did you go without panties all day?”

She giggled again, whispering, “Yes.”

“Dammit, you should have told me.”

I leaned close, kissing the top of her thighs, one and then the other. I slid a hand up the back of her right leg, behind her knee, lifting it and resting her leg on my shoulder, giving Bycasino giriş me a better view. She really is beautiful, her lips are full, closing over her pussy, keeping it hidden. I placed a hand on either side, using my thumbs to pull her lips open wide so I could see … so beautiful.

I leaned in again, slowly licking one plump lip and then the other. She was wet, so wet I got a little taste of her just from licking this way. She moaned. I grinned. I was still so nervous about this, but I wanted to please her. I wanted to make her cum. I slowly licked from bottom to top, just the tip of my tongue sliding between her soft folds. The taste, god help me, it was so good. Sort of tangy, earthy … so good.

I licked her again, slipping my tongue a little deeper this time. When I reached the top, I found her clit, already hard and swollen. Good grief, she runs hot so fast. I sucked it between my lips for just a second and she growled, my favorite of her sounds.

I wanted more. I slid my tongue deep, curling it inside her sweetness, rubbing the top wall of her pussy with the tip of my tongue. She slid her hands into my hair, tangling her fingers in it, shoving my face hard against her. She growled again. I moaned, sending vibrations deep inside her.

She went wild, grinding her hips forward as she held my face tightly in place. I pulled my tongue out, replacing it with two fingers as I went searching for her clit. I wanted to suck on it so badly, Bycasino deneme bonusu but I didn’t. Not yet. I needed to play. I was finger fucking her tight little pussy slowly, so slowly. I began slipping my tongue over and under her clit, my tongue ring dragging against it with each lick.

She squeezed down on my fingers, her hands tightening in my hair as she cried out, cumming on my face. I sucked her clit then, hard, rubbing my tongue ring against it as I sucked, riding out her orgasm. When she stopped trembling I licked her again. The taste was different, almost sweet. I didn’t know. God, I had no idea. I licked her clean, taking every drop of her sweet cum. I wanted more.

She jerked my hair hard, pulling me away. I looked up at her and her eyes were fierce. She looked almost angry.

She was nearly growling, “Take your fucking clothes off and get on the bed, now.”

I did, quickly. She stripped her clothes off as she made her way to the bed. She didn’t waste any time. She ate me out. I hate that expression, so vulgar, but there is no better way to describe it. She was not gentle. When she added fingers, she was even rougher.

It was almost painful the way she pushed me, forcing me to cum hard and fast, again and again. I moaned. I screamed. I even cried at some point. She didn’t stop until I was sore. Then I flipped her onto her back and took my revenge.

We didn’t sleep at all that night. At all. We took turns pleasing and punishing each other. She left me at 6am to get back in her room before the others were out and about.

I showered and dressed quickly, anxious to see her again. Of course, the princess took an eternity to get ready. My princess is high maintenance, but always worth the wait.

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