The Prom Date Ch. 06

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Note to readers: I’m sorry it took so long to finish writing this chapter. After getting such positive feedback on the last chapter, I started working on it sooner than I usually do. Unfortunately, it’s been a busy summer, and I haven’t had a nice block of time to devote to the story. Hopefully, it still hangs together, though. There are a few new age-appropriate characters introduced here (all over 18), even if I forgot to say so in the story. I hope you don’t hate it. — Kellog.

The Prom Date

Chapter VI

A Kellog Serial

While Dana and Sara took separate showers and got ready to go clothes shopping for their prom dresses, Cindy browsed over to the eBay site and closed the bidding on the Cinderella package, two white mice and a pumpkin. She checked the identity, background and email of the winning bidder, a man named James N. Nye, on Google and sent him a message confirming his bid and informing him that his winning bid of $30,000 + eBay and prom costs had just gotten him two very appreciative dates for May 7-8.

She also updated her web site with the new information and thanked all the bidders. She also thanked the fans of the website for spreading the word and for sending their toys, contributions and fan mail. She wanted to post her new videos, but decided instead to send them to the winning bidder.

To her surprise, by the time that she updated her website, she had already received a reply email from “jnye”. Cindy opened it anxiously and was relieved to find that James sounded like a nice enough guy. He described himself as single, 22 years old, tall, dark haired, and of medium build. His description mostly matched the photograph he had attached to the email, although Cindy thought that he was being somewhat modest about his physique, which seemed lean, but athletic, although she couldn’t tell for sure underneath his neatly pressed blue Armani shirt.

James commended Cindy and her sister for being so selfless, and promised that he wouldn’t press them to do anything they did not want to do. Instead, he said that while he would certainly consider it an honor to be their first lover, he would understand if they didn’t think he was attractive enough, or if they didn’t hit it off. Cindy scoffed. From what she could tell of his picture, he was quite handsome, and his manners were probably top notch. He even explained why he bid so high. It wasn’t just that he was a letch — although he admitted that the idea of making out with twins as beautiful as they were was a fantasy of his — but that he had grown up in a similarly small town and had lost his high school sweetheart to another boy who attended a cross town private school which was well-known for its fabulous senior proms. He explained that his former girlfriend was a cheerleader and had met this other boy at a basketball game. He added that he learned later that she went to the game without wearing her cheer panties underneath her pleated skirt. She had gone trolling for an invitation to that prom, and had succeeded.

Consequently, James was glad that the girls had decided to “fundraise”, without prostituting themselves, exactly the opposite of what his ex had done. He promised that not only would he respect their decision, but he made the twins swear that they wouldn’t do anything they didn’t want to, just because he put up the money. He explained that just like them, he had a reputation to protect. He had graduated from college a year early, and had become a dot com millionaire less than a year later, drawing the attention of the local and national press, and he didn’t want to gain a reputation for using his wealth to “buy” teenage girls for sex. Nonetheless, he concluded, he had the means, and because he had missed his own prom, he was only too glad to help.

Cindy gushed. She knew there was a chance that he was snowing her, but it all sounded reasonable. And if it was true, this was the perfect guy. She had been afraid that the winner would be some old guy, blowing his family’s savings on a mid-life crisis. How could she accept that kind of money? But now, she didn’t have to face that dilemma.

Sara came up behind her at the computer and was reading James’s email over Cindy’s shoulder. “He’s perfect!” Sara gushed, her face beaming with excitement.

“He’s mine,” Cindy warned, getting up from her seat so that she could go take a shower and get ready. Sara was taken aback. She had never seen her sister so possessive before, except, she realized, when it had come to Dana’s affections.

“I’m going to go get ready,” she said tersely. “Tell him that we’ll be in touch, and then send him the movie we just made. I think he’ll enjoy it.”

Sara huffed, her competitive instincts brewing just beneath the surface. Thinking about their comparative roles in the video, she knew that Cindy came off better than she did. She stared at their date’s photo. He is kinda cute, she found herself thinking, and rich. But it was then that the light bulb went on. Sara realized that even though gaziantep rus escort James was attractive, if he wasn’t a multi-millionaire, Cindy probably wouldn’t have fought her over him. Sara recognized that Cindy probably saw him as her ticket out of town. Whereas Sara might be pretty and popular now, she still had college to look forward to. But all Cindy really had going for her was her looks. Dana, too.

Suddenly, Sara felt a little sorry for her sister. Sara knew that as the “smart one”, she would go on to a good college, and probably end up with a professional degree after that, whereas Cindy would probably have to rely on her good looks to find herself a husband who could provide for her. As a result, Sara decided to give her “big sister” a pass. She could have him, as long as she shared.

Sara emailed the videos and told him that the videos were brand new, and that it was a special “thank you” from the three of them. He immediately wrote back, thanking her for the special videos, even though he couldn’t have possibly downloaded and viewed them yet, and told her that she should call him “Jim”. James was too formal. He added that he would be in contact with them later about the details for the prom, but that in the meantime he had already wired the money to Cindy’s eBay account, along with an extra $6,000 for the girls to split, to cover their dresses, shoes, hair, makeup and other incidentals.

When the girls received Jim’s email, they all screamed and went wild, jumping and dancing around the room. They did it again when they checked Cindy’s eBay account and found that all the money was really there. This was going to be the best porn, er…, prom ever.

The three girls finished getting ready, heady with excitement. They rushed into Mrs. C.’s mini van, all smiles and giggles. It was more than an hour’s drive to the “local” upscale shopping mall, but the time and roads passed quickly. Along the way, the girls tried to disguise their conversation, but Mrs. C. was able to piece together that they had a winning suitor, and that the prom was a definite “go.”

Once they reached the mall, Mrs. C. gave her daughters a $500 spending limit, not knowing about their larger budget. Dana had a much smaller budget, but she wasn’t concerned because she knew that the twins would share their newfound wealth. The three girls decided not to tell Mrs. C. about the extra money, because, after all, how could they, when they were all still pretending that she didn’t know about the Cinderella package?

Mrs. C. and the three schoolgirls went straight to the bridal and formal wear shop. They were glad they were there early. Because they had just posted the good news on the web site, there were only a few girls shopping for their prom formals. Most of their classmates had decided to wait to see where the prom was going to be held before making their purchases. As a result, Cindy, Dana and Sara had a large selection of dresses to choose from. Like most modern boutique shops, the girls would register their gown selection and which prom(s) they were going to be used for, so that no one else would show up in the same dress.

As Mrs. C. browsed the mall on her own, the three girls headed straight for the back of the store where the formal ball gowns were. Pouring over the racks, the girls alternately fawned over and scorned the various offerings. It wasn’t long before a thin, young, fashionably dressed sales girl appeared in their midst. Standing a polite 5 or 6 feet behind the girls, “Jasmine” silently waited with her hands folded in front of her for the trio of friends to notice her in the surrounding mirrors.

When they finally did, the girls immediately calmed themselves down, not realizing until then how loud they had gotten in their frenzied excitement. Jasmine smiled warmly, silently reassuring them that — yes, your behavior was a little out of line, but you’re still the boss in this place, and I’m here to help you choose the perfect dress.

“I’m Jasmine,” she said, offering her soft, manicured hand out limply. “Thank you for visiting us. May I be of any assistance to you ladies?”

“Uhh…yeah,” Cindy stammered, taking Jasmine’s hand in her own. She was impressed at how soft and elegant it was. It made her think of sex just by touching it. Jasmine’s subtle hint of perfume didn’t hurt, either. “We’re, uh, here to look at your prom dresses.”

“Yes, of course,” Jasmine smiled. “We’ve been expecting you.” The three girls shot each other furtive glances. “In fact,” she added, “I’ve taken the liberty of specially arranging some ensembles for you. Cindy, Sara, Dana, if you ladies would please take a seat,” she said, politely motioning to an immaculate pair of matching white sofas.

The three girls stared at each other again with wide eyes, their mouths agape, as they silently took their seats. Standing in front of them, Jasmine turned elegantly and smiled, holding her arms out slightly to the gaziantep rus escort bayan side, palms up, as though showing off a new car at an auto show, but with a lot more class.

Seeing their shocked expressions, Jasmine thought she better explain. “Yes, of course I know who you three are,” she said, stepping closer and assuming a less formal pose, bent over and talking to them as though telling them a confidence. “You three are going to make me a lot of money in the next few weeks.”

“You see, I’m the owner here,” she whispered and winked, smiling prettily.

Sara and Dana stared at each other, each struggling to suppress their laughter. But, as Jasmine had been staring straight at her, Cindy remained drawn in by Jasmine’s pervasive charm and charisma. Jasmine, of course, had perfected her sales persona almost as well as she had perfected her passion for fashion and her mind for business. She was only 27, but she had already completed college with a double major in fashion and marketing, and had pointedly moved to the Midwest to fill a fashion void. Staying out of the city center helped keep overhead low, and drew on her customers’ competitive spirit of finding a pearl in the oyster that no one else knew about. She had a presence on the Web and her shop quickly became the place of choice for upper class mid-westerners and young up-and-comers wanting to jump social ladders. The only thing she regretted was, being Asian, she often felt out-of-place in the Midwest, though this had diminished as her reputation grew among those in the know.

“Anyway,” she announced a little more loudly, clearing her throat and standing back upright and assuming the pose of a well-practiced professional model. “Like I said, I’ve taken the liberty of arranging a few different looks for each of you, based on what I know about you.” She smiled wryly, but only for a moment.

“There’s no commitment, yet,” she joked, “so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. If you have any questions, just ask. Don’t be shy or bashful. This is all about you and making you even more beautiful than you are now for your big night.”

As she was speaking, an assistant came by with a silver tray of cheese and crackers and poured them each a tall sparkling glass of champagne, which bubbled beautifully in the tall, chilled, champagne flutes.

“Let’s begin, then, shall we?” As soon as she finished speaking, three girls appeared from seemingly out of nowhere. Each was of the same build and hair color as one of the three school girls. They were all beautifully adorned in elegant prom dresses, with matching shoes, clutch bags, and complimentary jewelry. Cindy, Sara and Dana immediately recognized their own individual styles in the outfits worn by their respective models, and they beamed and squealed with excitement.

Jasmine was good at what she did. Some said she was the very best. She knew one day she would eventually sell her store to someone capable of carrying on, so she could move to New York or Paris, or both, but for now, she loved watching the expressions on her clients’ faces when she introduced them to high fashion.

Jasmine’s assistant handed Sara, Cindy and Dana a small notepad, so that they could jot down notes on what they liked, and didn’t like about the various offerings as Jasmine explained each dress in turn. It took approximately 20 minutes to go through the first series of dresses. When they were finished, the three models were dismissed to go into the back room and change into their next dress. While the models were changing, Jasmine fielded questions from the three girls and asked her own, trying to get a better feel for their individual personalities, and their likes and dislikes.

The second set of dresses was not as impressive as the first. This, of course, was also as planned. The idea was to give the girls something on which to practice their new critical skills. The third set of dresses was even worse. And by this time, Dana had already started to lose interest. Instead, her wandering eye had landed on a boy who had obviously been dragged to the woman’s shop by his girlfriend. They must have attended a different school, because Dana didn’t recognize either of them. Growing more and more bored by the minute, Dana noticed that he was paying more attention to the group of 7 girls, than he was to his girlfriend, so she decided to play with him a little.

Readjusting herself in her seat so that she was directly facing him, Dana sucked the end of her pen into her mouth while she crossed and uncrossed her long legs beneath her short skirt. Dana smiled seductively at him across the room, enjoying the young man’s struggle to watch what she was doing while pretending to be attentive to his girlfriend.

But the boy wasn’t the only one to notice what was going on. Jasmine caught on to Dana’s antics from near the moment they began, since she had been carefully observing all three girls and measuring their escort rus gaziantep unspoken reactions to the different dresses and ensembles. Watching the boy’s expression in the mirror as Dana parted her legs and slowly pulled up on the hem of her already too short skirt, Jasmine had to struggle to suppress a raucous grin. She knew from monitoring their website that these girls were wild, but she didn’t expect Dana to be quite so brazen. Being focused on fashion, beauty, and sex appeal, Jasmine knew how powerful sex could be. And having spent so much time around so many thin, beautiful, sexual girls in her fashion classes, Jasmine had frequently found herself bedding her classmates and sometimes even the paid models, so she found it almost as difficult as the young man in the store to look away from the sexy siren.

It wasn’t long until Cindy, too, figured out what was going on. Cindy had been watching Jasmine almost as closely as Dana had been watching the anonymous boy. Cindy had been drawn to Jasmine from the very first moment when she had touched her hand. She wondered what it would be like to kiss her, to stroke her soft skin, as she made her way down her body.

Noticing Jasmine’s distraction, Cindy had looked in the direction of Jasmine’s wayward gaze. Following her eyes, Cindy saw the source of all the attention. Dana’s bare pussy, exposed for all the world to see beneath her short skirt. Cindy smiled. She had forgotten that Dana had surrendered her underwear to her mother earlier that afternoon.

But Jasmine, Cindy, and the handsome teenager, weren’t the only ones to have noticed what was going on. Dana’s model, Elizabeth, who was a fan of Cindy’s website, and who was deliberately playing up to Dana, inasmuch as her commission was riding upon a large sale, was quick to observe Dana putting herself on display. Intrigued by the possibilities, Elizabeth found herself growing flush as her heart began to beat more quickly, pumping blood to her mons.

Suddenly, Jasmine broke the silence. “Models, why don’t we show these young ladies our final outfits?” The models glanced nervously at each other, then at the rest of the customers in the store. Sensing their hesitation, Jasmine gently admonished them. “Come on now, ladies, your customers are waiting. Like we practiced.”

Correctly surmising who was the boss, the three young models sauntered over to their customers and stood in front of them. “It hasn’t been so long ago that I went to my senior prom,” Jasmine announced, assuming a professional aire, “and everyone knows that what a girl chooses to wear underneath her formal is just as important as the gown itself. Ladies…?”

Just then, the three models began slowly unzipping their dresses. Having practiced doing this in the confines of the private back showroom, they didn’t reveal any nervousness at all. They were each gorgeous in their own right, and weren’t ashamed of putting themselves on display. After all, it was no different than the skimpy bikinis they wore to the lake.

Sara, Cindy and Dana looked bug-eyed at each other, trying to suppress their teenage giggles. But as the models stepped in closer, the three girls sat still in their seats, staring at the models. The models were staring right back at them, in as much an effort to play the part of seductress, trying to lend realism to how it might happen on prom night, as they were trying to avoid the stares of the other gawking customers in the store.

Jasmine had sauntered around behind the models, slowly helping each of them out of their clothes, unzipping zippers, undoing buttons, and taking custody of their prom gowns as the girls shed them. Sara’s model was dressed most “innocently”, wearing a sexy satin camisole which shone like spun silver as she gently swayed her body. Lifting up the short hem which had been dancing playfully around her thighs, Evangeline revealed a matching pair of tiny silver satin panties, daringly cut in front and barely more than a g-string in back.

“Evangeline,” Jasmine interrupted, standing in front of Evangeline as her back was turned to Sara, lifting up the back of her camisole so that Sara could get a good look at her backside. “Don’t forget, your stockings don’t go with your camisole. Take them off, please.”

Evangeline turned around, wearing a broad smile. They had obviously practiced this routine. Stepping closer to Sara, Evangeline planted her foot on the seat next to Sara, and began to roll down her flesh-colored stockings.

“I let the girls choose what types of undergarments to wear, based on what types of gown they were wearing, and based on what they thought would match your personalities. It helps to get them in tune with the client.”

“Evangeline, why don’t you explain to Sara why you chose what you did?”

“I chose a medium length satin camisole, with delicate spaghetti straps,” she explained, while Sara was helping her unto the straps on her high heeled shoe so Evangeline could take the stocking off of her foot, “because it’s something a young bride would wear on her honeymoon. It’s innocent…young…playful…” she lowered her voice to a soft whisper, bringing down her now bare leg and putting up the other. “But at the same time, it’s soft, sexy, and smooth, and quietly begs to be touched.” Evangeline smiled, as she felt Sara’s nervous fingers fumbling with the clasp on her other shoe.

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