The Red Dress

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Max and Trevor arrived back at the hotel shortly after 9 pm. The wedding went off without a hitch and they figured they’d sample a bit of the local night life before catching their flight home the next morning.

They were both still impeccably dressed… gorgeous black tuxes, typical bridal party wear, turning heads as they made their way thru the lobby. As they passed one of the banquet halls, they’d noticed some kind of function taking place… quite a young crowd, compared to these two anyways…

“The Prom. You remember being that young?” Trevor asked Max, as he took in the scores of couples clutching their dates…

“If I only knew then what I know now, ” Max replied.

A very beautiful young blonde caught his eye, dressed in a stunning red dress virtually painted on.

This goddess turned and met Max’s gaze head on, catching him a little off guard. He smiled sheepishly as she tried to turn away, blushing charmingly as her date, Matt, returned to her side.

Max nudged at Trevor that they’d better be on their way if they were going to make their last night on the town. They ushered themselves out swiftly, Max sending one more twinkling gaze at the blonde before he left, catching her smile.

Steph couldn’t help but feel as if on a cloud. She wore the dress in the hopes of turning a few heads, never imagining to flirt with a gorgeous older stud. Her mind raced with possibilities. He must be staying in the hotel, but where was he going? And dressed to kill…

A slow song set came on and she danced closely with Matt, her body in his arms, but her mind sailing among the stars. He leaned in and tentatively brushed her lips with his, stealing a kiss…

Their embrace grew in urgency, hands roaming over one another’s bodies. This was a little out of character for Steph. Usually a bastion of control and good taste, she found herself quickly succumbing to the lust awakening inside her. As they continued their dance, they turned and she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, and yeah, she looked hot.

Steph leaned in and suggested quietly that she and her date go to their room. The young man was only too eager to oblige…

They were no sooner in the room then they started to tear at each other. Steph aggressively pushed him onto the bed and mounted him, undressing him with a devilish look in her eye.

Matt ankara escort was thrilled. Steph smiled as she removed his pants quickly and grabbed hold of his stiffening cock. She lowered her mouth to envelope his throbbing manhood, sucking desperately as he squirmed helplessly under her. Steph was in total control. At first long, slow strokes with increasing speed and fervor…

There was no way he’d last. Her date’s body began to stiffen as she devoured him whole, exploding deep in her mouth…

Steph sucked it down hungrily, never relenting, feeding on his very soul. Matt passed out, spent for the night.

Steph had discovered a power she could wield over men and she was about to spread her wings…

She straightened herself up and made her way back down to the hotel lobby and sat down facing the front door, watching for guests arriving. After about 20 minutes, she noticed Max and Trevor return after their night of carousing. She stood and slowly made her way to the entrance, but not being so obvious that they’d notice her following.

Max and Trevor entered the elevator and stood against the back wall. This was her chance. Steph couldn’t believe she was about to be so bold, but at the last second, she made for the elevator and held her hand out to stop the door from closing. Her gaze met Max’s immediately. As the elevator ascended, Trevor looked first at Steph then at Max, very aware of something brewing between the two. He just leaned back and prepared himself for the ensuing show…

“Looks like u had a nice night, ” Max said, noticing one seductive strand of golden locks trailing down her face.

“It’s still young, ” Steph replied, her eyes saying everything else they needed to Max.

Max stepped forward and pushed the run stop button on the panel, stopping the elevator between the fifth and sixth floors.

Steph stepped forward, wrapping her arms around Max’s broad shoulders. Her mouth found his, and they embraced like two long lost lovers… tongues dueling angrily in one another’s mouths.

Max was taken aback. He hadn’t been with anyone as aggressive in a long time. He loved being the one taken for once.

Steph pushed Max against the wall, pining her lithe body to his hard form, almost oblivious to Trevor, quietly watching the show before him. She reached down and wrapped her hand around his ankara escort bayan growing cock, as she fumbled with the other hand to undo his trousers. Max’s cock fell out of his pants and she grabbed it with her tiny fist, barely able to wrap her hand around it. It was searing hot, throbbing in her hand, veins pronounced… She felt so powerful, ready to take Max to the heights of ecstasy and back.

Trevor was getting eager to join in the fun. He undid his own trousers and started to stroke his considerably thick cock as Steph’s mouth neared Max’s.

Max fell back against the wall as he felt the warmth of Steph’s mouth embrace his cock. She sucked, and sucked, and sucked like a woman possessed. The look of bliss on Max’s face, she knew she’d be able to have him on demand if she wanted.

Max reached down and started pumping Steph’s mouth at a frenzied pace, balls bouncing against her chin. He was on the edge, ready to flood her mouth, then he pushed her back off his glistening cock. Steph smiled. She knew he was no match for that mouth of hers. She looked to Trevor as her next victim.

She pulled his hand off his cock and took him in her mouth, sucking even harder than on Max. Trevor’s knees buckled as he exploded in her mouth. Steph couldn’t believe how wet her pussy was. As Trevor struggled to compose himself, she pulled aside on the slit of her dress to reveal taut athletic thighs, the insides of which were soaked with pussy juice. She tauntingly fingered her clit as she looked Max in the eye again, daring him to take another shot at her. Max, not to be outdone, obliged. Max pinned Steph against the wall with her back to it and got on his knees. He lifted the hem of her dress and buried his face between her thighs, his tongue brushing softly against her now swollen clit.

His tongue was maniacal. Steph’s whole body rung with electric shocks as she spread her thighs further to pull Max’s tongue deeper into her pussy. Trevor stood and worked his way behind Steph as his still hard cock ground against her firm ass. He reached around with either hand and released either breast from the confines of the evil red dress.

Steph was in heaven. With the flurry of hands squeezing breasts, tongues licking at her clit, her own hands pulling Max’s bald head into her sopping cunt, it wouldn’t be long before they dragged a body wracking orgasm escort ankara from this young beauty.

Max was relentless. He licked, tasted, sucked and teased until Steph was just about out of her mind. She was now desperate to cum in Max ‘s mouth as a familiar warmth started to radiate throughout her body.

Suddenly she convulsed uncontrollably. Max held on for dear life. First one jolt. Then a second. Then a third. A fourth. A fifth with decreasing intensity. Steph would have collapsed a quivering heap if Trevor wasn’t still holding her up.

Now Max still wasn’t done with her. He took her in his arms and hoisted her onto his still throbbing, yet-to-cum cock, and lowered her slowly onto it. Steph moaned loudly as he felt him fill her, not completely convinced her dripping pussy could accommodate such a large cock. Max drove into her deeper and deeper, stretching this young woman, more so than she’d ever been before.

Steph wrapped her legs around Max’s back, still reeling from the force of her first orgasm. She was helpless. It was all Max lifting and setting her back down on his veiny cock, now dripping with her pussy juice.

Max stepped back and shifted Steph as she wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling him tear into her over and over. She was beside herself with lust. She wanted him to fuck and fuck and fuck her right out of her mind, and she let him know in no uncertain terms. She squeezed her pussy whenever he was completely inside, milking him with each thrust… Max wouldn’t last long now. Sweat poured from his forehead as he continued to feed Steph’s pussy, driving even deeper and deeper than before. How on Earth did this young woman drive him to such lengths? He needed to cum inside her and make her his.

He bit into her hard nipples and she bobbed up and down on his marinated cock. Never before had Steph encountered someone so hungry for her… It was intoxicating. The need, the lust, the desire…

And she was satisfying him like no one ever had. She felt his body start to tense and knew he was close. She wrapped her legs tight around his back and squeezed, clutching his cock deep inside her. Max exploded deep inside her, filling her until his sauce leaked out and down her lovely thighs…

Steph’s angel eyes looked right into Max’s, thru him in fact… he was hers body and soul, and she was his.

Max let her down and they embraced hungrily again. Before he released the elevator button, he reached down and slid two fingers back into Steph’s still soaked pussy, feeling the mix of their juices streaming out of her. “My name is Max by the way,” he said. “For the next time we meet.”

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