The Return of Justin D’Enfer

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“Happy birthday, Adele. 90 years old, what an accomplishment.”

“Thanks, Brenda. You’re so good to me.”

“Is there anything else can I get for you? Do you want to blow out your candle now?”

“No, Brenda sweetheart. Just keep dripping the wax on my tits, I love all those little points of fire.”

The sun was dropping in the western sky, throwing red light over the deck overlooking the lake. It was summer, and Brenda Reese was wearing a t-shirt and shorts in the warm evening. She was a medium height redhead with blue eyes and heavily freckled. Her body was chubby and her full breasts were confined in a halter top under her t-shirt.

Adele Tailleferre sat on an ornate metal chair in front of an elegant metal table perched on a cushion that made her backside more comfortable. She was naked under her open robe, her breasts splayed out across the table top reaching ten inches. Her nipples were three inches wide. A long mane of white hair fell back over her shoulders, and her face was lined with less wrinkles than other women her age. Licking her lips, she looked at her private nurse as she leaned back. “We have a goal tonight, and I’m bound and determined to make it.”

“You’ve taken more than I thought, Auntie, but are you sure you’ll get through 90 candles tonight?”

“Call me an optimist. My old bones have been giving me problems lately, and I need something to take my mind off my aches and pains. Besides, that’s number 47, isn’t it?”


“See, we’re over halfway there.” She took a sip of white wine from a flute at her right hand, and took a deep breath. “Let’s keep going,” she said in a bright, cheerful voice.

Brenda gave her a questioning look, and took the birthday candle to drip another series of dots on the wrinkled flesh. She worked methodically, spacing the blobs of wax evenly on the tender skin, avoiding the dots from the previous passes. Adele smiled as she watched the younger woman work, licking her lips as the points of fire hit her flesh. “Did you hear anything from the family today?” the younger woman asked.

“A couple of cards, Justin sent me some flowers, Prudy sent me a report of her little horde with a ton of pictures.”

“How old are the kids now?”

“Almost 4. Two girls and a boy, cute little bastards I admit. Glad it’s not me.”

“Kids are so cute at that age.”

“It’s a matter of perspective. Little rug rats are a hyperactive nuisance. I’d rather wait until they’re 18, and teach them how to party, have sex, smoke MaryJane and masturbate.”

Brenda shook her head. “You are the most different senior citizen I’ve ever known, Adele.”

“Thanks, sweetie. I love you too.”

The candle burned down and Brenda used the last to light another one with blue stripes. Adele looked up at it with fascination and bit her lip. The younger woman waited until a large dollop of wax was ready to fall before allowing it to strike the edge of the older woman’s nipple. Adele yelped and sucked in a deep breath through her teeth as another two shots hit her tender skin. “Time to take this off, Dearie. Use the razor and the pad.” With a smirk, Brenda blew out the little candle and flipped open a man’s straight razor, which she used to pare off the hard casing from Adele’s tits, taking care not to nick the skin. After than, she used a wet green scrubber to finish the job, revealing two long cylinders of splotched pink. “Oh dearie, I’m feeling so much better,” she said as her gnarled hands tenderly stroked her dugs, squeezing and pinching her nubs. “These old funbags are still holding up well. Just can’t wait until Justin gets home.”

“Do you want to go on, Adele?”

“Oh yes, sweetie, I can take the rest of the candles, no problem. Light my fire.”

Brenda relit the candle and resumed her work. gaziantep escort bayan ilanları “I heard from Justin today, he should be home the day after tomorrow, or the next.”

“Oh goodie. How’s his trip going?”

“He hates it. The Middle East is a tense place, so he hasn’t gotten away from his hotel much, hasn’t been able to drink and screw as much as he likes, and the negotiations have been ugly. Got to see the dedication of the new skyscraper in Dubai, and he says that’s the highlight of the time there.”

“Wow, like being in a Baptist Bible School for 6 months. If seeing a new skyscraper dedication is the highlight, he must have had a shitty time. I bet he’s foaming at the mouth waiting to get home.”

“He hasn’t said too much about how he’s feeling. Talked less than a minute yesterday when he called, wouldn’t wait for me to bring you the phone.”

“Wow, he’s pissed. When he’s angry, he hardly says a word. Always been like that.”

“I think we should be ready for anything when he gets back.”

“Yippee. It’s been like being a nun here while he’s been gone.”

“Sure, Adele. Are you ready for another birthday candle?”

“Bring it on, Sweetie.”

Three days later, Brenda and Adele were waiting in the playroom for Justin to return. The walls were covered with many kinds of whips and restraints, a St. Andrew’s Cross stood at one end, while two sets of stocks were nearby, one for restraining head and hands, the other held a tit press. The women sat at a beautiful Oak table: Adele wore a silk dressing gown while Brenda was clad in a halter top and shorts. The door opened with a bang and heavy footsteps made booming echoes as Justin moved through the house. The women looked at each other in apprehension and delight.

Justin descended the steps heavily, and frowned to find his women there. He was a handsome young man in his early twenties, slender and strong, clean shaven with long blond hair and blue eyes. On a warm summer’s day, he wore a polo shirt and faded jeans. Moving across the room, he bent down to give his aunt a peck on the cheek. “How’s it going, Sweetie?” his ancient relative cackled.

“Awful. Shitty. Fucked up. Lost a third of the value of our investments in the downturn.”

“We’re still rich, aren’t we?”

“Shit yes,” he said, with an irritated tone. “But these six months overseas were a massive waste of my time. Those Saudi bastards are less connected to reality than Wall Street, and don’t get me started on the Gulf states. Fuck the Gulf of Aqaba. I’m ready to start investing Green, there’s a couple of possibilities that may pay off in the long run.”

“Windmill farms?”

“Maybe. Still checking things out.”

“Did you have a good time there?”

“It was shit. No booze, no women, no porn. Hot as hell, too hot to play golf. Lots of casinos, but I don’t like that crap. There’s better ways to piss away your money.”

“Well, you’re home now, Sweetie, Brenda and I will take care of you. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of frustration to work out.”

He nodded nervously and look at Brenda. She smiled at him sweetly, her eyes inviting, her hands trembling on the table in front of her, a thin layer of sweat forming on the freckled skin of her breasts.

“Would you like to do something now, Justin?” Brenda asked in a trembling tone.

Striding purposefully behind her, he reached over and scooped her breasts out of the halter top, squeezing them hard and pinching her long nipples. She gasped and her head rolled back and her eyes closed. Adele beamed as she watched, reaching inside her robe to stroke her long breasts. “We’ve missed you too, Sweetie. It’s been too long. What vile, vicious things would you like to do to escort bayan gaziantep ilanları us?”

A maniacal look came over his face as he mauled the younger woman’s tits, his fingers like miniature boa constrictors. “I’d like to tie up your tits, Auntie, nice and tight.”

“Yes,” Adele said, closing her eyes and pinching her nipples. “And then?”

Twisting Brenda’s rock hard nubs savagely, pulling them out and drawing a high pitched yelp from her throat, he growled: “Turn your nipples red.”

Adele shivered. “Oh, yes dearie, it’s been too long. Did you hear that little nippies, you’re going to be red tonight? And then?”

“Turn Brenda’s nipples red.”

“Sounds good. You’d like that, wouldn’t you Brenda?” Brenda sighed and groaned in reply as Justin continued to maul her breasts.

“Then, the vice clamps,” he continued.

“For her or me?” Adele asked sweetly.

“You, only for you Auntie.”

“I can’t wait to feel that cold hard steel. Oh, what about Brenda? Aren’t going to do something really savage to her? I’d love to see you do something really vicious to her monster tits, maybe something that will leave a mark.”

“Oh yes, master,” Brenda whispered. “Leave your mark on me, make me yours forever.”

Justin smiled wickedly. “I want to nail Brenda’s tits to the table, whip the shit out of her, then fuck her from behind.”

Brenda sighed and squeaked again as he gave her boobs a vicious squeeze and twist. Adele’s toothless grin filled her wrinkled face and she fondled her own nipples. “Can I suck you when it’s over? Lick your excess sperm and her cunt juices off your cock?”

Justin giggled. “Of course, Auntie.”

“Well, let’s get started,” Adele said, opening her robe and pulling her long breasts out onto the table. She reached up for a rope close by, but he shook his head. Giving Brenda’s nipples one last squeeze and throwing her heavy breasts hard on the table, he strode around quickly to take the rope off the wall.

Adele beamed as he began to circled around her ancient dugs, wrapping the rope around and around and over her head several times until he created a rope bra for the old woman. Her wrinkled nipples began to erect.

He reached over and pinched her nipples hard, his fingers leaving imprints for a few seconds when he released them. He stroked her flesh and traced the huge brown outline before squeezing her long nipples again. She sighed, and patted his head as he lifted her boob to his mouth where he licked and nibbled gently on her nipple before catching it between his teeth for a hard bite. Leaning over and letting it fall, he traced the tops of her jugs with his hair, paying attention to her large brown buds before kissing her open mouthed for a long time.

“Hands behind your head, Brenda,” he ordered gruffly. Taking down a flogger, he laid several sharp lashes on her breasts; she held them up so he could get a good target for him, and whimpered at the strength of his blows. Shifting his target, he hit his aunt’s exposed breasts on the table a couple of times before going back to his primary target for several more blows. The women grunted at their abuse.

Putting the flogger away, he picked up a single strand whip and laid several angry lines on Brenda’s breasts. “Don’t forget me, Sweetie,” Adele whined, and he turned to give her a few lashes on her brown targets. “Oooh, my nippies, my poor nippies, my poor, poor nippies,” she sobbed, tears flowing from her eyes and her fingers writhing. He switched to a horsehair whip for a few blows, then picked up a cat o-nine tails. “Oh, sweetie, I’ve dreamed of this for soo long,” Adele warbled. “Look, poor Brenda can’t even talk, she’s so happy. We’ve missed you so gaziantep bayan escort ilanları much.”

Tears were coursing down the redhead’s face, trailing between the freckles and leaving a dark trail of oozing mascara. Her lips were moving silently, and her eyes were locked on her abuser, pleading. Flicking out, her tongue moistened her lips and quivered as she watched the bulge grow in his jeans.

The whip came down, and Brenda’s tits grew deeply red, her nipples an angry shade of irritation. The target changed, and the old woman was given a matching pair of burning hot circles of pain. Throwing the leather down, he went to a cabinet and produced a heavy set of clamps, more suited to metal working than torture. “How tight would you like these, Auntie?”

“Screw them down tight, Justin. Squeeze the hell out of them.” The angry jaws gaped, and closed on the long pieces of brown flesh, mashing them cruelly. Justin asked her several times if she wanted more, and she nodded until there was almost no gap.

Standing up, he looked deep into her aunt’s eyes as they watered in agony. She beamed at him, and reached up to unzip his fly. He stopped her with a shake of the head. “A little more work to do first, Auntie. I’ve had to wait a long time for this, you can wait a little longer. Brenda, tits on the table.”

She laid her heavy churns on the table, streaked with fire, her angry red nipples rock hard and tender. Taking a couple of nails from a drawer, he produced a hammer and pricked her flesh with the sharp points. “Do you want this, Brenda?”


“Do you want me to do this to you?”


“Do you want me to drive this nail right through your long hard nipple?”

Looking up at him with big eyes, she whispered: “Yes, yes, yes. I’ve been waiting so long. Drive it in, I’m ready to get nailed.”

Dramatically bringing the hammer to it target and bringing it up slowly, he brought it down sharply, driving the nail in with a couple of blows. He circled around and teased her again, aligning the metal and milking the moment for what it was worth before securing the other nipple to the table.

He ripped her shorts off her body. Her ass was large and white, and Justin couldn’t resist the target. Taking down the cat again, he turned her ass bright red with several blows as his aunt cheered him on. Unzipping, he produced his proud erection, thumping her backside with it several time.

“Buttfuck her, Justin, buttfuck her.”

He shook his head in negation. Reaching between her thighs, he probed her salty swamp, drenched and eager, with his fingers. Satisfied at her readiness, he slipped his dick in easily with a single effort. She bucked and thrust back against him, in spite of the agony of her fastened flesh, and had two orgasms as he pounded her. It didn’t take long before he threw his head back and yelled, shooting a long load inside her.

Pulling out, he walked over to where his aunt sat. The ends of her nipples were deep purple, so he removed the clamps, making her scream at the top of her lungs as the blood returned. His face beamed as he massaged the wrinkled lumps, helping circulation return to the abused flesh. Before she stopped screaming, he stifled her with his slick, dripping cock, forcing the head through her lips and between her gums. Her screams were muffled by his meat, and transmuted into slurping as she turned her attention to his quivering flesh. He stayed hard, and she moved down his shaft to gum his balls, licking them like a lollipop and making him tremble, before returning to take most of his length into her mouth.

Brenda gasped and caught her breath as she watched the old woman work, licking her lips in envy, reaching out to stroke and squeeze his butt in spite of the tension it put on her tacked tits. Her hand probed for his asscrack as he groaned and began to send another shower of sperm into his great aunt’s mouth.

Adele licked Justin clean, and beamed at his drooping penis as it withdrew from her. He turned and gave Brenda a long, deep French kiss on her lips, twisting her head slightly, pulling up and stretching her breasts. Taking a deep sigh, he looked at both his women and said: “Thanks. Now I really feel like I’m home.”

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