The Road Trip

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Author’s note: after having my wife read some of my stories she suggested I write about our trip to the mountains. This is an actual true story. Thanks for reading.

The wife and I were going on a road trip to the mountains. We knew we would be having some sexcapades while we were there so my wife asked for a “hair cut.” I enjoy trimming her pussy hair. I like being between her legs. I took extra time making sure she was trimmed as short as our clippers could get. After a shower I got back between her legs to inspect my work with my tongue. I slowly licked her clit gently at first. I stuck my tongue as deep into her as I could. She tasted amazing! Based on the sounds she made my tongue was well received. I made sure she had an orgasm before I fucked her. I love how wet she gets when I eat her out.

We drove to the Rocky Mountains and rented a room with a great view. I made a suggestion that the following day that she wears a dress without panties. She smiled and quickly agreed. We woke up the following morning excited for our day. We got dressed, I was wearing shorts and a nice shirt, and she put on a nice bra and slipped into a blue free flowing dress. It had a plunging neckline that highlighted her cleavage and wrapped around her so she would have to be careful or she would flash unsuspecting strangers. We headed down for breakfast. It was a thrill to know that she was sitting in front of me not wearing any panties.

I held the door open as she got into our car. I got a quick flash of her pussy. I looked at her face after she covered herself up. She was looking at me with a mischievous smile. This was going to be a fun day. As we drove around the mountains taking in the sites my wife would hike up her dress and play with her pussy while having her right leg up on the dash. I reached my hand over sliding my finger between her folds to find her wetness. I brought her wetness to my mouth making my erection strain against my shorts. We arrived to a small town for lunch. I got out opening the door for her to act as a shield because there were a lot of people around. Hd Porno I got another quick look at her pussy as she got out of the car. She stood up close to me running her hand over the bulge in my shorts.

We had a lovely lunch with a view of a lake nestled in a valley in the mountains. When we returned to the car I open the door but didn’t block the view. If anyone had looked over at that time they would have gotten a great view of my wife’s lovely pussy. With the car door still open my wife dipped her fingers in her wetness and licked her fingers clean. I felt my cock twitch in my shorts. We continued our drive in the mountains with my wife’s right leg up on the dash her dress hiked up high playing with her pussy. I could hear her breathing getting deeper. As I heard her cum while fingering her pussy I nearly came in my pants. After she finished climaxing she leaned over and placed her wet fingers in my mouth. I licked her cum off of her fingers doing my best not to run off the road. She moved her hand down to my crotch and slid her hand over my erection.

We arrived at a parking lot for an island that had a suspension bridge leading to it. I got out of the car but my wife had the door open before I got there. She flashed me her pussy slowly getting out of the car. As she stood up her dress falling back in place someone entered the parking lot from the suspension bridge. Had that man been two seconds earlier he too would have enjoyed a view of my wife’s pussy. We headed towards the suspension bridge as the wind started to pick up. I was walking ahead of my wife as people were walking the other way on the bridge. I stopped midway on the bridge turning to look at my wife. She had a look of concern on her face as the wind was doing its best to remove my wife’s dress. My wife held the folds in her dress tight as she finished crossing the bridge.

She laughed once we were across saying that was close. We toured around the small island. There were way too many people there to play around so we headed back to the car. Back on the suspension bridge she Türkçe Altyazılı Porno fought against the wind to keep from flashing the other people on the bridge.

We were feeling very frisky when we got back to the car. The excitement of her nearly showing her goods to random people was thrilling. We quickly made the short trip back to our hotel. I quickly removed my clothes as she started to remove her dress. I asked her not to. She smiled wondering what I was up to. I plucked up my courage and told her that I wanted to take pictures of her with the intent of posting them online. I had her lie down on the bed. She spread her legs giving me and the camera a view of her pussy. She moved her hand over her pussy and slowly inserted her finger into her slit. I took picture after picture. Her pussy lips enveloped her finger; I could tell that she was rubbing her clit. I asked her to show me.

Spreading her pussy slowly my wife showed me how wet she was. I took pictures as she slid her fingers into her depths bringing the wetness up to her clit. This was too much for me; I had to go in for a taste. I passed her the camera. I spread her pussy and started licking her clit. I could feel her shudder as the camera clicked away. I moved up as she pulled her legs up. She passed me the camera as I slid my cock into her. She was holding her legs at her knees. This lets me fuck her deeper and gives a great view of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I snapped pictures getting closer to cumming. I pulled out to delay my orgasm and put the camera down.

I helped her out of her dress and removed her bra. She climbed seductively back on to the bed. I moved back between her legs and licked her very wet pussy. She had me come up and kiss her. She enjoyed tasting herself on my lips. I slid into her as we kissed. I fucked her while we kiss feeling my excitement and orgasm rising. She sensed that I was getting close to cumming she tells me to lie on my back.

She moves down and starts sucking my dick covered in her pussy juices. Brazzers I nearly nut in her mouth immediately. She slows down so that I don’t cum. I hear her moan as she tastes my pre-cum. She pulled my cock from her mouth saying it was her turn. She got back on her back and I crawled to her waiting pussy. I slid a couple of fingers in her while licking her clit. I moved my tongue over her clit feeling her climax approaching. She grabbed the back of my head pulling me in closer as she starts to cum on my tongue. When her orgasm begins to fade she pushes my head away suddenly feeling ticklish.

I move back up and slid my cock into her. I didn’t fuck her for very long before I started cumming. I fell down beside her content in my post orgasmic bliss.

The following day we headed out for more exploration. We found an old logging road and traveled down it until we got to a clearing that looked like it hadn’t been used in a long time. We got out of the car and made our way to the hatch. I opened the hatch as my wife undid my pants. She crouched down and started sucking my cock. She got me close to cumming so I had her stand up. I undid her pants and helped her to remove them and her panties. She climbed into the back of the car with her legs hanging out. She spread her pussy lips for me feeling the mountain breeze on her clit.

I moved in eagerly licking her pussy. I explored her pussy with my tongue moving between her clit and her wet vagina. I could tell that she was getting close to cumming so I concentrated on her clit. I felt her body tense up as her orgasm ran through her. She pushed my head away when she finished cumming. I moved my dick up to her pussy. I touched her clit with my dick and she jumped. She grabbed my dick and slid it into her pussy. We fucked in the back of the car. I was getting close to cumming. As I felt my orgasm start I pulled out and jerked off on the ground my dick wet from her cum.

When we got back home I posted the pictures on an amateur website. It was nerve-racking waiting for the admins to approve the post. It was very exciting when the first like appeared. I was able to tell how many people looked at our pictures. I made my wife smile when I told her that over two thousand people had seen her pussy.

We have talked many times about that trip. We both have such fond memories. We will have to go on another trip soon.

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