The Sales Lady Ch. 09

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Dressed back in the clothes she had worn from the previous day, Janice stepped onto the elevator with Jason on their way to her car. They had agreed that she would go home to get a change of clothes and some personal items that she would leave at his place. She was also going to the store to purchase the needed grocery items that she would need to prepare dinner for later in the day. Jason had given Janice $100 in cash to make the necessary purchases insisting that while she was with him he was going to pay for everything. Although she felt guilty about him paying for everything she did appreciate his gentlemanly manors. Unlike her daughter’s boyfriend who seemed to have her pay for everything they did.

As the elevator dinged and the doors opened for the lobby floor they had to transfer to another elevator to get to the lower level parking garage. In doing so, they passed by the Java Bean where Janice had received her coffee that morning, seeing the young attractive girl who had delivered her coffee. Janice made a point to raise her hand that was being held by Jason so that the young barista could see it.

“Thank you for the coffee, it was perfect!” Janice said with a huge smile on her face.

The young girl saw them holding hands and curtly smiled back saying, “Thank you, glad you liked it.” Internally she was furious that the older woman had taken the man she had a crush on since the day she first saw him. He had come into the shop to get a Cream Cheese Danish, she remembered it as if it was yesterday. Now her hopes of a relationship with him were dashed against the rocks.

As they stepped onto the parking garage elevator before the door closed she leaned up to kiss Jason to insure her young rival knew he was taken. When the door closed, Jason looked down at her and with a smile on his face saying, “What are you doing?” Knowing full well that she was marking him as hers.

“Who me,” she said batting her eyes, “I was just thanking her for the coffee. Why do you ask?”

“Right, sure you were! If I were you I don’t think I would order coffee from there again unless you’re watching her or preferably someone else is making it for you. Better yet, I have a Keurig in my office that I’ve never used how about I run by the office while you’re gone and bring it home?”

Still feigning innocence, “I don’t even know what you mean, but if you insist I’ll get some coffee pods while I’m at the store.”

As they reached Parking Level 2, Jason took her to her car pointing out the parking level they were on and how to get through the gate with the garage code. Tomorrow I’ll get with the Garage Manager to get a parking sticker that works much like a toll tag works. This way you will have a parking sticker to where you won’t need the placard or the code if you want it? He then handed her his business card that had the Parking Level 2, Space

72, and gate code written on it.

“Do you want me to have one,” Janice asked him?

“Of course, I want you to have one it just makes it simpler for you to get in and out of here. But I don’t want to pressure you into doing something you’re not comfortable with,” Jason said. Looking down at her as they stood next to her car.

Again she felt the pain in her gut that reminded her that this relationship wasn’t going to last for the long term but again she would stay with it as long as she could. Yes, if you want me to have it then go ahead and get me one. “I’ll just use the code until then, right?”

“Yes, just use the code,” he said, kissing her on the forehead.

Giving each other another kiss, Janice got in her car and went on her way. Jason watched as she successfully maneuvered her way out of the garage thinking how lucky he was to be with her. He in turn got in his vehicle and drove to his office to pick up the Keurig that was still in the box. As he was driving he was reminiscing about what had transpired in the last 24hrs. He knew he had strong feelings for her after the first time they had met, but as he got to know more about her, then when they made love and the way it made him feel it only solidified his feelings for her.

Janice as well was a mess of emotion so much so that she had tears running down her face. She felt she had betrayed her marriage vowels to her deceased husband John, but at the same time, she was feeling total elation with Jason as their lovemaking made her feel things she’d never felt before. So much so that she couldn’t wait to make love to Jason again. She especially couldn’t wait to have his cock back in her mouth, which was a real surprise to her. She rarely did that with John and the last time she had done it was many years ago. When she did it then, she never let him cum her mouth nor, did he ever express the desire for her too. Now she couldn’t wait to taste him again.

Before she knew it she was pulling into her driveway and her garage. Lord knows she didn’t want her neighbors seeing her in the same clothes she was wearing from the day before. She tried to rationalize that she was just Escort Küçükköy being paranoid but she dropped the garage door anyway before she got out of her car.

As she went into the house quickly grabbing the things she would need at his place like a change of clothes and toiletries putting them in one of the many emptied boxes she had received with her Allure cosmetics deliveries. She then changed her clothes to a less revealing blouse and a different pair of skinny jeans then she slipped on her favorite pair of pink Converse Chuck Taylors, looking in the mirror she still looked good but not as sexy as her previous outfit, she felt. She already had plans of changing into far less clothes once she got to his place. It took Janice about an hour to get the required tasks accomplished as she was pulling out of her garage and she was off to the supermarket.

On the way back home, Jason decided the best way to handle the money situation with Janice was to order a debit card for her on his checking account. So when he got back home he went online to his bank account and placed an order for a Debit Card in her name, Janice Henderson. Not sure what to do about a Pin#, he went with his apartment # 1210., she could change it later if she wanted. He would then call the Bank Branch Mgr on Monday morning to see if she could get a rush on getting her card delivered by the end of the week. He was on a first-name basis with the Mgr. Brenda Anderson, as he had several loans with her bank for property purchases that were doing quite well for both parties involved.

With that done, he installed the Keurig on the kitchen counter. Then he thought about coffee cups and remembered there were cups that came with the set of dinner wear his mom had helped him pick out when he moved into the condo. Finishing that task, he went into his big walk-in closet which had been designed with enough space for at least two people. Looking at the built-in chest of drawers at the opposite end. He emptied two drawers so that Janice would have a place for her items. He then looked at the available hanging space in the closet and decided he’d move some things around giving her more than enough room for whatever she would need to hang up.

The bathroom was even easier as it was again designed for two people with a vanity that was up higher than the other that he already had his things on. The lower vanity had always been bare of both items on the counter and in the drawers as he didn’t need it. It was going to be nice to have that now occupied from now on, Jason thought to himself.

Looking around his apartment he picked up what he thought needed to be picked up tiding things up more than he normally would have. Anxious for Janice to get back he decided to pass the time by watching a football game on the TV. Flipping on the TV he sat back on the couch, he started to relax and was soon asleep. Janice’s call announcing she was about to pull into the parking garage woke him up out of his nap.

“Hey Baby, where are you?” Jason asked still coming out of his slumber.

“You wanted me to call you when I’m pulling into the parking garage and about to do that.” Janice replied adding, “Did I wake you, Jason?

With a chuckle, Jason replied, “I guess so but I’m heading out the door to meet you now.”

“Are you sure,” she replied, “I can get this myself.”

“No there are carts in the garage just for this purpose so I’ll grab one and meet you at the car.”


“Hello Sexy, can I help you with your bags,” Jason said as did he come up behind her pushing a cart?

Jason walked up taking Janice in his arms giving her a big hug and kiss, “I missed you so much,” he said with a big smile. He then stepped back to take another look at how she was dressed. His approving eye told Janice that he very much liked what he was seeing. “I love the shoes, very cute,” he said with a chuckle.

“Don’t you dare make fun of my shoes,” She said looking down at them as she stuck her foot up so that he could see them better.

“Oh no, seriously I love them, especially on you!” He said, as he took her back in her arms to give her another kiss.

Thrilled with how receptive Jason was with her outfit even though it wasn’t as youthful and revealing as what she was wearing the day before as well as this morning. She kissed him back with just as much passion as he was giving her. She soon could feel his arousal pressing against her stomach.

Pushing him back she said, “Calm down Tiger, I’m not about to have you making love to me in a parking garage, at least not today!”

“So you’re saying there’s a chance it could happen?” He said, looking at her with a devilish grin.

Janice looked at him with an amused look saying, “Jason I will never deny you anything I can give you as I know you will never do anything to hurt me or put me in a bad situation.”

“So is that a, Yes?” He said laughing.

“Let’s get the groceries taken care of first before the food ruins and you have me bent Mecidiyeköy escort over the front of my car,” she said, lightly slapping him on the arm. The mere thought of that as she said it made her get very moist and tingling. She looked over at Jason he was now looking in her car trunk and noticed it was having the same effect on him as there was a noticeable bulge in his shorts.

You better calm that down in case your young coffee girl admirer gets a look at that.” Looking down at his shorts adding, “I’m not in the mood to putting her down to keep my man!”

Then she had a thought as she looked around the quiet parking could she service him right now. Never in all her years would she have ever even considered such a thing, as she thought about sucking his cock right here right now. Just thinking about was making her feel flush and her mouth water with a desire to do this. Not believing what was coming out of her mouth, she said. “Jason if you would like I can take care of that right now,” looking down at the still bulging lump in his shorts. “I could take care of you as I did in the shower this morning.”

Jason was in the process of looking at the items in her trunk when he heard her proposal, or what he thought she said. “Do what?” He asked, with a look of shock on his face.

“You heard me, I could take care of you right here, right now,” pointing to space in between her car and his. “No one will see us here and if someone comes out we’ll just stop.”

“Are you serious?” Jason asked, as he looked at her, he could tell she was very serious. Taking a quick look around the deserted parking garage, he asked her again, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, now get over here before someone comes out and we get caught,” Janice told him as she moved in between their cars getting down on her knees still not believing what she was about to do for only the 2nd time in her life. The 1st time only hours earlier, what had she become she thought.

Jason was now standing in front of her not sure what to do as he had never done or even thought of doing such a thing in his entire young life. Looking down at Janice who was fixated on unbuttoning his shorts and then again around the parking garage he felt the cool air hit his semi-erect cock as she got it free of clothing. Looking up at him, Janice holding the base of his cock in her hand surprised that even semi-hard she still could just barely was able to touch her thumb and fingers together. Opening her mouth wide she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth causing moan out in pleasure. Swirling her tongue around the head of his cock giving it a good licking as if it was a pop cycle. Then she pushed more of him into her mouth getting half his now very hard cock in her mouth. She held him there for a few seconds trying to settle her gag reflex as he was now at the back of her throat. She then started going up and down on him with both her mouth and her hand. Jason was now trying to brace himself with one hand on his car and the other holding onto the ponytail on the back of the head of the woman he truly was madly in love with.

Janice pulled him out of her mouth to take catch her breath telling him that she loved sucking his cock and she couldn’t wait to taste him again. She was now stroking him hard with one hand while she braced herself with the other hand on his thigh.

“Tell me you love me, Jason.”

“I love you so much, Janice!”

“Tell me you want to cum in my mouth.”

“Baby, I want to cum so hard in your mouth!”

The excitement of being in a public area and the dirty talk had them both so very excited. Janice took him back into her mouth and began sucking him like she was trying to suck the nectar of life out of him. This new intensity of sucking him had Jason’s mind totally focused on what she was doing to him. He could feel his orgasm building and building as he was trying to hold it as long as he could. But the sounds of her slurping and sucking on his cock were becoming more than he could hold off from cumming any longer.

“Ooooooohhhhhh I’mmmmmm Cumming,” he tried not to scream out. Holding her head in both his hands he shot load after load of his seed down her hungry throat. Janice sucking down every drop his cock would give her. Soon the intensity became too much for him as he pulled away from her leaning against his car his breathing labored and his shorts still around his knees. Janice still had a grasp of the base of his cock as she watched his erection begin to soften.

Whipping her chin off, she said, “I’m just amazed at just how much I love this,” as she leaned in to kiss it and lick the last drop of semen about to drop out. Standing up now she brushed off her pant legs and told him to pull his pants up before someone sees him and thinks he’s some kind of pervert. She then moved back to the still open trunk of her car and started moving the items from her and onto the cart. All the while trying to control her own emotions because she wanted to have him Merter escort bayan put his big cock in her right now as her pussy was a wet hot mess.

As she was about to place the last item out of the car and onto the cart, she looked over at Jason who was still leaned up against his car with his shorts still pulled down.

“Jason, are you, ok hun,” she asked? She walked over to him as he was still in trance and began pulling his clothes back up. Again she asked looking him in the eyes, “Baby, are you okay?”

“Uh yes, I’m okay,” he stammered as he took over buttoning his shorts. “I just can’t believe what just happened.”

“What do you mean? It was your idea was it not? Janice chided him adding, “I told you I will never deny you,” and with that said she kissed him on the cheek and told him to come on let’s go home.

“Home, yes, home let’s go there!” Jason said as he started pushing the cart on legs that were still a little unsteady. “I love you Janice more than you will ever know,” he told her just as they were getting onto the elevator.

“I know you do Jason, I hope you know that I love you just as much!” Janice said as the elevator door closed behind them.

On the elevator, Jason told her that he had cleaned out 2 drawers in their closet for her to put her items in as well as making space to where she could hang up her clothes if she needed.

“How many clothes do you think I brought or more important how many clothes do you want me to have here?” Janice asked, surprised!

As the doors opened to the 21st floor, Jason answered, “To be honest, I want you to buy whatever clothes & toiletries you will need while you’re here so that you don’t have to move them back and forth between houses.”

He had her punch in the code on the door so that it would help her remember it of which she did perfectly. Jason then pushed the cart of items into the condo asking her what she wanted to unload first. Wanting to surprise him with what she was going to fix for dinner she asked if they could do her personal items first and then she would take care of putting the food away. Adding there was really nothing that would spoil as it wouldn’t take her long to get her clothes put up first. Satisfied with her answer, Jason pushed the cart towards the master bedroom closet.

“Jason, what do you mean you want me to buy all new stuff, that will cost a fortune for me to do that,” she asked confused as they walked into the closet.

Before answering her he pointed out the two dresser drawers he had emptied and the available space & hangers she could use to hang her clothes. Then pointed out the vanity in the bathroom he wanted her to use.

“Now to answer your question, you’re not going to pay for anything this is my idea and this is what I want to do.” Janice started to profess, but he quickly placed his finger on her lips and told her to please listen to him.

“Janice I know it may sound crazy but even though we just met so to speak not to mention all the times we’ve made love in that time period. I feel like I can trust you with some personal facts about me.”

Oh God, Janice thought what is about to tell me.

He continued, “Financially I basically have no bills and what I mean by that is I completed 4 years of college on a full academic scholarship. While I was in college I spent little of the funds my parents had set aside for me for college. So when I graduated my parents took a portion of those funds and purchased my vehicle. My company gave me a sign-on bonus that was quite substantial when I started full-time with them. This apartment, the company is paying the lease for the 3-year contract. So, you see I have no lease payment on this.”

Janice interrupted, “What do you mean, do you have another place?

“Actually, I have 2 and I’m waiting on the possibilities of getting a 3rd,” Jason continued.

“Where are they,” Janice asked now really confused.

“They are all in this same building, I purchased 2 other 1 bedroom condos that I’m leasing out. The rent I make of them pays the note on them and a little more. I’m hoping to sign paperwork on the third condo 1st of next month and I’ve already have a tenant waiting to move in once that happens. The things I have here pointing around to all the things in his condo, I either had it from college or even before that or bought it with the bonus check. Not to mention my salary which I feel is enough to keep me very happy with my position in, life. I never go out, in fact, our dinner yesterday was the first time I’ve been out in months. So you see the funds needed for you to purchase the things I want you to have here is not going to break me. Again the reason why I love you so much is that I know you wouldn’t want to. I’ve already ordered you a debit card for you to use to make all the purchases you need. I’ll just give you cash until the card shows up.”

Stunned by what she was told by this very mature smart young man just amazed her at how lucky she was to be with him. If only her daughter Amanda could find a man like this.

Janice had been putting the few items of clothes she brought which was basically a change of undies for in the morning and a different outfit to wear home. “You know this could get very expensive, these things aren’t cheap,” Janet said, holding out her bra and panties.

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