The Salon

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Jenn jumped when the alarm went off to hard-metal music. She hit the snooze button trying to think of why she should get up at 8:30am. Like everyone morning, the first think that came to mind was that she was not in college studying to be a sports physiotherapist. Her mind had to scroll through the reasons why she wasn’t in school, namely, her scholarship ran out, her Dad left her Mom, and there was not money to enter her sophomore year.

At 20 years old, she felt old and a failure. She didn’t have a dorm room, a car, or many friends left in her hometown. Living with her Mom was ok, at least she didn’t have to pay rent and her Mom needed company.

“Boom” the alarm sounded again and she threw the covers back. Her Mom had already left for work, so she knew she was alone. Half-asleep, Jenn headed for the bathroom and sat on the toilet listening to her pee. She was remembering trying to finger herself last night, when she went to bed, hoping for an orgasm that didn’t happen. She was fantasizing about a client from her afternoon session. It was the way the older woman had carried herself with confidence and poise. Wearing a suit with tight skirt, her ass had the perfect roundness to it and her breasts held high, probably with a push-up bra that certainly wasn’t padded. The skirt was almost ankle length. The only thing that could have been better is if the client hadn’t been wearing pantyhose. As a lesbian, Jenn hated pantyhose. They represented the “establishment” and the oppression of women. She could handle suspenders and hose, but not pantyhose.

Finished peeing, Jenn didn’t bother wiping her cunt. She liked the word “cunt” over vagina or pussy because it had some ‘gravitas’ to it. It made her feel she had something that half the human race did not. Then, she looked in the mirror. Here she was, 20 years-old, short blond hair with half-decent breasts (34A-cup — she reminded herself), 5’7” with an ass just a tad too fat. She tried to smile, but she could not feign one.

“Blah, fuck it” she muttered into the mirror before turning around and opening the laundry hamper. Happily, her mother left her panties–a pair of blue cotton bikini–on top. She brought them to her face and inhaled. She recognized her Mom’s vaginal scent immediately.

“Fuck it,” she muttered again and fell back into bed while stroking her cunt with the blue panties. The sensation of the cotton against her clitoris felt so good and soothing that she kept up the motion for a long time. She felt her breathing change and her heart began to beat faster. Her mind raced with images of sucking her Mom’s hairy cunt and the well-rounded ass of the client from yesterday. She could have climaxed just then but held back enjoying the sexual tension in her thighs. Suddenly, she raised her legs and ass off the bed and moaned as an orgasm quaked through her body. With hand buried between her legs, she rolled over and enjoyed a moment of bliss and quiet. It was terrible, she felt, in her post-orgasmic ecstasy to be so obsessed with women older than herself. What she really wanted was a friend, someone like the client begging Jenn to be with her, begging Jenn to be her friend. But no such luck. Jenn was a loner.

In the bathroom, she quickly shaved her underarms and legs before hoping into the shower. Finishing, she put on a matching set of white tanga panties and a demi-bra that made her tits feel larger than they were. In her state of mind, pride took many forms, looking at her breasts and bra. At least she thought, she had a decent pair of aureoles and strong, stiff nipples when erect. The nipples, in fact, were still erect from your earlier orgasm and felt them press as the bra cup. She then dawned casual slacks and a hoodie and put on her winter coat. Grabbing a muffin, she locked behind her and trudged on icy sideways in the midst of a Minnesota winter. It was 11:30am.

Taking the subway downtown, she walked up the stairs into a busy city street and lazily walked toward work. There was nothing new in the shop windows she hadn’t seen before, so she bought a coffee and continued her slow saunter.

At 12:30pm, on time, she arrived to the staff entrance of “The Salon.” The Salon offered the whole gamut of services for women who could afford them — hair styling and coloring, manicure, pedicures, nails, tanning, waxing, massages and more. Jenn was the more.

Sofie, the day manager, greeted Jenn with a cheerful hello and a lovely maternal smile. Jenn responded with a simple forced smile.

“What’s wrong, babe, you in a funk?” the big black woman asked before grabbing Jenn and burying her in a big hug. Jenn loved her hugs because they were warm, firm and sincere. Jenn felt Sofie was someone who really understood her and to whom she could reveal her worse secrets and best successes. More, Jenn loved the smell of this woman, it was the scent of feeling safe and protected.

“Yes, I am in a funk, but don’t worry. I’m OK,” she replied stepping back from Sofie.

“OK Sincan Escort baby girl,” Sofie replied softly. “Even if you’re in a funk, you’re looking good and hot. Now, if you wanted talk, you know were to find me. Now you get, your first appointment is in a half-hour. It was just called in for 1:00pm.”

Jenn smiled and walked toward “The Sapphic Room.” This was her workplace in “The Salon.” This space was a large white square room with a high ceiling and French provincial look. There were no windows but a lot of mood-lighting. In the midst of this inviting cozy room was a large white leather chair that was something between a dentist chair and a gyno examining table. Once a woman was in the chair and sitting back, the chair would recline almost to the prone position while two leg-rests separated her legs but lifted them as well. Between the separated leg rests, on the floor, was a padded stool for the “service girl.”

Jenn quickly took her coat off and put it in a beautiful white cupboard and took out her makeup kit. She quickly stripped out of her slacks and hoodie and snapped off her bra and slipped off her panties. Salon regulation that she was to wear a pair of sheer white high-cut panties and a translucent blouse with the logo of the “The Salon.” Looking in the mirror, she put on makeup, lipstick, light perfume and a very delicate set of earrings and gold necklace. Her nipples were clearly visible though the flimsy blouse; worse, the fabric easily stimulated her nipples if she were to become the least bit aroused sexually.

No sooner had made sure everything was in order than a small light above the door flashed indicating the client was at the door. Jenn rushed over and open the door. Standing there was a middle-aged woman dressed in an older fashioned business suit holding her purse by both hands in front of her skirt as if she was frightened.

Jenn recognized her from a month ago when the same woman appeared, but seemed to have lost nerve and turned away immediately cancelling the appointment. This mystery woman was taller than Jenn and carried herself in a dignified way. Her hair was dark with wisps of grey. She had beautiful eye brows but dark shadows under her eyes. The skin on her neck was spotted with freckles and there were wrinkles telling Jenn this was a seasoned woman.

Jenn, who was usually a good guess at ages, pegged the woman between 45 and 50 years old. About the same age of her Mom.

“Hi, I am Kylie,” Jenn smiled using her professional name. She opened the door wider and swept her hand around, welcoming the client into the room.

There was pause in the older woman, as if she might bolt again, but Jenn could see her hesitate, bite her lip and then enter, over the threshold. Jenn felt relieved, knowing the anguish and doubt women go through to have their sexual needs met.

“I’m Ms. Jenkins,” the older women said softly. Jenn knew nobody used their real name. Ms. Jenkins, like all the clients, paid cash to Sophie to avoid any traceable payments to the Salon.

“Welcome, Ms. Jenkins. I am so glad you decided to visit the Salon today. I am you server today. We usually start by discussing your pleasure today and then move into arranging ourselves. Do you have something in mind today?”

Ms. Jenkins’ eyes flashed from one side of the room to the next. The mood lighting and soft music seemed to calm her once the door closed behind her. She smiled, stumbling her words. “I’ve never done this before. So, I’m really nervous. I read about your service. I came once but I couldn’t go through with it. I felt too guilty, too ashamed. Doing such a thing wasn’t the way I was raised. I’ve never paid for such services before. You must think me crazy. Probably, women come in here full of confidence, take their clothes off and …”

Jenn immediately saw the tension in woman’s face. That tension between desire and prohibition. Many women who arrived at the Salon revealed the same tension–being driven by a deep desire while not wanting to hurt or betray a loved one. Women like Ms. Jenkins probably never had sex with a woman but had fantasized about it for years or felt the urge but never acted on it. For some, coming to the Salon was better than having an affair.

Ms. Jenkins stood there looking like a lost girl. Jenn knew she had to take the lead before Ms. Jenkins changed her mind. “Our first-time clients usually begin with an oral service and then next time they feel free to ask for other services. If you would like to begin with an oral service, all you have to do to take off your skirt and sit in the pleasure chair.”

Her eyes still darting in all directions, the older woman paused again before saying, “Yes, that will be fine,” the older woman answered quickly. “I just want to take off my skirt, if that’s ok?”

Jenn nodded and without hesitation, she stepped behind the woman took her coat and jacket and hung both in a nearby rack. Then she unbuttoned the woman’s skirt and let if Escort Ankara fall to the floor, quickly scooping it up and hanging the garment on the rack.

Happily, Ms. Jenkins was wearing a black bikini panty with black high-thighs and not pantyhose. The woman had a nicely shaped ass for her age with the panties revealing just a top of her ass-crack. Before directing her to the chair, Jenn asked if it was alright to pull down her panties. Ms. Jenkins stumbled with an answer before closing her eyes and nodding. Jenn clipped her thumbs into the band of the panties and slowly pulled them down revealing a hairy vagina that looked recently trimmed to fit her panties. Jenn immediately smelt the wonderful feminine odors of soap, piss, sweat and a woman’s personal scent.

The older woman kept her eyes closed and Jenn wondered if Ms. Jenkins had been thinking of this visit for a long time and preparing her fantasy to become reality.

Ms. Jenkins’ sex remained somewhat obscured by her blouse hanging down but it didn’t obscure her shapely ass as Jenn guided her client to the white chair.

Once seated, Jenn softly massaged the older lady’s temples. Normally, the client would be naked and it would be easier to message the shoulders and breasts, but that was impossible with so many clothes on. Jenn instructed Ms. Jenkins to close her eyes and breathe softly, letting her mind go where it wished. Then, Jenn went and took her place between the older woman’s legs that were nicely spread by the armature of the chair. Jenn slid her hands softly up and down the stockings and then softly circled the woman’s naked inner thighs.

As Jenn spread Ms. Jenkins’s thighs, there was a waft of feminine scent in the air — lubricant, piss and sweat. It was a smell that Jenn loved and made her horny.

She didn’t know why, but Jenn loved looking at an older woman’s cunt. The hair, the sweat, the smell, the curled lips and the slit. As she anticipated putting her month to this special feminine palace, she felt the subtle but recognizable feelings of lust rise in her lower abdomen and filter into her entire body. Not all women and their exposed cunts ignited her, but Ms. Jenkins’ cunt certainly did. Her body fizzled with excitement thinking of how she will give this older women pleasure. If there’s a woman who doesn’t love having her pussy showered with affection, Jenn hadn’t met her.

One of Ms. Jenkins’ labial lips was visible as if she had been rubbing herself before arriving. Jenn didn’t think any thing of it since a lot of women slide their hand down their jeans or up their skirt while driving. Gently stroking the pussy is a great way to relax while driving since most women aren’t serious about climaxing. Jenn did it herself almost daily, liking the soothing sense it gave her.

The older woman’s cunt was surrounded by soft curly pubic hair, making it look mature, grow-up and well-used. Somehow Jenn knew this cunt had cocks fuck it and babies pass through it. The inner lips were large and hung temptingly beyond the outer, fatter lips. But there was nothing fat about this cunt; it was lean, almost sleek looking and seemingly aching for a touch.

Jenn softly kissed the inner thighs of the older woman, letting her nose rub against the silky skin. She heard a loud sigh of relief and noted how the legs spread wider once a great sense of relaxation overcame Ms. Jenkins. Jenn than used the back of her fingers to gently rub the tease the pubic hairs and labial lips, while blowing warm air through the dark, moist hairs.

Then, Jenn lowered her face to Ms. Jenkins’ delicious looking cunt and edged her nose along the slit, feeling the soft folds of the labial lips and inhaling that special feminine scent unique to each woman and her cunt. Her nose rode the slit several times, teasing the lips, caressing them with her breath and the nose tip. Once she heard Ms. Jenkins give a sigh, Jenn stuck her tongue out as far as she could and then took a long slow lick up from the bottom of the cunt to the top, moistening the delicate, hanging labial lips and feeling the bristly texture of the pubic hairs. She then repeated the movement over and over. This was the pancake method she’d learned to apply when eating out a woman so as not to tire the tongue. Experience told her not to go directly to the clitoris but to let her tongue gently message the hood of the clit to tease its sensations.

After a full 10 minutes of lapping the labial folds, Jenn pushed saliva from her mouth into the cunt and gently let her tongue slide between the lips. She immediately felt the tangy taste of cunt juices as Ms. Jenkins’ body twitched. Jenn’s tongue gently brushed over the clit hood and then underneath to feel an aching clitoris where the two lips of her pussy met. She knew she found the spot when Ms. Jenkins suddenly arched her back and sucked in some air. As her hands glided up and down her thighs, Jenn could feel the tensing of muscles and hear the quiet whimpers of a Eryaman Escort Bayan bitch in heat.

This gave Jenn the signal to use tongue strokes and change her tongue rhythm. As the older woman began to jostle in the chair, Jenn began to suck all of the cunt lips in to her mouth and nibble very gently on the clit. To Jenn’s surprise, Ms. Jenkins had a large clitoris, larger than pea. It was large enough for the younger woman to wedge it between her teeth and almost suck on it and caress with her tongue. There was more moaning and the cunt was now thoroughly moist and almost throbbing, Jenn knew not to hurry. She was being paid to know how to pleasure a woman. This meant teasing her to stimulate her in a way that the client is led just to the edge of orgasm then pulling her back from the brink to make the final climax shattering. Jenn prided herself on her tonguing — on the light touches that graze the clit building slowly the client’s anticipation. Eating a cunt to produce an orgasm was like teasing a prey to get out of the den for the capture.

Eventually, Jenn slid two fingers inside Ms. Jenkins’ warm, tight cunt while nibbling on her mature, engorged clit. Jenn herself became excited to feel the inner chambers of an older cunt, thirsting for sexual exercise. Jenn didn’t start any vigorous piston-pump action but slowly inserted her fingers, sliding them in and out. Jenn knew that no two women are alike, and her job was to take the time to understand what a woman wanted, maybe it was more forceful finger play, more internal massaging, or, more sucking of the clit between the teeth and tongue. Every technique differed from woman to woman so Jenn waited for signals from her client, like the words “more,” “yes, keep doing that,” and “don’t stop.”

Ms. Jenkins said all these things and then grabbed Jenn’s head, squeezing it between her legs and began grinding her wet hairy pussy against Jenn’s face as a build up to an erupting orgasm. Jenn felt her mouth and cunt were of one piece–as her fingers played with the soft inner lining of a very horny cunt. Ms. Jenkins’ thighs began to gyrate and her back was arching with very soft moaning. The smell of her nectar filled the room.

Jenn couldn’t help herself becoming horny and felt her vaginal juices seep into her panties. A fleeting fantasy crossed her mind that this delicious cunt she was devouring was her mothers. In her mind she could hear herself saying aloud: “I love you, Mommy.”

Finally, Jenn felt the lusty cunt contract on her fingers and the woman’s ass cheeks began to clinch. Ms. Jenkins’ legs stiffened around Jenn’s head as the first spasm exploded through her the older woman’s body. Ms. Jenkins back remained arched for several seconds as she moaned in pleasure through her heavy breathing. About 20 seconds later, the legs that were forcing her head against the wet cunt loosened. Jenn knew should could get a second or maybe a third climax out of woman if she was delicate.

Jenn puckered her mouth and like a suction cup placed it over the engorged clitoris and began very, very light stabs against the nubbin. Ms. Jenkins’ body jerked and trembled again.

“Please stop,” she moaned, but Jenn didn’t pay any attention and kept increasing the intensity of her tongue on the salty clit.

Ms. Jenkins wiggled uncontrollably in the chair until the second wave of her climax washed over her, forcing her stiff nipples to press hard against her bra. She bit her lower lip, softly crying “Oh my god.” Her fingers curled on the arm rest of the chair as the orgasm sank deeper into her body and radiating to her toe tips.

Just when Jenn noticed a slacking of the tension, her tongue darted out again and tickled the pulsating pearl of passion. Ms. Jenkins’ body jumped and convulsed as her moans grew louder. Her pelvis began to gyrate and thrust outwards as if to show the world the fabulous pleasure her pussy was enjoying. The damp petals of her womanhood looked oiled and slippery with Ms. Jenkins’ natural lubricant and Jenn’s saliva. Jenn held back from further clit-teasing, while your client’s breathing remained ragged and labored. Jenn could imagine that the nipples hidden in the bra were pressing against the cup and dying for a caress. Boldly, Jenn put her hand on the woman’s blouse and groped her left breast hard, pinching the tip in hope of feeling a stiff nipple. Ms. Jenkins quivered once and then twice as Jenn pinched the bra cup again.

“Oh, dear, that is enough, let me catch my breath,” the older woman whispered. Then Ms. Jenkins’ body simply went limp.

Jenn’s mouth was a mix of saliva and cunt juices. She looked between her own legs to see how wet her panties were. She dreamily thought how easy it would be to rub herself and masturbate in front Ms. Jenkins’. The idea of standing up and masturbating in front of a woman her mom’s age almost drove over the edge but as a professional, she held back. Instead, she gazed at the mushy wetness of a freshly eaten cunt. Jenn felt proud of the way her mouth had built the sexual tension in another women’s body to the point of feeling her lose control.

Sitting up, the older woman said anxiously: “Thank you. That was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had, but now I have to pee.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32