The Schoolgirl’s Dirty First Time

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My name is Lydia and I am not a lot of things.

I am not a super model. I do not have perfect breast-length blonde hair or dazzling green eyes. I do not have legs that go on for miles or the kind of pussy that orgasms twenty times and is ready for more…

But I do have a killer set of dick-sucking lips and mischievous brown eyes. My stomach may hang over my pants, but my thighs can grip you tight. I’m short, but I’m the perfect height for bending at the waist to take your fat cock into my throat. I also am blessed with a hot, wet cunt and a willing little asshole.

I find myself to be quite beautiful and quite sexy.

Of course, when I was a girl, I couldn’t see these things about myself; I could only see what the bullies were willing to point out.

That is, until my secret schoolgirl’s fantasies came to life a year after meeting the hottest man I’ve ever encountered.


I was always in love with my teachers. They’d walk around, sternly commanding the classroom. If a man commanded respect from me, I was more than willing to give him my virgin pussy. These dark acts only happened in my mind, of course.

There was one teacher in particular who did me in. “Mr. Smith” was young, nearly 27 when we first met. I was 18, a senior, and in my first AP class. I was nervous- I knew I was smart, but I went to school with kids who had round the clock tutors and no chores to do at home. I would get my homework done somewhere between babysitting and washing the dishes.

He was a short mocha-skinned Italian man with a sarcastic smile and intelligent eyes. He had thick fingers and bulge in his pants that made my mouth water.

Most importantly, he made me feel smart. He was the first teacher I ever had to let us work out our own ideas and being in his class made me feel like an intelligent graduate student instead of an awkward 12th grader who wore too many shirts from Hot Topic.

Within a few days, I was head-over-heels, a lost cause to his quick wit and dangerous chuckle.

I began coming to school early and leaving late so I could talk to him and get some tutoring help. He was never anything other than a complete gentleman, smiling at my jokes and carefully re-describing whatever concept I had missed.

The school year chugged on, and I began transitioning out of my all black over-sized t-shirt wardrobe and wearing clothing that actually hugged my curves slightly instead of trying to hide them under clothes the size of small tents. I gradually introduced color to my clothing. Then hair products to tame my curls instead of a tight, messy ponytail. Then some eye-liner and nail polish, not black and raccoon-y, but subtle and expertly applied (with the help of my older sister). I even pierced my ears, something I had always been afraid to do before.

As the year progressed I was visiting Mr. Smith every day and occasionally allowing more cleavage than was appropriate show during our SAT tutoring sessions. I never imagined anything would come of it, I just wanted to have something to giggle about with my friends after school.

Once he showed me he knew what I was up to.

We were working on clauses and phrases, but I was being slightly deliberately dense about it. He got a bit frustrated and said, “Here! Tell me what the clause is in this sentence!” He then wrote on the board, “Am I to believe that you do not love me?”

I blushed and gave him the correct answer.


Every night I would lie in bed and massage my clit imagining him. Slowly, at first, as I imagined him stripping off my clothes or grabbing me from behind while his hard cock pressed into my back, then fast and hard while my brain flashed between images of him holding my ass and plunging himself into me or using my mouth as his hard-fuck toy until he blew his load down my throat.

Even as my body twitched and I came down from my orgasmic high, I still believed it was nothing more than a schoolgirl fantasy that would never come true.

Then, on the night of my graduation, my friends and I went out on the town. Nothing too major, just some silly teenage girls having some fun. We ate dinner at a midrange restaurant, went to a movie, wandered around the nearby college campus checking out the boys, and listened to our friend’s band. We said our good-byes, and I headed back to my car which I had stupidly parked several blocks away from the others.

I was nearly there when I heard a voice from an alley.

“Hey, baby, how are you doing tonight?”

At no point in my sheltered suburban life had anyone spoken to me like that. I put my head down and hurried forward. Anadolu Yakası Escort

“Come on baby, don’t be like that, my friends just wanna meet you.”

I looked back and saw three men walk out under a streetlight. I walked faster.

They began to follow, and I began to run. They ran after me.

I had never been so scared. My blood pounded in my ears, and I could hear nothing but my own short, quick breaths.

Then I tripped over one of the many uneven sidewalk bricks that scatter my hometown. I hit the ground, hard, and skinned my knees and hands. Just as I turned around to face my attackers and scream, a familiar figure rounded the corner.

Mr. Smith dropped his grocery bags and shouted, “HEY!”

The punks fled and he helped me to my feet. I did my best to hold back any tears as he held me to his chest. His heart was beating just as fast as mine.

“What were you thinking walking around out here at night alone? A pretty girl like you?”

I blushed at the compliment, but my eyes watered at the angry undertone, “I… I never though… this is a safe town, and I…”

His face softened and he inspected my bleeding knees and hands, “Come on, I live just across the street. I have Band-Aids in my apartment.”

I helped him pick up his groceries and followed him across the street. The feeling of pounding blood moved from my ears to a more southern region as I followed the man I fantasized about up the stairs and into his home.

I sat on the counter in his kitchen and hitched my pants leg up while he wiped my knees with a soft cloth.

“You girls are always running around, never imagining all the psychos that live in this town. Terrible things can happen to a young, attractive girl who isn’t paying attention,” he lectured, on and on, while he placed bandages on my knees and palms, “honestly, what were you thinking?!”

I realized that it was my turn to talk, but all I could think to ask was, “You really think I’m pretty?”

His face flushed and it was his turn to stutter, “Now, Lydia, I… of course… you know… you’re very young and young girls can be a target for… these things. …I’ve watched you grow from a girl to a young woman, and you need to realize that other men can see that, too.”

I smiled and blushed and looked at my hands in my lap.

“Well, Sir, you’re not too bad yourself.”

I bit my lip and looked at him. Our eyes locked and we stared, silent and tense, for a few seconds.

“Come on, now, you know this kind of talk could get me fired. Hop down from there,” he said, nudging me off the counter.

He looked at the wet spot on the counter where I had been sitting, and said, “Oh, jeez, I wasn’t thinking. Sorry for sitting you in some water.”

That’s when I looked at him and said the most forward thing I’ve ever said in my whole life, even now.

“Mr. Smith, Sir, that wetness was not on the counter when I sat down.”

His breathing hitched, and he stared at me for a few seconds before suddenly slamming me back into the refrigerator and pressing his mouth onto mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth.

I hit the fridge handle with force, but the pain only aroused me more as he pressed himself into me. I had barely kissed before this, and never so intensely. He had none of the fumbling and muttered apologies of teenage boys. He knew what he wanted and in that moment, I had no delusions that he would have any problems taking it.

But he quickly pulled himself off of me and faced the wall.

“Shit! I can’t do this! You need to leave- if anyone knew!”

“Please, Sir, I won’t tell anyone. Not ever. I think about you every night. I want to do this- I want to do everything with you. I won’t ever tell. In a few months, I leave for an out-of-state school, and you won’t ever have to hear from me or about me again.”

His breathing was deep and quick. His eyes penetrated mine, and I could tell he was making up his mind. I stayed silent while willing his cock to win out over his better judgment.

It did. He pushed himself onto me again, and I was pinned against the wall. He reached his left hand down and squeezed my ass while his right hand pressed gently against my throat. He put his face dangerously close to mine and quietly said,

“You should know, Little Lydia, that I am not one for making love. I love to fuck and when I get going I’ll take you like an animal.”

I felt his erection press into my thigh.

“I want to fuck, Sir.”

“Then tell me everything you’ve ever done with a boy before.”

I blushed, “Well, I…”

He pressed my throat a little harder, and I could feel blood and adrenaline pumping through my body.

“Do not be shy and coy. Tell me.”

“I’ve kissed a little. I had a friend who I gave a few… a few blow jobs, Sir. Just to see what they were like.” I was able to say finally, my face as red and hot as my throbbing cunt.

“Has anyone ever stuck their little fingers or cocks inside you?”

“No, Sir, I’ve only done that to myself… with my fingers and a vibrator I bought at Spencer’s.”

He chuckled, and his darker, sexier self made my mind go wild. I had never known anyone to be so in charge or so commanding with me. I felt a small surge of fear, but it only served to urge me on more. I had no thoughts but of pleasing him and getting at that bulge in his pants.

He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “I’m going to fuck your tight little pussy, Lydia.”

I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me into the living room. He sat in the big armchair and I sat on his lap, directly on top of the rock hard cock contained in his pants. My pussy was so hot, I was surprised it didn’t burn his skin.

He held my face.

“First, I’m going to suck on your tits and get you naked. Then, you’re going to suck me off. After that, I’ll bury my face and fingers in that little pussy of yours. As soon as I’m hard again, your little cunt is gonna get rammed.”

I made a small, involuntary moan in the back of my throat, and he grinned like a Cheshire cat. He took a fistful of my thin cotton shirt and yanked it back, buttons flying everywhere.

“Unhook your bra.”

I quickly did as he said, and he plunged his face between my tits, rubbing against them. When he popped a nipple in his mouth, a lightning bolt shot from my pussy to my heart. I almost screamed in pleasure.

“Like that, slut?” He whispered and sucked the other one.

I ground my hips against him and his bulge while his mouth sucked on my tits and his hands undid my pants. We fell to the floor and I bucked against him, moaning, while he pulled off my jeans.

“My turn.” He said and began unbuckling his belt. I hadn’t even noticed that at some point during his attention to my nipples he had removed his shirt. I pushed myself up onto my elbows and didn’t remove my eyes from him once as he slid the belt out of its loops and threw it to the floor. He smirked smugly as he undid the button on his jeans and slid them down his legs. All that stood between me and his fat dick was a pair of boxer-briefs.

“This is your last chance to say ‘stop.’ I can stop now and you can leave. Once I take my cock out and have your little virgin eyes and mouth feasting on it, I don’t know if I can stop,” he growled.

“Go, Sir.”

He violently pulled the briefs off and grabbed me toward him. My face was inches away from the most beautiful manhood I’d ever seen.

“Suck it.”

I quickly obeyed, opening my mouth to take him in. He groaned right away as my lips wrapped around him, and I felt a surge of sexiness and power at my ability to turn him on so much. I began bobbing my head up and down, sucking as much as I could.

The boy I had blown before had wheezed and gasped the whole time. He had never touched me and had finished quickly.

Mr. Smith was very different.

“Don’t swallow your spit. Let it drip all over me and you, Whore.”

I had never imagined how much I could love being used like this. I had never felt sexier than a cabbage patch doll in my whole life, but now, seeing how wild and animalistic I made him, I felt like I could harden any cock in the world.

He grabbed the back of my head, “I’m going to fuck that little mouth of yours.”

I put my hands by my side as he began thrusting himself down my throat. He pushed my head down onto his cock and I gagged on the mushroomed head. I couldn’t help but rub the outside of my panties over my clit.

“Yes, take my cock and rub your sweet little pussy.”

I sucked and rubbed harder.

He pounded my face like I had never imagined, and I was slightly ashamed of how turned on it made me. When I looked up, his eyes were more intense and full of more fire than I had ever seen before. I felt his balls squeeze up toward his body, and I knew he was going to cum.

He pulled himself out of my mouth and ordered me to suck his balls. I did while he jacked himself off and blew his load onto the top of my head and down my back. He thrust into his hand a few more times and his breathing slowed. He stood still, basking in his post-cum glory for a few moments before looking back down at me.

“Lie on your back.”

I did immediately and he knelt down before me. He ran his fingers over my faded pink panties. “Has any man ever touched you like this before?”

“No, Sir.” I breathed. It was true; no one had even touched my panties before and I was almost shaking in fear and anticipation.

He looked at me like a lion about to claim his prize and slid a finger all the way into me. I was so wet there was no resistance, and I could feel the walls of my pussy clench around him.

“Tell me what you want.”


“Tell me!”

“I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME, SIR!” I screamed, embarrassed at my outburst.

He shoved a second finger in and began finger-fucking me while bending over and kissing my swollen lips. I darted my tongue into his mouth his time and was rewarded with harder thrusts.

He leaned back away from me and descended upon my cunt. He rubbed his face on my wet panties and sniffed in my scent. I was red with embarrassment, but he moaned about how good I felt and smelled. He slid the panties down, revealing my trimmed triangle of hair. He rubbed his face into that, too. No one had ever seen my pussy before, much less touched it, and for as scared and red-faced as I was, I also craved having every part of him inside of me.

He pulled the panties completely off my legs and settled himself down between them. He stared into my eyes and slowly descended upon me. Now three fingers were inside of me, pressing upward against me. He began kissing, sucking, and nibbling around my clit, making my hips jump and my throat moan in little bursts.

I was close to cumming, so I rocked my hips against him. “Please, Sir, don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

With that he pulled himself away from my pussy and gave me another evil smirk as I protested, begging without words for him to let me cum.

“You’re ready for my cock.”

He reached over to his jeans and pulled a magnum out of his wallet. He handed it to me, “Put this on me.”

With shaking hands, I ripped it open and held it over him.

“Like this,” he said, almost gently but still with that lion-like growl as he helped me roll it down to the base of his cock.

He picked me up and threw me onto the sofa, positioning himself over me.

“I’m told you I’m not going to be gentle,” he warned wrapping a hand in my curly hair.

“Do it, Sir!”

And with one quick, hard thrust he took my virginity. I screamed out in shock and pleasure.

He thrust again and again, sucking my tits and pulling my hair and giving his little grunts while I moaned and bucked my hips and tore at his back with my nails.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled us up into a seated position, my body taking his whole cock. I could feel it hitting again my cervix and he pulled my lips against his. I couldn’t even think while our bodies intertwined, my hands clawing at him and my mouth sucking and biting on his.

“God, you’re so tight and wet, Little Liddie!” he groaned into me while bouncing me on his lap.

I couldn’t form a coherent sentence to respond, so I bit into his shoulder and bounced myself harder.

My senses were out of control. Every nerve in my body was open to his touch and I was almost crying with all the sensations overtaking me. He suddenly shoved me off of him and growled, “Get on your hands and knees.”

As I did so, I saw the huge wet spot on his sofa.

“Was that… me?” I asked. I didn’t even know my body could produce wetness like that.

He chuckled and plunged himself into my cunt from behind.

Being hardcore fucked doggy-style was more than my body could handle, and he sent me over the edge by gripping my hip with his left hand and rubbing my clit with his right.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna CUM!” I screeched, panting and thrusting back into him.

My breath hitched and my whole body spasmed as I came, the orgasm rolling over me in waves. He continued to plow into me while I screamed without making a sound.

I collapsed, and he removed his hand from my clit, still thrusting into me.

He flipped me over and laid upon me, thrusting his cock into me. His eyes were squeezed shut and I could tell he was almost there, so I allowed myself to moan loudly at every thrust and meet his with my own. I even managed to reach down behind him and give his balls a squeeze.

With that act, his eyes flew open and he gave one final, hard thrust before cumming in me with a million small thrusts and grunts.

Even after he was finished, he couldn’t make his body stop thrusting into mine.

Finally, he pulled out of me and threw the sticky condom on the floor. We cuddled into one another, our breaths and heart rates slowing.

“You sure you’ve never done that before?” he finally managed to ask.

I giggled and covered my face with my hands, embarrassed at everything I had let this man do. His softening cock rested against my leg, and we kissed again.

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