The Secret Game

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P.J. Watson lay in bed in his apartment, replaying the final few seconds in his head. Whitewater Valley College was on the brink of playing for the school’s fourth straight national championship. The team just needed to run out the last four seconds of the semifinal game, and they would be playing for not only the championship trophy, but the distinction of being the first college in their division to win four titles in a row.

All the WVC Blue Jays had to do was run out the clock. The game had been close throughout, but the Washington Tech Falcons were now down by two. The inbounds pass went to P.J., the team’s most reliable player and clutch free throw shooter. Only, when the pass reached its intended destination, P.J. wasn’t there. It was some condensation, or sweat, or just a freak wet spot, but P.J.’s Nike’s found it. He slipped to the hardwood floor, and the pass sailed out of bounds.

P.J. was crushed. He blamed himself, even when Washington Tech banked in a miracle three-pointer at the buzzer to win the game. He felt it he had just caught the pass, even just tipped it and kept it in-bounds, that WVC would have won. But, it was not meant to be.

For a week, P.J. had been sulking about the loss. He went to class, but was going through the motions. No one on campus thought the outcome of the game was anything other than bad luck. But, P.J. still felt responsible, and shied away from conversation.

That included conversation with his sister. She was a freshman on the WVC women’s basketball team. The women’s team did not have the winning tradition of the men’s team, but they were a team on the rise. They had their best season in school history, and with a solid core of freshmen and sophomores, they would be a force the next couple of years. Central to their rise was Carrie Watson. She was a cinch to win freshman of the year in their conference, and would be a favorite pick for player of the year next season.

Carrie and P.J. had many grudge matches in the driveway growing up. P.J. was a quick, ball-handling guard, while Carrie was a sharpshooting forward. P.J. and Carrie were both six feet tall, and sandy blonde, but that is where their similarities ended. P.J. was undersized, a skin-and bones type who would easily be lost in a crowd of people. But, he was quicker and faster than anyone he ever played against. Carrie was taller than almost every other girl, and she had a classic athletic build, with broad shoulders and was toned and muscular. She could shoot a basketball over any defender, and no one would beat her for a rebound. They were the perfect foils for each other, constantly pushing one another to get better.

Now, here they were at opposite ends of their basketball lives. P.J. had most likely played his last competitive game, while Carrie was starting down her road to stardom.

The phone rang in P.J.’s apartment, he reluctantly answered. It was Brent Timmons, the senior captain of the team. His message to P.J. was short and to the point. “It’s time.”

P.J. hung up. He had been dreading this night, but tradition stated that when the captain called at the end of the season, you had to respond. P.J. grabbed his bag and met the other sophomores, juniors, and seniors outside the freshmen dorm. They rounded up the freshmen basketball players, and brought them to Blue Jay Fieldhouse for one last game of the season. As they were walking to the Fieldhouse, he saw the women’s players rounding up the freshmen on their squad, and of course saw his sister.

Carrie didn’t know what was going on. One second she was studying for Chemistry in her room, the next her teammates were demanding she drop everything and come to the Fieldhouse. When she asked why, she was told it was for the sake of tradition. Carrie was confused, as her brother had talked to her about Whitewater Valley’s traditions and what was expected of her as an athlete, and this never came up. Her teammates kept hounding her, making it impossible to do homework anyway, so she relented and joined them on their walk to the Fieldhouse.

Once inside, the players went to their locker rooms and put on their practice gear, and met at the center of the court in the one hundred gaziantep escort bayan and ten year old building. Normally, when these players were on the court there would be five thousand screaming fans, or at least one screaming coach. But, tonight, there was silence as the men lined up shoulder-to-shoulder facing the women, who were also filed in the same manner.

Brent, as men’s captain, and Taylor Justice, as his women’s counterpart stepped forward. Brent stated that as tradition, the men pick first for having the better season’s record. He picked a player from the men’s team. Taylor picked next, and picked P.J. Brent immediately picked Carrie. The picking went on, alternating between Taylor and Brent until all the players were picked.

Carrie was smiling. She thought it would be fun to play a co-ed game, and she was even more excited to play against her brother again. But, P.J. was not so excited. He was nervous during the whole selection process, as a knot in his stomach grew.

All the players were warming up, and P.J. couldn’t concentrate on basketball. His shot was off, and he could barely dribble he was so nervous. Taylor came up to him and said, “You better play to win tonight, Watson. Don’t be nervous. It’s just another game.”

But it wasn’t.

Brent blew a whistle, and immediately, the sophomores, juniors, and seniors started to undress. Jerseys, shorts, sports bras, jocks were all being thrown aside. Brent yelled at the freshmen, “What are you waiting for?” Most got the hint and started to strip down.

Carrie didn’t know what to make of it. She was a pretty girl for sure, with piercing blue eyes and toned, muscular legs. But, she had never been much of a sexual creature. She didn’t date much, and was more focused on basketball and school work. She looked at her brother, naked except for socks and hi-top shoes, almost pleading with him, hoping it was a dream. He nodded to her, as if to say, “Do it.”

This was Whitewater Valley’s secret game. No one other than the basketball players themselves knew it existed, and no one talked about it outside of this gym on this night. No one knows how far back the tradition went, but every year after the men’s and women’s seasons end, the captains call the teams in for one last game. A game of naked basketball. P.J. had been dreading this night all year, and now it was here. He watched his younger sister pull down her shorts and underwear, and stand before him naked, and embarrassed. She looked at him, her eyes saying, “Why didn’t you tell me?”.

The game only had two rules. The first rule was that you had to be naked other than socks and shoes. The second rule was that it was not to be talked about. Ever. The game started and both P.J. and Carrie were nervous. Carrie got the ball on the wing, and looked at the naked girl guarding her, her boobs bouncing, and looked behind and saw a man with his dick flopping around as he tried to post another player. She shot and it wasn’t even close, bouncing off the rim and going out of bounds.

P.J. dribbled the ball up the court and saw a small opening to drive the lane. He went for it, but a defender got in his way, and he ran into her; her boobs pushing against his chest. He lost the ball out of bounds, and tried to forget feeling her tits against him.

Soon, Carrie gathered a rebound and made a layup. That seemed to settle her down, as suddenly she was her normal shooting star self, making jumper after jumper. P.J. stood in awe on defense watching his younger sister smoothly jump, her tits even moving in harmony. She was in the zone, she didn’t care that her own brother was looking at her bush and boobs as she played. She was here to win.

That seemed to be the general consensus. As the game wore on, no one cared that they were naked. They were all too competitive, they all hated losing too much. Soon guys were posting up guys, not caring if they had a dick against their ass. Girls would swipe at the ball, not caring if the brushed a guy’s penis along the way.

And all the while, P.J. was watching his younger sister. He’d watch her perfect ass as she was dribbling the ball escort gaziantep bayan down the court, and then stopping to pull up for a jumper. Her ponytail swaying with every step as she ran, in the same way her breasts would bounce as she ran back on defense. She chest-bumped Brent after a three pointer, and he wished that he could feel her skin.

By now, it was very late in the game. P.J.’s team was up by one, after Taylor had hit a crucial bucket. Everyone knew that they would try to get the ball to Carrie, who was red hot.

“I’ll take her, ” P.J. said.

Carrie got the ball on the wing, and saw her brother in front of her. He swatted at the ball with his quick hands, but missed, his fingertips lightly raking his sister’s pubic hairs. Carrie dribbled the ball, leading with her opposite hip. Her bare hip was met by P.J.’s penis , as they provided resistance to each other. The clock wound down, and again P.J. swiped and missed at the ball, this time his arm brushing against Carrie’s quarter-sized nipples. Carrie faked a jumper, and P.J. went for it, she ducked underneath his outstretched arm, and flipped in an underhand shot as time expired.

P.J. felt the force of gravity pulling him down, and realizing that his sister was beneath him, tried to grab her to break his fall. He fell back to the floor, pulling Carrie down with him, her landing right on top of him. Her breasts pressed onto his chest, and his now hardening dick was pressing against her pussy. He had his arms around her shoulders, and the looked at each other.

Carrie didn’t know what to feel. She had never been naked in front of a guy before, and now here she was with no clothes on top of her own brother. She felt something hard between her legs, and was curious about it. She wanted to feel more.

Her teammates lifted her up and congratulated her on her shot with high-fives and hugs. Then, there were embraces all around on a fun, hard-fought game. The players started to head for the men’s locker room, but Carrie grabbed her brother’s arm to hold him back.

P.J. stopped in his tracks and looked at his sister, once again admiring her nude body.

“So, why didn’t you tell me?” Carrie asked, her arms folded over her breasts.

“I couldn’t, Carrie. It’s tradition that this is never spoken of.”

“But you’re my big brother! You’re supposed to look out for me.”

“Don’t worry, Carrie. I was looking out for you. If anyone did anything inappropriate to you, I would step in. In a heartbeat, I would have.”

“You don’t care if guys see me naked?”

“Of course I care, but I also care about you. I know you’re a special player, Carrie. You were by far the best player on the court here. And I knew you could do well at Whitewater Valley, and I could help you get started. Okay, we play one naked basketball game a year for fun. Who knows what goes on at other schools? But here, no one would mess with you because you’re my sister, and next year no one will mess with you because you’ll be the unquestioned star of the team.”

“It was just such a shock. To see everyone undressing, and you went along not even caring about me.”

“Stop right there. I care about you more than you know. All the games of one-on-one or horse in the driveway, helping you out here at school, believe me I want nothing but the best for you. But, you know my time here is about up, and I guess what I am trying to say is that you’re ready to take care of yourself. You don’t need me anymore. You’re a mature, strong, beautiful woman who can take on the world.”

“Oh, P.J. it means so much to hear you say that. You’ll always be my big brother, and having your approval means the world to me.”

P.J. moved and hugged his sister, and they held each other tightly. Feeling skin upon skin, P.J.’s penis began to harden. Carrie felt it against her, and pulled him closer, wrapping her arms around his back, and nuzzling his neck.

P.J. started to rock his hips back and forth, sliding his shaft along Carrie’s pussy that was getting wetter by the second. Carrie moaned, and P.J. lost himself in the moment, both drifting towards orgasm.

“Hey, gaziantep bayan escort are you guys coming?”

Brent’s booming voice echoed in the empty Fieldhouse startling the siblings back to reality. They headed to the men’s locker room where the other twenty two players had managed to squeeze into the gang shower. P.J. and Carrie took off their shoes and socks and wiggled between wet bodies to find a place under a shower head. They tried to lather up their bodies, but with all the people, and all the fondling, groping, and rubbing, they kept getting pushed into each other.

Looking around, they saw guys getting their dicks stroked by girls, girls kissing other girls. They saw one guy on his knees licking Taylor’s pussy while another guy sucked her nipples. Carrie wasn’t sure, but she thought she saw two sophomores fucking through the flesh and the steam. All of this carnal pleasure, plus feeling her brother’s hardness before was having an effect on her.

Carrie turned to P.J. and pulled him close again. She reached down and started to stroke his cock, pumping it with her fist. Her hand slid easily over his shaft because of the soap and water.

“Oh, Carrie, if you do that, I’m going to”

“I know,” Carrie interrupted. “And it’s alright.”

She reached down with her other hand and lightly scratched his nutsack, playing with his balls between her fingers. She felt P.J.’s hand groping at her ass. In her hand, his balls tightened, and she felt his cum hit her stomach. Carrie had never been so turned on, she couldn’t help it and she grabbed her brother’s head and kissed him deeply.

P.J. was taken aback, here his sister had just jerked him off, and now she was making out with him in front of a group of people. But it felt so good, he just went with the feeling. Before he knew it, he was running his hands down into his sister’s bush, searching for her slit. He found it, and ran his fingers up and down, pressing on her clit. Then, he slipped his middle finger inside her while working her clit with his thumb.

Carrie leaned back against the shower wall, completely engrossed in the pleasure her brother was giving her. She held out as long as she could, but there was no stopping the orgasm that overtook her. She bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming, and she had to put her arms on P.J.’s shoulders to keep herself from collapsing. Slowly she caught her breath, and looked at P.J.

“How long do we have to stay in the shower?” she asked.

“As long or as short as we want.”

Carrie grabbed P.J.’s hand and led him out of the shower room and into the training room. She shut and locked the door behind them, and then nearly tackled her brother as she attacked him for a kiss. They kissed long, and hard, as Carrie pushed her brother back onto the trainer’s table.

P.J. looked up and saw his prick harder that it had ever been, and his sister between his legs rubbing it. Carrie gave his prick a small kiss, and then proceeded to kiss his stomach, his chest, up to his collarbone. P.J. felt her breasts trace up his body as she did this and was in heaven. When Carrie started to kiss P.J.’s lips, he instinctively felt her pussy near his dick, and started thrusting. He knew he was right up against her and he started to slide it in a little at a time, waiting for Carrie to stop him.

Although, she didn’t. Carrie sat up, and took her brother’s entire cock inside of her.

“So, P.J. how does it feel to be fucking your little sister?”

“It feels incredible, Carrie. I love you so much. You’re so hot.”

“I love you, too, P.J.”

Thrusting their hips, the siblings found a rhythm fucking. P.J. sliding in and out of his sister’s pussy, Carrie riding her brother’s cock. P.J would reach up and feel his sister’s tits, which would fill each hand. Carrie would reach behind her and tickle P.J.’s balls. P.J. couldn’t hold out much longer, he felt an orgasm coming.

“Holy shit, I am going to cum.”

He tried to push Carrie off, but she stayed on his dick, wanting to feel his cum inside of her. P.J. let loose with a loud grunt, and his dick exploded with semen inside of his sister. She sa t there enjoying the feeling of a man cumming inside of her.

She laid down when the feeling subsided, next to her spent brother.

“Holy shit, Carrie. Why did you…”

“I’m on the pill, P.J.”


“I’ll let you rest for a minute. But, then we’re getting dressed and going back to your apartment.”


“And there we will create our own secrets and traditions.”

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