The Shit-Packed Life of Rachel Quin

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Rachel Quinn came from a wealthy family. Her father owned a large hotel chain, and her mother was a successful CEO. Together, they had amassed a large fortune, nearly two hundred billion dollars. Unfortunately, they would never get to spend it fully. On Rachel’s 18th birthday, the two died in an unfortunate car crash. Rachel, however, was not heartbroken. Due to her being neglected by her parents most of her life, Rachel felt no attachment whatsoever. Due to a lack of other immediate family, Rachel inherited the whole 200 billion. She knew exactly how to spend it.

As usual, Rachel, now 21, woke up from her sleep at about 11am. She called over a naked servant woman to change her sheets, since she had always used her bed in place of a toilet when going to bed (she found the warmth soothing). She stripped out of her shit-stained pajamas, making her way to the shower. She had no normal shower, of course; that would be a waste of money. Instead, several naked servant women squatted on a platform above her head. Simultaneously, they all released their bulging bladders on her at once, completely soaking her from head to toe. As some finished, others behind them took over, ensuring that Rachel could finish soaping herself up and getting herself clean. Following the shower, Rachel stepped out, letting several more naked servant women step closer and lick her clean.

Rachel did not believe that men could accomplish the goals she wanted. As such, she only hired women for servants, insisting they remain naked at all times. She paid them handsomely for this.

Rachel realized that she needed to take a morning shit. She walked over to the toilet. Under the rim, Anadolu Yakası Fetiş Escort a face of yet another servant could be seen.

“Morning, Patricia.” greeted Rachel.

“Morning, Miss Rachel.” responded the toilet.

The toilet servant opened her mouth wide, catching Rachel’s stream of pee and, ultimately, catching the giant turd that came out of her ass. She swallowed both. The servant then licked her asshole until it was spotless. Wishing to wash her hands, she walked to the counter and used the piss stream of yet another servant to accomplish this.

Rachel was fully aware of how perverted she was. However, with no one in her life left to judge, she let her freak flag fly. She went back to her dresser and pulled out her favourite brown dress. This, of course, was no ordinary dress; the dress was painstakingly sewn together using very thin strands of dried shit. So thin, in fact, that the dress was silky smooth to the touch. Rachel gave it a good lick. It was her own shit that it was made of, of course; she spared no expense having it made.

Rachel made her way downstairs. Grabbing a glass, she poured herself a glass of piss from the tap. When she didn’t require new piss, Rachel had her piss reservoir hooked up to her plumbing. This was supplied by a sorority house downtown, whom she paid to piss and shit in different toilets. She downed the glass, immediately pouring another before setting herself back down at the table. The house chef immediately asked her what she wanted for breakfast.

“The usual,” responded Rachel, “shit omelette.”

The chef complied, cracking two eggs into the Anadolu Yakası Gecelik Escort frying pan. She then took a dump in it, and then proceeded to sprinkle the usual fixings. Whilst breakfast was cooked, Rachel took her vitamins to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her omelette finished, Rachel happily gobbled it down. This was not the only thing she would eat in the morning; sometimes she would ask for shit waffles, or french toast soaked in diarrhea. After giving her compliments to the chef, Rachel moved on with her day.

First she watched TV. As usual, she had a servant eat her out while doing so. She then played some video games, dismissing the servant. Too lazy to get up, Rachel would simply piss where she was sitting. When a shit was necessary, she would do so in the crack between the cushions and back of the couch. This would also leave some crunchy snacks for her later, which she greatly enjoyed. After lunch, in which she ate a nutella-and-shit sandwich, she decided to go for a dip in the pool.

Again filled by the sorority reservoir, her backyard piss pool was ordinary size. She swam some laps before calling her towel servants again. Bored, Rachel decided it was time for the vat.

“Who would like to accompany me to the vat?” she asked. A few volunteered, and so she made her way to the vat.

The vat was a hole in the ground, just slightly too deep for Rachel to stand up. It was filled with a bizarre combination of the shit from the sorority house and a ton of exlax. The shit was mushed before being poured in, creating a mud-like texture. The rules were simple; Rachel would jump into the vat. She Anadolu Yakası Genç Escort would tread water for as long as she could. After that, however, she would be forced to continually eat the shit in order to continue breathing. At the same time, Rachel would need to shit, due to the exlax, filling the vat almost as much as she would empty it. The goal was simply to test how long she could last. Servants were there to time her, help her out when she was done, and shit in the vat themselves, if Rachel demanded a difficulty increase.

Rachel tired of treading water after 6 minutes. After that, she continuously ate shit and bobbed her head for 6 hours and 28 minutes. Rachel was satisfied, as this was a new record. After getting another shower, Rachel called off dinner, much too full. She called her pet to her:

“Sparky, come here!” she called.

A servant with a collar came running into the room, panting her tongue. This servant was different; she had agreed to be hypnotized to be nothing other than a pet. In exchange, this would be reversed in 6 years, and she would gain immense wealth.

Rachel played games with Sparky. She threw the ball and Sparky would chase it. She rubbed Sparky’s belly, massaging her tits. Rachel would also fuck Sparky quite often, and Sparky would gladly oblige as it was part of her programming. At the end of the night, Rachel locked Sparky back in her cage.

“Tomorrow, I’ll take you for a walk.” Rachel said, smiling. Sparky liked that idea.

Finally finished her day, Rachel changed back into her pajamas. She made sure to shit the bed, and pulled out a turd for herself to suck on like a binkie. The servant tucked her in.

“Nighty night, Miss Rachel.” said the servant, turning off the lights as she walked out of the room.

Rachel layed there, thinking of how fortunate she was to be living her life. She was the world’s biggest freak, but she was proud of this fact. She smiled as she closed her eyes and fell asleep, ready for another day.

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