The Short Video

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She wasn’t sure what was up when she got home from work but she felt something in the air. She unlocked the door, carried in her bags from her long day at the University, and set them down just inside the foyer as she had done for years.

She could smell something lovely in the house, it was subtle, but musky. It was not unfamiliar to her, and she felt something stir inside her. Kicking off her shoes she noticed from the corner of her eye the well dressed man in the living room. “Are you what smells so good?” she asked him.

“Could be,” he rose from the couch and walked toward her. His approach and the increasing scent made her juices start to flow a little. “I didn’t expect you… I” she stammered, but he put a finger on her lips to stop her from finishing her sentence. She was flushing now, and could feel heat building in her body.

“Would you like to come upstairs with me?” He put his hand out, and she placed her delicate fingers in his. He traced the underside of her palm. Their skin was always electric when it touched. She loved being touched more than anything.

Losing her resolve completely… “Mmm hmm…” she allowed him to take her into his arms and he turned her around and began kissing her neck. She stiffened her body and pushed her ass into his midsection. He ground his growing cock into her as she pushed back. She wished there were no clothes. But here in the living room? What if the Mr. came home? What time was it anyway?

After a moment, he moved away and led her by her hand up the stairs to the bedroom. She snuck a glance at her watch, there was maybe an hour or so still until… she felt nervous, she looked back up and he was smiling at her “everything is okay, don’t worry we talked earlier.” he said to her and her heart felt peace ankara escort and love at the realization of what he meant. He was here, that was unexpected. Wait… what was going on here? What did he mean “we talked”?

Once they crossed the threshold into the bedroom he turned and held her. Once or twice she tried protesting or talking, but his body heat and playful kissing prevented her from getting it out. Finally, she melted in his strong arms and kissed him back. She felt their clothes start to peel off indiscriminately, her naked skin tingling at the glide of his touch.

He gently pushed her back onto the bed and now she had needs and they were going to be fulfilled, no matter what time it was. She turned to show him her ass and noticed a pink cotton ball on the nightstand. “Oooh, what’s that?” she cooed. “Mmmm not yet” he replied and put his mouth on her sexy scantily pantied ass.

“I love the way your ass looks” he said between hot kisses on her ass checks, lower back and outer lips. She pushed her ass into his face. “Fuck that feels good.” she moaned. Her pussy was slick now not only from the moisture of his kisses, but from her juices that were flowing fully.

She could feel her increasing desire to cum, she moaned just a bit to let him know. Responding to her body, he played at the outside of her lips with his fingers, getting them nice and slick, using her own turned on wetness. Gently at first, he slipped a single finger into her, it was tight initially but slowly as his fingers sought deeper into her hot hole they moved more freely. She moved on his finger and lips. He knew what he was doing and withdrew the finger almost completely out of her and tickled and touched the lips and outside of her vaginal opening. Occasionally pressing ankara escort bayan his finger into her, and feeling more wetness come out of her as a result.

With his other hand he reached for the night stand and grabbed the item she had seen a few moments ago.

He used her pussy juices to lube up the metallic tapered ball and placed it against her asshole. “Push back, and take it into your ass lover.” She did as she was told and felt the large part pass by her hole and fit firmly into her ass. The hairs on the toy tickled her ass cheeks, it felt wonderful. His fingers, two of them now, continued to move inside her and all over her outer lips, she reached underneath and began making fast circles on the top of her nearly hairless mound. She was definitely going to cum, and she didn’t care if the neighbors could hear her.

Seeing her working her clitoris, he rubbed this particular spot inside her that he knew she loved. She pushed down with her hips onto her hand “Oh fuck…” her speed increased. He knew she was going to cum, he knew the feeling well of her hip motions on his cock and he smiled. The wave of the orgasm crashed over her, and she pushed back again onto his hand. He saw his fingers slide entirely into her fully hilted to the knuckle. She felt so good.

His cock was aching to be out of his underwear, she knew he would be craving a little attention by now and so pulled away to make room on the side of the bed where he was. “Lay down, I’d like to make your cock tingle like my pussy is.” and he obeyed. She reached into his underwear and freed his cock. She smiled and slipped the head into her mouth teasing the tip at first and then the whole shaft.

He reached for his phone, “What the hell are you doing?” she stopped. He smiled escort ankara at her, “this is what I meant when I said we had talked earlier…” he started recording, she looked at him skeptically… “but…”. His smile (and let’s be honest, the sexiness of his cock) assured her, and she continued.

She looked into the camera, only half realizing what this was all about, and played with the cock in her mouth. She felt powerful as the cock in her mouth started to ooze more pre-cum and she looked into the camera with love in her heart. He saw what she was doing, saw the look of love on her face, and it took him over the edge.

He started to cum and she let the cum stream on her face. “Yes, just like that” he said to her. And then while he was relaxing in his orgasm, he hit SEND on the short video…

… the car was stopped so that he could run into the store to get a few things for the weekend. Some sparkling waters, fruit and other items for throwing together a few meals. Still no word yet. He returned to the car just as his phone buzzed, a red ( 1 ) sat on his Messages app. His cock jumped in his pants, finally, hopefully everything went well. He didn’t know for certain if everything would work out, he hoped it was about too.

He clicked on message and watched the video. He watched it again, panting as that incredibly sexy woman brought the man to orgasm. They were so hot. He wanted her, he also wanted him. His cock was painfully hard and pressing against his dress pants. One last quick watch before turning the ignition. How fast could he safely get home? He typed a quick reply and hit send. He felt uplifted by the joy on her face, the smile in his voice on the video, and the thought of seeing them when he got home. Maybe he will have stayed? He hoped so, but that was up to the gentleman guest, and of course to his wife. He couldn’t wait to get home to see either way, but he knew at the very least he would get to kiss her sexy mouth, knowing only moments before it has held the full load of a paramours cum shot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32