The Shy One Ch. 06

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“Lisa, I know you’re the last person in the world that’s going to answer this properly,” Brad began. It was insensitive, even brutal, but true. “But you’re the only one I can ask.”

Lisa looked across Cassie at him. They sat together in the sun on the floating dock, out at the edge of the swimming area of the beach. There had been some kids there, jumping into the water with annoying screams, but they’d tired of their game and were now swimming ashore.

“Go ahead, asshole. I’ll do my best,” Lisa said, but with far more kindness than the words conveyed.

“Is what we’re doing horrible? Cassie and I? I mean, when it started, it was an adventure, and it was exciting just because it was incest, because it was forbidden. But it keeps going further.”

And he wanted it to keep going further, Brad thought. It had gotten so that he couldn’t stand being away from Cassie. If he was with her, he had to be in contact with her. If he touched her, he had to touch her more intimately, or to hold her tightly. He was in love with Cassie, in a way he’d never imagined.

“‘A madness most discreet,'” Cassie said, softly, but firmly.

“What?” Brad had asked it, while Lisa looked the same question at Cassie.

“Romeo said it. Shakespeare. But about love, not incest,” Cassie explained.

She took Brad’s hand in hers and leaned on his shoulder. Brad brushed the hair from Cassie’s face, as he often did before he kissed her, but held himself in check, satisfied with looking into her eyes.

It fit, Brad thought. Too well.

“‘Tis our mad sister, I do know her voice,'” Cassie added.

“More ‘Romeo and Juliet’?” Lisa asked.

“Troilus says it about Cassandra, in Shakespeare’s ‘Troilus and Cressida’.”

Cassandra. The mad sister. Cassie.

Brad kissed her now, on the forehead, but only quickly.

* * *

They all piled out of the car. It had been a tight fit, but Brad didn’t mind. He had been squeezed in between Lisa and Cassie in the back seat of Aimee’s Honda Civic. Tara had made some jokes about Brad enjoying it, or at least enjoying the feel of Lisa’s tits squeezing against his arm. She had no idea that it was Cassie’s tits that he wanted to feel.

Brad had thought briefly about trying to get Cassie to give him a hand job during the ride. Lisa wouldn’t have minded. She’d probably have gotten a kick out of it. But Tara kept turning around to make jokes about Brad keeping his hands to himself. She had no idea how much she was annoying him.

Once out of the car, they went to the bar in a group. As it was, both he and Cassie were underage. He had “found” his fake ID, and they were all shocked when Cassie produced one, too. But with or without it, Cassie looked so young, they figured they had better all enter together in a clump, so someone would be less likely to pick her out and tell her to leave.

* * *

They’d gotten there early enough to get a table in the corner. Brad had gone to get their second round of drinks when three big guys came in and immediately started to eye the girls. Aimee and Tara flirted shamelessly, posturing and boldly looking their way with willing smiles. Lisa radiated cold disinterest and Cassie was just Cassie, fading purposely and easily into the background like the noise of other conversations in the bar.

Brad returned balancing five mugs of beer by their handles, then took his seat between Lisa and Cassie. Aimee and Tara made looks at him as he approached, as if he should stay away to improve their chances.

When he sat, Lisa moved closer to him, clearly trying to use him as a ready made excuse to keep the guys away from her. He did something similar, moving closer to Cassie, trying to make them think she was already taken, as if it weren’t obvious from their similar looks that they were brother and sister.

* * *

The guys were tickled to find that Tara, Aimee and Cassie were sisters, and clearly happy that Brad was a harmless brother. That seemed to make the whole thing more exciting, the thought of seducing three sisters on the same night.

Aimee introduced the three of them as “the experienced one,” herself, “the wild one,” Tara, and “the shy one,” Cassie. Lisa was introduced as a long time friend that was “like a sister” to them. She was “the cool one.” Brad was introduced as and treated as an afterthought.

It wasn’t long before the guys were sitting at the table, squeezed between and subtly leaning into their respective targets. Aimee and Tara were eating it up, soon letting their hands find their guy’s hands and knees, broadcasting their interest.

Brad had foolishly gone to get the next round, too, and one of the guys had quickly stolen his seat. The jerk leaned in toward Cassie, who instinctively cowered back, trying weakly to maintain her own personal space. Cassie’s black hair almost completely covered her eyes. She bypassed her usual habit of pushing some of it aside. It was as if it were a curtain shielding her gaziantep escort bayan reklamları from him.

Brad watched thankfully from the bar as Lisa came to her rescue. She made some laughing comment about the guy’s ear, then used it as an excuse to touch his ear lobe, only to hold it and massage it. After an awkwardly long moment, she let her hand fall down to his back and stay there.

The guy soon got the message that she was interested and Cassie wasn’t. He indelicately looked down into Lisa’s generous cleavage, as she artfully inhaled to expand it for him. She winked at Cassie with a smile as she did it.

Cassie looked back with what seemed to be a blank expression, but Brad knew that for Cassie it was a loud sigh of grateful relief, with perhaps a touch of jealousy that she could never do the same thing to a guy with her own bust.

* * *

Brad finished another beer, only to stare uncomfortably into the empty mug. Aimee and Tara had long since disappeared into the parking lot with their new companions. Brad didn’t like thinking about them out there. It was funny. He could fuck Cassie, but he couldn’t even think about his older sisters having sex with other guys. It was weird, he thought. Everything was getting weird.

This last guy was getting frustrated with Lisa. Lisa had been teasing him, but resisted all of his excuses to get her alone. She let him fondle her legs, and steal a whisper of a touch here and there at the edges of her breast. His hand occasionally slid hopefully up her thighs, but before it got far she would blatantly grab it, lift it, and move it back to someplace safer.

Brad figured that it was his turn to rescue Lisa, so he suggested that they all had to leave. Lisa jumped at the idea, and she and Cassie were up in a heartbeat. The guy’s disappointment was obvious. He didn’t give up that quickly, offering to walk Lisa to her car and ignoring her polite refusals.

In the black night in the parking lot, they could just see Aimee and Tara at opposite ends, distant shadows leaning against the cars, entwined with their guys. One had Tara’s tit in one firm hand, under her top. Tara giggled loudly, making no effort to stop him. Her own hands were hidden from view.

Brad turned away, toward Aimee, who was moving rhythmically with her guy against a car. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the third guy suddenly grab Lisa and pull her into a firm kiss. Lisa pushed back. Brad stepped forward to pull him off of her, but Cassie caught his arm. He realized then that something had suddenly changed. Lisa had quickly stopped resisting, and was eagerly returning the kiss.

* * *

Cassie and Brad waited against their car, while the three trysts continued. It was killing them, being the only two lovers that couldn’t touch each other in the dark parking lot. They limited themselves to holding hands, caressing each other’s fingers discretely below the level of the car doors.

It seemed silly to Brad that after being so bold at home, they were both so cowardly in a dark lot far from everything. But he felt too exposed out here, and his sisters were all too close. It was all too unpredictable.

Cassie let her hand drift over to the hard ridge of Brad’s cock in his shorts. She traced it a few times with the back of her finger, until Brad couldn’t stand it and undid his belt buckle. Cassie looked at him, shaking her head, signaling that they shouldn’t. He held her gaze in silent refusal himself, then took her hand to move it down into his pants, onto his cock.

Cassie’s soft, cool, delicate hand held him, then held his eyes with hers as she surrendered to the urge herself and began to stroke him. They stood there staring at each other for a long time, listening to Lisa and their sisters make occasional noises, but staying silent themselves. Brad lost himself in the feel of Cassie’s small hand on his cock.

When they heard Tara starting to come, mostly but unsuccessfully muffling her moans, Cassie stood up on her tip toes to give Brad a stealthy, sudden kiss. They began stealing more kisses then, quick, occasional moments of forbidden lust, each too short to be satisfying, but too long to be safe.

Cassie increased the speed and firmness of her strokes. Her hand had grown first warm, and then hot, against his skin. Brad ached to come in Cassie’s hands, but he didn’t have time. Soon Tara was walking toward them, arm in arm with her guy. Cassie had to quickly take her hand away, as Brad frantically refastened his shorts.

He was glad they’d limited themselves to that restrained, if intimately pleasurable, contact.

* * *

They were all quiet on the winding ride home. Cassie sat between Brad and Lisa this time. Lisa seemed to notice Cassie’s hand in Brad’s shorts. She didn’t say anything, and didn’t watch. Lisa had turned her head the other way, looking out the window into the passing black night.

Tara gaziantep bayan escort reklamları and Aimee were quiet, too. Tara made some jokes about the experience, laughing nervously. They talked about calling the guys for a real date, but Cassie could feel they were all a bit embarrassed at the turn the evening had taken. It was funny how any lust, once sated, often left an itching, exposed layer of guilt afterward, she thought.

Cassie held Brad’s cock very gently. It was hard and hot in her hand within his shorts. It felt hotter now than ever before. She moved one finger back and forth in a gentle caress, too fearful of being discovered to do much more.

Occasionally he fidgeted, and she’d squeeze him tightly, rhythmically, but never for too long. The thought of her brother coming into her hand, now, with their sisters right there, was thrilling. But Cassie had other plans. She wanted to do this right, when they got home.

For now, she teased him, and enjoyed the feel of his stiff, hot cock in her tiny hand.

* * *

Tara nudged Aimee, trying to get her to look behind her, but she couldn’t discreetly communicate what was going on. Even if she could, Aimee wouldn’t be able to turn around while she was driving, let alone do it subtly, to see it. Cassie had her hand in Brad’s pants, right there in the back seat. Tara couldn’t believe this.

Aimee hadn’t completely believed her before. She’d insisted they must have been playing a joke on her. Now she had the proof, and she couldn’t get Aimee to look.

* * *

They had dropped Lisa off and all headed wearily into the house. Tara and Aimee both lead the way straight upstairs, drunk, tired, spent and satisfied. Cassie went in last, carefully hanging back, just behind Brad. He started to follow his sisters up the stairs, when Cassie grabbed his hand to hold him back. His intense, blue eyes looked into her own, which she knew mirrored his expression. She released him, backed away, turned and walked easily, gracefully back out onto the porch without looking back.

When Brad came out the front door a few moments later, Cassie was standing on the porch, away at the corner of the house, waiting for him. She had purposely picked a spot just where no one could see her from inside through the windows, but she’d turned on the porch lights so he could see her clearly in their yellowish glow. She had already removed her skirt and panties for him. It wouldn’t be necessary, but she wanted him to see her naked cunt, bared for her brother.

Brad walked over to stand in front of her. As he approached Cassie she dropped submissively to her knees, accepting her role as his whore. She reached for his belt, slowly but earnestly unfastening it to lower his shorts and boxers to the ground. She kept her eyes on his the entire time, looking hungry, but calm.

She looked at his cock, right there, level with her face, then looked back up at Brad. As he gazed down at her, his hand reached out to brush the hair out of her eyes. She didn’t smile at him, as much as she wanted to. She was his willing whore again now, so it had to be for his pleasure, not for her own.

She took his cock once again in her tiny hand, without taking her eyes from his. She kissed the side of it, quickly, not letting her lips linger. She wouldn’t kiss it again, tonight. She wanted to use her hands.

Cassie took her time. She used soft, gentle motions at first. She wanted to look at his cock, but she held her eyes on his, letting him see her face as she stroked him. As she watched his excitement grow, she quickened her pace.

Cassie put one hand at the base of his cock, then slid it tenderly up the length of his shaft, barely touching him, only to squeeze his cock head at the end, while the other hand grabbed the base and repeated the motion. She did this over and over, imagining herself pulling the cum up his shaft toward her.

He began moaning for her, so she moved her hands faster, while squeezing him harder. She held her face there, just beneath his cock, looking up at him, expressionless. Her hair had fallen across her face again, so she peered at him from behind her bangs.

Cover me, she thought to herself. Come on your little sister. Bathe your little whore with her brother’s cum. See what you can do to your little sister, what she wants you to do.

As if he’d heard her thoughts, he came for her then. He moaned loudly, as white streamers of sticky hot cum shot into the air across her face, landing on the side of her nose, and her lips and chin. She didn’t flinch or move, she just let him cover her with his cum. She carefully aimed him with her hands, while continuing her stroking, pulling motions, base to cock head, pulling up, pulling the cum from his balls onto her face.

When he finished, she stayed there on her knees, looking up at him, still calmly expressionless, letting her brother see escort gaziantep bayan reklamları her with his cum dripping down her forehead and her nose and her cheeks and her lips and her chin. He gratefully stayed hard in her hot hands, letting her continue to enjoy the pleasure of stroking his beautiful cock.

* * *

Tara and Aimee hovered just around the corner. They had taken occasional furtive peeks onto the porch, at first, but quickly stopped risking it. They’d seen all they needed to see anyway, far more than they wanted to see. And it wasn’t like Cassie and Brad were being entirely quiet, so they didn’t have to see to know how far things were going.

* * *

Brad looked down at his pretty, innocent little sister. His cum matted one thin lock of her black hair against her forehead. The rest of her bangs fell cleanly across her face, or to the sides. Her freckles were there, some of them hidden behind puddles of his cum. Her blue eyes looked at him, pure and beautiful beneath the dripping mask he’d given her to wear.

He’d just used her as a cum slut. He let her stroke him, doing nothing for her, and her reward was to have her brother paint her face with his cum, abusing and demeaning her. She was such a sweet, kind, pretty girl, and he had used and defiled her.

She stayed there on her knees, making him look at the evidence of his brutality. Even debased as she was, drenched in his cum, she was beautiful. As if to taunt him, she continued to stroke him, tenderly. He loved the feathery feel of her small, soft hands on him. She kept his cock hard and eager in her sweet little hands.

Brad reached down to grab her near the armpits. He guided her up to him. She didn’t resist. She stood up slowly, carefully, looking into his eyes the whole time, until her face, stained with his cum, was only inches from his. She continued to hold his cock in both hands, refusing to release him.

He looked at her a moment more, studying his act of humiliation up close. He moved his hands to her ribs, this thumbs incidentally touching the sides of her breasts, then lifted her slight frame into the air. He held her there, with her face now above his, looking down at him with its dripping pools of cum. He could see in her face that she understood what he wanted, what he was offering and asking. She readily guided his cock into her waiting slit, as he lowered her smoothly onto it.

He fucked her slowly, then, rocking with an easy, unhurried motion. Cassie wrapped her legs first around his back, then agilely moved them under his arms to rest her feet on his shoulders. As she did so she slipped entirely down onto his shaft. The heat of her cunt completely enveloped and took him, giving his entire cock every bit of pleasure she had to offer.

Little Cassie rode his cock that way, bouncing up and down with him, all the while staring at him with his cum thinning until it dripped down her face like thick tears. Drops of it stained her top.

She quickly lost her composure. Her expressionless gaze gave way to one of tormented pleasure. Her smile, the beautiful smile he’d seen her wear whenever he fucked her, crept back onto her face. Eventually the whimpers started, too, but softly.

He continued until he felt her coming for him. He had abused her. He had covered her with cum. Now he raped her again, but he did it until he gave her the same pleasure she’d given him, as much pleasure as he could.

Somehow she kept herself nearly silent, only whimpering and moaning softly, so no one would hear her. No screams or high pitched squeals escaped her throat tonight.

He couldn’t come again, so soon, but he reveled in the feeling when the soft flesh of her cunt tightened suddenly, grabbing at his cock as it always did, convulsing powerfully as she climaxed. He continued until the twitching, gripping sensations had died, when he was sure she couldn’t come any more.

Afterward he held her there, still staring into his face, not blankly now, but lovingly, and smilingly. She made a show of using the fingers of one hand to smear some of his cum across her face onto her tongue. She did it again, over and over, until most of the signs of his barbarism had been pushed out of sight into her hungry mouth. Her face was still damp, glistening under the porch light, but the fact that it had been her brother’s cum that had drenched her was now hidden.

He lowered her to the ground, took her hand in his, and led her back into the house. Even then, she didn’t take her eyes off of him.

* * *

“See!” Tara hissed as Brad and Cassie disappeared into their rooms.

“Oh my god,” Aimee whispered. “You were right. Shit. What do we do?”

“Hell if I know,” Tara replied.

“It’s not like we’re much better,” Aimee said.

“What the hell does that mean?”

“We both just fucked two strange guys in a parking lot, Tara. We were complete sluts.”

“But we weren’t fucking our own brother. There’s a big difference.”

“Maybe,” Aimee answered. “Maybe not. The guys we fucked were total strangers. I’ve already forgotten his name, and I’ll probably never see him again. All I remember about him is how good his cock felt. Cassie and Brad have known and loved each other their entire lives. I think if there’s any way they could, they’d be sleeping in each other’s arms tonight. You and I are sleeping alone, and want to, or at least I do.”

“It’s incest, Aimee,” Tara said.

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