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This wasn’t my idea of a good time, but I suppose I was going to have to make the best of it.

Rob, my co-worker and close friend, had dragged me to a singles party in downtown New York. The music was pretty bad, but the women were gorgeous. I doubted claims of them being single, but I didn’t do much. While Rob was out attempting to get a date for next week, I sat at the bar and contemplated everything in my life. My dead-end office job. My non-existent sex life. My half-ass apartment on the 17th floor of a huge sky rise. Yeah, life seemed to be going nowhere. I was 34, moderately built, 6’1″ with flawless hair, but I was single. I sighed and ordered another rye and coke.

“I’ll have the same” said a perky voice to my left. I looked over and saw a slim, brunette woman leaning over the illuminated counter. Her black tube top revealed a sample of her ample cleavage and her blue jeans looked like they had been painted on. I couldn’t stop staring, even when she looked straight at me and smiled with her dazzling white teeth and rose lips. She extended her right hand and said “Hey there. I’m Sandi.” I snapped out of it and took her hand in return.

“Aaron.” She smiled again and looked away for a moment, as if looking for someone, but then turned her attention back to me.

“You’ve been at the bar for a while. Got a problem?” She queried. I liked that she cared, though I sort of wondered how long she had been watching me. I shook my head.

“Not really. My friend’s out there someone trying his best to get a date, figured I should just keep a low profile.” I looked at her and surprisingly, she was listening. “Besides, isn’t it the bartender’s job to ask me that?”

“Well, as you can see, he’s a bit busy.” She pointed to her left and I saw the barkeep hitting on another gay (presumably single) man. “Plus, I’m a bartender myself. I’m experienced in such a field.” I smiled. Wow, a beautiful, female Ümraniye Escort bartender. Drinks and beauty in the same place. “Oy!” she yelled over the the distracted bartender. “Can me and Aaron get our drinks?” He reluctantly poured out the two rye and cokes and left miserably.

We stood there in silence for a few moments, sipping the drinks.

“I’d ask you to dance, but I’m not much of a dancer. I just throw out the drunk ones at the end of the night.” she said, never looking away from her drink, as if some mystical orb had appeared in it.

“Just as well. Not much of a dancer myself. ” This was my only chance. Why waste it? “But if you want to continue this later, I’ve got a very large opening tomorrow night around dinner time. Wanna meet up and we can keep each other company?” She looked over at me; I couldn’t read her face.

“Love to” she said and smiled that intoxicating smile again. “Meet me here,” she said, writing on the back of a receipt she found in her pocket. “At 6:00pm. Okay?” she handed me the paper that read” “Foxy Roxy Deadpan – 6:00”. We said our goodbyes and went home for the night.


The next night, I was cleaning my apartment before I left for my date (you know, just in case) when I came across the receipt Sandi had written on the night before. I turned it over and read when she had bought and from where. I was shocked, but curious…

The Hot Ostrich Sex Shop

524 Serndin Ave.

N.Y.C., NY


MONST VIB……………….32.99

CLT STIMU………………..39.99

RBBD COND X12……….12.99

SUB… 85.97

TTL… 98.87

Oh my God, I thought. I could make out the short forms as ‘Monster Vibrator’, ‘Clit Stimulator’ and ‘Ribbed Condoms’. I was immediately turned on by the thought of Sandi masturbating, especially with sex toys. I held myself back though, and finished getting ready. I disposed of İstanbul Escort the receipt and left.

Sandi and I were hitting it off great. We were talking about her career, my career, we were even talking about old relationships. I was feeling so confident, something had to go wrong eventually.

We left dinner and walked around until 9:30pm, still talking aimlessly. I was really liking this girl; so much so, that I didn’t care whether or not we had sex, though I soon found out what she was thinking.

“Here’s my stop.” she said, stopping outside a steep set of concrete steps. “And yours too.” I tried to look at her with confusion, but was stopped by her slowly kissing me (it seemed to come out of nowhere). Our tongues massaged each other passionately, but stopped as she quietly grabbed my hand and led me silently all the way up to her apartment.

Once the door was closed, she pressed me up against it and kissed me the same way she had before, making me feel warm. I wrapped my arms around her slender body and ran my hands up and down her back, taking in her soft skin and smell. She ran her hands down my chest and unbuttoned my blue shirt, slowly removed it with her soft hands. I slid her black t-shirt over her head and massaged her firm breasts through the black, lace bra. We kissed our way into her bedroom and I laid her down on the bed, kissing her stomach and breasts. She ran her fingers through my dark brown hair as I made my way further down her body, carefully removed her pants and tiny thong. I looked at her splendid cunt and slowly began to suck her, starting at her clit and fingering her moist pussy. She breathed deeply, feeling the pure ecstacy of my sucking her, licking her, fingering her. She grew more and more tense and soon came to a hot orgasm as her juices flowed out into my mouth. I tasted her warmth and moaned.

I moved back up to her breasts and began to caress Anadolu Yakası Escort and suck them, tongue-flicking her nipples. She was wriggling around from the teasing and pulled me up to her face and kissed me, slightly rougher this time, but still tenderly. I ran my hands up and down her hips and thighs before taking off my own pants and boxers. Sandi took this chance to stick my rock-hard dick in her mouth, sucking it, licking it, working it was her mouth and hands. I was getting close to cumming but she stopped and kissed me roughly as I pinned her down on the bed. I tasted my pre-cum in her mouth and massaged her clitoris again, so we were both turned on even more.

I laid her down on the bed again and laid on top of her. Her pert nipples pressed against my chest as I kissed her neck lovingly. I thrust my pelvis towards her a slid my cock inside her, the feeling engulfing us both. I moved my hips back and forth, fucking her gently but satisfyingly and she moved her hips up towards me to meet mine. The slapping of our sweating skin was the only sound in the room besides the bedsprings and Sandi’s heavy breathing. Her heavy breathing was quickly becoming moans of pleasure, but I muted them by kissing her deeply. She moaned into my mouth and as it got more intense she would have to pull away and scream. I was fucking her furiously by now and I could feel her perfect body tensing below me. She was screaming now, screaming for me to shoot in her, but I wouldn’t, not yet. I held myself back, as much as I wanted to just give my cum to her, I wanted her to wait, I wanted her to keep screaming for me.

“Oh FUCK, Aaron!” She screamed over and over. We were both losing our minds, as we climaxed again and again, with no closing satisfaction.

“Oh, Sandi! Sandi”

“Aaron! Fuck me, Aaron!”

The sounds of our names being screamed by one another came to a halt as I shot my load into her. She screamed loudly and moaned for what seemed to be forever. I kept pounding her, giving her full satisfaction, until we had both lost out energy and just lay there, catching our breath.

Fifteen minutes later, I went into her kitchen and yelled out to her:

“Rye and coke?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32