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It was 2:30 in the morning. Mark couldn’t sleep peacefully because his sister was having a loud slumber party. The parents were gone for the weekend and left 23-year-old Mark in charge of the house. The parents informed Mark that his sister would be having a slumber party and wanted him to look out for them.

Mark’s 18-year-old sister Emma was a bit on the nerdy side. She had freckles and wore braces in her mouth. She was a huge sci-fi geek and proud member a Star Wars convention. Even though his sister didn’t have a pretty face, her body was another story. Emma had curves. She was slim with large Double D breasts and a large black-girl like booty, which jiggles and shakes when she runs or walks. Mark couldn’t help but drool over his sister’s incredible assets. Her 3 friends, Tina, Pam, and Samantha were pretty much the same way. Not very attractive but had large breasts and amazing asses.

Mark got up out of bed and headed over to his noisy sister’s room. The door was cracked open a little bit. Mark peeked inside and saw Emma, Pam, and Tina having pillow fights. But Mark’s eyes immediately zoomed in on the girls’ extremely large endows, bouncing and wobbling under their pj tops.

Mark’s cock started to harden instantly. Mark reached down and began rubbing his throbbing cock through his boxers.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Samantha shouted, as she busted Mark.

Emma and the other girls stop bouncing around as Samantha pushed Mark into the room.

“I caught your brother peeking in the room,” said Samantha.

“You’re nasty Mark,” Emma exclaimed.

“Hey, hey, hey! I came to tell you girls to keep it down. I’m trying to sleep,” Mark explained.

“Oh yeah… Then what is that in your pants?” asked Tina, the only Asian girl of the bunch.

Mark looked down and saw his bulging cock.

Samantha reached into the slit of his boxers and pulled out Mark’s big 9-inch cock.

“Oh my god! My brother has a huge dick!” said Emma in disgust.

“I think it’s kind of nice,” said Samantha, as she started jerking Mark’s pulsing member lightly.

Pam, the 5’2 brunette with pigtails and framed glasses, walked over to Mark’s other side and fondled his hanging balls.

“Mmmm. I’ve never felt real balls before. They feel so…so…squishy!” Pam said with excitement in her high-pitch voice.

Mark loved the attention he was getting from his sister’s busty friends. Mark’s eyes wondered over both Pam and Samantha’s chest. Samantha, the thickest of the four, had the biggest breasts in the room. Mark read one of her bras before and it read 44F. Pam was a gigantic E cup, while Tina was a single 36D. The buttons on Samantha’s pj top were literally popping off.

“That’s gross you guys,” said Emma.

“Come on Emma. Live a little,” said the 4’9, freckled face Tina, as she kneeled down in front of Mark and began sucking on his throbbing pendik escort cockhead.

Samantha continued to stroke Mark’s cock and Pam jiggled and bounced Mark’s balls in her palms. Tina’s mouth formed a perfect O around Mark’s swollen cockhead, as her tongue probed his sensitive peehole. She could taste the pre-cum oozing from his peehole.

“Mmmm! Salty!” Tina said, in between licks.

Emma watched on as her friends fondled and sucked her brother’s cock. Emma felt a tingly between her legs. Emma knew she was horny and aroused by her brother’s huge hard cock. Emma was memorized by the way Pam was juggling her brother’s balls and how Samantha could barely keep a tight grip around his shaft.

“Mmmm ladies. This has all been fun, but I have a girlfriend,” Mark said.

“That flat chested bimbo! You’ll have much fun with a pair of these,” suggested Samantha, as she ripped opened her pj top and revealed her enormous F cups nearly spilling over her wife beater.

Mark’s eyes nearly popped out of his skull. They were glued to Samantha’s deep and creamy white cleavage. She had no bra on because her enormous nipples and areolas could be seen through the wife beater. Pam lifted her plain white tee over her head and revealed her freckled over chest and giant bra-incased breasts.

Mark felt his cock get harder while Tina swallow more of his hard flesh between her lips.

“Come on Emma. You know you want too,” teased Pam.

Emma leaped down onto the cold floor with her bare feet and slow walked over to her half naked brother. She stood behind Tina as she slurped and sucked Mark’s cock to the base. Mark wrapped his arms around Samantha and Pam as they rubbed their material clad breasts against his chest and sides. His eyes were glued upon his sister’s heaving chest that was visible through her white tee. Especially her dark-pink areolas. Her tits looked like massive bowling balls waiting to be released.

“Let’s get him over to the bed where we can do a whole lot more,” requested Emma.

Tina rose from her knees. Massive amount of saliva dripped off Mark’s cock and balls. Pam and Samantha led Mark to the bed and tossed him down. Emma took off her brother’s slippers, as Tina took off his shirt, and Pam and Samantha relieved him of his pj bottoms and boxers. Mark was totally naked except for his long tube socks, which made him look even hotter to the girls.

Samantha, Tina, and Pam kicked off their slippers and climbed up into bed with Mark. Samantha reached into her wife beater and pulled out one of her humongous 44F cup titties. She dropped the heavy, soft creamy tit right in Mark’s face. She dragged her large hard nipple across his face while the creamy, smooth texture of the tit itself squished and smashed into his face. Mark wanted to taste Samantha’s tit immediately. Samantha teased him by outlining his lips with her nipple and poking maltepe escort his lips with it. Finally, Samantha stuffed Mark’s mouth with as much of her oversized tit as possible.

Mark sucked her giant boob like a newborn baby. He wished that a steam of creamy milk would just burst out from her fat nipple as he sucked long and hard on it.

“Mmmm! I had no idea how much your brother loved sucking titties,” moaned Samantha to Emma.

“Yes. My brother loves big boobs. I’ve caught him staring at my chest all the time,” Emma mentioned, as she positioned herself between her brother’s long legs.

Pam and Tina was tongue fighting over Mark’s cock. They trailed their tongues up and down his meaty shaft and balls.

Emma sucked up both of her brother’s balls and suckled on them. She used her short, but thick tongue to bath them. Pam sucked on the top of Mark’s shaft while Tina worked the middle and base of Mark’s big dick.

“Mmmm! That’s it girls. Work that big dick,” moaned Samantha, as she pulled out her other tit and squished it against Mark’s bird chest.

Mark lifted up Samantha’s huge knockers and squeezed them while he alternated between sucking her nipples. Samantha’s pink nipples were now a cherry red color from the hard sucking and chewing from Mark. Her massive areolas were covered in Mark’s saliva, as he began a journey to suck on every inch of Samantha’s juicy orbs. Samantha’s panties were soaked from her pussy juices. She wobbled and jiggled her massive wet mammaries in Mark’s face. Samantha wrapped her big tits around his head and started moving up and down like she was titfucking a cock. Mark kissed, sucked, and licked Samantha’s salty cleavage and the sides of her big mounds.

“Damn Samantha! Don’t kill him just yet,” said Pam.

Pam and Tina unhooked their bras, freeing their large breasts. They dragged their breasts all over this upper legs and thighs, while taking turns sucking his juicy dick.

Mark felt a warm and tingling sensation in his body. His face was blight red as Samantha used her massive flesh bags to beat and batter his face. Pam and Tina’s hard nipples poked Mark’s sensitive thighs as they entrapped Mark’s big dick between their breasts.

“A double titfuck. This should be exciting,” said Tina.

Of course Pam’s gigantic E cups overflowed Tina’s D cup and both girls loved the feel of each other’s warm flesh squishing and wobbling against each others, with Mark’s fat member in between. Then, both girls felt something-wet licking at their nipples. It was Emma’s tongue. As Emma licked her brother’s balls, her tongue decided to assault her friends’ nipples.

“Unleash those big tits Emma,” moaned Tina.

Emma lifted her white tee over her head and her large pale breasts spilled over on top of Pam and Tina’s tits.

“Ohhhh girls! That look so delicious,” moaned Samantha, as kartal escort Mark continued to suck and slurp on her giant orbs.

Emma bounced and jiggled her large double D’s all over Pam and Tina’s big tits as they double titfucked Mark.

Mark moaned with his mouth stuffed full of Samantha’s boobs. The head of Mark’s cock poked out from between Pam and Tina’s tits, to slide in between his sister’s jiggling jugs. Emma’s hard nipples pressed into Pam and Tina’s flesh as she smoothed their large breasts with her own. Emma locked lips with Pam and Tina, engaged in a three-way tongue battle. Mark started lifting his hips up to thrust his cock between Pam and Tina’s breasts. His balls bounced against the bottoms of their boobs.

Pam and Tina titfucked Mark for a few more minutes and finally released their sweaty knockers from around his cock. Emma took her brother’s sweaty cock in her hands and started stroking it. Tina and Pam each took one of Emma’s massive tits and began licking her nipples. Emma leaned forward and engulfed her brother’s cock between her lips. She moaned as she sucked down her brother’s big dick. Pam and Tina squeezed and fondled Emma’s boobs while their tongues outlined Emma’s big areolas and nipples.

Samantha climbed on top of Mark’s chest, facing Emma, Pam, and Tina. She leaned forward and planted her soaked crotch in Mark’s face.

“Mmmmmmm! Eat my cunt Mark,” moaned Samantha.

Mark pulled Samantha’s panties down her thighs and around her large ass cheeks. He planted his mouth into Samantha’s wet pussy and began sucking on it. He lapped his tongue against her pussy walls and large clitoris. Samantha slid her huge tits across Mark’s stomach and moaned in pleasure, while watching Emma deep-throat her own brother.

“Hmmmm! His cock is too big for just me Sam. Why don’t you help me?” teased Emma, in between sucking Mark’s cock.

“Gladly,” moaned Samantha, as she grinded her pussy hard against Mark’s flushed face and covering it with her sweet fluid.

Both Emma and Samantha started dueling tongues over Mark’s cockhead. Pam and Tina each took one of Mark’s balls into their mouths. The four pair of mouths on his cock was just too much for him to bear. His balls began tighter, as he felt the cum rushing through his thick meat.

“Here I cum girls!!!” moaned Mark.

Samantha and Emma planted their mouths on either side of his cockhead and awaited Mark’s cum. Pam and Tina nibbled and slurped on his tight balls and finally, Mark’s cock erupted with a geyser of milky cum, which splattered all over Emma and Samantha’s faces. Samantha reached her own climax and came all over Mark’s face as he mauled her pussy with his tongue.

Each girl took turns sucking and slurping Mark’s big dick to clean the cum away. Emma and Samantha even let Pam and Tina lick Mark’s gooey cum off their faces as he watched. Suddenly, Mark’s cock sprang to life once again and the girls were excited.

“Mmmm Mark! Looks like the night is still young,” teased his sister Emma, as she stroked his big dick. We’re going to have to put this fella down once and for all.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32