The Solo Diary: Three Days

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Monday 4-15
11:00 AM

Ashley left for Boston this morning, dressed in her killer black pinstriped business suit and those expensive Italian leather pumps. Before getting in the car, she shot me “the look” from beneath the brim of her fedora. God, I love “the look;” the one that suggests so many things, like,”I’ll miss you,” or “When I get back…,” or “Enjoy yourself, naughty boy.” She knows me well. We know each other.

I was watching her earlier from the bedroom door as she carefully packed her suitcase, placing her favorite rotating vibrator in its velour drawstring bag. Alongside it, she laid a small bottle of lube. Ashley, too takes her personal pleasures seriously. My cock began to throb as I studied her long legs, encased in black seamed hose.

Three days alone. I won’t enjoy another whiff of her lusty cassolette again until Thursday. Three days until I can have another glimpse of her juices trickling down toward my face. Guess I’ll just have to take matters in hand, but there’s no need to be hasty. Quick jerks are for young men hiding behind the bathroom door, hoping not to be discovered. Real pleasure is worth taking the time.

8:30 PM

I went to the bedroom closet late this afternoon to retrieve my new, unopened copy of “Babes Illustrated,” and found a surprise. Atop the stack was one of Ashley’s tiny, sheer g-strings; still radiating her favorite vanilla perfume. Before even opening magazine’s plastic mailing bag, I brought the small piece iridescent nylon to my face, inhaling her essence.

My cock was all a-twitter, dancing and throbbing in my hand as I paged through several imaginative and arousing photo layouts. One model, a brunette with olive skin, had been painted with an airbrush to resemble a leopard. The animal markings were accurate and they added a primal flavor to her particular appeal. I brought my erection to full size as I studied the various prints; the woman crawling on all fours through a tropical set, her nipples and labia fluffed just for the shot.

My dick was begging for a quick spin bursa bayan eskort around the block, but not tonight. Tonight is about building anticipation, not a hasty rush of adrenaline. Tonight is a leisurely pleasure workout, not a sprint. I rather like the rich violet color of my cock head when it’s swollen. And that first sparkling drop of pre-cum that bubbles to the tip. Mine. All mine.

I gave myself a rain check for a full fisted orgasm with the Leopard Woman. She and I will spend some *quality time* together another day.

Tuesday 4-16
4:30 PM

Got home from work and left my clothes in a pile on the backyard deck. This was the first really warm day of Spring and the afternoon sun was broiling the backyard to a cozy 92 degrees. Bottle of coconut oil in hand, I eased my ass onto the hot bench of the picnic table, enjoying the hardness and warmth beneath me.

On the second day, my senses are totally alive, reacting to every stimulus. The oil felt so exciting as I spread it all over my body, my fingers familiar with every curve and fold. It had the aroma of a giant candy bar. The lubrication intensified each caress. I marveled at the dark pink glow of my cock and how it sparkled in the sunlight. There was such a feeling of indulgence and decadence as I sunned myself and lovingly stroked my erection in the open air.

Most every guy who’s masturbated has fantasized about his cock as a gear shifter. The question is, how well can one drive the damn thing? Any guy can take a sports car from 0 to 60. I like to masturbate as if my cock is on a cross-country tour; cruising on the straight-aways, banking into turns, and tossing a little gravel off the curve, down into the canyon below. I mean, if I’m going to jack off, why not do it like a pro? I’ve logged a few thousand miles on this thing.

I squirted more oil on my pulsing flesh until it ran down dribbling off my tight sack. Reaching down, I used the lightest, most delicate strokes along the entire length and my cock seemed as though bursa evi olan escort it moved toward my hand, begging to be stroked. As if I were about to pluck fruit from a tree, I placed my fingertips under the ridge of the glans and drummed them ever so lightly.

Almost exploding, I froze, allowing the orgasm to subside. Feeling my cock throbbing with each heartbeat, I concentrated on *not* coming. It’s fun to test my limits like this; daring myself to come. It’s a unique feeling; knowing I can come at any second, but seeing how close I can stand to the very moment of ignition.

Just as the body tingles after working out with weights, my cock becomes alive and glowing. After a good hour or so of stroking, it feels more like it’s idling than at rest.

Tomorrow’s going to be fucking incredible.

Wednesday 4-17
5 AM

Just a quick entry before I head off to work. It was a restless night. I awoke several times from disjointed, erotic dreams; my cock hard and pulsing. Each time, I took him in hand and gave him some attention before drifting off again. This morning he stayed hard through my entire shower. Wonder if I’ll get through the day without running off to the men’s’ room. Think I’ll wear some silk next to myself today…

4:30 PM

Here it is! Day three and I’m ready to play! The weather’s kind of shitty; clouds and drizzle. Some sunshine would be nice, but my own internal fire is sufficiently hot. After some rather exciting playtime, I’m going to launch myself into one rather fucking intense orgasm. These things must be done delicately. First, get naked. Second, get a cold drink. Third, some nice fresh herb. Then I’ll be ready for the main event. Looks like I’m hard already…Sweet.

9:00 PM

It was the moment for which I’d prepared; time to take my cock for one last test flight before giving the final ok to launch. A light rain piddled against the picture window behind me as I settled onto the couch.

Clicking on the TV, I was greeted by the sight bursa rus escort of Nina Hartley’s perfectly rounded ass; bobbing up and down as she buried Sean Michael’s huge cock deep inside her pussy. They were the perfect couple with which to share my long anticipated orgasm. I slathered my waiting erection with lube and shivered as my fingers slid over the sensitive cock head.

Every move of my hand was absolute ecstasy and torture. As I watched the handsome couple perform on screen, I shifted my attention between the sensuous electricity in my cock, and the feel of its heft in my hand. With an attitude of mastery and precision, I took myself to the very blade edge of release…and held it there.

My own sweet oil began to mix with the gel lube; each long, slow stroke producing a shudder of pleasure. Years of self pleasure had given me the skill of a virtuoso, and I played my cock like an Eric Clapton solo. Each glide, each touch transported me to secret plinths of pleasure. It was becoming impossible to hold out much longer.

I approached my orgasm with almost reverence. It lay easily within my grasp (no pun intended) like some precious gem. I could simply grab it and run away like a petty thief, or I could admire it. There’s always time for a little self admiration. The veins on my cock shaft add such an interesting texture and color to my erection…

The pre-cum was drooling out of my cock as I watched Sean begin a very slow back stroke from Nina’s swollen sex. I imagined that it was *my* cock about to re-enter her gaping hole and felt my entire body flex. I was poised for a glorious release. The journey had been delightful, but now it was time for my reward.

My mind said, “Yes!” and the first shot arced high in the air and sailed over the coffee table. Pleasurable voltage shot through me as another white thread exploded. Another. And another. And still another. My juices were everywhere; on the table, the floor, my legs and hand. Perfection. A beautiful mess! I collapsed on the couch, satisfied and exhausted.

Dipping my finger in one of the puddles, I brought it to my mouth and tasted the metallic nectar, imagining Ashley spread out on a hotel bed, working her ivory vibrator slowly in and out. Tomorrow she’ll be home and I can watch her perform a special replay while she reads these latest entries. Perhaps we’ll come together and she’ll give me “the look.”

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