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Sara (43), Alice (39) and I (my names Marie – 45) were all dancing, dressed in our sexiest night club wear, there in Sara’s living room while her stereo pulsed out a song about not wanting any short dicked man. Our outfits were all latex and lace, I wore a red one, blue for Sara and jet shiny black on Alice. Alice always seemed to lean towards black. The three of us always liked to dress like total whores for our sons. It made us feel sexier and made them hornier which we liked.

We all chuckled as we gyrated making little dicked symbols with out hands and shaking our heads from side to side.

“No No No” we all laughed as our body’s and ass’s swayed to the pounding music. “Don’t want no, don’t want no…”

I paused my happy movements when I realized there had been a knock at Sara’s front door. Walking to the stereo I heard her doorbell as I lowered the volume.

“Ooh” we all giggled.

“The new Mom must be here” I said walking towards the door.

The other two girls continued to dance with their hands, each still shaped to indicate tiny cocks, up in the air while they shook their heads no and wiggled there index fingers at one another laughing. “Don’t want no short dicked man…”

Still chuckling I opened the door… to find a young man with religious pamphlets in his hands who gasped upon seeing me and gazing past me into the house. He immediately turned and ran like some kind of demonic creature had confronted him. “Hmmm.” I laughed towards the other girls who also laughed. “Musta been something I said!”

About to close the door again I saw there was a woman at the end of the walkway with a young man at her side who seemed to be hesitating about coming any further. For a moment I thought they may have been with the young man who had just been at the door but they didn’t quite seem the type. The young man with this woman had a very nice muscular build and was showing off his upper body with a skimpy muscle shirt and to be honest, while she seemed a bit nervous she also wore a somewhat revealing outfit.

I waved and motioned for them to come.

“It’ll be fine Mom” I heard the boy gently prodding his Mother. They both slowly walked towards me and the house.

Turning I waved to the girls to lower the music. “This ones a bit nervous” I whispered to them.

The woman, who by the way was now very obviously a very attractive woman, smiled weakly and said “My names Claire and this is my son Jeff.” Claire turned out to a a 38 year old divorce and her son was 18. I was a bit surprised since every one of our sons were also 18.

They stepped into the house shyly and I could see her eyes slightly bulge when she saw what the three of us were wearing. Jeff on the other hand instantly sported what appeared to be quite an impressive hardon. We three moms all licked our lips.

“Relax pendik escort darling” I said giving her a gentle hug. “We don’t bite… not usually anyway.” I closed the door giggling.

Sara and Alice chuckled and both went into the kitchen to get refreshments.

Claire was looking around nervously. “Please come sit down sweetheart and we can chat” I said leading her into Sara’s living room. The music was now very low and Sara had changed it to soft jazz so it was more relaxing… and a bit sexual. The lighting was low and a red light Sara had towards the back gave the room a sensual kind of glow.

Now that I could see her Claire better I could see that she was dressed in a somewhat skimpy outfit as well though no where as slutty as ours were. She actually had black nylons on and black high heels, a short pleated black skirt, a somewhat see-through beige top which allowed her black bra to show though, had drop dead blonde hair and warm makeup. She didn’t look even remotely as whorish as the three of us did but she was definitely a hot fuckable mom.

Jeff, being a younger hound was having the time of his life and was drooling over me and the others as they returned to the living room as well.

“You ladies are the Mothers who have the sons club?” She asked. “The club for… ahhh… for…” she stopped and stared at us for several seconds… Just long enough for the back door to open and our four sons to come loudly in.

They had all been skinny dipping in my pool next door and Claire instantly got the full Monty as they entered. My son Alex (18) and Sara’s son Keith (18) and Alice’s twins (18)… all naked, dripping wet and glistening, muscles rippling… Four strong built young men all with massive erections point straight out and up from their beautiful crotches.

Sara and Alice and I all swooned appreciatively. Jeff stood up smiling and I thought Claire was about to faint. She moaned, seemed to shake a bit and then surprised me by whispering a bit loud “Oh my God Yes!”

She stared to our boys panting. Looked at each of we Moms one after another and slowly opened her top to reveal her black bra. She then started to feel her tits in front of us and breath heavily.

Realizing what I had to do at this point to relax the poor thing and cement the clubs new members I motioned to the boys “To your Mothers boys!”

My son walked up behind me and started to feel me up from behind. Sara son Kieth did the same to her and Alice’s boys moved to each side of her and played with her breasts and ass. We three moms all moaned, encouraging our sons to continue, and watched for Claire’s reaction.

She stood up and stared open mouth at us all. To be honest I wasn’t sure how she was going to now act. Would she release her inner animal and become our forth mother or become our second runner for maltepe escort tonight?

Her son stepped up to her side. His hands touching her in a somewhat sexual though unsure manner. The pause seemed to take forever…

“Ravish me baby” she sighed. Her head fell backwards and her son supported her weight as his hands caressed every inch of her writhing body.

Sara, Alice and I all sighed as well and fell into our sons arms.

Claire stepped towards me. Her skirt now off and her bra opened to reveal a beautiful pair of silky 38’s. She walked right up to me and started to feel me up as well. Her son licking her shoulder and neck while Alex caressed me from behind. Claire was turning into a primal beast and we all couldn’t be happier to see that.

“Oh I am so happy to have found you all” she whispered into my ear as her hand caressed my mound. “I have always thought I was the only mother in the world who wanted her son the way I do.”

“Your not all all darling” I laughed… Turning to Alex I said “Fuck me darling.” He smiled and nodded and pushing me backwards onto the couch, lifted my legs spreading them and knelt in front of me driving hsi delicious cock deep into my willing pussy.

Within moments Sara was alongside me with Keith fucking her hard and Alice was sucking one of the twins (difficult to tell them apart in the dim light with all the fucking started) while the other took her cunt from behind.

Sara nudged me and gestured towards Claire and Jeff.

Turning my head slightly. Through my sexual daze. With Alex’s cock ripping my wet pussy open and filling me with the greatest joy a mother can have I saw what we all wanted at that moment to see.

Claire was laying back on the lounger, her heels bouncing in the air on her spread legs as her muscular son fucked her hard. She was screaming in absolute lust, as were all of us mothers and clawing his back to pull him in deeper into her steaming hot cunt.

Sara turned to kiss me while Keith fucked her hard and Alex stroked over and over and over into my burning nest.

I saw stars as I orgasmed. Sara orgasmed. I heard Alice and her boys all orgasming. Keith screamed and shot a massive load all over his mother and I. Alex pulled out and shoved his cock into Sara’s mouth as he shot a giant load which she greedily gulped down… and we all saw and heard Claire screaming in a very intense orgasm while Jeff finally pulled out and shot massive globes of cum all over his mothers breasts.

Never one to let food go to waste I crawled to Claire and licked her clean while Alex buried his face into her pussy to dry her. Sara was cleaning Jeff’s cock with her mouth and then turned to do the same for Alice’s boys and her own.

Alice walked over to me and squatted on my face so I could eat her clean as well.

Claire kartal escort was in a daze… glowing… smiling… purring…

All of us mothers know the feeling… we all purred while the boys just lounged and smiled.

Recovering her composure after a few minutes Claire weakly smiled. “So are we members now?” she asked. Her body glistening from the workout and her fear apparently subsiding. She was breathing more regularly now and seemed to have an impish grin forming.

The other two mothers started to say yes but I interjected…

“One more test darling!”

She looked confused.

“Boys” I motioned to all five young men “Show our newest mom what real fucking is all about!”

They all grinned, even Claire’s son and picked her up physically. She momentarily objected, then swooned as the five young men lifted her now totally naked freshly fucked body and moved her towards the bedroom where I had pointed.

They dropped her onto the bed and all climbed on her from all directions. Sara’s bedroom had a couch in it so she and Alice and I all sat fondling one another smiling while we watched out newest member get gang-banged. “We need popcorn” I giggled, clapping at the starting show and Sara laughed and ran from the room.

Now older men may have a bit of difficulty fucking so quickly after just having cum but young men usually have no problem. That’s one reason we love them so much. My son can fuck me, cum, fuck me again, cum and usually immediately go a third time at least. Don’t get me wrong I love my husband but when my son fucks me it can go on quite a while. Either son that is. I haven’t discusses Alex’s brother much yet. My other son who is now 20 and at college has fucked me for hours in the past.

Right now though my son Alex had his cock buried in Claire’s face while Kieth was sucking her right breast. Her right hand stroking his cock and Alice’s boy Todd was on her left side being stroked by her left hand while sucking and squeezing her left breast. Alice’s son Brian was between Claire’s legs fucking her hard with his big throbbing piece of manhood.

Claire’s son Jeff started to approach me but I waved him back. “Take care of your mother young man. You can fuck me later!” I scolded.

“Yes Ma’am” he grinned and returned to the all male sandwich with it’s creamy mother filling.

Claire screamed, moaned and came over and over, shooting girl juice everywhere while the boys all took turns fucking her and filling her mouth. Hands flying, breasts glistening in cum, loads spurting all over the gleeful woman with the boys grunting and stroking their wonderful cocks into her for so long that Sara had long ago returned and she and Alice and I had all finished the popcorn she had made.

“You think the clubs big enough for now honey?” Sara asked me licking butter from her fingers.

I looked at the mass of naked screaming flesh and down at Alice who was between Sara’s legs eating her out with loud slurping sounds.

“For now darling” I sighed, “for now…”

Love, Licks and Endless Son Fucking – SheMom

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32