The Stray Girl

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Big Dicks

George sat looking at Mary unhappy with what he was seeing. The twenty year old had shown up with plans to go out clubbing with his daughter Connie, whom was still in the bathroom applying her makeup. All of this was normal. The trouble was, every week Mary’s clothes were a little more trashy. This week she had knee high fuck-me boots, miniskirt, and bustier, all in black leather. The outfit was garnished with fishnet stockings. It matched her long shiny black hair, striking blue eyes, and unblemished fair white skin nicely. But it was too whorish, even for clubbing, and he had told her so. He just didn’t like to see her degrading herself like this. She had always been his little angel.

“Oh, get over it. You’ll have to let us grow up sometime.” Mary sneered at him.

“I accept that you and Connie are growing up and dating guys, but you need to have a little sense of decency.” Mary rolled her eyes at him. “If you look like a whore, some guys will think they can treat you like a whore.” He explained.

“I know how to handle myself. I know how to say no.” Mary replied.

“If they don’t take no for an answer?”

“I have knees and they have balls.”

He looked at the waif-like, 4 foot 10, 90 pound girl from head to toe. “So you think you can fight a full grown man off.”

“I have pepper spray in my purse too.”

“In that purse.” He pointed at the small bag in her hand. Mary nodded in response. George challenged her, “Act like you are going to spray me with it.”


“Get it out right now and show me what you would do if I attacked you.” He growled loudly.

Mary hesitated looking a little scared. George had always been sweet to her. He tended to pick and cluck at her like a bit of a mother hen at times, but she wasn’t used to him being mean and aggressive. He was the warm, accepting constant in her life. He had been more of a father to her than her own absent dad.

Mary’s father had divorced her mother ten years ago and started a new family. She knew her real dad loved her and he tried to stay part of her life but nothing replaced a dad at home. George had always been around when Mary came over to hang with Connie. He may not have known it, but half the reason Mary visited so much was because she wanted to experience his charm. Mary had tried to set him up with her mom so she could have him around in a more permanent setting but they hadn’t been interested in each other.

His disapproval of her clothes hurt Mary. Disappointing George always hurt. If he told her to change her clothes, she would, he only needed to ask. Mary liked that he cared.

George shocked Mary out of her stupor when he shouted, “Defend yourself, damn it!”

Mary went for the pepper spray. She didn’t have a chance to even get her hand in the purse. George grabbed her wrists. She went to knee him in the crotch, but he used his knee to block hers then hooked his ankle behind her supporting leg. He swept her to the ground instantly and her purse was flung away removing any hope of grabbing for the pepper spray even if she could free her wrist.

George used his legs to force Mary’s apart and pinned her arms above her head in what she felt was an overtly sexual pose while their genitals rubbed together. He moved both her wrists into one of his large hands. This freed his other hand to tickle her ribs. He easily controlled her body despite her frantic struggles.

Her struggling caused her tiny skirt to push up past her waist exposing her minimal black satin panties. George figured he had his victory, proving just how quickly and how far things could get out of her control. He would let her up then give her the lecture on needing to stay out of bad situations in the first place.

However, Mary bridged her back trying to buck George off of her. The motion caused him to fall forward with his lips coming within an inch of hers. They were both suddenly filled with an overwhelming awareness of each other. She could feel his hardness against her vulva. He could feel the heat of her sex on his stiffness. Their mouths so close they shared each other’s hot breaths. They both realized that the situation had turned from playing to very sexually charged.

If Mary’s arms had not been trapped above her head she would have grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth to hers. Being so close to her goal yet not acquiring it was killing her.

George wanted take her then and there. He ground his loins into hers. Despite the pleasure of his actions, his lust clouded mind began to clear, and he felt guilty for essentially forcing himself on a girl literally half his age.

Connie cleared her throat while standing in the doorway staring at her father’s and best friend’s bodies tangled in a carnal display.

They both froze. George quickly disengaged himself from her and helped Mary up off of the floor. They stood huffing like they had been running the 100 meter dash and avoiding eye contact. George was formulating an apology and Mary chased erotic thoughts from her head while putting her clothes görükle escort back in place.

“What the hell are you two doing? It sounded like there were galloping elephants out here.” Connie muttered at them from the doorway. “I swear, sometimes the two of you are like five year olds. I can’t leave you alone for two minutes without you going at each other.” Connie wandered back to the bathroom shaking her head theatrically.

George tried to apologize to Mary, “I… look, I’m, um, I didn’t mean to… you know… I’m sorry.”

“No, I understand, you’re right. I’ll go change.” Mary fled off to Connie’s room, presumably to steal a change in clothes but also to escape the awkward situation.

Connie appeared from the bathroom ready to go. Although her outfit was prudish compared to what Mary had been wearing, in Frank’s opinion his daughter Connie’s skin tight, green sleeveless dress showed way too much of her d-cup cleavage and came down to mid thigh showing way too much leg. Her feet were armored in Doc Martin boots, contrasting with the feminine dress and girlish blond ponytail. He did not like seeing his daughter dress in a sexual way, but she was 20 and he was trying to let her grow up a little. She was beginning to look exactly like her long deceased mother had when they had married.

“What did you do with Mary?” She demanded.

“She’s changing.”

“Oh, Dad. Did you guilt her into changing because she looked too sexy?” Connie teased.

“I guess. There is a limit to how slutty I want you girls to look.”

“Yeah, she did look a little too much like a streetwalker.”

Mary came back out in one of Connie’s dresses she had thrown over the top of her previous outfit. The new dress was yellow and a came down to just above the knee. Connie is about 6 inches taller than Mary. On Connie, George thought this dress was too short, it only came down just past her ass. It was also skin tight on Connie and clung to her ample boobs showing lots of cleavage. He hated this dress for how much it screamed sex while his daughter wore it. Now it hung loosely on the much smaller statured Mary only hinting at her modest curves hidden underneath. The top was way too loose and open, and would not have concealed her chest but Mary still had the bustier on underneath so she was presentable. George found the coy hiding of her body a hell of a lot more sexy than the overt display of her previous outfit.

George thought she looked good enough to eat. He distinctly remembered the heat emanating from her sex minutes before. He let his mind wander to imagining how it would feel on his tongue while he explored her pussy.

This wasn’t the first time he fantasized about having sex with Mary. Although he couldn’t quite figure out what it was, she had developed a certain quality in the last year that made him want her badly.

“So, does this meet with your approval sir?” Mary asked with a sarcastic tone and a steel blue gaze.

“Yeah, you look amazing.” George said without considering how it sounded.

Mary blushed brightly at the compliment and looked down shyly. She liked the hungry predatory look in his eyes. She had noticed this desirous look had frequently started showing up in his eyes for several months now. The sexy outfits were for him, so that she could see his hungry eyes. She longed for those looks. She noted he may not be attracted to the whorish look. She would error on the side of innocent, and maybe a little naughty, going forward. She thought maybe he would like the sexy, innocent school girl look. She would need to find out.

“You guys are creeping me out big time.” Connie informed them. To her father, “We’ll be back late, Dad.” To Mary she said, “If you can stop effing around, let’s go.” And then with a coy smile and a small wave of the hand from Mary to George the girls were gone.


A couple of weeks went by without any further drama. It seemed like Mary had toned down her clothes and while still looking cute she was a lot less trampy. He loved the adorable skirts and knee socks she had suddenly grown fond of.

Just before noon one Saturday morning Connie left for work and would not be back until after dinner (she worked in a clothing store at the mall). George was planning on spending the morning doing household chores while having football on in the background. About 30 minutes after Connie was gone, Mary knocked on the door.

“Connie home?” She let herself in without waiting for a response.

“She just left for work.”

“That’s fine, I can wait.”

“She won’t be back for like seven hours.”

“I’m patient.” She dropped onto the sofa, picked up the tv remote, and started surfing through the channels. “What are you watching?”

“I WAS watching college football.”

She kept changing channels, ignoring him. “It seems like there is never anything good on.” She shut the tv off.

George knew Mary was screwing with him. She wasn’t this oblivious. She was the smartest and most perceptive person he had ever known. bursa escort bayan She damn near had a photographic memory and the one time he had played chess against her she had demolished him even though she was playing videos games on her DS the whole time. It was rather humiliating, especially since she had been 13 years old at the time.

George sat next to her, “What is on your mind, Mary?”

She turned to face him, “I want a rematch.”


“You know I can’t stand losing at anything. Ever.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I can tell by the way you have been looking at me that you think about finishing what we started too.”

“Please, pretend I have no idea what the hell you are talking about. What rematch?”

“Our little game,” she blinked her big blue doe eyes at him in the most innocent way, “where you try to rape me.”

George swallowed. That was what exactly what it had been. He had not allowed himself to think of what he had been doing even if he had no intention of following through.

Mary continued, “I want a do-over, without Connie around to interrupt us.”

She stood and took her t-shirt and shoes off. She was left wearing yoga pants and a sport bra, not that her modest b-cup breasts needed support. “Come on big boy. Let’s see what you are made of.” She teased.

Her eyes ran up and down his tall fit body, and his broad chest and wide shoulders. It seemed ridiculous that she would challenge this manly mountain of muscle to a physical contest. George was wearing loose lightweight lycra workout shorts and a t-shirt. Little protection from the attack she had planned out. She figured she would have one chance to take him by surprise.

“I’m not so sure this is a good idea.” George wasn’t sure he could take any more of her teasing without breaking.

She stretched her arms over her head warming up like she wasn’t paying attention, however the instant George stood, Mary attacked. She threw her full weight at his trim 6 foot 1 body, wrapping her arms around his waist and shoving her shoulder into his firm stomach. For a tiny, sub-5 foot tall girl, she was pushing with surprising strength. George leaned into her in order to stay upright.

As soon as she felt his weight lean into her, Mary reversed pulling George forward off of his feet. He instinctively stepped forward to catch himself. Quick as lightning, Mary swung around behind George while he regained his footing and jumped on his back, laughing the whole time as she got her arms around his neck trying for a headlock. Before she could get her legs or arms set around him, George was able to hook an arm around her waist, overcome her arm strength, and pull her around to his front. She locked her heels behind his back squeezing his torso with her thighs.

George wrapped his arms around her and sat hard on the sofa with Mary in his lap. They sat breathing heavily.

Mary had a huge smile. “Please don’t disappoint me by giving up that easy.” Mary plead.

“I’ve heard enough of your talk.”

He tickled her sides and used her lapse in concentration as an opportunity to rolled her onto her back. Mary squealed and slapped at his hands. He grabbed her wrists and pinned her arms above her head. He trapped both of her wrists in one of his hands.

Mary taunted him, “Oh, this trick again. Now what, tough guy?”

“I win.”

She tightened her legs around his waist. “Not yet. You need to follow this game through to its logical conclusion.You only win if you take me as your reward.”

George assumed a confused expression. Mary thought the way his head cocked to the side in a puppy like manner was adorable.

She continued, “I shouldn’t need to explain the rules of what we are doing. You win when you tear my clothes off and have your way with me. Truthfully, I think that’s when we both win.”

George finally figured out that she was offering herself to him and he was not sure how to respond. He wanted her, but he wondered if it was the right thing to do. He relaxed his grip on her wrists.

Seeing his internal struggle, Mary pulled her arms free, placed her hands on the sides of his head and guided his mouth to her own. She used her tongue to find his.

Any hesitation he may have had died in Mary’s mouth. He was more than ready to ‘claim his reward’

Without a word George stood and threw Mary over one of his wide shoulders. She giggled with delight at the manhandling and lightly issued a fake struggle in his grasp. She kicked her feet and pounded her tiny fists on his well muscled back.

As he carried her into his bedroom, Mary was filled with anxiety. This was all part of her plan, why she came over and provoked him today. She had gotten tired of waiting for George to act on the impulses he obviously felt. She had fantasized about this minute for months. What if she messed it up now? She was terrified.

Still on his shoulder, she reached down and grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up.

George leaned forward bursa escort and laid Mary on the bed. As he stood she peeled his shirt off over his head. If he had any doubt of her intent it was quickly evaporating as she beckoned him to her with a curling index finger and a sultry smile. He hooked his thumbs in his shorts and dropped them along with his underpants.

Mary’s eyes got huge. She was afraid for a new reason, George was much bigger than she had worked with before. It was like her arm if she made a fist and she was pretty sure she could not get her hand inside herself.

George read her mind through her eyes and took it as a compliment. He had no worry about how their bodies would fit together. He knew from experience with enough lube and patience they would both have a lot of fun.

Mary could see there was no turning back now. If he had a hungry look before, now he looked ravenous. George was a wolf looking at a helpless little lamb. He was going to have her. The sense of being helpless to his desires at this point was exhilarating. She could feel her body loosening, moistening, preparing for action. Even her mouth was watering in hopeful anticipation of having him in there.

George quickly pulled Mary up to into his arms; she squeaked in surprise as she flew to him. She wrapped her arms and legs around his naked body. He groped her ass as his lips connected to hers. He licked and nibbled at her mouth.

Mary thought this was nice but she was growing impatient. “I will be heartbroken if you don’t tear my clothes off soon.”

George set her on the floor lightly then in two quick, distinct motions, first up then down. He had her shirt thrown across the room and her pants and panties around her ankles. She held his shoulder for balance as he kneeled in front of her sliding the clothes off of her feet delicately.

He stood then gave her a shove onto the bed. Mary fell back in a lewd display. After crawling on to the bed with her, he used his tongue to taste every inch of her body. He started at her feet and worked his way to her shoulders avoiding all contact with her genitals and nipples. Then he used his mouth to worship her fingers and worked his way up to her shoulders again before moving to her nipples.

Mary was a blithering mass by this point and her pussy was making a puddle. She pushed down on the top of his head encouraging him to move his mouth lower on her body. She could feel his hot breath bathing her mons. Mary raised her hips to cause him to contact her wet sex.

He licked her hot, wet center. He licked at her clit rapidly. George chased her clit around as her hips writhed and bounced. She wailed louder and louder until the earth shook around her. She came, shouting loud enough for the neighbors to hear. He sat up as her convulsions subsided.

She desperately wanted to make love now but could not find her voice to ask so she desperately tried to pull him on top of her.

“Not yet little angel.” He chided her.

“Ugh!” she threw her head back in frustration.

He went to the bathroom and came back with a jar of Vaseline. He coated his thick finger and used it to work at the opening of her pussy.

Mary really liked the way his finger felt inside her but she wanted his cock inside her.

Once one finger was slipping in and out easily he added a second. She grunted at the stretching. When he was happy with her body’s response to his preparations George carefully mounted his tiny new girlfriend.

His seated position between Mary’s thighs caused the head of his cock to probe upward against her g-spot. She had not felt this sensation during intercourse before. Every time he trusted forward pushing the first half of his cock into her womb, he stretched her opening more than she thought possible and put pressure on her g-spot. This was a place in her vagina that had never been stimulated before. She was coming again but this time it was different. She could not handle it anymore.

George enjoyed watching Mary’s eyes rolling back into her head as she grunted unintelligible noises. She dug her heels into the bed and launched herself off of his dick landing in a crumpled heap higher up the bed.

George grabbed her ankle and pulled her back to him across the satin sheets. He covered her body with his own kissing Mary on the mouth. She responded by vigorously kissing him back.

Laying over Mary, George entered her pussy slowly. She thought that surely he would bottom out soon, but he kept sliding in stretching even deeper parts of her womb. When she was convinced he was going to hit something vital his balls came to rest on her ass. She wondered if she should be proud or ashamed that she had taken his entire monster inside of her body.

“Oh! So tight. It feels so perfect inside you.” George moaned.

He began to pump in and out. Her tight pussy felt so good and it had been a long time since he had had a beautiful woman stretched around his cock he knew he could not last long.

He slowly picked up his pace encouraged by Mary’s vocals. Mary liked what he was doing, but honestly the earlier events had already been the greatest sex of her life by a wide margin and the intense simulation had desensitized her a bit. Now the only thing on her mind was helping George find the maximum pleasure possible.

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