The Substitute Ch. 3

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Big Tits

Tiffany was still trying to decide how to proceed with Maggie’s request to help her in the seduction of her father. From her special situation of fucking Maggie’s father, being Maggie’s best friend and confidant, and now being thrust into the role of training Maggie for sex, she knew that there would be no difficulty in getting them together. Their desire or lust for each other was very strong and left to their own devices, it would happen sooner or later. Her bet was on sooner rather than later. She came back to the problem at hand. She thought that she could string her best friend along for a while and might even have some fun doing it.

The idea hit Tiffany while at school on Monday. She had four dildos hidden in her bedroom and one of them was a little smaller than William’s aroused cock. She would use it to demonstrate to Maggie how sex worked. After school, she rushed home to find an empty house and a note telling that her mother had gone shopping but would be home in time to fix dinner. She rushed up to her room and dug out the correct fake cock and washed it to get all of her smell off of it. She dried it and put it in a paper bag to transport next door to Maggie.

Maggie did not know what Tiffany was up to but was excited at the prospect of her fantasy coming true. They were sitting on Maggie’s bed discussing what they were going to do.

“You will have to get some type of birth control,” Tiffany said.

“I’ve been taking birth control pills since I was fifteen to help regulate my periods.” Maggie revealed.

“For real?” Tiffany asked. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It just never came up,” Maggie brushed it aside but, in reality, she was embarrassed to be taking them so young.

“I’ll teach you all I know about sex but we’ll take it step-by-step,” she explained. “When I think you’re ready, we’ll move to the next step. When we are through, you will know enough to fuck any man you want to. Do you agree to do it my way?”

“Sure, of course,” Maggie agreed happy to have a friend with experience helping her. “How long do you think it’ll take?”

“That all depends on how quickly you catch on to it,” Tiffany said as she secretly planned on taking as long as she could. “We’re about ready to get started but there is one other thing you must agree to. You cannot fuck him until I say you are ready and you have to tell me everything that goes on between you, no matter how small. Okay?”

“Okay,” Maggie said eager to get started.

Tiffany moved over next to Maggie and put her arms around her. Their lips came together and immediately their tongues were in each other’s mouths. Tiffany started removing Maggie’s clothes. She removed her blouse and started planting little kisses in the area above her breasts. She unhooked and removed Maggie bra and sucked the eraser-sized nipple of her left breast into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue. After a couple of minutes, she moved to the right breast. Each time her mouth accepted a nipple, Maggie would gasp then moan. Tiffany rested her right hand on the inside off Maggie’s thigh. She was rubbing lightly back and forth each time coming closer and closer to the heat between her legs. Then finally, she cupped Maggie’s mound and felt the dampness of her panty-covered pussy.

Tiffany pulled Maggie’s panties aside her and pushed her thumb into her wet pussy. Maggie was moaning and with no more action than had happened, she felt a climax coming on. She felt it coming but she could not quite achieve it. It seemed to be just out of her reach, so near and yet so far away. Maggie didn’t know that Tiffany had planned it this way. Tiffany wanted her hot but she didn’t want her to cum right away. Her goal was to keep and Maggie on the edge for a long time. In fact, she had her right where she wanted her. Maggie’s pussy juice was flowing down the crack of her ass lubricating her rosebud of an asshole. Tiffany slipped her forefinger into the slick hole and held her with a bowling ball grip. She slowly moved her finger and thumb in and out while Maggie’s moans became louder.

When she thought Maggie was ready, she leaned forward and took her clit into her mouth and tortured the little nubbin with her tongue. Maggie felt the orgasm that had been lurking just out of reach move over her body. It was powerful and struck to her very core. It was like electricity was dancing over her body. She could not hold still. The sensations were so great that they wracked her body. Tiffany did not let up but instead reached into the paper bag and pulled out the dildo. Without hesitation, she pushed it into Maggie’s pussy past her hymen and up to the hilt.

Maggie felt a little sting as the dildo took her virginity but her orgasm was so strong that she could not feel the pain. Tiffany continued to lick and suck on Maggie’s clit until it became too sensitive to continue and she pushed Tiffany’s loving tongue away. Tiffany crawled up the bed and placing her arms around Maggie, she stroked her back and ass while gaziantep escort telefonları she came down. The dildo was still inside Maggie’s pussy. Tiffany and Maggie were kissing lovingly. Suddenly, Maggie reached down and felt the end of the dildo sticking out of her pussy. She sat halfway up as she pulled it out. She saw that it was coated with her juices and traces of blood.

“I can’t believe that this big thing was inside me,” she exclaimed. “This is almost as a big as my daddy’s thing and I didn’t even know that you put it into me.”

“I guess that answered your question about a big cock going into your little pussy,” Tiffany said.

“Can I ask you a question?” Maggie inquired.

“Sure,” Tiffany replied.

“Since I love the things you do to me so much and cum so hard, am I a lesbian or maybe bi?” she asked.

“Of course not,” Tiffany replied. “This is his practice for the real thing.”

Tiffany was not sure of her answer. All she knew for sure was that doing what she had done to Maggie had made her so hot and horny that she could hardly stand it. She flipped up her skirt and pulled her panties down. Her right hand went directly to her clit in she started rubbing it from side to side. She was going so fast that all Maggie saw was a blur in front of Tiffany’s pussy. Wanting to help her friend, Maggie took the dildo coated with her juices and pushed it into Tiffany’s love tunnel. She pushed Tiffany’s hand out of the way and took her clit into her mouth. She licked and sucked on the little nubbin while pushing the dildo in and out. Tiffany came with a shudder and pulled Maggie’s mouth from her pussy and kissed her deeply. As their tongues danced in each other’s mouth, they shared each other’s juices and truly loved each other.

They heard Maggie’s father, William Worthy, enter the house and they hurriedly dressed and went over to Maggie’s computer and turned it on. Tiffany went to AOL and used its search engine to look up biology. When William stopped by the open door of the bedroom, the girls were looking at a screen describing monozygotic and dizygotic twins.

“Here’s my girls,” he said cheerfully. “Whatcha doing?”

“Hi Daddy,” Maggie greeted him.

“We’re just studying biology and the reproductive system,” chimed in Tiffany, who enjoyed the double meaning of the statement.

“Daddy, do you know what makes twins?” Maggie asked. “Because I do.”

William smiled at her enthusiasm and felt a little twinge in his cock as he looked at the two girls. He said, “Sure honey, it’s the way the egg is fertilized but don’t expect me to remember the scientific terms.”

He turned away from the door before his growing cock became evident to the girls. As he went to his bedroom he couldn’t help but think that it was time to plan a fuck session with Tiffany. Little did he know that she was already planning a liaison with him and was just waiting for a safe time. Back in Maggie’s room the girls were talking.

“Do you think that Daddy was getting a hard on?” Maggie asked. “I think I saw it move.”

Why wouldn’t he?” Tiffany answered with a question. “After all he was looking at two very sexy young girls.”

“Oh you,” Maggie laughed. “I’ve got to go start dinner. Wanna stay?”

“Yeah but I can’t tonight,” she replied. “If his door is open, I’m going to harass your father.”

They shared a laugh and then Tiffany shocked Maggie by kissing her fully on her lips in the upstairs hallway with her dad just in his room. She was shocked but she did enjoy the excitement of the possibility of getting caught. As Maggie went down to the kitchen, Tiffany made her way to William’s room. The door was open and she walked in. She placed a kiss on his lips and as she snaked her tongue through his teeth, she took his semi-turgid penis into her right hand and squeezed it through his pants.

“Daddy, when are you going to give me some of this?” she whispered in his ear.

“As soon as I can,” he replied. “Where’s Maggie?”

“She went to the kitchen to start dinner,” she said as she removed her panties and leaned over the back of a chair.

William dropped his pants and boxers and stepped up behind Tiffany allowing his stiff cock to slide in between her legs. He was pleasantly surprised that she was so wet and attributed it to her desire for him, which turned him on even more. Little did he know that part of the wetness that he was enjoying was his daughter’s saliva from when she was licking Tiffany’s clit just before he came home. William bent his knees and slid his engorged cock into her tight, wet cunt. As he pumped his cock into her from behind, he put his arm around her and rapidly rubbed her clit.

Tiffany went into the mantra she used when fucking with William, “Oh Daddy. Oh Daddy. Oh Daddy.”

“Maggie, I love you so much,” he said as he began pumping his cum into Tiffany’s pussy.

Felling his hot cum invade her escort gaziantep telefonları pussy pushed her over the edge and she began a gentle but very pleasing orgasm. As her orgasm began to build it was hard to stay quiet but she knew she had to do so. William was still inside her and his arms were wrapped around her, a breast in each hand.

His chin was over her shoulder and he whispered into her ear, “You make me very happy.”

She started to reply but was interrupted. “Hey, you two,” Maggie yelled from the bottom of the stairs. “What are you doing up there?”

“Be down in a minute,” Tiffany yelled back as she and William disengaged and began repairing their clothes.

Tiffany went down first, as William needed a few minutes to regain his composure. She went into the kitchen and found Maggie stirring something on the stove.

“You guys were up there a long time,” Maggie said. “What’s up?’

“I was up there fucking your father,” Tiffany said teasingly but noticing the frown on Maggie’s face at the thought of it, she added. “Actually, we were talking about you.”

“Really, what?” Maggie asked.

“He was saying how much he loved you,” Tiffany said enjoying her little secret joke. “I’ve got to run before Mom calls out the infantry to find me.”

Tiffany patted Maggie on the ass and as she was going out the door, William came into the kitchen.

“So, I hear that you love me,” Maggie said with a lilt in her voice. “Or at least that’s the rumor that Tiffany is spreading.”

“I do love you very much, honey,” he said. “Does that come as a surprise to you?”

“Of course not,” she said as she put her arms around his neck intending to kiss him on the lips. She would have except he started to turn his face away from her and her kiss landed on the corner of his mouth. A spark of sexual energy flowed through both of them. She went back to fixing their dinner and he went to the TV to watch the evening news. Maggie and her dad knew that there was a strong physical attraction between them. Maggie knew where she planned for it to go and William knew where he fantasized that it would go. She was working to Tiffany’s timetable and he not knowing the depth of her desire, was restrained by not wanting to scar his only daughter psychologically in some way.

She served their dinner and they ate with pleasant conversation mostly about her activities at school and a little about his work. Afterward, he offered to help wash and dry the dishes. She accepted his offer and they stood side-by-side in front of the double sink, she washing and he wiping. Both their minds were in the process of taking little side trips but they were aware of the closeness of each other’s bodies when their hips would causally touch from time to time. When the last piece was washed and dried, they turned toward each other and she put her arms around him and pulled herself close enough to him that she could feel his half to three-quarters erection.

“Thanks for being such a great daddy,” she said as her lips softly pressed against his.

He could feel her full, firm breasts with their hard nipples pressing against his chest, the warmth of her pussy on his groin, and the softness of her lips on his. She was fully aware of his now rigid cock pressing against her stomach and his balls gently pressing against her pussy. Just as their tongues met, they quickly disengaged. She went to her room and he went to the downstairs bathroom and locked the door. Moments later he had his pants and underwear around his ankles and his right hand was fervently stroking his fully aroused organ. He made no mental pretense. In his mind, he was fucking his daughter, Maggie.

Meanwhile, Maggie lay on her bed with Tiffany’s cock in her pussy. Her right hand was plunging the dildo in and out of her pussy and her left was rapidly rubbing her clit. In her mind, her dad’s huge cock was fucking her. They came simultaneously, he into the wash basin of the downstairs bathroom and she behind the locked door of her bedroom.

During their lunch break the next day at school, Maggie related the incident to Tiffany. Reliving it aroused Maggie and hearing it caused moisture to form between Tiffany’s legs. As soon as school was out for the day, the two girls were on their way to Maggie’s bedroom to resume Maggie’s sexual tutoring sessions. As tutor, Maggie was well beyond her personal sexual experiences but was relying heavily on a book she had found a while ago in the back of the upper shelve of her parents closet. Before she left for school that morning, she had slipped her largest dildo and her smallest one into her purse.

Even though their urgency was great, they took their time and removed all their clothes. Remembering yesterday, they locked the bedroom door and turned on the radio loud enough to drown out their noises unless they really got carried away. Maggie was already on the bed and Tiffany crawled gaziantep escort bayan telefonları up beside her and they embraced. Their bodies fit together so well. One might think that their breasts would get in the way but instead they fit together very sensuously with Tiffany’s peaks fitting into Maggie’s valleys and vice versa. Their hard nipples dug into the smooth skin of each other’s chest as their lips met and their tongues danced.

As usual, Tiffany the teacher initiated further action. She kissed her way down to her friend’s breasts and licked the aerole and nipple of her right breast eliciting moans from her. After a long two or three minutes, she moved to the other breast and did the same. Maggie enjoyed everything that Tiffany had done to her and this time was no exception. She could feel that climatic sensation began as Tiffany licked and kissed her way down to her pussy. Tiffany selected the smaller dildo and worked it into Maggie’s cunt. Maggie wondered what was going on because the fake cock felt so small but in just a minute or so, Tiffany removed it and to Maggie’s delight, replaced it with a much larger dildo. Tiffany gave Maggie’s throbbing clit a swipe or two with her tongue before taking it into her mouth and sucking and licking it.

Maggie let out a squeal as she felt Tiffany pushing the smaller dildo into her tiny asshole. It was a little uncomfortable going in but at the same time, she felt her orgasm begin. A warm sensation wafted over her almost as if she had blushed. Although it started small, her orgasm began to crescendo, as waves of pleasure washed over her like the warm waves of an incoming tide. Her orgasm continued to build until it was impossible for her to stay still. She was bucking against Tiffany’s mouth so hard that it was extremely difficult for her to stay engaged. Wanting to give her best friend and lover as good an orgasm as possible, Tiffany hung in there and pumped the dildos in and out of Maggie’s love tunnel and butt as she thrashed beneath her.

Finally, Tiffany crawled up beside Maggie and held her as she came down. It was an intense orgasm and she was experiencing little after shocks. She needed to and indeed wanted to return the favor but she was totally spent from Tiffany’s ministrations and was unable to move. Tiffany let her lie there for a few minutes but when she thought Maggie was falling asleep she roused her.

“Come on girl,” Tiffany said. “No time for sleeping now. We’ve got plans to make.”

They washed their faces and dressed. They hurried away from the house in an effort to find a place where their conversation would not be interrupted. Tiffany had been thinking about it and had come to the conclusion that the only reason that she was encouraging Maggie to stay away from her father sexually was for her own selfish reasons. She wanted to continue fucking William and playing sex games with his daughter but she knew that the two of them belonged together. She knew that once William started fucking his daughter, she would have to find another outlet for her sexual urges but she also knew that she was doing the right thing. About halfway down the street, William’s car pulled up next to them along the curb.

He powered down the window on the passenger side of the car and asked, “Where are you guys going?”

“We were going down to the soda shop,” Maggie answered feeling proud that she could make up an answer so quickly.

“What do you have planned for dinner?” he asked.

“We thought that you might like to take two beautiful young girls out to eat tonight,” Tiffany chimed in.

“That just might be arranged,” he replied. “Clear it with your mother and be ready to go at six. You girls want a ride back to the house?”

“No thanks,” they said in stereo and continued, “We’ll walk.”

“Okay, here’s the plan,” Tiffany said. “We’ll both dress sexy and do what we can to turn him on. We have to make sure that he has a couple of strong drinks. We’ll both be on a date with him but you will take him home.”

William was instantly aroused when he saw the two teenagers dressed and ready to go. Maggie was wearing a tight black dress that came down to just past mid-thigh. A simple string of faux pearls accentuated her cleavage. Tiffany was wearing a white dress that was tight through the bodice showing off her ample breasts and short enough to make a man think that at anytime he might see her possibilities. Both of the girls wore stockings and high heels. Maggie was wearing panty hose but Tiffany was wearing full stockings held up by a garter belt. They flipped a coin to see who would sit in the front seat and Tiffany won.

Tiffany waited until William was already in the driver’s seat before she got into the car. She did not try to keep her dress down and he saw her garter belt and a flash of her pink panties. It had the effect on William that Tiffany had planned and she noticed the tenting of his pants. He looked into the back seat to see if Maggie had noticed anything and found himself looking directly up Maggie’s skirt at her creamy white inner thighs. His cock was at full attention.

Tiffany turned in her seat and said to Maggie, “We’re going to have a good time tonight,” she said as she reached over into William’s lap and squeezed his turgid cock. “We’re out with one of the most handsome and sexy men in town.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Maggie agreed. “Do you think he puts out?”

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