The Surprise

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Elliot awoke to the smell of food. It was a Saturday morning and he knew his mom had cooked breakfast. This weekend Elliot’s father was out of town on a business trip, leaving just Elliot and his mom alone in the house all weekend. He got up from the bed and walked into the kitchen where his mother sat at the table eating pancakes. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail and she wore a white tank top with a tight pair of black leggings.

Elliot was embarrassed about it, but he had a thing for his mom. He discovered incest porn a few years ago, and ever since then he had started to develop sexual feelings for his mother. God, his mother was hot he thought. She was 5′ 7, and her legs were long and shapely. She had lovely breasts as well. And her ass! That’s what got him most of the time. His cock grew hard as he watched her eat. She noticed him looking over at her and smiled.

“Good morning,” she said sweetly. “You’re not late for school today are you?”

I laughed, “Uh, mom, you do realize it’s Saturday, right?”

She looked surprised but smiled “Oh jeez, I completely had my days mixed up. Gues your mom’s getting old huh?”

She took another bite of pancakes. She wasn’t actually that old. Elliot was a senior in high school, but his mom had him when she was pretty young so she was only 36.

“You know, I don’t have much planned for today, what would you like to do?” She asked.

Elliot thought about it for a moment, “Well, maybe I could help around here. You do a lot, least I could do is help out a little.

She stopped swallowed her food and smiled, “Really? That’s so nice of you.”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll eat and then I’ll clear some of these dishes away and clean them, then maybe we could go to a movie or something?” He didn’t want to sound too eager, but he was excited at the prospect of spending time with his mom.

“That would be great Elliot. I think I’ll leave the dishes to you then. I need to take a shower. Hope you don’t mind. I actually have a little surprise for you, a gift. I’ll tell you what it is when I get out of the shower.”

She gave him a smile. Her smile melted his heart, Anytime his mother smiled she could get him to do anything. They finished their food and Elliot went to put the dishes into the dishwasher and his mother went to go shower. It took him about 15 minutes to clean the dishes, load them in the dishwasher, and close the door. He could still hear the shower going. His cock twitched in his pants at the thought of her naked body with warm water running down it.

He decided to go take a peak. He opened the bathroom door slightly and stood there watching his gorgeous mom in the shower. She was washing herself while standing under Kıbrıs Escort the spray of water from the shower head. Her tits were swayed slightly with each movement and her nipples were erect. This sight was enough to make him almost cum in his pants. He quietly closed the door and quickly made his way to his room.

He needed time to recover and regain his composure before he she was finished, he didn’t want her to notice his erection. He wondered what this gift was that his mom got him. He was hoping for a PlayStation gift card or a new pair of shoes. When he came back out, his mother was wearing her bath robe and sitting on the couch. She looked up and saw him.

“Hey, I hadn’t noticed before but you look really cute today! I like that shirt on you.”

Elliot blushed, “Thanks mom.”

“Now, I bet you’re wondering what the surprise is, huh?” She said.

Elliot nodded, “Yeah, I am curious.”

“Well, come over here and sit with me and I’ll tell you” She said.

Elliot happily obliged and sat next to her on the sofa. She smelled so good, and her dark black hair still slightly wet from the shower. She looked so sexy in her bath robe, he could partially see her glistening breasts underneath.

“So, the other day I was cleaning your room and I noticed your computer was open. I’m ashamed to say that I was curious to see what you’re alway doing on that computer of yours.”

Elliot swallowed nervously, “uhh, you did?”

“I did,” she gave him a wry smile. But anyways, I found an interesting file called ‘mom and son’. I clicked on it and found some very interesting things there”

Elliot stammered, “No, I swear it’s not mine mom! It must be my friend Billy. He uses my computer sometimes!”

She smiled again, “No need to lie sweetie, I know that you have a thing for your mom.”

Elliot felt frazzled, he didn’t know what to say. “I…. It’s not what you think. I’m not weird like that, that’d be incest!”

She grinned, “Ohhh, I don’t think you’re weird. Quite the opposite actually. You’re a very handsome young man, and I thought those videos were hot. To be perfectly honest sweetie I watch incest porn too. It makes me feel dirty, but I love it. And I can tell you love it too.”

Elliot felt like his heart was beating out of his chest, “yeah…”

“I especially love the mother son category” she said and gave him a mischievous grin. “There are so many things I’ve wanted to try with you, but I never acted on those feelings because I thought only I was just into this stuff. But now…”

She trailed off and leaned in close to his face. He could see her breast fully now as she leaned in. This can’t be real Elliot thought Lefkoşa Escort to himself. He didn’t even know what to say.

She reached out and stroked his cheek. “Elliot, do you want to fuck mommy?”

Elliot couldn’t believe what she was saying. His cock twitched in his pants.

“Oh my god, yes mom. I want to fuck you so bad. I’ve wanted to for years. I used to jerk off thinking about you while I was watching those videos.”

She giggled, “I bet you did! Well, you should have told me Elliot. I would have let you fuck me then.”

She began to take off her robe. She let it slide to the floor. Her body was beautiful. Her long legs looked smooth as silk, and her pussy was glistening and was covered with a small amount pubic hair.

“So, what do you think?” She said.

Elliot’s mouth went dry. He couldn’t believe his eyes. His mother was naked. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen was standing in front of him, completely nude, and she was offering herself to him.

His cock throbbed in his pants, and he knew he couldn’t wait any longer. He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. His cock sprang free, and it was huge, and hard as a rock.

Mom gasped, “Wow, what a big cock my baby boy has!” She smiled wickedly at him.

She reached for his dick, took hold of the base and began to stroke it. Elliot moaned, his head fell back as he felt the warm sensation of his mother’s fingers stroking his cock. It felt so amazing.

“You have a beautiful cock baby, I haven’t seen it in so long”

Elliot swallowed, he was so turned on. He realized that his mother was still holding his dick in her hand, and she slowly began to stroke him faster.

“It looks so big and hard. Maybe I should suck it now.”

“Really?” Elliot couldn’t believe his ears

“What do you think, do you want mommy to give you a blowjob?” She asked.

He nodded eagerly. “Yes please mom.”

“Good, because I want to taste your cum so badly right now baby.”

Elliot moaned loudly. His whole body was tingling. This was going to be the best day of his life. Mom began to lick his balls gently, making him groan in ecstasy. She moved up and began licking the tip of his dick, tasting his precum. The she began sucking the tip.

Elliot moaned, “Oh, mom. Don’t stop.”

She responded by wrapping her lips around the base of his shaft and taking his entire length deep into her throat. He was in heaven. Her tongue massaged his penis as she sucked it. She swirled her tongue over the underside. She bobbed her head up and down his dick. Her hand continued to pump him, stroking his shaft rapidly.

Elliot began to groan louder. “Oh fuck yeah mom. I’m Girne Escort gonna cum soon.”

Mom pulled off his dick and smiled, “Good. I want to taste every last drop!.”

She started sucking his cock faster, and he felt his orgasm building.

“I can’t hold it anymore!” he gasped and grabbed her hair.

He pushed his dick deep down her throat as he came. Mom moaned in response. She swallowed his cum, not stopping until she had drained his cock.

Mom sat back and looked up at him, “That was so good baby. I love the way you taste.”

Elliot smiled, “Thank you mom.”

“You think you have it in you for more?” She asked with a smile.

“Oh yeah, I can do whatever you want.”

“Follow mommy, let’s have more fun,” she said.

She stood up and beckoned him with her index finger. She then grabbed his had and led him to the bedroom… Her hips and ass moving side to side as she walked seductively. When they got there she pushed him down onto the bed and climbed on top of him.

“Are you ready to fuck your mommy”

He was thrilled. “Yes, mom. I want your pussy so badly.”

She smiled, “You know this is just the beginning, don’t you? We’re going to fuck every chance we get from now on.”

Elliot nodded, “This is the best day of my life.”

Mom leaned forward and kissed him. Her tongue played with his. He could hear her moans as they made out.She began to rub her pussy on the top of his dick.

“Do you like how that feels baby?”

He moaned excitedly, “Yes, mom. That feels so good.”

“How about this?” She lowered herself down, placing his cock deep inside her.

“Oh god yes!” He cried.

Mom began to bounce up and down, her tits swaying as she rode his dick. Elliot wrapped his hands around them and squeezed. She moaned in pleasure and began to ride him faster. Her hips thrust against him. Her breasts bounced wildly. She fucked him hard, riding him ferociously.

“Oh yes baby! Fuck mommy! Fuck your dirty incestous mother!”

Elliot was loving every minute of it. He felt like he was in heaven. He wanted to stay inside her forever.

Mom’s pace increased, and she moaned louder.

“What do you think the neighbors would think if they knew I was riding my son’s cock? She teased.

Elliot moaned, “I don’t care what they think. They’re probably jealous anyway.”

“That’s right baby. Tell me how much you love fucking your mommy. Say it baby.”

Elliot moaned, “I love fucking my mommy. I love your big tits and your tight pussy. I love your titties mom. Fuck me harder!”

Mom began to scream, “Fuck me baby, fuck mommy! Oh god, you feel so good. I’m cumming!”

She screamed loud and hard. Elliot moaned loudly as he pumped his load deep into her cunt. Mom collapsed on top of him and sighed.

“That was amazing baby,” she said.

“It sure was,” Elliot said and smiled.

“Now what do you say we take a shower?” She asked.

“Okay mom.”

This was the start of something great.

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