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The two women swimmers moved up and down the pool with long graceful strokes, side by side, carving through the water with not a hair’s breadth between them. Breathing every fourth stroke they flicked over in tumble turns at the pool ends their front crawl seemingly unstoppable. Twenty five, Thirty, Thirty five lengths, they moved, black Lycra clad, with almost effortless ease. The Elliott twins, Natasha and Annette, pushed each other to the limit, never giving an inch to each other.

Their one piece costumes and black swim caps had a single silver lightning strike pattern along the lefthand side. At forty lengths they tumbled and flicked over onto their backs, moving into a fast backstroke without pause. Twenty lengths later the turned and affected a slow breast stroke to warm down. After twenty lengths they stopped at the pools end and moved to the steps to rise out of the pool, streams of water sliding down and off their bodies.

As they moved along the poolside the other swimmers emerging from the changing rooms looked in awe. At six foot two inches the pair were tall, their arms and legs muscled but shapely. The twins were thirty one, athletic and the Lycra costumes did nothing but accentuate their bodies. Cut high at the hip and low at the back the effect was startling. The costume flattened their breasts to aid streamlining, but their nipples, hardening in the colder air, were large and visible. The tight fitting Lycra pulled hard into their bodies showed the camel-toe of their sex and the curve of their buttocks.

Striding purposefully to the changing rooms they pulled their caps off revealing shoulder length red hair, their green eyes flashing a warning, “out of the way”, as they walked. In the womens changing rooms they went to lockers and removing a rubber band from their ankles, used the attached key to open adjacent lockers.

“Good swim, thanks,”

“Yeah I enjoyed that, need to push harder though.”

“Tash, we’re never going to make the Olympic Squad again, not now.”

“I know Netty, but it’s kind of satisfying to reach the same qualifying standard, just to annoy the bastards.”

“True, ok, same again but an extra twenty tomorrow.”

“That’s my girl.”

They stripped out of their costumes, easily slipping the clinging wet mass away from their honed bodies. Full breasts, flat stomachs, shaven mounds were revealed and they padded naked, confident to the showers. Under the hot jets of water they carefully washed away the chlorinated water from their bodies. Then each helped the other wash their hair. Stepping out they wrung water from their hair, before pulling towels round it, then walking naked back to the bench below their lockers.

They dried and pulled on their clothes, neither bothering with a bra, wanting to feel unconstrained after the strictures of their costumes. T shirt, thong, track bottoms and tops, they brushed each others hair and placed their costumes and towels in bags bearing the name of the local swimming club. They left together, again side by side, walking across the car park to the identical VW Golf’s they owned. Without any sign of farewell, they threw the bags into the back seats, climbed in and one after the other, left the car park for home.

Home was a three bedroom semi detached they had pendik escort bought several years ago when they finally decided they should move out of their parents house. Independence, however, was relative, as they had purchased the house three doors away from their parents, which became vacant following their neighbours break up. They rolled onto the driveway and leapt out reaching back to gather their kit bags. Inside the kettle went on as they threw towels and costumes into the washing machine. Within minutes they were sitting at the breakfast counter, black coffee and toast ready to be consumed.

“Netty, you know that, well while you were at Uni, well did you?”

“Tash! No, I never did, I had work to do and training every morning and evening.”

“Yeah, I know, me too, but, well, do you miss not ever having had a boyfriend, or a partner, like the whole love thing?”

“No, I can’t say I did or do, I have you anyway, and Mum and Dad and..”

“I know we have each other, but don’t you miss not having sex or all that stuff, you know?”

“Why would I miss that, God the thought of some guy sticking his cock in me is horrible, do you want that?”

“No, well I don’t know, I mean I’ve never done it, so I can’t say.”

“Do you want to? do it I mean?”

“I.. I don’t know, it’s just lately, well, I mean I get these dreams and some guys stick their cocks in me and I scream, but they don’t stop and… I think I like it.”

“Tash, what in the worlds come over you? We’ve never talked about this before, I mean not like seriously, is it really worrying you that much?”

“Netty, we’re thirty one, and virgins, never had a boy, never touched or seem a real live cock. Are we missing out?”

“Tash, are you ok, I mean, this seems to be really bothering you, what can I do to help?”

“I don’t know, I…”

“You what my lovely?”

“I want to make love to someone, to see if I’m missing out, I need to know Netty, I want to be able to wake up in bed with someone, someone, who will be there for me, look after me and love me.”

“I can do that, I can love and care for you, I’ll look after you, I can help.”

“Can you make love to me, take my virginity, physically love me, can you? Will you?”

“Wha.. well, I … Idon’t know, I don’t usually think about sex or love or…”

“Exactly, we know nothing about love or relationships, or crazy sexy mad things. We’ve spent our lives so far, living this dream, this dream that will never be a reality.”

“I know, but I can’t let go, I want to make the grade, I want to be in the Olympic Squad.”

“It’s never going to happen now is it? we made the grade but lost out in the cut, what it must be thirteen years ago. That was our last chance and we never made it.”

“We were there, we were in the cut, but the call never came.”

“So we never made the grade and we’ve been trying to recreate that every day since, it’s a pipe dream and we both know it.”

Tears started to form and they held hands and wept for their youth and what might have been. Leaning in their heads touched and each felt the others pain. After a while they straightened, all thoughts of breakfast gone. They looked at each other and slowly smiled.

“Netty this is ridiculous, we need to do something, maltepe escort sort this out, see what we’re missing. We need to get out and celebrate our successes, and drown out our failures. Girl we need to party.”

“Tash you’re right, let’s organise a party, get some of our friends round and just get hammered.”

Giggling they sat and organised a rough outline of who they should invite, when and whether they should invite their parents. This they quickly decided would be a mistake, especially if they did indeed get so drunk they couldn’t behave. List in hand they finally ate the cold toast and cool coffee, grimacing and laughing at the tastes. They busied themselves with calls and notes, then set off for work.

After work, they popped in to see their parents and casually let slip that they were having friends round the next Saturday, which their parents were delighted to learn. For a long time the Elliott’s had worried at the driven nature of their girls and a glimpse of a lightening of their punishing schedule was a welcome sign. Perhaps their unassailable belief that they would once again qualify for the Olympic Squad was finally showing signs of cracking.

Back at home they changed out of their business clothes into track suits with nothing underneath. In the lounge they sat and went through the list again and what food they would need. Not being drinkers they found the alcohol needs confusing, how much beer and wine would they need, did they have spirits, what mixers. Would some non alcoholic drinks be a good idea? Eventually they had a list and would go early Saturday morning to get it all in.

Natasha wandered into Annette’s bedroom, after showering in her own en-suite shower. Wrapped in a towel she sat on Annette’s bed. Annette’s bathroom door opened and she appeared in a similar towel.

“Oh, hi, you ok?”

“Yup, came to say goodnight, but now I want to talk to you.”

“Oh,Oh! sounds serious, what can I do to help?”

“Take your towel off!”

It wasn’t a question or a remark, it was a demand,

“What, why, you’ve seem me naked millions of time?”

“Do it, do it please?”

“Uhh, D’oh! ok, here.”

Annette let the towel slip off her, standing just in front of her sister. Natasha stood and slipped her own towel off, before reaching to pull Annette to her. Their bodies met, breasts flattening against each other, their tight stomachs touching. Natasha tilted her head slightly and moved her mouth to Annette’s and began to kiss her, her arms around her sisters sides, sliding up her back. As Annette gasped and her mouth opened, Natasha’s tongue slid in and began to duel with hers. Annette’s arms moved round her sisters and she also ran her hands across her back.

Locked together they mashed their mouths against the others, eyes open staring into each others eyes. They saw the love and lust they each had and they pulled against each other harder. Their hips twisted as the began to push their stomachs and pubis against the other. Soon they were lost in a sensuous haze of blissful lust. Their hands found each others bottoms and began to caress and squeeze the toned globes. Twisting slightly each brought one hand to the others breast, savouring the firm round mound and feeling the nipple engorging, kartal escort firming, the surrounding aeriola crinkling.

Struggling slightly they maneuvered to the bed where they sank down and separated just briefly. This was enough to get themselves comfortably in the middle before they attacked each others flesh again. Annette moved her mouth over her twins unhanded breast, licking and sucking the nipple, watching it firm and crinkle as the pleasure grew. Meanwhile, kissing her twins shoulder, Natasha moved her hand to her sisters bare Mons, lightly running her cupped hand over it.

Annette gasped at her sisters touch and responded with a similar light touch. The girls made room for each others hand and lifted their leg slightly to offer access to the gentle ministrations of the other. They ran a gentle finger along the slit of the other, gently returning. In some uncanny kind of sixth sense manner, each offered the other a finger to lick and suck, before returning to to the bare slit it came from, where it was welcomed by the opening flower of their womanhood. Slowly teasing each other the entered into the crease and probed each other. Juices now flowing made their fingers move in a widening opening gash until they slipped it into each others vagina’s. With a gasp they began to moved their hips to the insistent finger fuck of their twin.

Heads moved to breasts as they feasted on the others nipples and flesh. the hips of both now rocking against the fingers of the other, the palm of their hands making constant contact with the others clitoris, making the little buds send waves of pleasure to the owners core. Suddenly the gasping intensified and the hips moved with urgent need, crying out they reached orgasm simultaneously rocking hard to get all the pleasure their sisters hand could offer. Their heads came together and they again mashed their lips together, tongues slithering against each other.

Finally they slowed and fell back from each other, fingers numb from the constant squeezing that the orgasmic vagina’s had produced. They grinned and sticky hands gently combed each others hair.

“I love you Netty, I really do.”

“I love you too Tash, more than I can ever say.”

“Whatever else, I now know what I want in my life, and it’s you.”

“Me to my darling, this is exactly what’s been missing from my life, thank you.”

They lay side by side, gazing adoringly into each others eyes. Sleep came calling and they cuddled together, pulling the duvet around them, laughing at the ungainly maneuvers needed to get into the bed.

“Would you be upset if I missed training tomorrow morning?”

“Not if you make love to me instead.”

“That sounds a good deal.”

“It is for me.”


They slept soundly, dreamlessly and in constant touch with each others bodies. They missed training, waking lazily and kissing and cuddling for an hour, finally emerging just in time to shower together, dress and breakfast.

Returning from work, they found two buff coloured envelopes, in the mail on the mat behind the front door. Inside each was an invitation to attend the Olympic Squad’s team building event as a prelude to joining the coaching squad. Recognizing their non stop efforts in training for a place they could never obtain the invite was an overture designed to tap into their vast experience and endeavor. Grinning they threw the letters in the air and came together in a smouldering loving kiss and cuddle. They wouldn’t be going, they had a party organised that night.

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