The Switch Ch. 02

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Part 2 – The Master’s Revenge

I struggle to free my arm from your grasp, but you only tighten and give me that menacing stare as you ask if I really want to make matters worse. I immediately hold my body still as my breathing escalates.

“That was a cute trick you played, but you do know you are going to pay for it now little one” you say smiling at me.

I hang my head to hide the smile twitching at my lips and obediently reply “Yes, Sir I do.”

You are gloriously naked, sitting on the side of the bed. Your cock is still glistening from the workout in my mouth. I blow on it and laugh as it twitches.

“That’s it,” you bellow as you swiftly pull me over your knee.

“You have been asking for this all night, “you declare as your hand rubs the red lace barely covering my bottom.

I tremble wondering if taunting you was the best idea. You caress the lace with one hand and pop the elastic with the other causing me to jump rubbing your cock with my stomach. I barely have time to think of a reply before your hand slaps down on my exposed lower left cheek and thigh. The little sting and sharp “smack” sound is followed by a matching response as you strike my right cheek and thigh. I moan and wiggle my behind, lifting it for more.

I have slipped off your leg a bit, so you adjust me “just so”. Laying me totally across you and the bed, you lift your left knee causing my buttocks to pop up for you and my clit to rub against the lace and your taut thigh. You grind your thigh against me and I moan with wet desire.

“Nice panties,” you say as you pull them down in the back leaving the lace between my clit and your skin. The lace slips over me, sending little tremors through my clit and I press closer to your thigh.

You rub my cheeks and comment on how pale they look next to the red lace. Then you laugh proclaiming “not for long” and you cover my left cheek with your huge hand. You proceed to knead my fleshy globe between your fingers, just grazing my holes with your fingertips causing me to squirm and sigh lifting my bum higher trying to catch your fingers in my wet center.

“You are a naughty one today, aren’t you?” is the last thing I hear before your right arm grabs my waist and your left hand rains down covering my bum and thighs with sweet, stinging kisses. I jump and yelp with each fiery smack. I grind against your thigh trying to put out istanbul escort the painful flames with sparks of pleasure.

You realize what I am doing and order me up on my knees, making my buttocks more accessible to you while putting a yearning space between my clit and your thigh. In one swift movement you turn to the side causing my head and shoulders to fall over your other thigh, my bare nipples sliding over the roughness of your leg. I have no choice but to throw my hands around your calf to prevent myself from falling off of the bed.

“Better hold on there” you say as you yank my panties to my knees and press my legs open.

“Wider” you command in that deep, masterful voice that you adopt when disobedience is not an option. Well, not a pleasant option.

I spread my legs for you and feel the firm smack on my engorged pussy lips.

“That naughty kitty of yours has gotten you in a lot of trouble tonight, my dear” you state as you land several firm smacks on my now dripping lips causing me to purr loudly.

The next smack lands on my behind causing me to scream out “David, that hurts.”

You respond with several more holding me firmly in place with your other arm around my waist as I squeal and try to wiggle away.

“Getting the message yet little one?” you ask as you rub the heat into my burning behind.

“This is MY fun now, you had yours earlier,” you state as I feel a cool, smooth surface replacing your hand right before the first loud whack racks my buttocks and resounds off the walls accompanied by my screech.

I immediately reach back with one hand trying to protect my bottom but you grab my wrist and wrap your arm tighter around my body. You bring the narrow, long, red, leather paddle down to my face so I can see my assailant up close and order me to “kiss it”. I shake my head defiantly and you gently slap my mouth reminding me of who and what are in charge now. I kiss the cool leather as I was told and hang my head knowing this would be your time to re-establish your authority.

“Turn around” you order as you pile the pillows in the center of the bed.

“In position now” you command and I lean over the pillows with my arms straight over head, my legs spread wide.

“Good girl” you praise as you bind my arms together and fasten the spreader bar to my ankles.

You reward me with tender kisses escort bayan up the insides of both legs and over my hot bum. I moan and grind into the pillows. You lick the sweet nectar from my dripping hole and I quiver. You flick your tongue just inside as you reach up and pinch my clit. I scream out in surprise and longing.

You laugh and lift up opening the spreader a little further and telling me to lift my bottom higher. You bring the paddle down on the right just where my buttocks and thigh meet. I scream again and shake out the pain searing my buttocks as I pull it into the pillows.

“Put it back up. I want to see you dance,” you order.

I instantly raise my behind knowing that if I don’t you will make it worse. I know what you want to see. You want to watch my red hot cheeks shimmy and my pussy quiver at your command. This is your will. It is useless to fight. My juices are already dripping down my inner thighs.

“Good girl, as a reward you will only receive 10, but you must count them for me and thank me after each one,” you instruct, “now let’s get started.”

You slap my left cheek just at the bend and I scream out “One, thank you Darling.”

The next reaches across my right upper cheek and as I scream out “Two, thank you Dear” you comment on how lovely my cheeks are glowing in the moonlit room. Then I feel the bite of the paddle across my thigh and before I can count it kisses my other thigh.

“Three and Four, thank you Sir, thank you very much” I call out as I shake my legs trying to soothe the burn.

“Lovely response” you compliment as you slide your fingers between my lower lips.

“So wet and lovely, dance baby doll” you growl as the paddle strikes out harder landing on my left cheek. I jump and howl pulling my buttocks under and then thrusting it out.

“Five, thank you Sir, but please not so hard that really hurt,” I whisper through my heavy breaths.

“Oh did it now? I’m sorry my Love,” you say as you run your tongue over the welt leaving a kiss on end just near my tight rosebud. I squirm and push up higher.

“Let’s give this behind a break shall we?” you ask and before I can answer or reason what you mean I feel the paddle lick my right inner thigh barely missing my clit and pussy.

“Six, thank you David” I hiss, frustrated with the taunting.

“Owwww” I howl after you bring the paddle’s Kartal escort sting to my naughty kitty.

“Seven, thank you Sir” I cry out as I shake my buttocks and pull my pussy under me.

“Push it out NOW” you order. I obey hesitantly, trembling, knowing what is in store for me.

“Farther” you command pinching my left nipple and pulling to make your point.

I push my pussy and clit out towards you and you stroke it with your hand telling me how beautiful my swollen, pink cunt is. Then you pull my clit out. I moan in both pleasure and fearful anticipation. You made the paddle for this torture in particular. It is curved on the end to fit just over my clit. You made it especially to bring me down the pain filled road to orgasm.

The paddle slaps my clit and I call out moaning first in pain and then in pleasure as the warmth spreads through my core.

“Eight, thank you” I purr bringing my knees closer to my body opening further.

The wet slap of the next strike announces my arousal. You moan in approval as I yelp “Nine, thank you DD”.

“Last one Love” you remind me “push way out for me NOW” you say as you slap the bed hard with the paddle and I jump.

I press myself way out to you. I want this. I need this. I hate this, but I love it.

The slap comes hard across my clit and pussy as I shake from head to toe and barely get out “Ten, thank you” before I start to pulse.

You push your middle finger into my vibrating tunnel and I scream out again, locking down around it hard as I lift up on my elbows and press harder into your hand. Each wave of my orgasm sucks your finger in further and further. You pull out and replace your finger with your hard cock. I gasp and press even harder into your hips grinding as I explode around your glorious member.

I realize too late that I forgot to seek your permission to cum.

As if reading my mind, you respond “We will deal with that later” and you pull back only to slam harder into me. You repeat this over and over until I am again trembling around your hard, velvet cock. “Master may I?” I call out just before I feel your cock expand and your balls tighten against me.

“Please Master” I beg as I start to explode around you, my orgasm milking the liquid from your body.

“YES” you scream out as I feel you tense and jerk inside me filling my tight tunnel with your hot seed.

“Thank you DD” I whisper in your ear as you rest on top of me, your member still buried deep inside my randomly pulsing kitty.

“That’s Master DD to you little one” you murmur and I feel your smile twitching over my hard left nipple just as you bite.

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