The Taking Pt. 01

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My friend is an escort, 5’0″, 85 lbs., 34DD’s Greek complexion, dark black hair. Very beautiful and makes 6 figures a year. She sees clients at my place almost daily. We don’t date because she’s only interested in sugar daddies.

I am actively searching for a girlfriend and in being very picky about looks, I find one who is drop dead gorgeous with natural DD breasts, skinny waist and perky ass. She stays in really great shape and has a very outgoing friendly personality. We meet and hit it off really well and start dating. After a few dates, she told me that she used to be an escort but got out of the business when she landed a really good job in the pharmaceutical industry. She told me in case she runs into any former clients and in case I happened to find out about her past. She said she wanted that out of the way before we went any further since every guy she dated dumped her when they found out.

I told Laura I love that she used to do that and would be ok if she were to do it again. I told her I have a confession to make as well. I told her about my friend, Mandy who is an escort and a real friend of mine who uses my place to see clients. She asked me if there was any other relations with her besides friends and I told her no. She smiled and kissed me and said she was fine with that and she liked that I was supportive of her.

I told her due to the nature of her work, when a client comes over, I leave my room and let her use it — even hide as needed so clients don’t get freaked out. I told her that if she ever spent the night and if she came over to use the room, I said I would like for us to let her have the room for her work. She smiled at me and kissed me passionately and said she would be more than happy to support her working in my room.

At this point I’m thinking she’s just buying time to dump my ass at the right time. We finish our date and both go home to our places and I wonder if I’ll ever hear back from her again. I fight the urge to text, call, or email her deciding to let her make the next move if she’s even still interested. I’m thinking all night there’s just no way in hell she’s really ok with all of this so far.

Next morning she comes over to my house before I wake up. She comes into the room and says hi, then goes to the kitchen. I get up and walk out to the kitchen and she’s there making breakfast. I walk Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort up to her from behind, wrap my arms around her and kiss her. We make small talk about how we slept and all then Mandy comes in a few minutes later. I introduce them to each other and they hit it off really well.

Mandy has a client coming in about 15 minutes and while she’s getting ready and Laura is making breakfast, they talk about their experiences escorting. The client comes over, Mandy answers the door and takes him to my room. You can hear her moans a little for several minutes.

Laura finishes up breakfast and we begin eating in the living room while watching some TV. About a half hour later, Mandy and her client comes out of the room. They walk through the living room to get to the front door. Mandy is only wearing lingerie and nothing else underneath in which you can see through it quite easily.

The client leaves and Laura complimented Mandy on her beautiful body. Mandy thanked her and sat down and talked with Laura some more. They talked for a bit then Mandy asked Laura if I had told her about my fantasies of my lady being escorted. Laura looked at me then looked back at Mandy and said no. Mandy smiled and said I’ll have to tell her sometime. They talked some more about escorting then Mandy had to leave to go run some errands. She got dressed and left.

Laura and I cleaned up the dishes. Then she asked me about the fantasy. I told her it was just a fantasy and that not all fantasies were meant to be fulfilled. Laura then stopped me and asked me before I tell her this one if I would fulfill it given the right circumstances. I said yes as I passionately kissed her.

I began telling her the fantasy in which I want my girlfriend to let Mandy use her anytime she wants with few limits to no limits 24/7/365. Laura asked me what about holidays, special days like our anniversary. I responded telling her even on those days Mandy would have priority over my girl. She asked me if anyone was off limits and I said no not even her ex’s or ex clients and any of our friends. She asked me if I was sure about this and I reassured her that I was. She kissed me and said she would think about it some.

Over the next few days we have dinner together a few times and hung out some. A week later she spent the night with Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort me. We both woke up the next morning to go to work. We showered and got dressed just as Mandy came in. We said hi but were on our way out and left for work. That night she spent the night with me again but it was a Friday night and neither she nor I work weekends. So next morning we slept in. We both sleep nude and were still fully nude sleeping in. Mandy came into the room. We were both uncovered just lying there. We had woken up already being used to waking up for work during the week. Maura just laid there on her back, nude, legs spread eagle when Mandy came in, didn’t try to cover up or anything.

Mandy rubbed her leg saying very nice and asked is this for me. Laura smiled at Mandy and looked at me saying it’s up to him. I looked at Mandy and said yes. She told me to get some clothes on and go hide. I quickly threw on shorts and a shirt and hid in the back as Mandy’s client came in. I could hear them all talking then moaning and slapping. I went to the living room, turned on the TV and watched some TV in the meantime. About an hour later, Mandy came out leading her client. Laura walked out right behind them fully nude. I could see the red hand prints on her ass cheeks. They walked him out the front door and he left.

Laura came to me and kissed me passionately and reassured me it was just sex but she could tell I wasn’t jealous at all and had no issue with her fucking other guys. Mandy provided Laura with the condom for that client and had a large box of condoms for Laura to use for each client unless Mandy specified otherwise. Mandy asked Laura about being on the pill and Laura let her know she has been on the pill for a several months now. Mandy said unless otherwise specified, she requires all clients to use condoms. She will make exceptions for clients with a very recent STD test and for a higher price. Laura asked who would make the decision on that and Mandy replied that she would always make that decision on whether or not a client uses condoms and Laura told Mandy she agreed to any decisions made by Mandy regarding condom use.

Laura gave Mandy pics of her to post in her ads and to give to potential clients. Mandy already had another guy coming over to fuck Laura. He arrived, Mandy had Laura answer the door fully Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu nude. He came in and felt her up and negotiated with Mandy. He wanted to cum inside her but Mandy wouldn’t allow it unless he showed recent std test results.

He got his std test results from 2 days ago from his car and showed it to Mandy. She confirmed then negotiated with him to let him fuck her and cum inside her all he wanted. Laura led him into the room and I could hear her moaning as he fucked her. An hour later he left but Laura didn’t come out with him. Mandy checked on her then walked him out. Mandy told me to come in and check her out. She was laid out spread eagle and pussy was filled with cum and overflowing. Her breasts had a few hickies on them as well as her neck.

I went to her and kissed her and reassured her of my love for her and how much I wanted her to do this as much as she could. She told me to be careful what you wish for. She said she would still think about it but not committing to anything for now. Laura got up and we all three sat in the living room. Laura was still fully nude and her pussy full of cum. Laura asked me once again if I was sure about this and I once again reassured her. She told me once she starts that she won’t stop even if I begged her to stop and she would give herself to Mandy to have her at any time no matter what.

Mandy chimed in saying even on your special days like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries. Mandy said even if we were out on a date that Laura would come with her in the middle of a date with me to go fuck a client of hers and she would allow clients to have Laura overnight, weekends, a week or longer if they wanted. I agreed to all that as did Laura. Mandy said she would offer Laura to all of my friends and her friends and ex’s as well. Laura and I agreed.

Mandy said that as long as Laura is with Mandy, working for Mandy that Laura is to be single and available and that I am not allowed to contact either Laura or Mandy for any reason. I’m not allowed to know where Laura is at any time either. Laura was a little hesitant on this one but I again reassured her this is what I wanted. I told Mandy I agreed then Laura agreed but asked Mandy to go a little slow at first with overnight clients.

Mandy began having all of her clients fuck Laura. Laura was fucked 3-5 times a day 7 days a week over the next few weeks to thoroughly break her back into escorting. She said soon she will be offering Laura to clients overnight, weekends, and also to be their girlfriend. Once a week, Mandy takes Laura with her to see her doctor to get an STD test done. Mandy pays for it since she’s keeping 75% of the cash proceeds from Laura’s work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32