The Tangled Web Ch. 08

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July 2001 – Making it Happen

The Tangled Web is a story spanning several years and is based on the complicated lives of a brother and sister and those they live with. Set in the English Midlands, the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories. Although designed to be read in sequence, I have tried to make each chapter stand as a complete and satisfying story in itself.


Sara and her boyfriend David have reached a watershed in their relationship. David has proposed that they should get married, a proposal Sara has gently but firmly declined. At the same time, he also proposed that they should start a family together. This proposal set off a chain of thought in Sara’s mind which required more time to consider. She told David that she needed a few weeks to think about it, which bought her a little time – time she spent making careful and detailed plans that eventually led to her making an extraordinary proposal to her brother, and for three years also her lover, Sam.

In short, Sara has persuaded her brother Sam that she should have a baby, that David should believe himself to be the father but that, in fact, the real father would be Sam. Over a quiet dinner in their favourite restaurant, she explained to Sam’s open-mouthed astonishment how she had planned everything in detail, in particular how to ensure that, once she had come off the pill, it would be he and not her boyfriend David who impregnated her, even though she and David would have to be officially ‘trying for a baby.

After careful thought, Sam has agreed and the two of them are now putting Sara’s plan into effect. Having told David that she does want a baby and come off he pill, she has been having sex with him as infrequently as she could reasonably manage without arousing suspicion, and even then only at the least fertile times of her cycle. Her periods had been ‘unusually long lasting’ and on one occasion she had been forced to resort to using a diaphragm when sex had proved unavoidable (and, she would admit, she hadn’t wanted to avoid it). Fortunately, David was rather drunk at the time and hadn’t noticed.

With Sam, however, she had been making love almost every fertile day – and a few infertile days too, for luck. They have made love in cars, in hotel rooms, in the park, even on one occasion in a large cupboard.

By tracking her temperature on a daily basis, Sara was also able to predict on which days she had the best chance of conceiving, and on those days the two of them spent entire mornings or afternoons making love as often as they could manage.

Today is one of those days……


With a raw, animal grunt, Sam closed his eyes and drove his erection violently into his sister Sara’s vagina once again. A sharp burning pain pulsed through the base of his cock as, for the fourth time that day he began to cum within her. Sara, her eyes also closed, wailed softly beneath him and tightened herself around his shaft in an attempt both to heighten his pleasure and to draw every drop of his semen into her. Sam moaned louder, his cry, rising above Sara’s familiar encouraging moans, was a mixture of pleasure and real pain as his climax finally shook his hot, sweating body and a final few drops of semen spurted from his erection and into Sara.

Sam’s thrusts slowed and then quickly ceased. He held himself motionless, still embedded within Sara’s hot, sticky body as he gasped for breath. Beneath him, Sara’s small breasts rose and fell rapidly as her own climax faded away and panting, she gradually regained control of herself. Her face and chest were flushed pink. She was smiling.

Sam smiled back and silently rolled off his sister’s spent body, exhausted, tearing his sore, flaccid cock from her vagina’s loosening grip. He slumped alongside her on the rumpled sheets. Sara said nothing. She closed her legs, pressing her knees tightly together, and raised them to her chest as she had done after each of the three previous times Sam had cum in her that day. She lay still, her eyes closed, a smile of real contentment on her face.

Sam, face down on the bed, felt sore and drained. He giggled.

“I’m nearly dry, Midge. That one actually hurt.”

“You poor darling!” Sara said mockingly, without opening her eyes or even moving. “Is it all too much for you?”

“Give me a few minutes and I’ll show you, girl.” Sam responded, poking her in the ribs with his finger. He rolled onto his back and began to drift into sleep.


From the first night she had broached the subject three months ago, Sam had known that Sara was deadly serious about having their baby. He had listened, first with amusement, then in amazement as she had described her plans to ensure that he and not her boyfriend David would impregnate her. Sam had initially been shocked at the idea, but Sara had been so earnest and so persuasive that he had finally agreed. Sara had laughingly warned Sam that he would need to make love to her many times to have the best chance of conceiving and he had certainly been looking forward to that.

But gaziantep escort kadın Sam had not quite been prepared for the reality that was now upon them. Once she had come off the pill, life for Sara had become a desperate race to make Sam impregnate her before her boyfriend David could – while at the same time making David believe himself to be the father of the child she knew in her heart she would conceive.

Sex had become an obsession. Sara and Sam met almost every day, snatching opportunities to make love wherever they could find them – lunchtimes, in the car, after work – and had already spent two whole mornings in bed together on Sara’s previous ‘hot’ days making love every hour, like today.

Ever practical, Sara had telephoned Sam the previous evening to let him know that the following day would be a ‘hot’ one – when she was most likely to conceive – and that they must make love as much as possible while it lasted. In the morning they had both called in sick from work, and after Sara had given Sam the ‘all clear’ by phone to tell him David had gone out to work, Sam had driven quickly over to her flat.

They had spent the entire morning in bed together, making love, being close, Sara always on her back to give Sam’s sperm the best possible chance of impregnating her.

They were both now sore; Sam’s cock and Sara’s whole vulva both a deep red-purple colour, their bodies flushed and tired. All around them the damp, stained sheets bore witness to their passion.

As she lay listening to her brother’s slow, steady breathing, Sara closed her eyes and tried to imagine the millions of Sam’s tiny sperm swimming inside her, upwards and upwards towards her womb, anxious to fertilise her. She willed them to succeed. A warm glow spread through her tired body as her mind drifted.

They both slept, exhausted.


Across town, David sat in the Singing Kettle Café, waiting for Sophie. She was a little late and he was horrified at how much it seemed to matter to him. He shook his head in self-criticism, and then smiled broadly as the door chimes rang and Sophie appeared framed in the bright sunlight of the summer’s day.

Over the past year, they had met for coffee regularly. Sophie had not mentioned love again and David gradually began to realize that this disappointed him. Shuddering slightly, he tried to pull himself together. She’s just a girl. He couldn’t be falling in love with her!

Today was a special day – Sophie’s seventeenth birthday had arrived, and they were to have lunch in their favourite café. As she settled in the seat opposite, David watched Sophie as closely as he could without staring. She had come fresh from her Sixth Form classes and looked very young. Her long slim legs were clad in a bright summer skirt which fell to just above the knee and the tight sleeveless top she wore over her slightly overweight tummy and tiny breasts made her look sweet and innocent. Crowned with long strawberry blonde hair drawn back in a pony tail, she looked young and lovely – that was the word for it, David decided. Really lovely.

David himself had come directly from school and looked the young, slightly trendy teacher he was in tight light coloured trousers, a short sleeved shirt and tie. There were two pens in his breast pocket – one blue, the other red. She made him feel old, he realised.

Sophie was clearly pleased to see David and, after a few minutes of smiling, and animated ‘Happy Birthday’s’, a plump young waitress arrived to take their order. They knew the café menu by heart now and while David ordered their meals, Sophie briefly visited the ladies’ room to ‘powder her nose’.

When she returned, there was a gift-wrapped parcel on the table at her place.

Sophie’s face lit up. She picked up the package and, carefully opening the wrapping, took out the slim poetry book within.

“Dave!” She exclaimed. “It’s exactly what I need!”

“I know. I’m a teacher!” he teased. She reached across the table to show him the inscription and her hand touched the back of his as she thanked him. To his astonishment he found himself trembling. This was, he realized, almost the first physical contact there had been between them.

She did not rush to remove her hand, and he did not remove his.

“They’re mostly love poems, too.” Sophie said, almost casually and David blushed despite himself.

The tension was broken as their food arrived. They ate heartily, their conversation lively and cheerful. Time passed too swiftly and David for one was sorry when the clock eventually told them it was time to get back to work.

David paid their bill and made to leave, but as he pushed his chair back, Sophie grasped his hand in hers. She leaned towards him and whispered earnestly.

“Dave! I want you to know that I still love you. I know you only see me as a child, but whatever I look like, I’m seventeen now.” She paused, wondering how to go on.

“We’ve been getting on well for a year, now. Will you take escort gaziantep kadın me to the movies tonight?”

A wave of excitement flowed over him. “I’d…..I’d……I’d love to.” he croaked before he could stop himself. Sophie beamed in delight.

“But it’s just a trip to the movies with a friend, nothing more, ok?” Sophie reluctantly nodded. “Shall I pick you up at your house?” He asked.

“No! I’ll meet you there. Seven o’clock” She replied, and kissed his cheek as she skipped out of the restaurant.

David positively floated back to school.


In Sara’s bedroom, a car’s horn sounding in the street outside eventually woke Sam from his light sleep. He carefully raised himself from the bed so as not to wake Sara, who slept peacefully alongside him, her knees still pressed together and slightly raised so as to hold his semen inside her body for as long as possible.

He walked naked to the kitchen and began to make a pot of tea. The kettle sang as it boiled and Sam, tired but happy, made two cups of strong tea and carried them back to the bedroom. Sara’s body hadn’t moved, but her eyes were now open. She looked at him and beamed.

“I think we just did it, Sam” She whispered.

“Did it? We’ve been doing it all morning. Or didn’t you notice?” He joked.

“Silly!” she said, a mock frown on her face. “I meant – I think you just made me pregnant.” She paused for effect. “I’m sure, Sam. I really feel it – inside me.” She placed her palm on her smooth tummy and smiled as if eager to please.

Sitting on the bed beside her, Sam stroked Sara’s soft, flat belly with his fingertips. His fingers entwined with hers and she squeezed them lovingly. Could she really know? Lynn hadn’t known she was pregnant until the sickness had started. But then, that had been an accident. This was a deliberate act. The baby was wanted by them both.

“I hope you’re right, Midge.” Sam replied. “I’m not sure my body can cope with many more days like this.”

Sara giggled. “I thought you’d jump at the chance. I’ve never known you to shy away from giving me a good seeing to before.”

Sam tried to look shocked, but instead burst out laughing. “How well you know me.” He said, and kissed her gently on the lips.

Sara’s arms snaked around his shoulders, pulling him onto the bed beside her. She was warm and soft and smelled of recent sex. She nestled her body against his, pressing her firm buttocks against his groin, her long, slim back towards his face. Sara’s brown hair fell across her shoulders and onto the pillow as Sam’s arms encircled her, his hands seeking her small breasts. He cupped them gently, feeling for the fifth time that morning the familiar stirring in his loins.

Sara felt the pressure of his slowly forming erection against her buttocks.

“I suppose we should make extra sure, shouldn’t we?” She whispered.

“I think I’ll need some help, Midge.” Was Sam’s reply, to which Sara responded by rolling over on the bed and turning so that her face was above Sam’s midriff. Without a sound, she opened her lips and took the end of his faltering erection into her mouth.

Sam closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure as her lithe, active tongue slithered over his sore glans, soothing and exciting him at the same time. As his erection slowly firmed in her mouth, Sam felt Sara’s teeth tantalisingly scrape the sides of his shaft as she slowly took his whole length into her throat. Sara’s head began to bob up and down and Sam opened his eyes to watch his little sister, possibly already pregnant with his child, taking his now substantial erection time and again into her mouth.

Her hair fell across his flat, athletic belly and he brushed it back, wanting nothing to block the view of his firming shaft plunging between her pink-red lips and disappearing within her mouth. His soreness now merely heightened his pleasure. Her slithering tongue dancing over his battered glans brought it to renewed vigour as with a look of satisfaction bordering on triumph; Sara pulled her head away and rolled onto her back, tugging Sam on top of her, wrapping her slender thighs around him.

Sara’s vagina was moist and open from their many penetrations and Sam’s erection slipped smoothly and easily between her swollen inner lips. She sighed in contentment, despite her soreness, rejoicing in Sam’s presence within her body once again.

“Does it hurt?” He asked, seeing the look of pain flash momentarily across her face.

“Only when I laugh.” Sara chuckled and squeezed her pelvic floor muscles to tighten her vagina around his shaft in the way she knew he loved.

“Well, I suppose we’d better get it over with.” Sam retorted. “I just hope I’ve enough left in me. You’ve milked me dry, Midge.”

“Sorry if you’ve had such a bad time,” Sara said, tilting her pelvis back and forth to feel his hardness all around her entrance and seeing the look of obvious delight on his face. “Come on, big brother. You can do it.”

Sam took his cue and began gaziantep kadın escort to thrust in and out of Sara’s open body. His cock was sore, but Sara was so moist with his semen and her own juices and her vagina so open that he barely noticed the pain. He began with long, slow strokes and watched Sara’s face light up as she threw her head back in delight. Wet slapping noises emanated from their union, making them both giggle and turning them on further.

The bed sheet was rumpled and in places dry and crisp with the evidence of their lovemaking. Sara’s lower back, already red, became sorer as Sam’s weight drove her repeatedly into the mattress. Sara stroked his chest and arms lovingly, her eyes misty as she felt his cock deep within her body once again. She ran her fingertips across his cheeks and forehead, drops of his sweat running down the backs of her hands as his face screwed up in concentration.

Sam’s thrusts grew faster and faster as he deliberately increased his pace to bring them both closer to climax. Sara writhed beneath him, her nipples hard and pointed, her face and chest flushed. Sam’s thrusts grew frantic as his groin slammed against Sara’s pubis in a desperate attempt to cum.

“Help me Midge. I can’t cum.” He gasped. In response, Sara’s face screwed up as she tightened her pelvic floor as hard as she could to grip Sam’s cock more firmly. Sam felt her tighten and hammered himself into her even more violently.

Sara looked deep into her brother’s eyes, straining to tighten, to hold his erection within her, willing him to cum one last time to make their conception even more certain.

God! How she loved him. He was working so hard, for her, for them! His big, brown eyes pleaded with her, but Sara’s vagina was still too loose around Sam’s shaft, his cock was too sore and he was too tired. He slowed, exhausted but still hard within Sara’s vagina, a painful knot at the base of his cock.

He smiled sheepishly, panting.

“It’s no good, Midge. I’ve nothing left in me.” He rolled onto his back next to her. Sara rolled onto her side and looked first at his tired face, then lower down. Her eyes ran over his powerful chest and muscular arms, down towards his firm buttocks. Smiling, she slowly reached across with her hand and gently stroked his chest, his flat stomach and down to his still firm erection. Sam was breathing more slowly now. She could feel his strength beneath her fingers.

“Hmmm” she murmured. “There’s no problem here. Perhaps it’s a question of motivation.” Her fingers closed around his shaft and she tweaked his sore cock gently. “Come on!” she teased. “On your knees, we’ll try your favourite.”

With that, Sara rolled onto her stomach and began, provocatively, to raise her naked buttocks. Sam, recognising this as a treat in store, quickly rose to his knees and shuffled across the damp sheets to meet her rising vulva. Sara stretched her arms forwards and grasped the pillow to her face, her cheek pressed against the mattress, her buttocks sticking high in the air, her parted thighs exposing her vulva, sweet and vulnerable. Sam steadied himself by lightly placing a hand on each buttock. He gently parted them, stretching Sara open.

“God, Midge! You’re ….. So open!” he gasped involuntarily. And so she was. The mouth of her vagina literally gaped open before him in a grotesque, yet incredibly arousing manner. Sam could clearly see between the puffy outer lips, past her purple-red swollen inner lips, through her round, wide-open hole and deep inside her body. Her pubic hair was speckled white with tiny drops of her juices and his semen, and a tiny silvery line down the inside of her left thigh showed where the products of their lovemaking had leaked out. Sam drew his breath in sharply.

“Sam!” Sara was cross. “Don’t make me self conscious!”

“I’m sorry, Midge.” Sam replied, a little ashamed. He bent over and kissed her at the top of the crease between her buttocks. “You know I love you, don’t you?”

“Then make me a baby, Sam.” Sara breathed into the pillow, her eyes closed. Sam didn’t hear her, but taking his hard erection in his hand, he placed its head in Sara’s open, welcoming hole and with a slow, smooth movement of his hips, slid his full length easily into her body. Sara sighed in satisfaction as he entered her.

Sam felt good, now. His hands gripped Sara’s slim waist and he began to thrust himself into her in long, smooth, even strokes, pulling her firmly onto his erection with every forward drive. It felt good. No! It felt great. Even in her open, distended condition, Sam loved the way the walls of her vagina rubbed against his shaft, bending him downwards, exciting him in places that the missionary position, wonderful as it was, just couldn’t reach.

Sara felt the ridge beneath Sam’s shaft begin to rub against her clitoris and shivered with pleasure, tilting her pelvis to gain extra excitement.

Usually, Sara much preferred to look at Sam’s face when they made love. She loved the softness in his expression when he entered her, the way his big, dark-brown eyes gradually widened as his passion built until, as so often happened, he lost control and drove himself harder and harder into her. Especially, she loved the way his face took on a look of surprise and delight each time he climaxed within her, flooding her with his seed. This was particularly true now, when every climax could be the one that made her pregnant.

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